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The following information lists the references used in the definitive book Encyclopedia of Australian Shipwrecks published in 2006. The list thus provides assistnce in obtaining further information on Australian Shipwrecks. Each entry in the book has one or more cross-references to the titles below. 


Book codes are generally based on a two or three alpha code, with the first two characters generally representing the author's initials of Christian name and surname. If the author has several books to his or her credit, or there are other authors with the same initials, the third character represents the book title. There are exceptions. All codes starting with 'L' represent Jack Loney titles. Several series books are represented differently, e.g. the six volumes of Australian Shipwrecks are noted as AS1 through to AS6. 

AB.  Ill-Starred Captains Flinders & Baudin. Anthony J. Brown.  Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 2004. (First published by Crawford House Publishing 2000). ISBN 1 920731 46 6. Softcover, mono prints and charts, 528 pages, notes, bibliography, index.
AD.  RYS Wanderer, From Aristocrat to Tramp. Tempus Publishing, UK, 2001. ISBN 0 7524 2134 4. Softcover, 160 pages, mono prints. The definitive work on this extraordinary vessel. 
AL.  Poor Souls They Perished. The Cataraqui, Australia's Worst Shipwreck. Andrew Lemon and Majorie Morgan. Hargreen Publishing, Melbourne, 1986. ISBN 0 949905 28 3. Hardcover, dustjacket, photographs, maps, notes and sources. The definitive work on what is still Australia's greatest civil disaster.  Second edition published by Australian Scholarly Publishing, Collingwood, 1995, in softcover format.
AM.  The Golden Wreck. McKee, Alexander. William Morrow & Co, New York, 1962.  Hardcover, 224 pages, mono prints. The definitive work on the loss of the auxiliary screw steamer Royal Charter, off the Welsh coast in 1859. 
AME. His Majesty's Bark Endeavour- the Story of the Ship and Her People.  Antonia Macarthur. Angus & Robertson , Sydney, 1997. ISBN 0 207 19180 8. Softcover, 86 pages, well illustrated with drawings and photographs. Primary source list and selected bibliography but no index. Produced in consideration of the construction of the replica of the vessel.  
Annn. Authors Notes: where 'n' is a numeral. Such notes could have come from a number of sources. It is appreciated that the reference is of little interest to the reader, however the content is important and serves to document additional, relevant, information. See list of references following. If no number, then AN refers to authors observation, experience or information from which a knowledge of the source has been lost. 
AS1. Australian Shipwrecks, Volume One, 1622-1850. Charles Bateson. A.H. & A.W. Reed Pty Ltd, Sydney, 1972. ISBN 0 589 07 112 2. Hardcover, dust jacket, 268 pages, few mono prints.  Bateson lists over fifty book references, numerous newspapers, and archive records, each vessel so listed having the source of information defined. The author was one of the finest maritime historians in Australia, the author of several important works including The Convict Ships 1788-1868, and Gold Fleet to California. This was to be the first of a series of books by Charles Bateson, however he died before the second volume was prepared. Volume Two was finally produced in 1980, by a new publisher, written by Jack Loney whom Bateson had referenced considerably in this volume.  
AS2. Australian Shipwrecks, Volume 2. (1851 - 1871).  Jack Loney. A.H. & A.W. Reed Pty Ltd, Sydney, 1980. Hardcover, dustjacket, 238 pages. A few mono prints. Covers the years from 1851 to 1870 inclusive, in chronological sequence.  Extensive ship index, but no person or general index. Sources indicated with each entry. Note: Loney uses and acknowledges secondary sources such as those of O'May, Parsons, Rhodes, Williams, Bateson, Chapman etc, as well as the notes from Holden and Pixley. Sources shown also include, frequently exclusively, those of earlier Loney publications which is not particularly helpful if a primary source is required. However, some of these previous Loney publications do indicate a primary source. Primary and secondary sources, and an extensive bibliography, and newspaper list, are listed in the introduction. 
AS3.  Australian Shipwrecks, Volume 3 (1871 - 1900).  Jack Loney. List Publishing, Geelong, 1982. Limited edition. Hardcover, dustjacket, 296 pages. Sources listed after each entry. Split index - of ships wrecked, and of ships otherwise mentioned. Separate index of localities of where vessel lost. Numbered copies, to 1500 printed. 
AS4. Australian Shipwrecks, Volume 4 (1901-1986).  Jack Loney. Marine History Publications, Portarlington, 1987. Hardcover, 290 pages, 140 photos. Index, bibliography. No sources listed. 
AS5. Australian Shipwrecks, Volume 5 (1622-1990 Update).  Jack Loney. Marine History Publications, Portarlington, 1991. Hardcover and softcover. The volume updates a further 1000 shipwrecks since 1622, and includes additional wrecks from 1987 to 1990. Some of the entries are somewhat superficial, and some refer to vessels already documented in previous volumes of Australian Shipwrecks without adding to the detail. Some entries are confusing, links between vessels lost are not clearly established, and some of the 'corrections' to previous data are in themselves incorrect, and the original data correct. Inadequate index; lists only vessels exceeding 250 tons. Poor quality of photographs. Hardcover, dustjacket, 168 pages. 
AS6. Australian Shipwrecks , Volume 6, the Australia Run. Jack Loney and Peter Stone. Marine History Publications, Benalla, Victoria, 2000. ISBN 0 909191 53 0 (v.6). Hardcover, dustjacket, 340 pages, mono prints, index, bibliography, gazette, glossary, maps. Covers the ships lost enroute from England, not necessarily on the Australian coastline. Includes the famous Waratah, Royal Charter, London, and many others. Published after the death of Jack Loney. Based on his initial manuscript with additional material by Peter Stone. 
ASN. Australasian Shipping News. A date usually follows. 
ASR. The Register of Australian and New Zealand Shipping.  The Register was followed by a second listing titled: List of Vessels registered at various Ports of Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand, lost, missing, or taken from active service since....(year). Note: The ‘year' indicated in each register were not the same. For example, The Register of Australian and New Zealand Shipping Corrected to 30 June, 1946, was followed by List of Vessels registered at the various Ports of Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand, lost, missing or taken from active service since 1933. New Zealand entries are not generally listed here, although if a ship was built in Australia and lost in New Zealand waters, it would be included. Nothing under 10 tons has, generally, been listed. Also included as a reference under this code is the complete listing of vessels lost or missing as per the ASR, compiled by Peter Taylor of the Maritime Archaeology Association of Victoria and made available on disk and hardcopy.
AW. Western Port Wrecks and Maritime Incidents. Arthur E.Woodley. Loch Haven Books, Main Ridge, Victoria, 1992. ISBN 1 875308 08 3. Softcover, 103 pages, mono prints, glossary, bibliography, index. The author is a shipwright from Phillip Island, and has thus a specific interest in the wrecks in the area. This volume provides an interesting account of the ferries and small traders that ran to the  island, and of the larger ship lost on and off its southern shores. 
BB. Shipwreck on Middleton Reef. Bill Belcher. Collins, Auckland, 1979. Hardcover, dustjacket, 190 pages, mono prints. The loss of the yacht Josephine on Middleton Reef, 1978.
BC. This Rugged Coast - Adventures Around Australia's Coastline. Ben Cropp. Rigby, Australia, 1980. ISBN 0 7270 1383 1. Hardcover, dust jacket, 229 pages, mono and colour plates. The author is a well known Australian diver, film maker, author, adventurer and shipwreck finder, hence this book is about personal experiences on several wrecks (many of which he discovered), told as part of a journey from Middleton Reef on the southern Pacific through to the Queensland coast and across to the Dutch wrecks at Geraldton. The historic material is limited but its strength lies in descriptions of the wrecks as they were at the time of the journey. And it is an excellent read on the history of the various locations and the people. 
BH. The Ethel Murders. Bob Hillman. On 19 October 1899. Captain Reddell and his son Jack were murdered at sea off Broome during a mutiny on board. (This title is not in the authors collection but has  been referenced).
BHS. The Wreck of the Gothenburg. Bowen Historical Society. Published by the 'Bowen Independent', March 1978, and presented to Bowen Historical Society. Reprint of undated newspaper reports referring to the wreck lost near Bowen, 24 February 1875. Light board cover, twelve pages, mono prints. 
BJB. Scuba Diving and Snorkelling Guide to Jervis Bay. Tom Byron. Aqua Sports Publications, Sydney, and. Softcover, 124 pages, many charts and mono line drawings. Excellent descriptions of wreck sites. 
BL.  The Koolama Incident in the Timor Sea, 1942.  Bill Loane. Rosenberg Publishing, Sydney, 2004. The Koolama was bombed by three Japanese float planes in February 1942. Some 160 people took to the lifeboats. Softcover, 215 pages, mono prints, references, index. 
BLA. The Colonial Clippers. Basil Lubbock. James Brown & Son. Glasgow, 1921. Many editions.  Hardcover, 430 pages, mono prints. A superb book, as are all of Lubbock's works. This is a 'must read' for anyone interested in the colonisation of Australia and shipping on The Australia Run. It includes descriptions of the loss of many famous, and not so well known vessels; the shipping lines, the gold rush and the consequences of the wool and wheat trade, life on board, and on shore. Written in a pleasing 'first-hand-account' style with many extracts from newspapers and reports, although at time frustratingly devoid of dates and locations of incidents, and of tonnage and size of vessels.  
BLC. Coal Hulks of Port Phillip Bay. Bob Leek. Published by Bob Leek and Peter Taylor, St.Helens, Tasmania, 2006. A very useful little publication covering some eighty-eight coal hulks, providing physical details as well as details of ownership, use and final demise. Softcover, A5 size, side stapled, mono prints, 90 pages.  
BLF. Forgotten Fleet 2. Bill Lunney and Ruth Lunney. Forfleet Publishing, Medowie, NSW, 2004. ISBN 0 9751683 0 4. Hardcover, laminated boards, 366 pages, many mono photographs, drawings, cartoons.  This is a complete update on a smaller publication, Forgotten Fleet, issued in 1995 (thus not an additional volume). It concerns itself with the more than one thousand smaller vessels of the U.S. Army Small Ships fleet, Australian Army Small Ships Fleet, and others, and the Australian volunteers who manned them. Many of the vessels survived the Pacific war, to be lost whilst in commercial use. Only those vessels lost post war are included in this encyclopedia, unless of special pre-war interest. 
BLF1. Forgotten Fleet. Bill Lunney and Ruth Lunney. Forfleet Publishing, Medowie, NSW, 1995. ISBN 0 646 26048 0. Although the second edition of this excellent book is much larger and contains most of what is in the original edition, there is nevertheless additional text on some of the vessels that was omitted in the second edition.  
BLW. Shipwrecks At Williamstown. Bob Leek & Peter Taylor. Self published, Melbourne, 2004. Small booklet of 33 pages. Taylor is a member of the Maritime Archaeology Association of Victoria which has done much work on the wrecks and wreckage at Williamstown. 
BNN.  Scuba Diving, Snorkelling and Spearfishing Guide to Northern New South Wales. Tom Byron. Fourth Edition (2002). ISBN 0 9494990016. Softcover, 328 pages, many charts and mono line drawings. The definitive work on the subject. Contains detail on many of the shipwreck sites. Includes CD-ROM.
BNS. Scuba Diving, Snorkelling and Spearfishing Guide to Southern New South Wales. Tom Byron. Fourth Edition (2002). ISBN 0 949490 03 2. Softcover, 248 pages, many charts and mono line drawings. The definitive work on the subject. Contains detail on many of the shipwreck sites. Includes CD-ROM.
BP. The Main Fleet of Burns Philp. Bruce A.Wilkinson & Ross K.Wilson. The Nautical Association of Australia, Inc. Canberra, 1981. ISBN 09 599079 2 0. Hardcover, dustjacket, 192 pages, mono prints, list of captain, summary of main vessel details, index. An excellent reference. 
BQC. Scuba Divers Guide Australia's Central Great Barrier Reef. Tom Byron. Aqua Sports Publications, Sydney, 1987. ISBN 0 949 490 06 7. Softcover, 103 pages, full colour throughout, charts, index. The Yongala is the only wreck mentioned, with an excellent coverage, particularly as she lies now. 
BQN. Scuba Divers Guide Cairns and Australia's Northern Great Barrier Reef. Tom Byron. Aqua Sports Publications, Sydney, 1987. ISBN 0 949 490 07 5. Softcover, 112 pages, full colour, charts, index. 
BQS. Scuba Divers Guide to Australia's Southern Great Barrier Reef. Byron, Tom. Aqua Sports Publications, Sydney, 1987. ISBN 0 9499490 04 0. Softcover, 240 pages, full colour, charts, index. 
BWN. A Guide to Southern New South Wales Shipwrecks. Tom Byron Publishers, Sydney, 2006. ISBN 0 949490 10 5. Softcover, 160 pages, mono photographs, charts, drawings, index. Includes aircraft. Includes CD-ROM. Includes excellent maps showing general locality of wrecks, and also GPS markings where wrecksite known. A detailed book on the better known wrecks with excellent cameo histories of the loss, wrecksite descriptions and drawings. 
CBC. The Convict Ships 1787-1868. Charles Bateson. First published by Brown, Son & Ferguson, Glasgow, 1959. Australian edition by A.H. & A.W. Reed, 1974. ISBN 0 589 07146 7. Referenced copy, softcover, 420 pages, mono plates. The definitive work, exceptionally well researched as would be expected by this exceptional author. Covers the actions behind deportation, the agents, the ships, the roles of surgeons, the voyages. Appendices list the convict ships and their voyages. Extensively referenced. Index. Only those vessels wrecked or experiencing a significant marine incident are referenced in this Encyclopedia. 
CBD. Dire Strait - A History of Bass Strait.  Charles Bateson. A.H. & A.W.Reed Pty Ltd, Sydney, 1973; reprinted for B.H.P. 1978. ISBN 0 589 071165. Hardcover, laminated boards, A4 size, 112 pages, mono and colour prints, notes and references, index. As would be expected from this historian and author, and excellent book on the most treacherous stretch of sea off the Australian coastline. Covers ships and shipwrecks in several chapters. It is a particularly annoying book to reference however as Bateson, like many authors,  chooses to state the year of an event only at the beginning of a chapter, and henceforth to mention day and month only, thus exasperating the reader who has sought information via the index. With the last chapter titled 'The Future Lies in Oil and Gas', the reprint is clearly a publicity item for BHP. 
CBG. Gold Fleet for California. Charles Bateson. Ure Smith, Sydney, 1963. Hardcover, 172 pages, mono prints, references, index. Covers the minor exodus from Australia to the California gold fields discovered in 1848, just prior to the discovery of gold in Victoria. 
CD. Epics of the Square-Rigged Ships. Charles W. Domville-Fife. Autobiographies of Sail. Published 1958 by Seeley Service & Co, London. Hardcover, dustjacket, 270 pages, full size mono prints.  A most interesting book to read, giving great insight into life aboard the great square-riggers, many of those listed having sailed in Australian waters. However, frustrating at times as important dates are often missing. Index inadequate. 
CEM. Chronicles of Early Melbourne. 'Garryowen' (Edmund Finn). Ferguson and Mitchell, Melbourne, 1888. Facsimile edition by Heritage Publications, Melbourne, 1988. In two volumes with a third as index. A superb history of Melbourne and the Port Phillip District, which includes fifteen pages of 'Victorian' shipwreck material in the second volume. Extensive coverage of the loss of the Cataraqui at King Island, and Clonmel near Port Albert. 
CF. The Loss of the Trevessa. 1700 Miles in Open Boats.  The Story of the Loss of the S.S. Trevessa in the Indian Ocean, and the Voyage of her Boats to Safety. Cecil Foster. Martin Hopkinson & Co. Ltd, London. 1926. Hardcover, dust jacket, 176 pages, a few mono prints. The author was the captain of the Trevessa. The dust jacket is titled The Loss of the Trevessa, however the title page is as indicated above: 1700 Miles etc.etc.  An interesting and detailed account of the survival of most, but not crew, after the Trevessa sank in the Indian Ocean during rough weather, 23 June 1923. 
CH. Australia's Worst Shipwrecks. Chris Halls. Chris. Rigby, 1978. ISBN 0 7270 0949 4. Hardcover, 157 pages, mono prints, references, glossary, no index. Thirteen of the best!. This single volume appears to be the only published book to have been written by Halls, but it does not do justice to his prolific work. He has been published in magazines from 1955 to 1984.
CHD. Dictionary of Disasters at Sea During the Age of Steam, including sailing ships and ships of war lost in action 1824-1962. In two volumes. Charles Hocking. Printed by Lloyd's Register of Shipping, Sussex, England, 1969. Very brief details of the world's shipping losses. Total ships not referenced as such for this encyclopedia - used to verify and add details only. Certainly referenced by Parsons and Loney. 
CLA. The Wreck of the Loch Ard - End of A Ship, End on Era. D.E. 'Don' Charlwood. Angus and Robertson, Sydney, 1971. ISBN 0 207 12316 0. Hardcover, 122 pages, mono plates, no index, appendices,  list of other Loch Line ships and their demise, voyages and last manifest of Loch Ard. A definitive work as would be expected of this author. 
CM. Australian Hospital Ship Centaur - the Myth and Immunity.  Christopher S.Milligan and John C.H. Foley. Nairana Publications, Queensland, 1993. Hardcover, laminated boards, 339 pages, mono prints, personnel lists, appendices, extensive references, index. An excellent work. 
CP. Rebel Down Under. Cyril Pearl. Heinemann, Melbourne, 1970. 'When the Shenandoah shook Melbourne, 1865.' Standard Book No. 0 85561 013 1. Hardcover, dustjacket, 198 pages, several mono prints, no index. The visit of the Confederate Navy's Shenandoah which put into Port Phillip having sunk several Union Ships in the Indian Ocean. 
CS. By These We Flourish. A History of Warrnambool. C.E.Sayers. William Heinemann Ltd, Melbourne, 1969. Hardcover, 190 pages, mono prints. Shipping played a major role in the development of this important western Victoria town, and is maritime history is ably portrayed without dominating the book. Two appendices summarise shipping incidents. 
CSM. The Story of the Maitland Wreck.  C.Swancott. Published by the author, February 1962. This small booklet of just twelve pages is an extract from the book Enchanted Waters - The Brisbane Water Story, Part 3, by C.Swancott. This story is told by a survivor, Mr F.Coulter, and published in the Gosford Times in 1922. 
CT. The Brothers Taylor. A Tasmanian Maritime History. Colin Taylor. Navarine Publishing, ACT, 1998. ISBN 0 9586561 4 2. Roebuck Series, No. 50. Hardcover, dustjacket, 184 pages, mono prints, index. The Taylors were shipowners in Tasmania. This is an exceptional family and maritime reference, with details of the some fifty vessels involved in the family enterprise. The extensive alphabetic listing of the Taylor Brother's ships was compiled with the assistance of Graeme Broxam. 
DBH.  The Last Voyage of the James Matthews. W.J.de Burg and Graeme Henderson. Western Australian Museum, 1979, 2000. ISBN 0 7244 7974 0. Small softcover booklet, 37 pages, mono photos, drawings, no index. The vessel sank in a storm in Cockburn Sound, south of Fremantle, 1841. Contains the diary of one of the four passengers. 
DBP. Perth Dive Guide. Dick Beilby. Hesperian Press, Perth, WA, 1988. ISBN 0 85905 113 7. Softcover, 128 pages, colour and mono plates, charts, index. Provides a brief description of some of the wrecks in the area from Quinns Rocks down to Warnbro Sound, which covers those in Cockburn Sound, and off Rottnest Island.   
DBS. The Bells of Sunda Strait. David Burchell. Rigby Limited, Australia. 1971. ISBN 0 85179 228. 6. Hardcover, dustjacket, 135 pages, several mono plates. The finding and diving on HMAS Perth, sunk by Japanese warships, north-east entrance to Sunda Strait, Indonesia, 1 March 1942. A superb achievement and an excellent book. 
DCC. Cook's Cannon and Anchor. Dennis Callegari. The Recovery and Conservation of Relics from HMB Endeavour. Kangaroo Press, Kenthurst, NSW, 1994. ISBN 0 86417 644 9. Hardcover, dustjacket, 96 pages, mainly mono, a few colour plates, index, bibliography. An excellent record of the discovery, recovery and conservation of Lt. James Cook's six cannons and anchor, lost off the north coast of Queensland in 1770, and recovered nearly two centuries later in 1971.   
DCF. The Long Farewell. Don Charlwood. Penguin Books, Melbourne, 1981. ISBN 0 14 0047 19 0. Softcover, 338 pages, mono prints, index, extensive bibliography and source notes. 'The perilous voyages of settlers under sail in the great migrations to Australia'. Based on the diaries and other contemporary accounts, the author has recorded in graphic detail the life on board the immigrant ships, and in addition provides three diaries written in 1854, 1858 and 1878. The hardships of the early immigrants is well documented, the suffering on board through harsh captains, even harsher weather, poor provisions and conditions, and inadequate accommodation leading to fever and death. Of the wrecks there is little mentioned, but several losses are included and referenced, as are references to prior voyages of ships subsequently lost. 
DCN. The Wreck of the Sailing Ship Netherby - A Miracle of Survival. Don Charlwood. Burgewood Books, Warrandyte, Victoria, 2006. A detailed account of the vessel and her loss, with particular emphasis on the rescue of some 450 immigrants, from the accounts of three of the rescuers. Very well-presented book. Softcover, forty-eight pages, mono and colour photographs, maps. 
DCS. Settlers Under Sail. Don Charlwood. Published by the Premier's Department, Melbourne, 1978. A4 size, stiff board covers, stapled, 28 pages colour and mono prints. An interesting publication released for the Loch Ard Commemoration Centenary, giving an insight into life on board during the age of sail, navigation,, 'Bully' Forbes, the challenge of steam, and the life and loss of the Loch Ard. 
DCW. Wrecks and Reputations. The Loss of the Schomberg and Loch Ard. Don Charlwood.  Angus and Robertson Publishers. First published 1977.  ISBN 0 207 13065 5 (hard bound), 0 207 13547 9 (paper bound). 190 pages, sixteen mono plates. Exhaustively researched and most readable. The covers not only the loss of the two ships, but the circumstances of other losses of the day and their relevance to maritime travel in the mid nineteenth century. Naturally, Captain ‘Bully' Forbes of the Schomberg is well documented, as are the subsequent lives of the two survivors from the Loch Ard, Tom Pearce and Eva Carmichael.  
DD.  Skindivers & Shipwrecks. Doug Denmead. ISBN 0 9099853 40 1.  Published during or prior to 1973. No publisher indicated - probably Australian Sports Publications, Melbourne. Softcover, 96 pages, mono prints. An important book as it covers first hand experiences in diving the wrecks of Port Phillip, Nepean and Lonsdale Reefs, and some of the vessels along the western Victorian coast. The author was an experienced diver living at the time  in the Geelong region. 
DG. Australian Steamships Past and Present. Dickson Gregory. The Richards Press Ltd, London, 1928. Hardcover, 260 pages. An interesting volume with descriptions of some 350 steamer shipwrecks, and details on a further thousand ships.  Although a well-respected book, there appears to be quite a few errors, and specific dates and locations of many incidents are not included, reducing the research value of the book. An appendix lists the shipping losses. Very well illustrated. 
DH. The Shipping History of the Bass Strait Crossing. David L. Hopkins. Taswegia, Tasmania, 1994. ISBN 0 646 18635 3. Softcover, slightly larger than A4, saddle stitched, 36 pages, mono photographs, no index. Limited text but with several excellent well reproduced photographs. 
DJ. Battle Surface! Japan's Submarine War Against Australia 1942-1944. David Jenkins. Random House Australia, Sydney, 1992. ISBN 0 09 182638 1. Hardcover, dust jacket, 304 pages, mono and colour prints and maps, index, extensive bibliography. An important historical document on a well known but little documented aspect of the Pacific War. Superbly illustrated by Peter Sullivan. Random House released a volume titled Hitting Home - The Japanese Attack on Sydney 1942, in 2002, ISBN 1 74051 195 6. This A4 size softcover of eighty-eight pages is a heavily cut down edition of Battle Surface!
DLE. Shipwrecks on the East Gippsland Coast. Don Love.  'Exploring the fate of 129 ships lost along the East Gippsland Coast from Corner Inlet to Cape Howe between 1797-1945'. Published by author with assistance from Heritage Victoria, 2003. ISBN 0-9750701-0-X. Hardcover, dustjacket, 180 pages, mono prints (well reproduced), drawings, indexes. Good coverage of items recovered by divers. More detail,  particularly on the smaller vessels, than found in Loney.  References listed with ship entry. Basic chart showing wreck location, if known of course, is a bonus. Very well produced and authoritative book. Each entry lists primary sources. 
DLR.  Shipwrecks At Port Phillip Heads. Don Love. The third book in the author's Victorian shipwrecks series, due for release in 2006. A manuscript listing of vessels was provided by the author for inclusion in this Encyclopedia, however full reference to vessel details was not possible. There is every reason to believe that this book will be every bit as good as the previous two volumes, DLE and DLS. Any reference to DLR in this Encyclopedia simply means that the vessel is mentioned in DLR. 
DLS. Shipwrecks on the South Gippsland Coast.  Don Love. Published by the author, Meerlieu, Victoria, 2005. The second in a series of six books to be published by the author, covering the complete coastline of Victoria. This volume concerns eighty-four ships lost along the South Gippsland Coast from Wilson's Promontory to Cape Schanck, 1839-1945. A basic manuscript was kindly provided by the author for inclusion in this Encyclopedia, however the book was released in December 2005, just in time to allow for full referencing. Once again we have a publication that is well researched, with excellent presentation.  Each entry lists primary sources. 
DMA. Department of Maritime Archaeology, Western Australian Museum. A Compendium of Projects, Programs and Publications 1971-2003. Edited by Jeremy Green, Matthew Gainsford and Myra Stanbury. Australian National Centre of Excellence for Maritime Archaeology, Fremantle, WA, 2004. ISBN 1 876465 30 1. Softcover, 133 pages, colour. Provides a brief history of the WA Museum's maritime archaeology unit, an alphabetic list of significant projects, a chronological list of projects, and an alphabetic list of references to publications produced by members of staff and individuals associated with the Department of Maritime Archaeology. 
DO. Song of Steam. A Chronicle of Paddle Steamers and Screw Steamers in Tasmanian Waters: 1832-1939. D.G. (Dave) O'May. Appears to be self published, 1976. The author is the nephew of author Harry O'May. Hardcover, printed boards, 304 pages, many mono prints, index. An important reference. A good source for photographs. Lists over 1200 ships; if it sailed in Tasmanian waters, it is sure to be mentioned. 
DS. U-Boat Far From Home. The Epic Voyage of U-862 to Australia and New Zealand. David Stevens. Allen & Unwin, St. Leonards, NSW, 1997. ISBN 1 86448 267 2. Softcover, 282 pages, mono prints, index, appendices. Covers in detail the two war patrols to the east coast of Australia in 1944 and 1945, with a description of the sinking of several vessels. Very detailed and well researched. 
DSS. They Came for Sandalwood. A Study of the Sandalwood Trade in the South-West Pacific, 1830-1865. Dorothy Shineberg. Melbourne University Press, 1967. Library of Congress Card Number 67-30710. Hardcover, dustjacket, 299 pages, mono prints, index, extensive bibliography, references. Dr. Shineberg is Research Fellow in Pacific History, Australian National University. This is the most authoritative work on the subject. 
DW. Coramba - the Ship the Sea Swallowed.  Des Williams. Published by the author, 1984. Softcover, 96 pages, mono prints. The vessel was lost between Warrnambool and Melbourne in 1934. 
EB. The Walter Hood. Eunice Brady. Shepp Books, NSW, 1985. ISBN 0 949250 08 2. Small, 58 page softcover book, mono prints. A fine reference.  
EBT. Bound for Australia. The Loss of the Emigrant Ship Tayleur at Lambay on the Coast of Ireland. Edward J. Bourke. Published by the author, Dublin 2003. ISBN 0952 3027 3 X. Softcover, 236 pages, mono prints, several colour plates, maps and charts, index, list of passengers. An excellent well researched essay on the loss of the vessel in 1854 with the loss of 360 lives, most potential settlers in the developing Australia. 
EC. The Iron Ship. Ewan Corlett. The History and Significance of Brunel's Great Britain. Moonraker Press, Wiltshire, UK. First impression 1975, second 1978. SBN 239.00112.5. Possibly hardcover first impression, second impression softcover, 253 pages, mono prints, charts and drawings. An excellent coverage of her construction, voyages (especially to Australia), demise, salvage and reconstruction. 
EG. Coasts of Treachery. Eugene Grayland. A.H. & A.W. Reed, Wellington & Auckland, 1963.  Hardcover, dustjacket, 206 pages, line drawings, index. Disasters and massacres on the New Zealand coast. 
EM. Shipwrecks - Australia's Greatest Maritime Disasters. Evan McHugh. Viking (imprint of Penguin), Melbourne, 2003. ISBN 0 670 04019 3. Softcover,336 pages, a few mono and colour plates, charts, index, sources. If by 'greatest shipwrecks' the author judges as being of greatest loss of life, then the Grimenza once again does not rate a mention. Another interesting general coverage of the usual 'popular' wrecks, together with more recent incidents such as yacht rescue on the Southern Ocean in 1997, and the tragic Sydney to Hobart yacht race in 1998. Earlier vessels include Trial, Batavia, Sydney Cove, Stirling Castle, Cataraqui, Dunbar, Loch Ard, Quetta, HMAS Sydney, Lake Illawarra. 
EN. The Last Grain Race. Eric Newby. Martin Secker & Warburg Ltd, London. 1956. Hardcover, dustjacket, 241 pages, mono prints, list of voyages, no index, fold out sail plan of Moshulu inside back cover. This classic book recounts one of the last sailing ship voyages on the Australian wheat run in 1938. 
EST. Early Ship Talk. Articles on 19th Century Shipping by T.H.Osborne. Edited by Betty Beavis. Self published 1998, Warrnambool, Victoria. ISBN 0 9590279 3 9. Articles written by Osborne between 1890 and 1902 , published in the Warrnambool Standard over that period. Softcover, 128 pages. He was at the time secretary of the Western Steam Navigation Company in Warrnambool. A fascinating contemporary account in what we may now call quaint prose. Many ships are mentioned. Only those with significant information are here referenced.  It would do no harm to reference this small book when considering any vessels on the west coast Victoria run. Unfortunately, dates are not always included, and occasionally incorrect.
FB. Island Nation. A History of Australian and the Sea. Frank Broeze. Allen & Unwin, Sydney 1998. ISBN 1 86448 424 1. Softcover, 291 pages, mono prints, charts, index, bibliography, extensive endnotes. In three parts: Controlling Sea Space, Overcoming Distance, Living with the Sea. 
FC. Bound for Botany Bay. Narrative of a Voyage in 1798  Frank Clune. Aboard the death Ship Hillsborough. Angus and Robertson, Sydney, 1964. Hardcover, dust jacket, 203 pages, mono prints, no index. Based on the diary of convict William Noah. 
FG.  Treasure Lies Buried Here. Frank H. Goldsmith. H.Pitman, Perth, WA, 1946. Hardcover, 224 pages, a few mono prints, no index, references and acknowledgments, appendix of WA wrecks 1622-1945. One of the early references on Australian shipwrecks. Includes 'Batavia Ahoy!', a four-act play based on the incidents surrounding the wreck of the Batavia and the rescue of the castaways. It appears that the author's fiction talents extend into the wreck listings as there are many inconsistencies with later authors, who have not, fortunately, taken this title to be a prime reference. 
FGC. Coast of Tragedy. Frank S.Greenop. K.R.Murray Publishing Co., Sydney, 1944. Hardcover, dustjacket, 256 pages, no reference list nor bibliography, no index. With no indication of who the writer is (except for the fact that he has published a book of poetry), and no references listed to validate his writing, it is tempting not to take this book as a genuine contribution to our maritime history. But it was a popular book, so deserves some recognition. No doubt it has been used as a secondary reference by future writers. And it covers several fascinating incidents. 
FH.  The Last New Guinea Salvage Pirate.  Fritz Herscheid. Manuscript. Due for publication  2006, Oceans Enterprises, Yarram, Victoria. Covers the personal story of the author during his salvage years in New Guineas waters during the early 1970s. Includes many wrecks including first hand salvage accounts on the President Grant, Russel H. Chittenden and many others.  
FT.  The Murray River's Paddle Steamers and Bullockies. Frank Tucker. A.E.Press, Melbourne 1985. ISBN 0 86787 038 9. Hardcover, laminated boards, 87 pages, mono prints, bibliography, glossary, no index. Includes excellent description of the facilities of a river paddle steamer, and the types of river steamers - snagging steamer, fishing steamer, bottle-oh steamer; also navigation on the Murray. Very little on the loss of vessels. Also included under this reference code is a small booklet published by Frank Tucker to celebrate the Paddleboat Extravaganza on the Murray, September  2001, listing the boats still afloat. 
GA. A Log of Great Australian Ships. Graeme Andrews. A.H. & A.W.Reed Pty Ltd, Sydney, 1980. ISBN 0 589 50202 6. Hardcover, dust jacket, oblong format, three-column layout, mono prints, index. Lists some one hundred and forty vessels. Only those vessels lost, damaged, or in a 'significant' incident referenced. 
GB. Shipwrecks of the New South Wales Central Coast. Volume 1 1800-1899. Greig Berry. Self  published under Central Coast Shipwreck Research, 1994. ISBN 0 646 21109 9. Covers in some detail the loss of approximately 130 ships in the ‘central coast' region, ie surrounding Sydney from Wollongong to north of Terrigal. Most vessels rate more than  half a page and whereas most references are published works, the author has extensively used newspapers, archives, marine board reports and private papers to provide further information. The detail on some of the smaller vessels lost is extensive and therefore fills a gap left by Loney and others. Softcover, 128 pages, mono photographs. Research references are indicated at the end of each vessel listed. Index (inadequate), glossary, charts. Reference is made to a set of books in the series, but the editor is not aware of any further volumes. 
GBL. Lakonia. Geoffrey Bond. Oldbourne Book Co. Ltd, London, 1966 Hardcover, dustjacket, 200 pages, mono photographs. The loss of the line by fire, December 1963, off Madiera, North Atlantic. 
GC. Kangaroo Island Shipwrecks. Gifford D. Chapman. Roebuck Society Publication. First published 1972, Canberra. Second printing 1973, and although not indicated on the verso title page, another printing after 1980. Hardcover, dustjacket, 108 pages, well illustrated with mono photographs, excellent index. No doubt the definitive work on the subject. 
GCS. Ships in Tasmanian Waters. G.W.Cox.   Riverboats, Ferries and the Floating Bridge. Fuller's Bookshop (Publishing Division), Hobart, 1971. Hardcover, dustjacket, 224 pages, mono prints, index only of principal ships, sources. 
GHE. The Wreck of the Elizabeth. Graeme Henderson, . Australian Society for Historical Archaeology. (Dept of Archaeology, University of Sydney). 1973. ISBN 0 909797 01 3. Limited edition of 600 copies. Small booklet, 53 pages, mono photos, line drawings, bibliography, no index. 
GHM. Maritime Archaeology in Australia. Graeme Henderson. University of Western Australia Press, 1986. ISBN 0 85564 241 6. Hardcover, dustjacket, 201 pages, mono prints, drawings, bibliography, index. 
GHS. The Sirius - Past and Present. Graeme Henderson & Myra Stanbury. Collins Publishers, Sydney, 1988. ISBN 0 7322 2447 0. Softcover book, 168 pages, mono and colour prints, index, glossary, extensive references. The life and loss of the First Fleet vessel Sirius, Norfolk Island, 1790; and subsequent archaeological survey. 
GK.  The Tasmanian Trading Ketch. An Illustrated Oral History. Garry Kerr. Mains'l Books, Portland, Victoria, 1987. ISBN 0 7316 0887 9. Hardcover, dustjacket, 178 pages, mono prints, line drawings, glossary, index. 
GMA. Ahab's Trade. The Saga of  South Seas Whaling. G.A.Mawer.  Allen & Unwin, St.Leonards, NSW, 1999. ISBN 1 86448 579 5. Hardcover, 394 pages, notes, bibliography and index. Colour plates. An excellent account
GMM. Most Perfectly Safe: the Convict Shipwreck Disasters of 1833-42.  G.A.Mawer.  Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 1997. ISBN 1 86448 186 2. Softcover, 192 pages, a few mono prints, index, sources, endnotes, glossary. 
GMR. Maritime Albany Remembered. Les Douglas et al. Gordon de L. Marshall. Published by Tangee Pty Ltd, Kalamunda, WA, 6926. ISBN 0646 39913 0. Softcover, 336 pages, mono prints, index. An excellent local history with much reference to ships, and shipwrecks. 
GMS. The Tragic Shore. The Wreck of the Star of Greece. Geoffrey H. Manning. National Trust of South Australia, Willunga Branch, July 1988. ISBN 0 909378 44 4. Softcover, 84 pages, mono prints, index. 
GMU. The Line That Dared. A History of the Union Steam Ship Company 1875-1975. Gordon McLauchlan. Four Star Books, Mission Bay, 1987. ISBN 0 9597853 0 2. Hardcover, dustjacket, 205 pages, many well produced photographs, index. Took over the fleet of the Tasmanian Steam Navigation Co. An excellent reference on the ships although light-on when it comes to shipwreck detail. 
GMW. Fast Company: the Lively Times and Untimely End of the Clipper Ship Walter Hood. G.A.Mawer. Plainwords Press, ACT, 1994. Softcover, 132 pages, mono prints. A detailed account of the clipper wrecked on the southern NSW coast in 1870. Well researched with references,  bibliography and index. Certainly the definitive work on the vessel. 
GNC. My Ceiling the Waves. Geoff Nayler.  Australian Sports Publications, Melbourne. No date. Circa 1970s.  No ISBN. Softcover, 88 pages, mono photos and twenty-nine colour plates. An autobiography of one of Victoria's earliest and most adventurous divers, providing details on several wrecks. 
GNF. The Silent Fleet. Geoff Nayler. No date, no publisher, no ISBN, and not even a title page; printed by Quadricolor (Vic), so probably published rather unprofessionally by Australian Sports Publications, circa late 1970s. Softcover, 32 pages. But it does list the vessels sunk in the ships graveyard  in Bass Strait off Port Phillip heads, together with latitude and longitude, and a few mono photographs. Note: A great deal of research, both documentary and by actual diving, has been done on the ship's graveyard in recent years; no doubt there will be further publications on this fascinating region in the near future. 
GNJ. Wreck of the Joseph H. Scammell. Geoff Nayler. Published by author. ISBN 0 909853 78 9. Small booklet of 32 pages, mono prints. Covers history of the vessel, diving information and recovery of relics. 
GNS. Shipwrecks Along the Southern Coast. Geoff Nayler. No publisher, nor date indicated. Probably Australian Sports Publications, Melbourne, in the 1970s. Softcover, 96 pages, many mono photographs. Particularly interesting for its diving and artefacts recovered by scuba divers off the  coast of Victoria. 
GNW. Wrecks and Relics. Geoff Nayler. Australian Sports Publications, Melbourne. No date. Circa 1970s.  ISBN 0 909853 76 2. The author was an enthusiastic diver living at Geelong and thus having access to many wrecks in Port Phillip and the eastern Victorian coastline. Thirty ships and the ‘J' class submarines are listed in the softcover book of 64 pages. The vessel details are limited, but the wreck site information is interesting, as are the mono photographs. 
GPxx. Government Publications. Third character is the state of Australia in which the articles are published. Fourth character is the book identifier. All Australian state governments have heritage or history departments, and each have a specialist maritime section dealing with the history and archaeology of ships. All maritime archaeology sections produce papers, and many publications are available to the public. Many of these are small booklets which, generally, describe a particular region or perhaps a specific vessel, or vessel type, and are designed to educate and encourage the general reader in some aspect of our maritime heritage. Other publications are more comprehensive, in book format, go beyond the casual-interest reader with authoritative and well researched material by members of the maritime office. The publications are generally heavy on site description and preservation, which provides an added dimension to our history knowledge.  Unfortunately, many excellent books and booklets become out of print quickly and are not reprinted, thus may be difficult to obtain once this occurs. 
GPSC. Conserving Our Historic Shipwrecks. State Heritage Branch, Department of Environment and Planning, South Australia. Initially published in 1983, ISBN 7243 4420 9, as an A4 size, 12-page booklet of ten ships. Later, (no date apparent), revised, updated, ISBN 0 7308 0547 6. Small booklet, 42 pages, mono prints. Covers thirty-two historic shipwrecks in South Australian waters. A concise, well produced reference. 
GPSE. Shipwrecks of Encounter Bay and Backstairs Passage. Cosmos Coroneos. South Australian Maritime Heritage Series No. 3. Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Adelaide, 1997. ISBN 0 9588496 2 5.  A4 size, square bound softcover, 134 pages, maps, charts, site drawings, mono photographs, glossary references, artefact summary, summary in chronological order including current condition, generally two or three pages per vessel. Extensive reference list per vessel. The  layout and content should serve as a template for all shipwreck survey documentation. 
GPSG. Garden Island Ship's Graveyard. Maritime heritage Trail. Robyn Hartell & Nathan Richards. Heritage South Australia. Department of Environment and Heritage, 2001. ISBN 0 7308 5894 4.  Softcover, 50 pages, mono sepia prints, maps, references. Covers eighteen vessel scuttled in the ship's graveyard near Port Adelaide. 
GPSI. Investigator Strait. Maritime Heritage Trail. Terry Arnott. State Heritage Branch, SA Department of Environment and Planning, 1996. ISBN 0 7308 4720 9. Booklet, 35 pages, mono photographs, site layouts, GPS co-ordinates. An excellent booklet produced with recreational divers in mind, covering twenty-six wrecks in Investigator Strait, between York Peninsula and Kangaroo Island, South Australia.  
GPSW. Wardang Island. Maritime Heritage Trail. State Heritage Branch, SA Department of Environment and Planning, 1991. ISBN 0 7243 8629 7. Booklet, 24 pages, mono photographs, site layouts. A delightful booklet produced with recreational divers in mind, covering the eight wrecks of Wardang Island off Port Victoria, in Spencer Gulf, South Australia. In recent printings the booklet includes a loose sheet containing GPS co-ordinates. 
GPSY. Shipwrecks of Investigator Strait and the Lower Yorke Peninsula. Cosmos Coroneos & Robert McKinnon. South Australian Maritime Heritage Series No. 4. Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Adelaide, 1997. ISBN 0 9588496 3 3. A4 size, square bound softcover, 120 pages, maps, charts, site drawings, mono photographs, glossary references, artefact summary, summary in chronological order including current condition, generally two or three pages per vessel. Extensive reference list per vessel.
GPVC. Clonmel - Disaster to Discovery. Peter Harvey. Published by Heritage Council of Victoria, 1999. ISBN 0 7306 8698 1. A small booklet of 28 pages, delightfully designed, with colour and mono prints, drawings. It covers the loss of the paddle steamer Clonmel off the Gippsland coast  in 1841, leading to the 'discovery' of the excellent land near Port Albert. 
GPVL. Silts in the Sight Glass - Protectors and Raiders of the SS City of Launceston. Shirley Strachan. Heritage Victoria, 2000. ISBN 07 306 8670 1. Softcover, 80 pages, full colour, many photographs, drawings, references. Covers the loss and the re-location of the steamer lost in Port Phillip, 1865.   
GPVR. Wrecks on the Reef - A Guide to Shipwrecks At Port Phillip Heads. Ross Anderson. Heritage Council Victoria, 1997. ISBN 07311 0610 5. Softcover, oblong format, 83 pages, mono and colour plates, drawings, reference, index. Includes details on the topography of The Rip at the entrance to Port Phillip, The Port Phillip Sea Pilot Service, Wreckers and Salvage. The well-researched text contains much detail not found in other secondary references. The aerial photographs marked with wreck locations are of particular interest.  GPVS. Surf Coast Wrecks. Historic Shipwrecks between Point Lonsdale and Cape Otway. Ross Anderson and Anne Cahir. Heritage Victoria. ISBN 0 7311 8747 4. Softcover, A4 size, 268 pages, mono (sepia)prints, index, bibliography. Presented in two parts (within the one volume), with extensive appendices. Part 1 covers 'an historic and thematic guide to the Historic Shipwrecks between Point Lonsdale and Cape Otway', providing an excellent background to the raison d'etre of the ship losses, and concerns the people, development and trade, and government. Part 2 is a maritime archaeology report on the historic ship listed, and includes specific geography and oceanography. The majority of the book is the Maritime Heritage Unit ship-wreck database, providing physical details of the vessel, history and cause of loss. In its content and presentation, it must rate high as a standard for professional presentation of shipwreck data and maritime background. Includes GPS marks. List of primary and secondary references with each entry. 
GPVT. Time and Tide - A Guide to the Wreck of the Barque William Salthouse.  Marion Elliget and Harry Breidahl. Maritime Archaeology Unit. Victorian Archaeological Survey, Melbourne, 1991. ISBN 0 7306 2305 X. Small oblong booklet, 32 pages, full colour, photographs, drawings. Covers the loss and protection of the vessel in Port Phillip Bay. 
GPVW.  The Wild Coast Wrecks. Leonie Foster. Heritage Victoria, 1996. ISBN 0 7306 8619 1. A data base record of the wrecks along the western Victorian coast, specifically at Port Fairy, and Warrnambool to Moonlight Head (Cape Otway). Includes ship name, date lost, tonnage, location, charts, latitude and longitude, construction, rig, masts, where built, port of registration, register number, lbd, owner, master, crew, cargo, voyage, comments and references. One concern with the use of this book as a reference is that where sources provide conflicting information, eg. a variation in tonnage, all values are listed, but with no indication as to where they came from, and apparently no attempt to confirm or deny information. A4 size, side stapled, image quality poor (photocopy quality). Strong on the social history of the region as it relates to shipwreck, with history of the vessel, and how the wrecksite lies today. Primary and secondary sources listed after each entry. 
GR. The Wreck of the Barque Stefano, off the North West Cape of Australia in 1875. Gustave Rathe.  Hesperian Press, Australia, 1992. Cannongate Press, Edinburgh, Scotland. Hardcover, dust jacket, 136 pages, mono photographs and maps, colour plate. 
GRP. Pandora's Last Voyage. Geoffrey Rawson. Harcourt, Brace & World, Inc. New York. 1963. Library of Congress 64-18291. Hardcover, dustjacket, 165 pages, a few mono prints, bibliography, index.  Pandora's voyage in 1791 to find the mutineers of HMS Bountry, to bring them back to justice in England.  Includes her loss on the Great Barrier Reef about fifty miles off the mainland, north of Raine Island, 26th August, 1791, and subsequent voyages to safety. Does not of course include her discovery which was in 1977. 
GW.  The Great South Sea. English Voyages and Encounters 1570-1750.Williams, Glyndwr. Yale University Press, New Haven & London. 1997. ISBN 0 300 07244 9. Hardcover, dust jacket, 300 pages, mono prints, charts, index, bibliography. An excellent maritime history of the South Pacific. 
HB. Ghost Cruiser H.k.33. H.J.Brennecke. William Kimber, London, 1954. Hardcover, dustjacket, 220 pages, mono prints, no index. Tells the tale of the German raider H.K.33, alias Pinguin, which was responsible for the loss of many ships off the Australian coast during World War 2; viz. Cambridge,  Storstad.  
HDB. Voyage to Disaster - The Batavia Mutiny. Henrietta Drake-Brockman. Also subtitled The Life of Francisco Pelsaert - covering his Indian Report to the Dutch East India Company and the wreck of the ship Batavia in 1629 off the coast of Western Australia together with the full text of his Journals concerning the Rescue Voyages, the mutiny on the Abrolhos Islands and the subsequent trials of the Mutineers. Angus and Robertson, Sydney, 1964. Hardcover, 318 pages, a few mono plates, appendices, bibliography, index. Much of this excellent book is based on a direct translation of the Dutch book of the same title (in native language of course) published in 1648. It is therefore a definitive work on the subject. 
HEI. Islands of Angry Ghosts.  Hugh Edwards. Hodder & Stoughton Ltd., London, 1966. Hardcover, dustjacket, 207 pages, mono prints. Many subsequent editions and still in print. An extraordinary account of the loss of the Dutch East Indiaman Batavia in the Abrolhos islands, 1628; and the subsequent rape and murders of many of the survivors on tiny Beacon Island. Also covers the discovery of the shipwreck and subsequent diving expeditions. A superb book. 
HEP. Port of Pearls. Hugh Edwards. Published by author, Perth, WA, 1984. ISBN 0-646-19309-0.  Softcover, 198 pages, mono prints. An excellent history of the pearling port of Broome, north-west Australia.  Gives an excellent overview of the history of Broome with much emphasis of course on the pearling days but does not dwell on the cyclonic disasters that have caused havoc in the region. 
HES.  Shipwrecks and Sea Tragedies, Australian and New Zealand. Hugh Edwards. Currawong Press, Sydney, 1978. ISBN 0 908001 10 X. Hardcover, dustjacket, 136 pages, mono and colour photographs, bibliography, index. One of the first 'popular' books on Australia's maritime history in that it reached a wider, general, public. There is perhaps nothing startlingly revealing in this volume, although a few interesting photographs seem not to have been published before, nor since. It covers the major vessels lost divided into 'event' chapters - The Convict Ships, Emigrant Ship, Cannibal Coasts, the Flying Clippers, Age of Steam, etc. A very good read. 
HEZ. The Wreck on the Half Moon Reef. Hugh Edwards. Rigby Ltd, 1970. Angus and Robertson, 1975 (paperback). ISBN 0 207 13275 5. Paperback - 187 pages, eight mono prints. Covers the life and loss of the Dutch East Indiaman, Zeewyk, lost on the Abrolhos Islands, 1927. 
HH(1&2).  Ships in the Coral. Hector Holthouse. There are actually two books by this name, by the same author, by two separate publishers.  The first was published by The Macmillan Company of Australia in 1976 (ref HH1); the second, by Angus and Robertson Publishers in 1986 (ref HH2), is subtitled ‘Explorers, Wrecks and Traders of the Northern Australian Coast'. The second purports to be an ‘expanded and revised edition' but there is little similarity between the two books, and thus they should be treated separately. The Macmillan publication is hardcover, 146 pages, mono prints; the A&R book is 336 pages, a few mono prints. Both books are indexed. There are thirty independent chapters in the A&R book, covering a wealth of shipwreck information from the Abrolhos Islands to the Great Barrier Reef.  Both books, but in particular the 1886 edition, are a wealth of historical information on the settlement and maritime industry of the northern coastline of Australia. An excellent read, and a worthy companion to any historical library. 
HHB. Cannibal Cargoes. Rigby Limited, Adelaide . 1969. Library of Congress 68-16575. National Library of Australia AUS68-135. Hardcover, dustjacket, 234 pages, mono prints, index, bibliography. Covers the many small Island traders and blackbirders in the western Pacific. 
HHC. Cyclone. Hector Holthouse. Rigby Limited, 1971. Revised and reprinted, Angus & Robertson, Outback Classics 1986,. ISBN 0 207 15309 4, paperback edition (as referenced). 182 pages, a few mono prints of only reasonable quality, index. A very interesting book with an appendix list of 55 cyclones from 1867 to 1986, predominantly on the north-east coast from Darwin to northern NSW, mentioning some 95 ships with an extensive chapter on the Yongala.  
HHV. One Minute of Time. Harold Hickling. A.H. & A.W. Reed, Sydney. 1965. The 'Melbourne-Voyager' Collision. Hardcover, 240 pages, mono prints, drawings, charts and maps. No index. The definitive work on the collision of the aircraft carrier HMAS Melbourne with the destroyer HMAS Voyager, off Jervis Bay, during peacetime, 10 February 1964. Includes a preamble to the incident, the collision and causes, and inquiry. 
HO. Wrecks in Tasmanian Waters, 1797 -1950. Harry O'May. Government Printer, Tasmania. No date, circa 1950s. Hardcover, dustjacket, 216 pages plus 24 pages of 48 mono prints. Index of ships only. Fold-out A3 size map pasted to back endpapers. Long regarded as the definitive work on the subject. Includes islands of Bass Strait, and Macquarie Island. As it was referenced by Broxam and Nash in their definitive two volume work, Tasmanian Shipwrecks, it is not referenced in this encyclopedia except where additional information is shown and specific mention needs to be made in regard to O'May's work. A great read, with many anecdotes. It is interesting to note the several discrepancies between Broxam and Nash, and O'May, including vessel names. With the resources available to, and the thoroughness of their research, I would lean toward Broxam and Nash - with respect of course to the work of O'May. 
HOH. Wooden Hookers of Hobart Town. Harry O'May. Government Printer, Tasmania. Reprint with Whalers Out of Van Diemen's Land. No date. Probably 1960s. Hardcover, this section 137 pages, index.  Mono photographs. Although referenced by Broxam and Nash, is worthy of separate inclusion.  Not particularly strong on providing dates and locations, and when listed, more than occasionally incorrect - a most frustrating book. O'May is high on anecdote and customarily vague on dates and names. 
HOW. Whalers Out of Van Diemen's Land. Harry O'May. Government Printer, Tasmania. Reprint with Wooden Hookers of Hobart Town.. No date. Probably 1954. Hardcover, this section 101 pages, index. Mono photographs. Contains early history of the Tasmanian ports. Although referenced by Broxam and Nash, is worthy of separate inclusion. See comment on the author's style in HOH.
HS. Iron Clipper - Tayleur.  H.F. Starkey. Avid Publications, Merseyside, UK, 1999, Wrecked off the coast of Ireland in 1854 with the loss of 380 lives. Softcover, 120 pages, mono illustrations. 
HSE. The Wreck of the Whaleship Essex - A Narrative Account by Owen Chase, First Mate. Iola Haverstick and Betty Shepard (Eds), Constable Young Books, London; Harcourt Brace, USA; Thomas C. Lothian, Australia, 1968. SBN 487 32090 5. Based on the book 'Narrative of the Most Extraordinary and Distressing Shipwreck of the Whale-Ship Essex', published in New York, 1821.  Hardcover, dust jacket, 128 pages. A superb record, with only minor editing and additions. The original 1821 narrative was reprinted in softcover by Pimlico, an imprint of Random House, London, in 1999. 
HT. The Gild Dragon Incident. James H. 'Harry' Turner. Paterson Brokensha Pty Ltd, Perth WA, 1963. Appears to have been taken over by University of Western Australia Press, with a 1975 dated sticker on the title page. ISBN 0 85564 124 X. It is unlikely that good copies will be found of this book as it is so badly bound as to fall apart on the first reading. I am dubious of the value of the book as an historic record as it describes itself as a 'skilful blending of fact and fancy has produced a reasonable story of what could have happened', in regard to the loss of the Dutch East Indiaman Vergulde Draeck in 1656. Softcover, 235 pages,  mono charts and drawings, no index. 
IF. Forty Fathoms Deep. Ion L.Idriess. Pearl Divers and Sea Rovers in Australian Seas. Angus and Robertson, Sydney, 1937. Hardcover, dustjacket, 343 pages, mono plates, no index. Provides a history of the pearl diving industry out of Broome, Western Australia. As with many others from this author, it has become a classic of Australian history and culture. There is however very little on the loss of ships. 
IL. Shore Dives of Victoria. (Dives of the Southern Ocean). Ian Lewis. 120 shore dives from Cape Otway to the Promontory including Port Phillip and Westernport. ISBN 0 7316 2342 8. Published by author, 1988. Softcover, 176 pages, many mono site drawings, a few mono photographs. An important reference for the diver and snorkeller, and gives wrecksite information on some twenty-seven vessels, or part thereof, close to shore. Note: First printing titled Dives of the Southern Ocean, Book 1: Shore Dives of Victoria.  There was an intention to continue with other volumes, but when this did not eventuate, the name, only, was changed for the reprint.   
IM. Wreck of the Admella. Ian Mudie. Rigby Limited, 1966. Library of Congress # 66-24166. Hardcover, dustjacket, 184 pages, mono prints. The definitive work on the loss of the vessel off Cape Northumberland, in 1859. 
INT. Via Torres Strait. A Maritime History of the Torres Strait Route and the Ships' Post Office at Booby Island. Ian Nicholson. Published by the author. Roebuck Society Publication No. 48. ISBN 0 646 25084 1. Hardcover (and softcover edition), 418 pages, mono photos and charts, colour plates. Extensive index, bibliography, very useful gazetteer. Unsympathetically produced and printed considering this to be the definitive work, detailed and exceptionally well researched. Includes much material on the inner and outer routes through the Great Barrier Reef, and the Coral Sea. A fascinating read and a valuable contribution to Australia's maritime history. 
JAM. Rascals in Paradise. James A. Mitchener and A Grove Day. Martin Secker & Warburg, London, 1957. hardcover, dustjacket, 383 pages, index, extensive bibliography, no photographs. Another wonderful 'Tale of the South Pacific', the mutineers, explorers, bullies and bastards. Bligh is there, and of course Bully Hayes. 
JB. Sailing Ships and Paddle Wheels and Other Gippsland Shipping. J.C.Bull.  Published by author, Metung, Gippsland Lakes, Victoria, 1974. Hardcover, dustjacket, 230 pages, many mono prints. No index. A wonderful tale and historic record edited by Joe Bull, with contributions from other members of the famous Gippsland Lakes family. In two parts: Book One manuscript  by Captain James Bull, b.1848. (father of author/editor). Book Two written by Joseph C.Bull, b.1893, the author.
JBM. A Maritime History of Australia.  John Bach. Thomas Nelson (Australia) Ltd, 1976. Pan Books (Australia) Pty Ltd, 1982 (paperback). ISBN 0 330 27036 2. 480 pages, mono illustrations. A details expose of the Australian shipping industry, the shipping companies, vessels, unions, trade and shipping agreements.  JBT. The Historic Tamar Valley. Its People, Places and Shipping 1798 to 1990. J.G. Branagan.  Regal Publications, Launceston, 1992. ISBN 0 949457 68 x. Softcover, 316 pages, mono prints, index. The list of vessel lost in the Tamar contains several errors.
JBW. Story of Gippsland Shipping. Discoveries of the early navigators, lake steamers, coastal windjammers, shipwrecks and famous captain. J.C.Bull & Peter J. William. Published by the authors, Metung, Victoria, 1967. Softcover, 110 pages, mono prints. Contains an 8-page chapter on shipwrecks, with  many further references throughout the book. 
JCF. First Visitors to Bass Strait.  J.S.Cumston. Roebuck Society, Canberra, 1973. Publication No. 7. ISBN 0 9500858 8 X. Hardcover, dust jacket. 103 pages, mono photos, charts, index, references. Part 1 - The Furneaux Group, Bass Strait, First Visitors 1797 - 1810. Part 2 - Oiling at King Island 1800-1810. 
JCM. Macquarie Island. J.S.Cumston. Antarctic Division, Department of External Affairs, Melbourne, 1968. Publication No. 93, ANARE Scientific Reports. National Library of Australia Reg. No. Aus 69-1014. Hardcover, 380 pages, mono plates, extensive index and bibliography. The definitive work. 
JCS. Storm & Silence. A Portrait of the Tasman Sea. Joe Cannon. Deep Sea Press, Tasmania, 2003. ISBN 0 9750573 1 6 (hard). Hard and soft cover, 408 pages, mono and colour plates, index. Sailing the perimeter of the Tasman Sea, with historical anecdote and detail, geography and maritime observation. Part  journey log, part historical document. 
JD. The Great Iron Ship. James Dugan. Hamish Hamilton, London, 1953. Hardcover, dustjacket,  224 pages, mono prints, index. The life and loss of the Great Eastern - the ship that killed her designer, drowned her first captain, experienced four mutinies, killed thirty-five men, laid the Atlantic cable, sank four ships, made six knights, caused thirteen lawsuits, and ended as a floating circus. Launched in 1858, she was remarkable vessel the inspiration of engineer and designer Isambard Kingdom Brunel. A remarkable book.
JF. The Quetta, Queensland's Worst Disaster. John C.H.Foley. Nairana Publications, Queensland, 1990. ISBN 0 7316 8141 X. Softcover, 162 pages, mono photographs and maps, one colour plate. 'The complete story of the wreck of the liner Quetta - tragic victim of a one-sided contest between a moving iron hull and a pinnacle of unyielding granite'.
JG. Traders Under Sail. The Cutters, Ketches and Schooner of South Australia. Captain James Gillespie . Published by the author, Largs Bay, South Australia, 1994. ISBN 0 646 19080 6. Hardcover, dust jacket, 311 pages, mono prints, index. No doubt the definitive work, listing the vessels in alphabetic sequence. The author began his career on the schooners and ketches of SA, and later joined the SA Harbours Board. 
JH.  Marooned. The Wreck of the Vergulde Draeck and the Abandonment and Escape From the Southland of Abraham Leeman in 1658. Henderson, James St.George Books, Perth, WA, 1982. ISBN 0 86778 011 8. Hardcover, dustjacket, 218 pages, mono prints and charts. Forward by Manning Clark. An excellent addition to our written knowledge of the (Dutch) East India Company and their unwitting  exploration of the west coast of Australia. Provides an excellent background to the formation and operation of the V.O.C. - Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie - the United East India Company.  Many VOC ships are mentioned; not all are referenced, if they have not direct association with Australian seas. James Henderson is the father of author and maritime archaeologist Graeme Henderson. 
JHW. Without Trace. John Harris. Eyre Methuen Ltd, London, 1981. Hardcover, also paperback. ISBN 0 7493 0043 4. Paperback edition 244 pages, mono prints, index. Covers the loss of eight ships in some detail. The relevant vessels for this encyclopedia are the steamer Waratah, and the motor vessel Joyita. Excellent writing. 
JK. Ships That Shaped Australia. Jack Koskie. Forward by Geoffrey Blainey. Angus and Robertson, Sydney, 1987. ISBN 0 207 15560 7. Hardcover, dustjacket, 132 pages, colour illustrations by the author, no index. Concise text on some thirty-two vessels. 
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JM. The Wreck of the Hazard... and Other True Stories of Broken Bay. Jim Mackean.  Self published, 1994. ISBN 0 646 21989 8. Oblong format, softcover, 56 pages, mono prints.  Broken Bay lies north of Port Jackson at the entrance to Pittwater. This informative book covers a number of wrecks in the area. Extensive source notes. No index.
JMN. Niagara's Gold. Jeff Maynard.. Kangaroo Press, Kenthurst, NSW, 1996. ISBN 0 86417 7666. ‘How an Australian and N.Z. team salvaged eight tons of gold from a German minefield.'.  Softcover, 160 pages, mono prints, index. Adds to the knowledge of the salvage of the Niagara originally documented by James Taylor, with interviews and a personal approach involving the author's search for personnel involved in the salvage. 
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JMT. True Australian Sea Stories. Jack Millar. Rigby Limited, Australia, 1978. ISBN 0 7270 0266 x. Hardcover, dust jacket, 214 pages, bibliography, no index, mono prints. Covers a few of the major Australian wrecks, King Island wrecks, Gothenburg, Quetta, Dunbar, many others. Author assisted in the establishment of the maritime Museum of Tasmania, at Hobart in 1974. Bibliography. No index. 
JMW. Dive Western Australia. Jeff Mullins.  Published by Reef Images, WA, 1992. Softcover, 64 pages, colour and mono prints, charts, no index. Nicely put together with interesting information on diving the larger and more accessible wrecks. Great colour photography. 
JN. The Ghost of Alkimos. John Nairn. W.A.Skindivers. No data, circa 1975. Small monograph booklet, 52 pages. Concerns more of the events after the Alkimos went ashore north of Perth in 1963. 
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JNH. Hazards of the Sea. Three Centuries of Challenge in Southern Waters. Captain John Noble. Published in 1970 by Angus and Robertson. A very interesting and readable book covering southern Australian shipwrecks and those in New Zealand waters. Twenty-six chapters by theme: no specific order to the ships mentioned. Hardcover, 251 pages, index, mono photographs throughout. No primary references given, however of the ships and incidents mentioned, there is usually a great deal of information. Index is incomplete. Has excellent description of tides at The Rip.
JNP. Port Phillip Panorama. A Maritime History. Captain John Noble. The Hawthorn Press, Melbourne 1975. ISBN 0 7256 0149 3. Hardcover, dustjacket, 169 pages, mono prints, bibliography, index.  As the title suggests, this is a maritime history of Port Phillip, giving indication of the early exploration and settlement, pioneers, port development, early shipping facilities, geographic description, ships and shipowners, 'some ships that passed', and the ports of Geelong and Melbourne. 
JP. The Shipwrecks of Port Elliot, 1853-1864. John Perkins. Society for Underwater Historical Research, Adelaide, 1988. ISBN 0 95880060 X. Stiff board cover, saddle sticked, A4 size, 36 pages, mono prints. Covers eight shipwrecks based on a series of studies and wrecksite observations by the SUHR at Horseshoe Bay, Port Elliot, South Australia. Aerial photographs indicate wrecksite. Each list is supported by extensive references. Excellent publication, proving what can be achieved by a small but dedicated non-profit organisation. 
JT. Gold From the Sea. James Taylor. Australasian Publishing Co. Pty Ltd., Sydney, 1942. Hardcover, dust jacket, 271 pages, mono prints. Salvage of gold from the Niagara, off North Island, New Zealand, 1942. This is a contemporary account, written in the year of the salvage.  Republished by George G. Harrap & Co, London and Sydney, 1943, with a reprint in 1947 as a smaller book (same text and photos), hardcover, dustjacket, 224 pages. 
JTS. Spoils From the Sea. The Life and Adventures of Diver J.E.Johnstone. James Taylor. Australasian Publishing Co, Sydney, 1949. Hardcover, dustjacket, 240 pages, mono prints, charts, no index.  Having written Gold From the Sea, the author now concentrates on the diver Johnno Johnstone, covering many wrecks that he salvaged in Australian and New Guinea waters. A very useful reference. 
JW.  The History of Tasmania.  John West. First published 1852. Angus & Robertson, Australia, 1971. Also A. & R. Australian Classics edition 1981. ISBN 0 207 14334 X. Hardcover, dustjacket, 698 pages, index, bibliography notes. Only the actual shipwrecks cited in the index have been referenced. 
JU. Sailing Ships Shipwrecks & Crime in the 19th Century. Jean Uhl. Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies, Oakleigh, Victoria, 1985. ISBN 0 9596631 3 4. A4 size, softcover, square bound, 58 pages, index, appendix of vessels listed in Supreme Court records. An amusing anecdotal record, incomplete but useful and interesting, based on the Criminal Record Book in Victoria.  
KA.  The Voyage of the Investigator 1801-1803, Commander Matthew Flinders, R.N. K.A.Austin. Rigby Limited, Adelaide, 1964. Hardcover, dust jacket, 223 pages, mono prints. An excellent essay on the remarkable voyages of Matthew Flinders. 
KB.  Treasure Ships and Tropical Isles. Kenneth W.Byron. Gemcraft Pty Ltd, Melbourne, 1985. Softcover, 117 pages, mono prints. Covers the loss of the vessels Port au Prince in Tonga, 1806, and the Eliza in Fiji, 1808. 'The amazing tale of shipwrecks inter-woven with bloody massacres, primitive land customs, brutality and gory cannibal feasts'. Apart from such a sensationalist blurb, it is an excellent account. 
KBL. Lost Treasures in Australia and New Zealand. Kenneth W.Byron. Ure Smith Pty Ltd, Sydney 1964; Angus & Robertson, London 1965. Library of Congress Card Number 648932. Hardcover, dustjacket, 232 pages, maps, no photographs, bibliography, notes and references, index. One of the earliest books to alert the general public to the presence of the Dutch wrecks off the WA coast, and several other more 'modern' vessels off the Australian and new Zealand coast including the General Grant and Niagara. More than 70% of the book concerns maritime 'treasure'. 
KE. The Wreck of the General Grant. Keith Eunson. A.H. & A.W. Reed, Wellington. 1974. ISBN 0 589 0080 3. Hardcover, dustjacket, 168 pages, mono prints, index. 
K.G.  Deep Water Gold. Keith Gordon. SeaRov Technologies, Whangarei, NZ, 2005.ISBN 0 473 100568. The story of RMS Niagara - the quest for New Zealand's greatest shipwreck treasure. Gordon is the third author to write extensively on the Niagara, and tis publications introduces the latest technology to recover the few remaining gold bars. An interesting read, particularly for the technically aware. 
KH. Port of Pirate Treasure. Kevin Hayden. Marine History Publications, Geelong. No date. Small booklet, 24 pages. Refers to the legendary treasure of the pirate Benito, at Barwon heads, Victoria. 
KM. The Secret Discovery of Australia - Portuguese Ventures 200 Years Before Captain Cook. Kenneth Gordon McIntyre. Souvenir Press, South Australia, 1977. ISBN 0 285 62303 6. Hardcover, 426 pages, mono charts. Included here predominantly because of the mysterious 'Mahogany Ship', near Warrnambool, Victoria. 
LA. Admella.. Jack Loney. Published by J.K.Loney. No date. Small booklet of 20 pages, mono photographs rather poorly reproduced. Index, map, several appendices. Four chapters: The Ship,  The Wreck, The Rescue, The Epilogue. Lists passengers and crew, and rescuers.
LAB. Wrecks At Apollo Bay.  J.K.Loney.  Geelong 1970. Small  booklet of 28 pages, includes 8 pages mono prints. Much of this material is in LCO, and LO. 
LAH. An Atlas History of Australian Shipwrecks. J.K. Loney. A.H. & A.W.Reed Pty Ltd, 1891. Hardcover, just jacket, 120 pages, index, bibliography. Mono prints and basic charts. Ships listed by state. A rather superficial book; only a brief description is indicated for each vessel, however the book is of some interest to scuba divers as it provides basic information on the status of some of the major diveable wrecks. The ship listing is not extensive, and there are too many errors to give the book any credibility. 
LAS. Adventures with Shipwrecks. Jack Loney. An account of wrecks in the Apollo Bay Area. Published by the author, no date. Small saddle stitched booklet, 20 pages, mono prints. Covers seven vessels. One of the early publications by the author covering Eric the Red, W.B.Godfrey, Speculant, Woolamai, Casino, City of Rayville, Black Witch. Includes 'how to get there' instructions to view the wrecksite. 
LB. Bay Steamers and Coastal Ferries. Jack Loney. A.H. & A.W.Reed Pty Ltd, NSW, 1982. Hardcover, dustjacket, 88 pages, mono prints. Bibliography, index. Excellent coverage of the vessels and activities in the excursion trade on Port Phillip
LBB. Ben Boyd's Ships. Jack Loney. Neptune Press, Geelong, 1985. Small booklet, 16 pages. 
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LBU.  Update - Bay Steamers and Coastal Ferries. Jack Loney. Ostensibly a reprint of the 1982 edition, with an added chapter 'Across Bass Strait' providing an update on the Bass Strait ferries. A.H. & A.W.Reed Pty Ltd, NSW, 1988. Softcover, dustjacket, 92 pages, mono prints. Bibliography, index.  
LCA. Wreck of the S.S.Casino.  Jack Loney. Published by J.K.Loney. No date. ISBN 0 909 244 14 6. Small booklet, 20 pages. The date of her loss at Apollo Bay, Victoria, is not found until embedded in a letter, on page 10. (It is 1932).  Index, references. 
LCB. Ships in Corio Bay, 1840-1980. J.K.Loney. Neptune Press, Geelong, Victoria, 1981. ISBN 0 909131 76 7. Hardcover, dust jacket (softcover also published), 222 pages, many mono photographs. Covers a history of shipping into Corio Bay, Port Phillip, and the ships that used the  port. Bibliography, index. 
LCO.   Wrecks Around Cape Otway. Shipwrecks and Strandings from Port Campbell to Anglesea. Published by author. No date, but one of the first of the small booklets by the author, c 1960s. Softcover, side stapled, 56 pages, mono prints. No doubt much of this material is in LO. 
LCR. Victims of the Corsair Rock. Jack Loney. ISBN 0 909244 19 7. No date, no publisher listed - published by author. Small booklet, 12 pages, mono prints. Much of the material is covered in LV, LPH, LR,  and LPP. 
LE Wreck of the Ship Eric the Red. Jack Loney. Marine History Publications. First published 1991. ISBN 0 909191 43 3. A small book of 58 pages, mono photographs throughout. No index. Seven appendices. Includes extensive newspaper reports, captains reports and government reports. 
LF. Wrecks in the Furneaux Group. (Flinders island). Jack Loney. Marine history publications. No date. Small booklet of sixteen pages. No index. Lists events in chronological order from 1797 to 1968. 
LFJ. Wreck of the Fiji. Jack Loney. Published by author. No. 6 in the series of famous Wrecks. ISBN 0 909244 15 4. Small booklet of sixteen pages.No date, c 1980s.
LG. Wrecks Along the  Gippsland Coast.  Jack Loney. Published by Marine History Publications,  Portarlington, Victoria. First Published 1968. Eighth edition, 1994, used in this encyclopedia. The true definition of the Gippsland coast is debateable, but generally regarded as being the south-eastern region of Victoria, from Western port through to Cape Howe and the New South Wales border, but for this publication, the author has included 510 wrecks from Point Nepean at Port Phillip Heads, through to Cape Howe, ie eastern Victoria. The body of the book is a chronological listing of the loss of vessels, irrespective of rig or size, although the author points out that small trading vessels are included, but not all fishing boats and pleasure craft. The text per vessel lost is generally dependent on the size and ‘importance' of the vessel, and ranges from a superficial few lines to a maximum of one page. It is interesting to note that in terms of tonnage lost, the eastern Victorian coast pales into near insignificance compared to that of ‘the shipwreck coast', ie the western Victorian coastline as documented by the author in Wrecks Along the Great Oceans Road. Softcover, 120 pages, mono photographs of poor quality, five appendices, indexes of People, Places, General, and Ships. 
LH. High and Dry - Visible Wrecks and Wreckage in Australian Waters.  Peter Stone and Jack Loney. Neptune Press. First published 1983. ISBN 0 949583 18 9. Small book of 67 pages, mono photographs. An interesting  text in that it gives a greater indication of what remnants of our lost shipping could be seen by the general public at the time. Divided into Hulks, and Visible Wreckage, with alphabetic sequences within each. 
LHG. Wrecks At Hell's Gates.  Jack Loney. Published by Marine History Publications. ISBN 0 909191 21 2. Small booklet of 20 pages. Covers a brief history of Strahan (Tasmania) and the Macquarie Harbour area, and the vessels that did, and didn't make it through hell's gates, the entrance to the harbour. 
LI. Australia's Island Shipwrecks.  Jack Loney and Peter Stone. First published in 1980 by Neptune Press, Geelong. ISBN (hard) 0 909131 56 2, (soft) 0 909131 57 0.Covers the islands off Australia, including Macquarie island, Elizabeth and Middleton reefs, Norfolk and Lord Howe Islands. Good coverage of the major wrecks; diving notes. Book of 118 pages, index. Bibliography of published work, but no specific newspaper references and primary sources. Some colour plates, mainly mono prints of only reasonable quality. 
LK. Wrecks on King Island. Jack Loney. Marine History publications. No date. ISBN 0 909191 03 4. Small booklet of 28 pages, mono photographs. Text in chronological order of incident from 1801 to 1977. Provides list of references, including newspaper editions. No index. 
LL. The Loch Ard Disaster. Jack Loney. Marine History Publications. 1993 (Tenth edition). ISBN 0 9599853 1 X. First ed  around 1970. A small book of 80 pages, mono photographs, maps and drawings. Nine chapters, ten appendices. Covers the tragic Loch Line, the ship and her voyage, her wrecking, the two survivors tom Pierce and Eva Carmichael, salvage, and present day diving and visitors guide.  
LLB. Lady Bay, Warrnambool - A Graveyard of Ships. J.K.Loney. Marine History  Publications, 1975. ISBN 0 909244 10 3. First printed in 1968 as Warrnambool the Graveyard of Ships - Wrecks and Strandings in and Around Lady Bay. A small booklet of only 20 pages, mono prints. 
LLI. The Clipper Lightning in Geelong, 1862-1869. Jack Loney. Small booklet. 1988. publisher indicated (Marine History Publications). No date. ISBN 0 909244 32 4. Softcover, 24 pages, mono prints. Covers her years on the Australia Run, and her loss at Geelong in 1869, and subsequent salvage of materials.  No index. 
LLY. Wreck of the Ly-Ee-Moon. Jack Loney. Marine History Publications. ISBN 0 909244 23 5. Small booklet, 28 pages, mono prints. 
LM. Wrecks Along the Murray. Jack Loney. Marine History Publications, Portarlington, Victoria, 1974. ISBN 0 909244 01 4. Small booklet, 22 pages, mono prints. 
LMA. Maritime Australia. Jack Loney. Probably published by Quadricolor, Victoria, who were the printers, but no title page, no indication of publisher, no date; ISBN 0 86895 104 8. Softcover, 128 pages, mono prints, index. Basically a small compendium of maritime essays and short stories, many associated with shipwrecks, expanding details previously published in the Loney 'Wrecks On...' series. A good read. 
LMS. The Mahogany Ship. Jack Loney. Marine History Publications. ISBN 0 909244 03 0. Third edition 1998. Small booklet of 24 pages, drawings, photographs, index. 
LN. Wrecks on the New South Wales Coast. Jack Loney. Published by Lonestone Press, imprint of Oceans Enterprises, Victoria, 1993. Chronological list of wrecks, from 1797 to 1992, over 150pp, with mono photographs. Appendix  A- Notable wrecks in Sydney Harbour. Appendix B - Wrecks on Lord Howe Island. 1410 wrecks. The body of the book is in chronological sequence of wrecking. 
LO. Wrecks Along the Great Ocean Road. Jack Loney. Shipwrecks on the Victorian west coast from Point Lonsdale to Portland. Published by Marine History Publications,  Portarlington, Victoria 3223. First Published 1967. Edition used in this encyclopedia, 1993. Has drawn on previous works by the author: Wrecks Around Cape Otway, Shipwrecks Along the Great Ocean Road, and Wreck's on Victoria's South West Coast. Although the actual Great Ocean Road hugs the coast from Lorne to Warrnambool, the book really covers western Victoria, with 382 wreck listings from Point Lonsdale at Port Phillip Heads through to Portland and Cape Bridgewater. Future editions may well have been called Wrecks Along the Shipwreck Coast, for this is the more recent  ‘tourist name' given to this magnificent yet somewhat treacherous stretch of coastline.  The format of the publication is unusual in that six separate chapters are devoted to the rig of the vessel (ie ship, barques, schooners etc), with a chronological listing of the ship's loss within each chapter. This does make research on a particular vessel awkward, but an index of all vessels assists. It is the interesting that author abandoned this format for later publications, and opted for the more convenient straight chronological listing irrespective of rig. Text for some of the more ‘famous' wrecks is quite substantial, covering several pages. Also included are a ‘visitor's guide' giving precise locations of some of the major vessels, and  ‘notes for skindivers', giving some indication of the state of the vessel. Eleven appendices. Softcover, about 140 pages (various with edition), mono photographs of poor quality; index of Ships, Persons, and General.  
LP. The Price of Admiralty. Jack Loney. Marine History Publications, Geelong. ISBN 0-909191-11-5. Small saddle stapled booklet, 35 pages, mono prints. Covers twenty ships of the Royal Australian Navy lost between 1914 and 1974. 
LPA. Ships and Shipwrecks At Port Albert. Jack Loney. Published by Marine History publications, Geelong. ISBN 0 909191 32 8. Softcover, 108 pages, mono prints. Covers the discovery and settlement of the Port, and the south Gippsland region of Victoria; the sailing ships and steamers that used the port, and the shipwrecks. 
LPH. An Era At Port Phillip Heads 1830 - 1900. Jack Loney. Self-published, no date. ISBN 0 9599853 6 0. A small booklet of 36 pages, mono prints, mainly covering the pilot and lifeboat services out of Queenscliff.  
LPI. Wrecks At Phillip Island.  Jack Loney. ISBN 0 909244 13 8. No publisher listed; by author. Small booklet, 16 pages, mono prints. 
LPP.   Wrecks in Port Phillip Bay. J.K.Loney. ISBN 0 9599853 7 9. Small booklet 32 pages, mono prints.  LPR. Ships and Shipwrecks At Portarlington. Jack Loney. Marine History Publications, Portarlington, no date. ISBN 0909191 02 6. Small booklet, 20 pages, mono prints. Portarlington is on Port Phillip at the entrance to Corio Bay.  
LPW. Ships At Port Welshpool and Other Memories. Jack Loney. Published by Marine History Publications, 1990. ISBN 0 909191 41 7. A very small booklet of 32 pages, with mono prints.
LQ. Wrecks on the Queensland Coast. Jack Loney. published by Lonestone Press, imprint of Oceans Enterprises, Victoria, 1993. Includes Great Barrier reef, Coral Sea, Torres Strait, Gulf of Carpentaria. Chronological list of wrecks, from 1791 - 1992. 160pp, with mono photographs. 1080 wreck listings. Originally published in two small volumes in 1987, ISBN 0 909244 30 8
LR. Wrecks in the Rip. Jack Loney. Marine History Publications. No date. ISBN 0 909191 04 2.  Small booklet of 44 pages, some mono photographs. No index. Refers to the entrance to Port Phillip, bounded by Point Nepean on the east and Point Lonsdale on the west. Continuous text in chronological order of wrecks, strandings, collisions and other incidents, from 1838 to 1977. Gives newspaper references to major events.
LRO. Wrecks At Robe. Jack Loney. Marine History Publications, Portarlington, Vic. 1979. ISBN 0 909191 10 7. Small softcover booklet, 14 pages. 
LS.  Wrecks on the South Australian Coast. Jack Loney. Published by Lonestone Press, imprint of Oceans Enterprises, Victoria, 1993. Including Kangaroo Island. Chronological list of wrecks, from 1837 - 1992; 170pp, with mono photographs. Commences with a separate chapter on each of South Australia's most famous shipwrecks, the steamship Admella, and the full-rigged iron clipper Loch Vennachar. The body of the publication consists of a chronological listing of 544 vessel losses from 1837 to 1992. Softcover, 170 pages, mono photographs of reasonable quality throughout, four appendices, bibliography, glossary; index of Ships, Places, General, People.
LSA. Wrecks on the South Coast of South Australia. Jack Loney. Published by the author. ISBN 0 909244 00 6. First edition 1971. At least four editions, to 1975. Softcover, 60 pages, mono prints, index, glossary. This book has not been referenced for the Encyclopedia, as it is assumed that the listings would be identical to, or at least similar, to that of the 1993 publication, Wrecks on the South Australian Coast.  
LSC. Australia's Shipwreck Coast and Other Stories. Jack Loney. Marine History Publications, Portarlington, 1986. ISBN 0 909244 29 4. Softcover, 104 pages, mono photographs, charts, index. Provides directions on how to reach specific points of interest such as memorials. Lists a number of memorials and cemeteries relevant to those lost at sea. 
LSH. The Schomberg Incident. Jack Loney. Number 3 in the Series of Famous Wrecks. Published by the author, Dimboola, Victoria. No date, circa 1970s. Small booklet, 24 pages, mono prints, glossary, index.  LSM. Australian Sea Mysteries. Jack Loney. Marine History Publications, Portarlington, 1984. ISBN 0 909191 28 X. Softcover, 111 pages, ono prints, glossary, bibliography, index. 
LSP. Wreckers, Smugglers and Pirates in South Eastern Australian Waters. Jack Loney. Marine History, Portarlington, 1989. ISBN 0 909191 39 5. Softcover, 106 pages, mono prints and a few charts, ship index, general index, bibliography. 
LSS. Ships and Seamen Off the South Coast. Jack Loney. Neptune Press. First published 1980. ISBN 0 909131 45 7 (hardback), 0 909131 46 5 (soft). 142 pages, many mono photographs. Twenty-one chapters covering specific subjects, from collisions and Chinese, to whaling and war. An excellent, informative book, superficial at times but a great read. Particular useful for specific vessel details. Includes index and extensive bibliography.
LST. Australian Sea Stories. Jack Loney. List Publishing, Geelong, Victoria, 1985. ISBN 0 909191 34 4. Hard and softcover. Dustjacket on hard, 150 pages, mono prints, index, bibliography. 
LSW. The Sea War in Bass Strait. Jack Loney. Marine History Publications. First published 1993. ISBN 909191 51 4. A small book of 68 pages plus index; mono photographs throughout. Covers the two world wars, considering losses attributed to both German and Japanese mines and submarines. 
LT. Tall Ships and Sailormen. A Concise Survey of Victoria's Early Maritime History. Jack Loney. Marine History Publication. No date (circa 1980). ISBN 0 909244 020 2. Softcover, A4 size, 60 pages, mono prints. Several editions. 
LV. Victorian Shipwrecks. J.K.Loney. All wrecks in Victorian waters and Bass strait, including King Island and the Kent Group. Published by The Hawthorn Press, 1971. Note: Does not include Bass Strait wrecks on Tasmanian shores, nor Furneaux group. The first of the Loney works to cover a whole state, and the first hardcover publication. The format is much different to the straight chronological text of later publications; the wrecks are divided over eleven regional areas, one per chapter. Two other chapters are general in nature, with two others being a summary of wrecks. No less than eighteen appendices provide further information. The format makes it difficult to search for specific wrecks, and the text on each vessel is rather superficial, with much more detail provided in the later works: Wrecks on the Great Ocean Road (ie western Victoria), Wrecks on the Gippsland Coast, and Wrecks in the Rip and Port Phillip Bay.  Appendix  provides newspaper references to the major wrecks. Insofar as this encyclopedia is concerned, the indication [LV] is only shown if the wreck is not included in LG, LO or LP, or of there is conflict or additional information. Generally, a wreck listed in LG, LO or LP will be in LV, but not necessarily so. Only the one edition produced; hardcover, dust jacket, 177 pages, excellent mono photographs in three sections, bibliography, glossary, general index, persons index, index of ships not included in wrecks. 
LW. Wrecks on the Western Australian Coast. Jack Loney. Published by Lonestone Press, imprint of Oceans Enterprises, Victoria, 1994. Early English and Dutch wrecks. Chronological list of wrecks, from 1802 to 1994, over 200pp, with mono photographs. Includes Wrecks in Northern Territory Waters, from  1839 - 1993. The publication commences with a small chapter on the East India Company's vessel Tryal, ‘Australia's First recorded Shipwreck', followed by sixteen pages on the important Dutch shipwrecks of the 17th and 18th century off the WA coast. The body of the book is in chronological format, with  1027 wreck listings for the  state of WA, and 177 wreck listings for the territory. Softcover, 200 pages, mono photographs throughout of good quality, bibliography; index of Places, General, People and Ships.  
LWP. Shipwrecks and Sea Adventures Around Wilsons Promontory. Jack Loney. Neptune Press. 1982. ISBN 0 909131 95 3. Softcover, 84 pages. The first publication in the ‘Neptune's Coastwatch Series' of which only this, and High and Dry were published. The body of the publication includes a chronological listing of vessels lost in the vicinity; additional chapters include exploration by sea, sealing and whaling, and sea adventures.  
LWR. Wreck - 1891 and Other Maritime Memories. Jack Loney. Maritime History Publications, 1992. Softcover, 121 pages, mono prints. Contains details on several wrecks along the western coast of Victoria, and maritime incidents. The only wrecks referenced from this book are those with substantially more data than that listed in Wrecks on the Great Ocean Road. The Reading List included with several entries is useful. Inadequate index.
LWW. Wreck and Rescue At Port Phillip Heads. The Queenscliffe Lifeboat Preservation Society, Victoria, 1989. ISBN 0 7316 5898 1. Small booklet, 50 pages, mono prints, bibliography, gazette, no index. 
LZ. Ozone - The Wreck at Indented Head. No date no publisher listed (obviously the author). This has to be the smallest book written and published by the author: it has no pages. As a booklet, it could not be any smaller. The text and a single photo cover the two inside pages of the board cover, with a location map on the fourth page. It is a rare item but the text does not add to the general knowledge. 
MA. Mrs Fraser on the Fatal Shore. The True Narrative of the Shipwreck, Capture, Sufferings and Miraculous Escape of Eliza Fraser, 1835. Michael Alexander. Simon and Shuster, New Yolk, 1971. SBN 671-20828-4. Hardcover, dust jacket, 188 pages, mono drawings, woodcuts, appendices, no index. In 1835 the pregnant Mrs Fraser sailed with her husband captain on the brig Stirling Castle from London to Sydney. This is the definitive work on the loss of the brig on the Swain Reefs off the North Queensland coast, 21 May 1836; the murder of her husband, the loss of her child, and her capture by aborigines, only to be rescued by an ex-convict, and eventually to return to England. 
MAC. Papers From the First Southern Hemisphere Conference on Maritime Archaeology. Ocean's Society of Australia, Melbourne, 1978. Softcover, 160 pages, mono prints. Conference held at Perth, Western Australia, 1977, under the direction of convenor Jeremy Green, Curator, Department of Maritime Archaeology, W.A.Museum. A most significant conference, and hence record, documenting the coming of age of maritime archaeology in Australia. Participants included Robert Marx, Robert Stenuit, Kelly Tarlton, Lars Barkman, Colin Pearson, and of course Jeremy Green and members of his department. Note that the Proceedings of the Second Southern Hemisphere Conference in Adelaide in March 1982 have been published (Commonwealth) Department of Home Affairs in 1983, but were not readily available and hence are not referenced in this encyclopedia. 
MAVnn. Newsletter 'Wreckings'. Maritime Archaeology Association of Victoria, Number of  issue follows the code. Many of the shipping reports and essays in the newsletter are attributed and acknowledged to the historian Bob Leek of Melbourne. Also contains extracts from the Australasian Shipping News, compiled by MAV member Peter Taylor. An excellent monthly journal. 
MC. Whaling Around Australia. Max Colwell. Angus and Robertson, London, 1970. SBN 207 95246 9. Hardcover, dustjacket, 180 pages, mono prints, index, bibliography, sources. 
MCS. Ships and Seafarers in Australian Waters. Max Colwell. Lansdowne Press, Melbourne, 1973. ISBN 0 7018 0025 9. Hardcover, dustjacket, oblong format, 126 pages, many mono, a few colour, prints, no index, further reading. Although a list of shipping disasters with loss of life is listed, this is not referenced herein.  
MCT.  Treasures, Tragedies and Triumphs of the Batavia Coast. Max  Cramer. Self published, Geraldton, WA, no date, (2000). ISBN 0 646 38483 X. Hard and soft cover, 32 pages, mono prints and colour plates. The author was the first to locate the Dutch East Indiaman Batavia in the Abrolhos Islands. This excellent biography tells of first-hand experiences on a number of Western Australia shipwrecks. 
MD. First Visitors to Heard Island. Max Downes. Australian Antarctic Division. ANARE Research Note 104, 2002. Softcover, 77 pages. mono prints, charts, references, end notes, no index. provides details of voyages, and losses, between 1773 and 1858
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MDS. The Seahorse and the Wanderer. Ben Boyd in Australia. Marion Diamond. Melbourne University Press, 1988. ISBN 0 522 84355 7. Hardcover, dustjacket, 254 pages, mono plates, references, index. An excellent biography of Boyd's activities and shipping movement, but limited description of the vessels. 
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MG. Voyage & Mutiny of the Georgiana 1852. Lorraine McKenzie.  Self published, Belmont, Victoria, 1994. ISBN 0 646 20956 6. A4 size softcover saddle stapled, 76 pages, mono prints and charts, index, bibliography and sources. Poorly produced - appears to be photocopied. mainly extracts from newspaper, reports, court proceedings and inquiries. Extensive coverage of the mutiny at Geelong during the gold-rush years, and an excellent indication of early Scottish emigration.  
MGD. Destination Never Reached. Max Gleeson. Self published, Sydney, 2004. ISBN 0 9751178 0 7. Softcover, 168 pages, mono prints. This is the third book in the trilogy of New South Wales shipwrecks prepared by this excellent author. (See below). As just thirteen shipwrecks are described in this volume, the  coverage on each is extensive.  
MGS. Shipwrecks, Storms & Seamen of the New South Wales Coast. Max Gleeson. Self published, 1996. ISBN 0 646 28019 8. Softcover, 168 pages, many mono photographs, 8 colour plates.  Covers in some detail the life and loss of eleven major ships that were lost off the NSW coast or had a significant role in the marine trade of the state.  
MGV. The Vanished Fleet of the Sydney Coastline. Max Gleeson. Self published 1993. ISBN 0 646 13671 2. Softcover, 168 pages. Many mono photographs; sixteen colour plates. Covers in excellent detail the life and loss of fifteen major ships that were lost off the NSW coast or had a significant role in the marine trade of the state.  (There is no duplication with the previous title). Wreck and diving details included. 
MGY. SS Yongala - Townsville's Titanic. Max Gleeson.  Self published, 2000. Hardcover, 120 pages, mono and colour plates. Crew list, passenger information. No index. Previously published as S.S.Yongala - Dive to the Past, with Mae Elliott. Notwithstanding the fantasy of the sub-title, this is the definitive work on the loss of the Yongala. 
MJ. Murder Mayhem Fire & Storm - Australian Shipwrecks.  Max Jeffreys. Published in 1999 by New Holland Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd. ISBN I 86436 445 9. Softcover, 262 pages, index, glossary, bibliog references, a few mono prints. Provides a readable account of some of Australia's most ‘famous' shipwrecks. 
MK. Fever Beach. The Story of the Migrant Ship 'Ticonderoga', its ill-fated Voyage, and its Historical Impact. Mary Kruithof. QI Publishing, Victoria, 2002. ISBN 0 9577601 2 4. Softcover, 148 pages. An excellent read, well researched, fascinating and emotional. An excellent addition to the written record of our maritime history. References, chronology, passenger list. No index. Covers immigration, fever, disease and deaths on board, living conditions on a 'double-decker', health and maritime regulations at the time. The Ticonderoga sailed from Liverpool for Melbourne in 1852 with 852 passengers and crew; 168 would not see their destination. 
ML. The Wahine Disaster. Max Lambert and Jim Hartley. A.H. & A.W. Reed, Wellington etc. 1969. Hardcover, 221 pages, mono prints. Covers the loss of the Cook Strait ferry Wahine in April 1968. The definitive work on the subject. 
MM. Shipwrecks .. And More Shipwrecks.  Margaret E. MacKenzie. Being the Historical and Authentic account of Shipwrecks along the Victorian Coast from Cape Otway to Discovery Bay, 1835-1914. The National Press  Pty Ltd, Melbourne. This remarkable book has gone through several editions and many reprints. It first appeared in 1954, simply as Shipwrecks, and went through three editions - 1956 and 1964. Ten years later the fourth edition came out as Shipwrecks... and More Shipwrecks. The book is actually written by Margaret MacKenzie's daughter Jean, who wrote down the experiences and knowledge related by her mother, blind for these last years of her life. Margaret MacKenzie's father was Charles MacGillivray, who came to Peterborough, on the coast in western Victoria, in 1873. The Schomberg had been wrecked there eighteen years earlier, and in the years to come, the family was to be directly involved in assisting those wrecked in the Young Australian, Loch Ard, Newfield and Falls of Halladale. Hence we have a rather unique book in Australia's maritime history, a modern book on seventy-one shipwrecks of western Victoria based predominantly on first hand accounts. There are however quite a few factual errors in the book, particularly in the fourth edition which extends from the personal experiences so important in the first three editions, so one had to keep an open mind. Hardcover, up to 190 pages (as the editions expanded), mono plates. (For this encyclopedia, I have used the fourth edition). Lack of an index does not assist research. 
MMD. Excavation of the Barque Day Dawn. Mike McCarthy. W.A.Museum, 1980. ISBN 0 7244 8223 7. Small soft covered book of 58 pages, mono prints, references, further reading, no index. 
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MN. Cargo for the Colony - the 1797 Wreck of the Merchant Ship Sydney Cove. Michael Nash. Navarine Publishing, 2001. ISBN 0 9586561 7.  Hardcover, dustjacket, 197 pages, mono and colour prints, drawings, index, select bibliography, notes.  A brilliant essay on the loss of the Sydney Cove.
MNL. A History of Lord Howe Island. Max Nicholls. Appears to have been self-published, no date, circa 1950s. Softcover, side stapled, 148 pages, a few mono prints. 
MOP. Down Under At the Prom. Marg O'Toole and Malcolm Turner. Published by the Field Naturalists Club of Victoria, 1990. 'A guide to marine life and dive sites at Wilsons Promontory'.  A most useful book of 112 pages, softcover, colour and mono prints, maps, drawings. Shipwrecks form only a small part of the book (only three are mentioned), but the information is relevant. 
MP. Fitted for the Voyage. Michael Page.  The Adelaide Steamship Company Limited, 1875-1975. Rigby Limited, 1975. ISBN 0 851 79 918 3. Hardcover, dustjacket, 340 pages, mono prints. List of ships, index. 
MR. North Coast Run - Men and Ships of the NSW North Coast. Mike Richards. Turton & Armstrong, Wahroonga, NSW, 1996 (possibly third reprint). Softcover, double column oblong format, 175 pages, mono prints, further reading list. An excellent book covering the ships and voyages from Sydney north to the Queensland border in some detail with many anecdotes. Predominantly based on the ships of the N.C.S.N. Co. An appendix lists ship details in chronological sequence owned by the N.C.S.N. Co (and a few others for interest), however the lack of an index (and the awkward format) makes further research extremely tedious. The readers of an author who has gone to meticulous research and excellent authorship in the preparation of a valuable historic volume deserves at least a basic index. A glossary would also be useful, and perhaps a brief summary of the various shipping companies as an appendix. Excellent chapters on early steamers in NSW, and the history of towns within the boundaries of the book content. The many mono photographs are well reproduced. A most interesting and valuable book.
MS. The Mahogany Ship: Relic Or Legend, The Proceedings of The First Australian Symposium on. Warrnambool Institute of Advanced Education, September 1980. Regional Journal of Social Issues, Monograph Series No. 1. Published by The Mahogany Ship Committee. ISBN 0 9599121 9 3. Second edition published March 1982. Second edition also contains details of a search conducted in 1981. A4 size, stiff board covers, stapled, 42 and 62 pages respectively. Several papers presented after an opening address by Manning Clark; authors Kenneth McIntyre, Edmund Gill, Jack Loney, Peter Coutts, Helen Frizell, Ian McKiggan. Extensive bibliography.  
MSE. The Barque Eglinton - Wrecked Western Australia 1852. Myra Stanbury. The Australian Institute for Maritime Archaeology, Special Publication 13, Western Australia, 2003. ISBN 1 876465 18 2.  Softcover, A4 size, 233 pages, mono prints, photographs and many artefact drawings, bibliography, no index. An in-depth academic  history of the Eglinton's loss, archaeological excavation, artefact catalog and interpretation. 
MU. Sailormen's Ghosts. Malcolm Uren. The Abrolhos Islands in Three Hundred Years of Romance, History and Adventure. Robertson & Mullens Ltd, Melbourne. First edition 1940. Many subsequent editions, to at least 1945. Hardcover, 253 pages, mono plates, drawings, index. One of the earliest books on West Australian shipwrecks. The publishers make the point that it is 'probably the first complete edition of any book published by an Eastern States firm that has been printed and distributed from Western Australia'. It concerns itself with the Dutch wrecks and the later colonial wrecks. This is actually a very good read, describing an expedition to the Abrolhos in the late 1930s, when several colonial wrecks had been found (some never lost), but not the Dutch wrecks, although their existence was well known. 
NM.  From Derby Round to Burketown. Norman Lang McKellar. University of Queensland Press. St.Lucia, Qld, 1977. ISBN 0 7022 1244 x. A history of the Australasian United Steam Navigation Company. Hardcover, dustjacket, 682 pages, mono prints, index, bibliography, endnotes, list of vessels. A huge volume, the definitive reference. Many non AUSN ships are mentioned, but only AUSN ships are referenced here, thus includes ships of the Hunter's River Steam Navigation Co, Australasian Steam Navigation Co, Queensland Steam Shipping Co. 
NP.   In the Heart of the Sea - the True Story That Inspired Moby Dick'. Nathaniel Philbrick.  Flamingo, imprint of Harper Collins, London, 2000. ISBN 0 00 653120 2. Softcover, 302 pages, mono prints, index, extensive bibliography, extensive notes. An exceptionally well researched and superbly written book based on the voyage and loss of the whaler Essex. 
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OR. Port of Melbourne 1835-1976. Olaf Ruhen.  Cassell Australia Ltd, Melbourne and Sydney, 1976. ISBN 0 7269 7370 X. Hardcover, 324 pages, mono prints. Index, no references. Covers settlement of Port Phillip and early shipping. 
ORM. Mountains in the Clouds. Olaf Ruhen. Angus & Robertson, London & Rigby Limited. Adelaide, 1963. Hardcover, dustjacket, 240 pages, mono prints. Includes an extensive chapter on the massacre of the St. Paul crew, New Guinea, 1858. 
ORR. Minerva Reef. Olaf Ruhen.  Minerva Bookshop Limited, Auckland, 1963. Hardcover, 200 pages, mono prints, no index. Details the loss of the cutter Tuaikaepau, wrecked on the Minerva Reefs, some 450 miles south of Vitu Levu, Fiji islands, 7 July 1962. Seventeen Tongan crew, kept themselves alive for 102 days before rescued. Mentions the loss of the brig Minerva, lost wrecked on Nicholsons Reef (now called Minerva Reef), south of the Tonga Group, September 1829. 
PAS. There Was A Ship. Patsy Adam Smith. Rigby Limited, Sydney, 1967. Library of Congress Catalog # 66-17475. Hardcover, dustjacket, 220 pages, mono photographs. A wonderful essay of the small ships on Bass Strait, and the author's direct role as a radio operator on the Naracoopa. Of interest to this Encyclopedia is the moving description of the loss of the ketch Willwatch in 1958. 
PCD. South Australian Shipwrecks - A Data Base 1802-1989. Peter Christopher. Society for Underwater Historical Research, 1990. ISBN 0 9588006 1 8.  Softcover, 240 pages. Alphabetic listing  of basic facts, with secondary references. Chronological listing, location (of loss) listing, listing by hull material. Surprisingly, no Official Number nor local registration details listed. There is little addition info provided over that which is listed herein. Much of the material on smaller vessels is from Parsons, Ketches of South Australia. No extra information will be gained from this reference. 
PCF. To Save the Lives of Strangers - Famous Shipwrecks of South Australia. Peter Christopher.  Published by author, 1989. ISBN 0 9588044 1 9. Small booklet, 40 pages, mono prints. Covers nineteen of the better known wrecks in SA waters. Bibliography, no index. 
PCS. Shores of Tragedy (Shipwrecks of South Australia). Peter Christopher. Published by author, no date. ISBN 0 7316 1348 1. Small booklet, 40 pages, a few mono prints, location bearings of some thirty vessels of known location. Good descriptions in some detail, with site notes. Bibliography, ship's index. 
PG. The First and Last Voyage of the Batavia. Philippe Godard. Abrolhos Publishing.  Perth, WA, 1993. ISBN 0 646 105 19 1. Hardcover, dustjacket, A4 size, 332 pages, colour and mono prints, drawings, bibliography, index. Contains a wealth of pictorial history, location photographs, underwater scenes of the wrecksite,  the raising and restoration of artefacts, their display, and the building of the Batavia replica. Contains also, as an appendix, 'Journal and Historical Account of the Disastrous Voyage made to the East Indies', by Francois Pelsart. Gives an excellent overall picture, literally, of the loss of t