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Ron Parsons is a maritime historian and author who contributed greatly to the Encyclopedia of Australia Shipwrecks. The following list of corrections and  additions were kindly provided by Ron on disk. It is the intention to include these in the update entries above when time permits. 

A.H.Badger,  typo 3rd line  æheÆ   shd be the 
First they had to   me vessel. 
ARAB stm launch typo Rivberà 
Arabian 278t W ship, b.1830 Montreal, acquired 1850 by Robert Towns, reg. closed sunk in Balmain *Waterview Bay; to form a wharf. 
ARABIAN,  reg as cutter, but also noted as Dandy rig, 24 ton,b.1857 at Vasse, WA,  reg/2/1857 Fremantle, Press  Sept. 1862 said owner of æarabianÆ commonly known as æWhy NotÆ to sell it. Which is last recorded official comment, but reg closed 1902 with comment no trans since 1860. 
ARAKOON  ps, æconverted to 2 m schooner 1880Æ   ALWAYS registered as steamer rigged as schooner as was normal in those days, but considered a full powered steamer. 
ARAKOON s ss,  Oct. 1855 sold and renamed GLEBE BREEZE 1957 renamed  San Ricardo, in 1962 reported broken up a Hong Kong 
ARAMAC AUSN built for Melbourne-North Qld service, scuttled off Sydney 1929/30  see æAust.Coasal Pass ShipsÆ 
ARAWA 11 TONS, LOST IN New Zealand, as per my publication, not Western Australia 
ARAWATA OF 1875 SPELT WRONGLY û ONLY ONE r THIS UNIT, Built 1875 Wingate & Co, laid up in Auckland 1890 and then hulked see Aust.Coastal Pas.ships, 
Arcadia, 2ND OF THAT NAME FOR p&o WAS BUILT IN 1954 û NOT 1943  Unable to identify your 1943 entry. 
Archer iss built 1882, purchased on the stocks for Qld Stm Shipping Co, reg.London and used in Qld waters to fight ASN. Which went to form AUSN in 1887. sold 1893 to HendersonÆs Circular Saw Line and Dec.1901 to N& H R S S CO for sydney-Newcastle svc thence hulked etc ., never owned by Howard Smith û see Aust.Coastal Pass Ships 
ARCHER lost 1853, ownership place of build from Lloyds reg. 
ARGENTI W sch, 102t, ON40930 68.0 long, Built 1847,Stockton, England arrived Pt.Phillp August 6 1853 and sold to J,U. Russell, who sold in 1856 to æHer MajestyÆs Colonial GovernmentÆ Register closed 1876 with general clean up Melbourne custom office,with the remarks æHulkedÆ date unknown. 
ARGO 33 tons, Built FREMANTLE 1867 vide customs folio 2/1887 68 
Argus Press boat, the Invincible was wooden ship that name 1509t, arriving Dec. 18 from Liverpool, and it was not involved with PLUTO, that small steamer arriving Port Phillip in 1854, NOT 1855 and the barque Invincible 296t was enroute back to Auckland. In 1854 Where it was owned having been recently purchased from Melbourne owners atg the time the alleged collision took pace 
ARGYLE  iss ON68632  was built for work between North West Tasmania and Melbourne, and sold to Nipper & See in 1880 for work along west Victorian coast and trans to NSW North coast 1881  Originally reg 191g  but by 1874  with new deck house now  218 gross 
Wss Argyle history confused with the  vessel above. This one in New Zealand until 1897- 1898 sold to Port Adelaide and worked on the Western district runs from Pt.Adelaide toward Ceduna etc If in Gippsland trade, was on charter from NZ owners. 
ARIEL listed as pearling vessel lost 1868, identical details for lower entry no place of loss named 
ARIEL  W ss  7 tons, ON88929, 42,0 x 9.8 x 4.5, B.1885 S.Eriksen, Bairnsdale, high pressure steam engine 8nhp, McCAll,Anderson & CO, Melbourne, Lakes Carrying Co.Ltd first reg owners. Later J.C.Dahlsen, register closed 1917 when Customs advised by last owner  æ vessel long since destroyedÆ 
ARIEL    blackbird sch; next entry and subsequent two entries the same ship 
ARK  my measurements after vessel lengthened 1874 
ARTHUR. Typo Benjamin 
ASHBURTON,  1897 =  W 2m f&a sch, 24t, b 1883 fremantle 
ASHUN.  Typo, for ANSHUN which is included in correct place in encyl  more poor editorial work 
ASIA bq 525 tons typo twent?  Full detail see æMigrant Ships for SouthAustralia, Parsons, convict transport from 1827 thence migrant ship for some years. 
ASIA  1st pg.68,  same ship as Asia above typo built 1918???? 
ASIE  typo rouen 
Asterian,  typo built 
Astrea   entered twice,  once after each other. 
ATALANTA.   words omitted æ æwrecked Entrance Islands, Hobart æÆ   the loss took place  Macquarie Harbour on the West coast 
Atalina,  typo  rescue 
ATHLETIC. Iss  43t.  Built for use as river steamer northern rivers NSW sold to Macmeiken May 1875. After loss Capt.Miles told Hobart paper it had been on second trip of service between Launceston and Hobart 
Entry immediately after, completely confused and unbelievable - claims made by some hopeless  unreliable party 
Athol Steam Launch, my loss date from official marine board enquiry 
ATLANNTIC schooner  2nd pg.71, already described reported etc. two entries before 
AUCHMOU TAIN,  Tail oæBank, is NOT a wharf but an anchorage outside the mouth of the river Clyde where vessels usually anchored while awaiting a fair wind, or they dismiss the tug bringing them out of the river 
AUCKLAND. No mentionof Pawlet on London register Argus in 1863 picked up report of its launch as PAULET and said it was unsuitable, but it was renamed before registration First owners were Intercolonial RoyaL Mail Company, operating between Australia and New Zealand, owners in 1866  became Panama,N Z & Aust R.M cmpany. Sold in 1869 to Australasian S.N.Co. tonnage when built  698/533 altered in 1871 when refitted, engine compounded. and accommodation increased. First compound engine made in Aust in 1871.  see Aust. Coastal Pass Ships 
Augustus 1814, first reg Australia in 1844, remained whaling etc, till hulked 1850s, reg closed with Melbourne Harbour trust advising broken up on  Coode Is, Jan. 1920 
AU  REVOIR, confirming built in Scotland. 
HULKED BY Howard Smith to use as coal hulk in Pt.Adelaide. 
AURORA 2nd & 3rd listing identical ships 
Aurora 3rd  16th loaded with steel? Not manufactured then, loaded with shell 
Aurora  505, Stettin not in POLAND when this vessel built, but was an independent part of the world and one of the Hanseatic states and vessel was not attempting to enter the harbour, but enter Moreton Bay where migrants for Brisbane could be discharged into small craft for the town up the river Brisbane did not have a harbour. 
Aurora Antarctic visitor listed twice 
AUSTRALIA  1016 tons tytpo September 
Australia  ON89928, tonnage I quoted is after alterations in 1893 vide register 
AUSTRALIA HMAS iron?  You must  be joking. 
AUSTRALIAN BQ 306 TONS. ENTRY COMPLETELY WRONG.  The vessel involved was the paddle steam ferry AUSTRALIA and on her voyage from Circular quay to MilsonÆs point which struck a rock and settled Oct. 4, and refloating commenced Oct. 8.   the vessel you list was said to have been at sea whaling since mid 1843 at the beginning of 1845 
AUSTRALIAN I ss 363 t, was  conveying wheat from one part of south australia to another û it was only employed in South Australian coastal trades, and just happened to be registered in Melbourne at the time 
Australian ss escorted Helen Nicoll was the ship that was finally wrecked Wardang Is, as above. 
Australian, Wrecked North territory,  typo peninsula 
AUSTRALIND, iss  1018t BUILT FOR Fremantle-Singapore trade, 
AVALANCHE  American ship set out for æSandy Hook Nova ScotiaÆ     Sandy Hook is the usual landfall for NEW YORK 
AVENGER. HMS not a single screw steamer, I said screw steamer as  no official 
Detail available but USS Co said they had ordered a twin screw turbine engine steamer 
AVOCA, 279 of Sydney was a sailing vessel her entire life and hardly involved with P&O in any way. The P&O  steamer involved being I ss 1480 tons, B.1866 Wm.Denny & Bros, Dumbarton and in her old age placed on the Melbourne-sydney feeder service, as the mail contract terminated in Melbourne, sold to Zanibar in 1882, and is in fact your next entry. Just how ANYONE would imagine P&O or any serious consignor would ship bullion Sydney to Melb in 1877 by sail is beyond belief.  Just another unchecked fairytale by someone unable or unwilling to check into anything nautical. 
AVON  mentioned twice probably wood vessel built 1826 Whitby, UK. nd in Australia at least from 1835  and under Joseph Underwood was reported at the whale fishiery in 1839 
AVON  ex paddler, wrecked 1891, salvaged and refitted as lighter by Foster & Minty Sydney and sold to Adelaide SS who reg. Sydney 22/1896 and sell to Cleghorn Hopkins,and reg trans to Brisbane now measuring 109 tons and reg closed 1956 æabandonded datte unknownÆ and probably your unit abandoned in 1914. 
AVON DHU, bq, 390 tons arrival Melbourne August 5, 1857 from Leith, DILGENCE  w sch 26 tons, working on the bay later but arrived from Circular Head August 8 so the accident reported - if it happened - took place  in August sometime 
AYYFIELD  was built and named CORRIMAL.a place in the Illawarra district, fo G.S.Yuill and until sold to others in 1926 was constantly in the Illawarra coal trade.  Sold to Patricks in 1927 became general cargo carrier on the east coast of Australia, and only became a 60-miler when renamed ayrfield 
AYSHIRE tss  Scottish Shire Line first appeared in 1884. 
AYSHIRE LASS 15 tons, no date or place of building in register, but first registered in 1866, 

BALCLUTHA   NOT TRUE SISTER TO ALDINGA, AND LATER OWNED B Australasian S.N C, Not Australian, Intended to replace Admella when ordered,, and competed with ASN  until they purchased to avoid competition. 
BALD ROCK, built as Balmain ferry with Bald Rock an important stop. When chartered for service to Eastern suburbs renamed VAUCLUSE  1907  Port Phillip 1911 Sold to Victorian Ports & Harb. Dept for use as tug, sold 1922 and converted into a lighter  by Victorian Lighterage Co  - Garnsworthy only owner 1907 û 1911 
BALDINA OWNED BY Adelaide SS Co who chartered it to overseas people and it was returned to ASS in 1934 who without work sold to Japan 
BALLARAT  sunk Ipswich was the vessel immediately listed above 
And it as sold to NZ in 1864, not 1862 leaving Newcastle Feb 27 
BALLARAT  P&O lost 1911, two entries same ship almost same detailÆ 
Ballengara  why?? because sold and renamed in 1925??? 
BALLINA  dredge, scuttled not lost  scuttle notice from MSB in our files 
 BALMAIN  collision with May queen, not mary, ss Balmain Howard Smith iss  B.1882 
BALMORAL  built Peterhead, to USA  why?? no aust.ref 
BANCOORA  built  1880 arrived in Melbourne in1876?? Difficult 
BANDICOOT  b.1838 and owned in Tasmania until  sold to Pt.Adelaide 1852 
Banks Peninsula, RENAMED Waitangi in 1896 
BANNOCKBURN the rigs I quote are from official records,  rest of presentation from press or others who have not checked, The profusion of vessels this name was because they were chosen by former Scot residents to celebrate famous battle nd probably to also make some form of political statement or their allegiance to the lost cause. 
Banshee  lost 1853, see typo 
Banshee Burns Philp shipping?  Burns,Philp ltd, shipowners and general merchants  etc.etc.  Dugong in rescue, not built until 1878 
BANTAM  when scuttled the gas was poison mustard gas 
BAR EA MUL. Scuttled dec.19 
BARALABA  as KIRIROM sold  for breaking up in 1972 
Baratta û actually BARRATTA  Iss  113/68, 107.0 x 20.2 x 6.6, B. 1884 J.Smellie & CO, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, first reg. 1892, by Burns,Philp & Co. Ltd, reg. Sydney and employed as powered lighter in Townsville. Comp.engne  30hp.,  Stranded Ross Creek, Townsville March 10, 1903 as per Marine Board report. 
Raised, and ultimately sold to Singapore in 1918 
BARBARA & Jane.  Sunk in Ross Creek when owned by Burns,Philp and registered at Maryborough 
BARCOO,  sunk when used as target by RAN vessels off Sydney 
BAROSSA . renamed CRONULLA  1964 and broken up Hong kong 1969 
BARRABOOL,  iron ss, built Palmers S.B. & E. Co, Jarrow. 
BARRATTA    see Baratta above 
BARUNGA  never known as æBarunga of TrinderÆ but well known as Barunga,   , managed by Trinders. 
BARUNGA, s SS 4342g,2598, B.1918 see æThe Adelaide LineÆ 
BARWON, I SS   B.1863 for  LITTLE & co., Scottish business with an interest in Australian shipping  who were owners when it was stranded in 1866. and when salvaged, acquired by S.G.Henty for the western districts trade until sold to Bulli Coal  March 1868, after refitted 1868 tonnages now  419/366 tns additional see Aust.Coastal Pass.Sips 
BARWON   Loney probably grabbed 2969t b.1901  which was sold to Greeks in 1930 and was wrecked the following year that had few tonnage changes. 
BAT  194 tons, was iron hulled 
BATHURST  Syd Gaz  Feb.10.1821  Colonial Govt has purchased the HALDANE, and it is to be renamed for Earl Bathurst. 
BAYONET, HMAS patrol boat, mv, built 1968 Walkers Maryborough 146 tons displ. 107Æ oa 
HMS BEAGLE, MAJOR TYPO  making it work IN1942.  HMS Beagle, sch  83 tons built 1873 John Cuthbert Sydney for RN to employ patrol duties re blackbirders. Sold out of the svc in 1883 
BEAGLE, supposed lost Hervey Bay, was only stranded and was BEAGLE wss  229t, B. 1877 Richmond river, NSW, and owned at this time by Brydon,Jones & C, reg. Brisbane 
Beagle said to rescue Mary in 1946???? 
BEATRICE, sch, lst line, entry dated 1921, saying the vessel was lost in 1924????? 
Beautiful star,  1st line Broomfield & Whittaker, and Terry Callen not correct, CORIO was a steam collier sometime before these two arrived. 
BEAUTRICE, LOSt 1921, WAS Beatrice as above 
BEAVER tug, built for Webster Bris,   Brisbane tug co formed 1903 
BEE   7 tons, reg. 77/1843, made into a lighter in 1858 and register closed. The added lost in1872 actually refers to another vessel same name 
BEE arrived Geelong April 17 1857 from Liverpool with 465 migrants 
BEE iron steam barge abandoned Pt.Douglas second entry no more info why dupld??? 
BEESWING, sss 1119g. B.1883 Grangemouth, Jan. 1886 Owners: Melbourne Coal,Shipping & Enginering Co,reg. Melbourne 1903- name now Melbourne SS.Co.,   renamed  March 1897 Brisbane 
BEGA built to order of Illawarra,  who changed name in 1904 to  Illawarra & SOuth Coast. S.N.Co. 
BELINDA, registered as Berlinda  NOT A TOTAL LOSS IN 1884 SALVAGED AND RE-REG. 
Bell flower, on voyage to Sydney for registration,stranded in heavy gale July 8, 1904, refloated August 23. see loss when owned in N Z 
BELLBIRD small wooden steamer,  entered  a few  entries lower more correctly. 
BELLE five entries all for the same vessel, but not mentioned as such 
BELLE OF THE WEST, W ss 14g, built 1872 White Williamstown, last reg. owners, Melbourne SS Co, reg. closed 1913. broken p. 
BELLINGER.   225 tons,listed above this entry no proper identification 
BELLS, see my publication 
BELMORE  TUG, LOST 1908 two entries same vessel, one after the other 
BELMORE W tss two identical entries one after the other.   Beginning to frequently happen 
BELTANA, æcompletely destroyed Lyttelton 1889Æ yet then reported lost 1899?????????? 
BEN BOLT,   wps Sydney 1854   for more see Australian Coastal Pass Ships\ 
BEN NEVIS. Never owned by White Star Line but sometimes sailed on that berth. Ben Nevis. Ship 1347/1420 arrived Melbourne first Jan. 3,1853 û 564 passengers 
Bencleugh.   Enrolled at customs Bencleuch 
BENDIGO, b.1853. sold to Victorian govt.  Dec. reg. closed 1899 æbroken up ,in  1878 sold as  a lighter to James Deanne 
BENGAL my tonnage, the 9 typo for g. 
Bengal bq 428 already reported above and not en route UK but on the way to Sydney for repairs 
Bengal  bq struck reef  NT  same vessel wrecked Barrier reef  1886 and at the tme owned in Port Adelaide 
BENGAL,  WAS NOT AUST. But Indian, and therefore H M I S and only connection with aust it was built there. 
BENOWA  converted from paddle and renamed Benowa in screw  steamer built as ps Ipswich for Australasian S.N.Co., (AUSN did not form till 1887) 
BEREAN C bq 542/526  B.1869 Sunderland Owner T.B.Walker, reg.London, master  J.Wyrell 
BERING  Liberty ship built 1920?? Impossible û Liberty ships only built during WW2 
BERLINDA, RE.-REG Sydney folio 131/1884 Oct.1891, fitted with screw and steam eng reg Newcastle, which is also the next entry 
BERMAGUI, first two pg.99 same ship 
BERRMA was never AMC  war  list by British govt. confirms attacked Feb. 17 
BETHA  1st pg.100 same vessel  prev. page 32 tons, confusion officially over ON numbers  and actually the number was 61038, but sometimes the 8 was shown as 6 
BERTHA DOLBEER.  Lost with all hands, but there were 4 survivors????? 
BERTAM RIGBY  former name AEOLUS (delete I) 
Bertreaux,   entered previously under correct name of  Berteaux 
BESSY follo 76 confirmed.tis correction 
BIDDIE lost WA discussion of which beach pointless, the Fremantle Customs unlikely to be confused.. 
BIDELIA, Sss  1354g. stranded 1942, not 1944 owner John Burke Ltd 
BINBURR   was named BINBURRA and operated by ANL when in this incident 
BIRCH GROVE, bq 543  built 1856 Sunderland, reg.Melbourne 1871, hulked  1888 now measures 243 
BIRKENHEAD, ferry , struck wharf circular quay, and foundered off Dawes Point û confused report, as so frequently herein 
BIRKSGATE, incident 1985, or should that be 1895????????? 
Bittern ctr.  41 tons, typo, 1968 in lieu 1868 
BLACKBIRD.  Full details of owners and trade see Aust.Coastal Pass Ships,  place of stranding as per contemp  press 
BLACKKBURN, typo owners name 
BLACK DOG  1st reg Sydney 1850 Rbt Towns when re-reg Sydney 1871 131 tons 
BLACK EAGLE. Acq Jas.Deane 1876 previously owned by other tug props 
BLACK HAWK, 2nd entry detail incorrect 
3rd Black Hawk obviously error for the 2884 vessel 
all Black Hawk entries same vessel.  Stationed in NT from 1871 
Black Swan cutter wreck Murray river mouth, suggest West Aust should be included 
BLACK SWAN. ISS, sold to Australasian SN not Australian û a very frequent mistake 
BLACK SWAN, I SS see Aust Coast Pas ships, tonnage = orig. 257/146: 1864 û 283g,  1867 û 276/214,  1874 309g. 1st reg Launceston, Melb. 1867 
Black Swan, built for Sydney-Manly trade no -  see  ps above 
BLACKWALL  t/s sch 55 tons 1878 û was the former screw steamer earlier reported. When salvaged    engine removed 
BLACKWELL, was actually BLACKWALL, which was sold to New Zealand in 1883 and became coal lighter in NZ.  see  Melb. folio  22/1883 &  Lyt.1/1883, at time of Waratah Bay probably owned by  C.West, reg London 268/1866 
BLOOMER, ship   950t  Melb. July 15, 1853 285 migrants from Lpl March 19 
Blue bell,  1st pg.109 also listed 3 down, identical ship facts 
BLUE BELL, 66 tons top of page, by 1870s was sometimes called Blue Belle 
BOADICEA,  vessel this name arrived Melbourne May 26, 1851 -  w bq 346 tons, from Glasgow,  Capt. A.Mackay. Left July. 
BOBBY BURNS, was built Brisbane, why is it listed??? 
BOBYCITO not built Sydney but Egmont Bay, Prince Edward Island. first in Australia at Brisbane 1873  original name BISMARK. in 1873 purchased by Jas.Mills of Dunedin, at Bribane, trans to Dunedin, employed as collier, until sold in 1880 to H Perdriau and reg.Sydney as hulk in 1881 
BOGONG 3/79 confirmed 
Boindee. Error  reg as BOINDIE, came to Australia in 1853. arrivind Geelong Sept. 1854 name in press mutilated, sold and reg Geelong   as shown,  folio 10/1855 
BOKO was registered at Liverpool for the voyage out to Brisbane Brisbane Courier Oct. 8, 1877 said it arrived the day before with cargo of 100 tons of pig iron rgiged as a schooner, for Bright Bros., Aug, 1903 to Brisbane Tug company in 1881 press said is usually tug tender but now being used to take cargo and mail to Rockhampton for the homeward mail steamer.  held a river certificate to carry 471 passengers soon after completion. 
BOLWARRA, built as a droger for the Hunter & tributaries, upon completion towed to Newcastle by ps Coonanbarra, and described in the press as stern wheeler to work on the Paterson and Williams rivers. Register closed in 1930 with æ broken up some years ago, date unknownÆ  said to have been designed by Mr.MÆArther, the ASN superintendent engineer. 
BOMBALA, Steel ss, triple expansion 4 cylinder steam eng. 746 nhp.  Built for Howard Smith who formed Australian Steamships p/l in 1913, sold 1929 to Greek owners and the managers trans reg to London until 1935. 
BONALBO - last name IMPALA (from 1962). Sunk dec 19 1965 off s Vietnam 21 lives lost. 
BONPARTE,  reg  as Buonaparte 
BONITO, wss built for ASN,     sold by AUSN april 1887 
BONITO   reg not trans to Brisbane, but Sydney file closed 1931 æ supposed broken up years agoÆ, - with the butchery company in liquidation in 1897, hull probably sold for dismantling 
BONNIE DOON,  Banks Group, probably that group north of  Vanuatu 
BONNIE DUNDEE  lost June 20 1897 from Marine enquiry report 
BONTHORPE,  not reg. Fremantle, but remained Fleetwood  5/1926. Sold W.A. Trawling Co Perth, c.1930/1  reg. Fremantle  3/1949,  by pearler, sold Apl.1951 Cairns, and described as tug, 94 tons. 
BOOMERANG, ex pilot sch,  two entries same vessel. Was NOT BUILT by Girvan, but at Girvan, a town in county Ayr,Scotland (just how mad can people get???) Ayr Qld, some distance from Burdekin river which could present some problem in launching a large ship. Never a pilot vessel except Melbounre, the two entries hopelessly confused. 
BOOMERANG  Iss built 1854 Wingate, Whiteinch,Glasgow.   Owned by ASN yes but why be told twice? See Aust.Coastal Pass Ships 
Boomerang Pearling lugger? 
BOONAH,  ex German,  having avoided sinking by torps first ww, was torpedoed having been sold back go Germany in 1925, by UK Sub off Norway May 1, 1940 
BOORARA.  Why break up into two entries 
BORDER MAIL,   ACTUALLY Border MAID registered Border Maidn 
Bortonius, only stranded refloated and renamed Lawrence Sept. 1885, Iss 399g, B. 1884 Sunderland. Lawrence lost in New Zealand 1891 
BOURNEUF.  1129 old meas.  1415 new meas tons arrived Geelong  Sept 2 1852 with 537 migrants   why two entries???? 
BOVERIC  stmr you say built 1906 and left Sydney 1902?? You have some very peculiar ships which frequently have something happen before built. Boveric,  3987g, S ss  ON108706, Built 1898, Rusell & Co, Pt.Glasgow.,chartered and then purchased by Howard Smith  Feb. 1899 reg. Melb., renamed CYCLE 1906  Sold Swedish 1919. another very confused tale 
BOYD, long boat lost in 1812,  sydney Gazette 1812 reporting its loss calls it Boyd.  Your main contrib..Madden, has missed earlier reports with greater detail 
Brabloch,  typo clipper, no date for anything. 
BRAESIDE,  very confused report and misleading. 
BREADALBANE  ips  161/102, arrived Melbourne Apl.7 1854, having left Gls May 14, 1853, never officially recorded as being lengthened 
BRIDE     W 3m q, built T.W.Ellis, reg.Sydney 1880 
Brier Holme, my typo 9 should be g û my printer  apparently malfunctioning, unnoticed 
BRIGAND, æout of SydneyÆ none listed in arrivals dept. 
MANLY FERRY BRIGHTON, iron & steelö? not reg. so. And another famous reversal, you say arrived sydney in 1885,  worked on the harour from 1883 
BRISBANE  ps lost on delivery voyage Australasian SN    another wrong  name for this famous shipowner. 
BritainÆs Pride,  two identical entries 
BRITON    lighter owned Howard Smith, filled and sunk 1890, raised ad used as landing stage for ss Edina passengers at Pont Henry 
BritonÆs Queen, all that chatter about whaler Marion etc, concerns story previously told see Bona vista entry 
Bronslow hulk 17 tons,  wrong see later and earlier 
BRONZEWING, 26 tons lost 1872,- no 1861 see elsewhere - Such as 2 entries lower 
BRONZEWING 94 tons, actually next enry which had a composite hull, and  the 1944 date wrong 
BROTHERS. Towns û Shineberg, not correct û never found her good on boats. Names plenty but usually the wrong one û never seemed to check for actual vessel û the name will do! The vessel Brothers arriving Sydney was convict transport in Feb.1827 Capt Morlay (Morley) see later for arrival Hobart. When Towns arrived in sydney in 1827 it was in the brig BONA VISTA. His Brothers was only built in 1831, and first arrived sydney the next year. 
BROTHERS  ps  built sydney by Chowne 1847 for Gerrard Brothers,  later 23 gross tons, and described as double ended and it would seem a flat bottomed double ended vessel would not be much use at sea. Reg closed 1891. æbroken up   date unknown, Port Stephens 
BUCEPHALES -- as so often in this work, too much æSö  no ess in the French name of this vessel 
BUCEPHALUS I ss B.1884 for Archibald Currie, and sold foreign in 1901, reg.Melburne 
BUDGAREE  built  at Longnose Point not as printed 
HMS  BUFFALO.  Book written by Robert, not Ron Sexton. 
BULIBA   Newcastle Pilot steamer, no no no,  BIRRUBI 
Bulimba, BUILT FOR Qld Royal Mall Line conducted by British India associates, when transferred to AUSN became quite popular in the Melbourne-Fremantle trade until sold - see Australian Coastal Passenger Ships 
BULLARRA, Adelaide Company used this vessel in almost every route they serviced from West Australia to Queensland. See The Adelaide Line, or Aust.Coastal Pass.ships 
BUNGAREE I ps tug, built for Australasian, 0 AUSN not formed till 1887 and the BHP steelworks no longer exists. 
BUNGAREE   Adelaide company not engaged in the iron ore trade which BHP retained exclusively for their own fleet. Whyalla a typo 
BUNINYONG. Built for Howard Smith, who formed Australian Steamships in 1913 
BUNYIP  lost 1889 same vessel as second entry 
BUNYIP. Iron hulled Dredger b.1879 Renfrew for Melbourne Harbour Trust , converted into barge, and owned by Victorian Lighterage, broke adrift from Princes Pier,Melbourne Nov. 1954, and broke her back when struck sea wall,  remains scuttled  April 13, 1955. First dredger entry identical with second, and third described as wooden hull, was in fact, the dredger hull 
BUON0 VISTA,   actually reported Bona Vista, q.v, and  there is no call for speculation about the existence of the vessel û it did not exist. 
BURANDA, became NALPA, of Adelaide company not as printed Naipa 
BURKE, scuttled Sept 23, vide register 
BURRA BURRA 122 tons, built 1852, non event  and did not exist a vessel of that name was built in 1854 and arrived for the Melbourne-Pt.Adelaide run in 1855, but being far to slow  was sold to Batavia late 1859 and Pt.Adelaide reg closed 1860 
Burra Burra wood schooner -  two entries for this 
BURRABRA.  Was former Manly ferry named Burra-bra, acquired by RAN in 1943 458g, B 1908 MortÆs Dock. 
BURROWA    fatuous observation end this entry/ 
BURWAH  S s First ship built for Howard Smith?????  See Aust Coastal Pass Ships.  Rescued passengers from wreck of Cahors in 1885 û claimed to be very fast. 
BUSTER tug, should be BUSTLER   Next entry 
Bustler entry entirely wrong.TUG Bustler built by Cockatoo Dock 1917 and measured 74 tons,  which was withdrawn from service in 1962, and remains welded to the old dredger Hercules and scuttled off sydney July 18, 1972. and had nothing to do with HEROIC which was, indeed built South Stockton and originally named EPIC.  SECOND ENTRY FOR BUSTLER JUST AS WRONG AS ORIGINAL 
Buttermere  , BUILT WHEN? 

[as mentioned no notice taken of frequent typos, lack of capital letters, or other poor typesetting errors unless make for more confusion than already on offer] 

CACIQUE arrived Sydney from Calcutta, Oct. 4, 1840 and left for Calcutta Dec.9. B.1831 Isle of Man, owned in Sydney,reg. folio  83/1840, trans to Singapore 1847 returns to Hobart 1849 and by 1856, probably hulked at Melbourne rwg. Closed 1896  æBroken upÆ 
CAGOU  previously HARRATON,, not as printed 
CAHORS  my ON confirmed, by sydney customs 
CAIRNHILL, Was not torpedoed but sunk by bombsand the mastger taken prisoner160 miles n.w. of Fastnet 
CAIRO Wood SS not ketch, which was salvaged and renamed 
CALEDONIA   seized in 1825 unlikely to be the vessel allegedly lost in 1848,  1848 because == 
Caledonia, sloop, built in 1825, Hobart, was returned to original owners March 1826 not 1836, (as evidenced by contemp. Press retports) having been captured by Duke of York and was last at Dalrymple (Georgetown) when it left for the Ladrones to collect beche de mer, no further record and in no way could it be connected with the unsupported report of 1848.  Dr.Thompson arrived Williamstown Feb 24 1836 in the Brig Caledonia 189 tons, from Launceston registered at the time in Calcutta but trading in Aust from 1834 and sold to Sydney owners in 1839 -- Yet another mishmash of unrelated information gathered by people ready to grab at anything to meet their lack of detailed research. The Thompson vessel being the next entry  on page  138 - The Sydney reg of this vessel closed Nov. 1841, upon trans of reg to London. After calling Pt.Adelaide Mar 16, 1840 dept for sydney and Melb. April 6 arriving sydney april 30 . Left March 13,1841 for London returning from London Jan. 4, 1843, with cargo and passengers, and left for London May 12,   Another case of  confused use of secondary unreliable research reporting. And according to Nicholson, in Jan. 1839 took 18 prisoners to Albany, having visited that port on her way from India to Sydney August 20, 1838. All detail readily available to any careful researcher/historian. 
CALEDONIAN 58 tons blackbirder, registered as CALEDONIA, AND SOLD TO JAMES Proctor, an American and Auckland reg closed March 1883, vessel f&a sch built 1878 Auckland. 
CALYPSO.  NZ û Ldn. In Australian shipwreck records???????????? 
CAMBRIDGE, My quote from log of Pinguin, copy in our files 
CAMEL  w lighter, first reg. 1897 in Melbourne by McIlwraith,McEacharn, who transfer reg to Fremantle 1908 and alter her for use as water lighter,sold to Armstrong & Waters, Albany, and in Feb. 1915 sold to James Ball, lighterman North Fremantle,  register closed in 1971 when  Ball & Son P/L advise the remains scuttled in shipÆs graveyard some years ago. 
CANOWIE if lost in 1915 made some remarkably fast trips for a sailing ship, Newcastle NSW, to South America, UK and back to South America in under six months, phew!!! 
CANTON US whaler, lost 1854, two entries identical 
CAPE LEEUWIN ????????? Pilbarra  LAUNCED AS Cape Otway     and renamed  before commissioning see also few entries lower for Cape Otway and Aust.Coastal Pass ships ot æBurketown round o DerbyÆ McKellar 
CAPERA, was actually named CAPRERA 
Captin HMS  WHY INCLUDED, NOTHING TO DO WITH AUST.   but get details right anyway, built by Laird in 1869 as a turret ship and was not an aux,screw steamer but full powered  reportedly capsized in a storm, and had different guns installed,and the vessel was not built by the admiralty but for Coles trying to impress the RN. 
CAPTAIN COOK 120 tons, Pixley, no trace, and apparently in error for 1878 event 
CAPTAIN COOK  ON55967   tonnage  is Seven, not 71, according to Customs 
The second sydney pilot steamer  Captain Cook, handed over to the 3rd in 1939 and the second was renamed CAPTAIN PHILLIP AND WAS SCUTTLED OUTSIDE SYDNEY Heads  Oct. 3, 1947 
The Capt.Cook, which sank in 1903 was the first pilot vessel of that name which was salvaged and repaired   Was in use dumping night sewerage(night soil) at sea and filled and sank feb. 3, 1903 and was sold to Brisbane about 1897 and reg. trans in 1907 
Captain Phillip see above re 2nd Capt.Cook 
CARDINIA, Govt steamer Ranandi ? surely the Fijian govt stmer 
CARDROSS  Loney had mistakenly taken an earlier Cardross which had been sold in 1935 and became Bidelia. Of 1896 tons 
CARIBOU, Albion Liner to New Zealand, lost 1869 why??? 
CARIN,  damaged by fire in Hobart in 1908,    And see next entry, again two of the same 
CARL. The Sandwich Islands, associated with blackbirding were another name for the islands near New Hebrides, 
CARELTON  lost Browse island was built at Beaver river, Nova Scotia, not New England USA 
CARMEN reg 1911 109.5 x 25.5 x 14.0 first in Melbourne as French flag Carmen 
CARNARVON CASTLE  first entry all wrong, see second entry which is correct. 
CARNATIC, a sailing ship touched ground in 1980 ??? typo?? 
CARNATION,   TYPO Port Macquarie 
CAROLINE, top of page 150 on lengthy discourse   in the 1830s a typo gives us1 1939 
CAROLINE . 127, collier, details of loss from contemporary press. 
CAROLINE 29 Tons, comment about Macdonald River being Brisbane Water completely wrong, it flows into Broken Bay, Brisbane Water being an arm of Broken Bay into which the Macdonald river DOES NOT FLOW. 
CAROLINE 59 of 1863 Sydney û that folio is for vessel named CUMBRIA 
Cassiope   why?????????/ 
COSSIPORE NOT  Cassipore,  SHIP 834 TON, Capt.A.B.Dundas left Geelong Dec 1 1852 for Calcutta and grounded Prince George Shoal  Dec. 1852, not 1850, and refloated 
CASTLE ROCK two entries same ship same incident, why? 
CASTLEBANK,  from NSW Parliamentary report 
CASURINA, Qld Govt. b.1896 reg. closed 1954 æbroken upÆ 
CATADALE, in collision  1937 was CARADALE 
Catherine CTR BUILT 1835, WHCH YOU WRECK IN 1936 ??? TYPO and correct with the next entry, why two? 
CATHERINE  188 tons, typo, was built PICTOU, not picton. 
CATHERINE BQ  414 tons, lost 1871 involved in collision in 1877  ??? 
Next entry, built Newcastle, MAINE, USA, OMITTED. And original name was æTwo BrothersÆ my place of build from register. 
Catherine Jamieson, reg. Kirkcaldy not as shown . 
CATHKIT when built by Geo.Niccol, in Auckland 1912 was named 
ARRAH NA POGUE which was changed in 1916 to Cathkit, for which you have two entries??? In 1975 it was offered for sale as æit has ceased to carry limestoneÆ and is  surplus to the ownerÆs requirements. 
CATO  94 tons, actually named Cairo which you list on pg. 136 as a ketch. 
CAVAN originally ps on the UK-Dublin route, built 1876 Laird,Birkenhead (not Scotland), engine removed and made 4 mast barkentine, acquired in 1904 by Newcastle NSW owners.  731 g. 657 n tons Scuttled Dec. 2, 1932 ENE  south Head signal station, 
CAWARRA. As so frequently the case, name of owners is wrong 
CECILIA SCH 44 T CAPT.Powell listed as arriving from Port ALBERT Nov. 27, 1850 no mention of accident and she sailed Dec 4 again for Pt.Albert. 
Capt.Hy Noon was in TYNE  sch 94 tons from Wbol Oct 8/10, Portland 9/1.Port Fairyi etc. no mention of Cecilia 
CECIL RHODES,  S tss b.1894 London,  ON 90134, Last owners Maritime Svcs Bd, sydney, scuttled Sept. 17, 1951,  first in Aust. 1909 Townsville Harbour board 
CEDUNA, owned Adelaide 
CELTIC GEM, what connection with Aust????????? 
CEMENTCO, RENAMED  1949 EX Crusdaer,   owners Qld Cement built 1945 Melbourne Harbour trust, Williamstown 197.0 x 50.0 x 15.0, 
CENTAUR,  the full and proper name of the owner was Liver  ship Co,  (Many things, places, buildings etc in Liverpool called æLIVERÆ without the pool 
CENTENNIAL WSS lost 1906, why two entries?? 
CENTIPEDE, B. 1913, as tug, scuttled Curtin Reef, Moreton bay Feb.2, 1990. 
CENTURIAN  lost 11871?  Was built in New Hampshire, USA, no UK 
Centurion 13 t B.Fremantle 1913, burnt to avoid capture at Broome by RAN 1942 
No trace anything built Geelong 1907, 
CERATODUS LoneyÆs dredge was built for Bundaberg  Harbour Trust  reg. closed 1936 ænow a gravel barge,Fraser Island which was amended  to read abandoned on Fraser Island. 
CERES, ps, nothing left because the timbers from her hull were salvaged and used to build another vessel ROVERS BRIDE,  see my entry for detail 
Never registered with customs. 
CERES  I ss   86  tons  sold by South Australian owners 1907 and went to Hobart June 1909 and acquired by Geelong Harbour trust May 1910 and  register closed 1933Æ Broken upÆ 
CERES  scuttled off Sydney Nov. 3, 1949 was former NSW  govt stm tug of unknown dimensions, that had been in use as a lighter for some years in sydney 
Loney confusing the two 
CHALLENGE, wps tug, Built London 1856 80t arrived Pt.Phillip from London Nov. 1865. sunk Sydney near Bradleys Head April 30 1876 collision with ss New England, raised  May 19, In January 1875 was working for a spell in Brisbane, tonnage 1874 -  77/23 
Next entry as screw steamer û which it wasnÆt 
CHALLENGER  b.1863 orig.  299 tons, when reg.Melb. May 1865 by C.E.Bright.  official owners when foundered in 1870, raised, rebuilt re-reg april 1871 as  256 ton owners Tope & Holten. Orig. bgn, when re reg described as brig 
CHAMPION, Capt.Helpman was W.A.Govt sch.115t,B.1830 New Shoreham, Sussex, 75Æ long, purchased by W A govt Nov.1836, for ú1500 from  Kerr,Alexander & Co, Hobart, folio 14/1836  laid up in 1851 and sold for scrap in 18452 
CHAMPION ketch 42 tons, sunk in 1877 above, now sunk in 1879???????? 
CHAMPION, tug of 1895 was not built London but at South Shields arrived from UK  Feb. 1896, 
CHANDPARA. Towed the  former BP stmr Marella now LIGURA into Fremantle 
CHANGSA was SS 2269/1463 B1886  Owners Cina Nav 
CHARLES EDWARD  built for Otago,Dundedin, but that company dissolved  while on delivery voyage and when put into Melbourne July 1864 due to stress of weather and found owners out of business sold to Gippsland Lakes SN C. which when taken over by Gippsland SN Co these owners had to sell and sent it to NZ in 1867 when it was stranded and Melb. reg closed,   re-reg Nelson  1868 after repair. Lengthened and converted to screw in 1876 at Nelson now 185 gross. 
CHARLOTTE  bq lost  Apl 1842, typo you have it lost Madeline REES  instead of reefs 
CHARLOTTE .Capt.Farrington, was built Melbourne 1840 meas. 12 tons 26 feet long, clinker built, 2 m sch, reg. Jan. 1840 by Farrington, no further information after dec. 1840 folio 1 of 1840 Melbourne û vessel  33 tons of Loney built in 1847 
CHARON  ss B.1903 WAS BUILT BY Caledon S.B. & E, at Dundee. Official owners Ocean S.S.Co, reg.Fremantle 1903 -1920 then returned UK register 
Chase Sch 40 tons lost 1851/2 only an incident, see full details  two entries below. 
Chateaubriand  only stranded. 
CHAUDIERE  never enrolled customs Pt.Adelaide. 
CHESTERFORD, SS TUG, BUILT BY AUSN Kangaroo Pt, Brisbane was salvaged after collision 1912 and after long employment in Brisbane sold to J. & J. Daley sydney, and reg transferred in 1935, Trans to Pt.Adelaide in 1948. and broken up pt Adelaide 1958 
CHILDE HAROLD ashore   bq 463   b1825 ipswich, 
CHILDERS  allegedly wrecked 1840, no trace ever in Tasmania, and only vessel that name was in Melbourne 1841 and left for overseas and supposedly confused with CHILDREN on 1839 
Chile  comment   I find no reference of steamships from east coast of USA, coming to australia via the horn. Seems pointless effort to include matters no ref to australia û these gratuitous; sometimes erroneous and or fatuous comments hardly suitable in a work claiming to be an encyclopedia. 
CHINA, emigrant ship arrived Melbourne May 2, 1841,  from London 219  migrants., left for sydney may 31 ship 618 tons built New Brunswick 1835 left Sydney for London Sept. 1841, never traded on the coast. 
Chittoor ON63906  227/tons 1890-94 owned Melbourne 
CHRISHNA,  REGISTERD AS CRISHNA   w bq, first in 1851 to Hobart 1863; = 1865  Belbin & Dowdell till stranded Twofold Bay Nov. 1867 =1877  Jas.Deanne, reg. Melbourne and hulked broken up and reg closed 1917 
CHUSAN,P&O ss only made one trip from UK to Australia, and then in the Australia-Singapore branch service until that ceased Minor incident Albany 1883???? 
Loney  Chusan = w bq 817/786 b.1865 liverpool purchased vic govt 1855 as hulk, 1904 melb harb trust bu 1934. loney/stone in Aust. trade in 1850 built 1865?? Odd!! 
Which more or less agrees with the next entry 
CIGARETE. A CANIN cruiser??? 
CINTRA  I ss  built for Australasian S.N.Co., which became AUSN in 188 
CIRCE, last official name HMAS MEDEA, b.1912, AND SCUTTLED  jan. 23, repeat 23, vide official docket, 
CITY OF ADELAIDE, utterly confused. There was one a UK-Sth australia passenger sailing vessel and the other a coastal passenger ship which in this item are completely mixed up and presented as one vessel. 
The Australian Costal passenger steamer thus= 
Iss 838/615,  1871 = 1212/83/  Built 1864 J & G Thomson, Govan,  eng 200hp owners Australasian S.N. co, reg.Sydney; 1887 AUSN, Feb.1890 sold, eng removed and made 4 mast sailing ship sold March 1902 to Howard Smith who made it a hulk and used it at Townsville and in 1915, sold for breakwater at Magnetic Is, off Townsville ----.the other 
Composite ship, later barque, 791g/n B. 1864  W.Pile & Co, Sunderland, which did make regular trips to Sth Australia annually and was later owned by Devitt & Moore, reg.London and it is this vessel Sexton writes about û he was concerned with efforts to preserve the vessel  due to its importance to the emigrant trade, but this seems to have failed, but take NOTE there were TWO OF THE SAME NAME AND YOU HAVE GOT THEM ALL ROLLED TOGETHER INTO A VERY CONFUSING MESS. 
City of Auckland LOST 1878, NO CONNECTION WITH Australia 
CITY OF BRISBANE, built for Australasian S.N.Co. 
CITY OF DUNEDIN, ps, nothing to do with Australia, but it was built in 1863, not 53   rr 1863 
CITY OF GRAFTON, built A Stephen Sons, Glasgow, 
Next item was also this vessel screw a mistake and it was only a stranding, but serious 
CITY OF MELBOURNE ship ex Black Warrior , New Brunswick is NOT IN USA but when reg Melbourne folio  8/1874 as a hulk, was noted as partially burnt 1868 and restored in 1873 as a hulk and said to be built a Newcastle,MAINE, (which is near Damariscotta USA,  Reid & others first owner as hulk, then 1885 to Victoria Govt minister of defence, register closed 1889 broken up 
CITY OF PERTH, later TURAKINA,  1246/1189, BUILT Glasgow, NOYT Calcutta   sold Norwegian 1899 
CITY OF RAYVILLE. Minefield desc. From log of Pingin 
CLANSMAN,  why two entries,  and the vessel was not a total loss at Gisborne, but according to her register was salvaged and became a coal hulk and reg. as brigantine. 
CLARA W brig 179 tons, first reg Aust. Sydney 1852, to Melbourne 1854, and by 1875 described as lighter although this alteration probably made  c 1856 when sold to Throckmorton & Graham lighterage contractors, Melbourne 1870 acquired by lighterage man Hy Moss, who died in 1896 and his execs reported vessel  had been broken up date unknown 
Clara Sayers, I also say wrecked 1872.  where does 82 come from? 
The two CLARENCE  which you say built in the same place, well geography has been altered to suit you if correct, one was built Clarence River  about 300 miles north of Williams river û see any good map. 
CLARENCE  IPS   see Aust Coastal Pass ships, built for Clarence river trade but by time arrived the Gold rush has opened and it was sold  for a very enhanced price for the Bass strait ferry in 1853, and acquired by ASN in 1857 and lengthened in 1862 was under charter to the  Clarence & RIchmond rivers S.N. co when lost 
CLARENCE  double ended drogher and the next entry confused. The drogher was built 1865 the dredger date unknown  and  it was the dredger washed to sea, the fate of the smaller paddler not officially recorded but probably about 1879 when the owners advertised the remains for auction after it had been stranded and refloated in May 1879 
CLARENCE PACKET, first to Fremantle register 1866 
CLARKSTONE W  bq from 1829, orig. ship rig, built Montreal  1820, To Sydney 1829, 244 tons to Melbourne owners 1853  and probably made a lighter/hulk reg closed 1864 æBroken upÆ 
CLAUD HAMILTON, vide registers.  See Aust Coastal Pass ships for full details 668/530n built for Intercolonial R.M.Co ûAust-NZ mail steamer. their name changed and only in Apl. 1869 to McMeckan Blackwood never owned by Australasian S.N Co and the Darwin run was conducted by McMeckan Blackwood under  contract with Sth Aust. Govt. When Adelaide SS Co purchased the vessel, it was rebuilt, lengthened which is where your tonnage comes from, and renamed ALBANY, AND IT WAS UNDER CHARTER TO AUSN WHEN LOST û APART FROM THAT YOUR ENTRIES ALMOST CORRECT!!! 
Claymore, was on display Pt.Adelaide Nautical Museum, which no longer exists 
CLEOPATRA  Iron sch,  converted to lighter 1882 by Howard Smith who sold 1891, but repossessed  and in 1894 sold for demolition. 
CLevedon, Iron, shp built 1873 Liverpool about 1901 sold to German owners and renamed, taken by British 1916 AND REVERTS TO ORIGNAL NAME AND ACQUIRED FOR USE AS COAl HULK FREMANTLE delivered cargo of Welsh coal account Scott,Fell & Co,Sydney, to Fremantle and sold to Fremantle Coal co.Ltd.,, and scuttled 1930 
CLIFFORD, migrant ship, -  next  entry vessel this name 461/526  arivved Sydney July 15, 1842, Capt.J.Sharpe  which I list as lost in 1842 
Only one entry in arrivals/depts books for E W Beazley in charge vessel named CEYLON, in 1844 bq 253 tons 
CLOMMEL.  Nothing like this name ever on the Manly ferry services, for example see æSydney Ferry FleetsÆ Prescott probably confused with CLONMEL, which was never in Manly service 
CLONMEL  524 GROSS tONNAGE, ORIG BY OLD MEAS 207 was built for the Liverpool-Waterford (Ireland) service hence the Irish name 
CLYDE,  small sloop built Macquarie Harbour VDL 1829 and sold in 1830 and renamed ROBULLA 
Clyde  BUILT 1874   BU 1923.  the only vessel named Clyde, officially bu in aust. in 1923 was reg. Townsville,  two sch. Built 1874 were too large and not owned by anyone interested in Victoria, 
COBRA, was never named such was always COBRE arrived Melbourne Mar 9, 1854 from UK for Melbourne owners. Sold to Launceston Nov.1855, then to Hobart tug owners Aug. 1856 - Mar 1869 to Sydney for tug/ferry service Oct. 1873 to Newcastle full time tug -  built Swansea,Wales 
CODDONG     actually CONDONG 
COIMBATORE  more fatuous observations.  A collision at sea between two sailing vessels easily happened should they close each other to æspeakÆ and one or the other û or both û mishandle the situation 
Colac, Dingoa sold to Huddart Parker, 1926 and sold 1952  and renamed  EASBY  sold foreign 1956 
COLINA  first reg Sydney in 1848 having been built in what was then NSW at Pt.Albert owner Geo.S.Sharp SMH Mar 20,1848 said it was built for Mr.McLeod, Pt.Albert.  reg trans to Melbourne 6/50 after sale Aug. 1849 to George Lewis, who sold in oct. 1850 to Em.Fred. Rucker, sold Aug 1853 to Geelong. Apl. 1856 sold to A.Hort, south sea trader,reg.Sydney, who sold to foreigners in Tahiti 1857, returns British reg. in 1860 when purchased by A.Lorking, of Bellambi, for the coal trade Henry Shade and anr of Geelong owners  Aug 53 Jan 1854. 
COLLAROY  see Aust Coastal Pass ships, while reg. says built by Fawcett & Preston, this is wrong they built the engine, ship hull by J.Laird,Birkenhead 202n 330 g Lengthened 1859 359g/202n, 180.9 x 2o.3 x 11.1 refitted 1872/3  spar deck fitted, with new eng & boilers = 419g 264n acquired by Australasian SN CO on arrival,  apl. 1879 Newcastle SS Co  sold 1884 and again 1888 and converted to sail, Said to have been first steamer in Australia with feathering floats got ashore Jan. 1881 on beach now named for her, north of Narrabeen (yours typo) and only refloated sept. 1884 
COLLEEN BAWN, b1871 16t reg.Hobart. Feb.1875 W. Holyman Torquay reg. Launceston 1878 = 1892 to the Barretts Long Island Sept. 1910 Thos.Gunter, Flinders Island, no further information reg. closed 1971 æno traceÆ 
COLLIBOI. Built to transport deepsea trawled fish to the Sydney market from coastal townships where trawlers delivered catch into govt owned chilled accommodation.  2nd entry pointless and wrong 
COLLODEN,  wrong, it was CULLODEN, named for the famous battle in Scotland 
COLONNA   confirmed, my typo 
COMARA was built in Glasgow, not many miles down the river at Pt.Glasgow, and was demolished in Borneo. In 1979/80 
Columbythe  mutilated 
Comet, COMMENT RE CAPT CORK BUILDING COMET,he was first master when it arrived in Sydney from the builder John Ferrier and the vessel lost 1866  Cork owned it from 1845 till Apl. 1852 
COMMISSARY GENERAL , stern wheel paddle steamer 
COMMISSIONER  I ss, sunk after springing a leak. Another fatuous comment, why cannot an iron hull spring a leak û a rivet may pop, rust most likely the true cause -  I am unable to recollect just how many iron hulled ships have sunk by springing a leak and foundering 
COMMODORE of 1818 was never reg.Port Adelaide although last owner was a resident of that place 
COMMODORE BURNETT, never sailed under that name was re-named PLUTO soon after launch 
COMORIN, built by Barclay,CURLE, not  curie 
CONCORDIA, McIlwraith,McEacharn hulk at Fremantle scuttled Apl 20, 1948 
CONFERENCE, purchased Adelaide SS Co, and loaded with coal and sent to Albany in April to become coal hulk scuttled April 24, 1904 20 miles north of Fremantle and allowed to drift on the reef opposite Burns Beach, vide Harbour master Fremantle 
CONJOLA.  Registered as PADDLE steamer, not screw as you claim 
CONSTANCE  your inability to understand how two similar vessels could be built at the same time with the same name  makes it clear you have no idea of the era , obviously there was a lady of that name, well known in the west, that caused different people to name a vessel in her honour, a not infrequent situation in that era  and possibly both owners or builders  aspired to flater the lady û a not uncommon event. 
CONSTANT last two entries page 195, the same ship û why? 
CONTENT, both the same vessel.  Orig. Melbourne 1852 as 125 tons, remeasured. 1853 - 147tons, B.1842 Greenock,  Melb. Customs always unreliable about fate of vessel, particularly in the 1850s-1860s suffered a clean up mid 1870s and wrote this, and many others off as æmissingÆ because they couldnÆt be bothered to find ou what did happen. 
CONWAY,  W ship  1165 t, left Liverpool June 10 with 428 govt migrants, arrived Melbourne Sept. 15, Capt.w.H.Duiguid 
COOLABAR ,  actually COOLEBAR,  Steel not iron, twin screw ss  479/ 224, B.1911 for North Coast S.N.Co., after many visitudes sold Chine buyers in 1947 and renamed EAST RIVER, but detained by Commonwealth and never left and sunk at her moorings North Stockton Sept. 25, 1949 raised in sections beween April/May 1958  and remains sold to BHP as scrap iron. 
COOLANA   was fired on æ with the gun deckÆ??? strange, perhaps it was the gun ON her deck???? 
COOLANGATTA (2nd) was STERN wheel drogher (typo), and while being righted in the Shoalhaven river, æsunk like a stoneÆ was raised and converted into receiving hulk 
COOLOON. Wrecked at Coopernook ? you have had geography altered to suit û that place is on the Pacific Highway some miles inland, on a small creek  flowing into the Manning river, where, once upon a time, many moons ago, some small ships wer BUILT but I have yet to find one wreck there!! 
COOMBAR, built for North Coast S.N.Co, sold to  Victora in 1934 in 1937 to w.R.Carpenter (Solmon Islands) Ltd, Rabaul, 1940 Wm.Crosby Melbourne, taken up for minesweeper 1946 sold to Singapore sold Hong Kong 1948 renamed SAN DAVID, 
COOMONDERRRY, never owned by Illawarra S N  company, but in 1905 to the Illawarra & South Coast s.N.Co until sold in 1915 to Melbourne for trawler but Nov 1916 went to Hassell & Co, for coastal work, often with cartage of  gypsum 
COORABIE, Iron  mv, built as ss JESSIE DARLING, and renamed 1929 when refitted with a Petters diesel, which was said to be so noisey customers in the S.A.Gulf ports knew she was calling long before she was seen., she was sold to the Netherland east Indies û noth the Neetherlands 
COOREEI  W ss, tonnage  typo û should be 92/62 tons, not as printed 
COORONG, I ss  298/221n,  deck house added 1863 now  391g/304n tons. Was built in Glasgow, not at Port Glasgow, built for S.A coastal trade, but unsuitable and sold to McMeckan,Blackwood, Melbourne for intercolonial work  Nov. 1863, They sold to Mt.Gambier s.S.Co July 1877, that company bankrupt  and sold to others trading Melbourne-Western districts Via and  SE South Australia, in 1884 John See,of Sydney for Northern Rivers trade, he joined with others to form North Coast S.N.Co 1891. vessel hulked 1911 
COORONG W BQ 396t, 1883 = 359g/344n, Built by Phillip Chase, Warren, Rhode Island for Joseph Darwent, Port Adelaide July 1865 trans to Wm.Howes. on voyage from Mauritius to Port Adelaide, rescued crew of Holt Hill wrecked St Pauls island November 1889, 1873 owners Wm.Hamilton & Peter Slater,(not slader) made hulk Pt.Adelaide  by Huddart Parker in 1897,  reg closed 1916 /brokenup 
COPELAND  when sold Norway renamed COPELAND ISLAND when Adelaide Company purchased they dropped æIslandÆ from name 
CORAKI.  Itss orig.275/164 tons, lengthened  1883 = 326/198  built for Clarence & Richmond Rivers 
CORAL,  w kt b. 1876 Hobart originally 46 tons,\ 
COREA I ss built for Parbury,Lamb & Co. Sydney who went to help form Queensland Stm Shipg in 1882, which became AUSN in 1887. was frequently in the news for stranding, loss of propellor etc.,  see Aust.Coastal Pass Ships etc. 
Previously reg Sydney and London, but usually in the Sydneyh-norh qld trades 
CORREEL -  also entered under correct name of COOREEI 
CORINGAL,  registered as  CORINGLEÆ 
Corinna,  Iss built for Tasmanian S.N.Co., nothing to do with McMeckan Blackwood & CO,. in 1891 T.S.N.Co purchased by Union s S co of NZ but Corinna  sent to work in New Zealand- see Aust.Coastal Pass Ships 
CORIO   I ss  140g/95; mr 1862 169 g, after lengthening stranded Murray mouth  1857 salvaged feb1858 placed in ADEL-Melb trade until diverted to take gold mine rushers to Pt curtis - arrived  Geelong  nov 18 1854 
As first ocean going steam collier carried coal Newcastle- Geelong for the railway a number voyages 1861 
CORIO  B 1898 NAMED CORIO 1900 BY Huddarts SOLD 1926 to China sunk as blockship 1938 and cut up for scrap where she lay in 1941 
CORNELIUS brig  247 t capt Clarke arr Portand from LondonJan 2 or 4th and left for Pt.Fairy jan 14 or 16 1853 and is the vessel wrecked next year and your next entry 
CORSAIR, wps  built Port Glasgow, not Glasgow was chartered for the Bass strait ferry in 1841 and ran until 1842,  in 1843 was placed on the Melbourne-sydney run your arrival date Launceston wrong, should be 1841 
CORSAIR. Moulmein may now be in Burma, but was considered as being in East India, and vessel built. And ships built there were often called an east india man. 
You constantly wish to place things places in the 1800s in their present places, which should be indicated if a change such as this has occurred if you wish to assist current users of this book. 
COSPATRICK, while you give correct owner you also infer Shaw,Savill & Co,  why???  and why do you always spell Savill with an æEÆ which is wrong 
COSSIPORE   you also list under wrong name û this should be noted if this work is to be a reference  work 
COUNTESS, wood paddler, as a barge being towed etc., see the next entry   which upgrades her to a barque???? 
COUNTES OF MINTO report rather hard to follow. The vessel was blown away from Lady Elliot Is, but was salvaged and then went south to be wrecked off Macquarie is, 
COUNTY OF AYR, was lost in OTAGO not Otaho 
COUNTY OF ROXBURGH, NO YEAR OF BUILD SHOWN 2121N 2209g according to Lloyds 
CREMONA, when reg Melbourne Jan.1853, it was transferred from Cork Ireland, with the information it was built at Sydney, Cape Breton 
CREOLE, first reg.Hobart as 46 of 1851 and in Nov. 1862 owner Henry Turner, of Launceston still reg. in Hobart û sequence of owners wrong as place of residence 
CREOLE  52 tons. Reg closed Dec. 1872 æÆlost some years sinceÆ which Loney picked up. I give contemp press refs 
CREST OF THE WAVE, no trace visit to Melbourne in shipping arrivals in 1850s û another same name visited Pt.Adelaide 1861, see æMigrant Ships for South australia 
CREST OF THE WAVE,  W 2m kt or barge, 55t, B.1864, ashore Kangaroo Is Apl.30, 1880 when owned J.Harvey, reg, Pt.Adelaide, salvaged, restored by same owners re reg Pt. Adelaide 6/1882 
CREST OF WAVE 112 tons, driven ashore in cyclone 1899, refloated but beyond economical repair and abandoned  ( see recent Shipping Record re this cyclone) 
CRINOLINE W sch 63 tons, b.1863 was owned by J.F.Price & C.Pennefeather,  from Sept.1872 till sold by Vice Admiralty Court March 1886 
CRISHNA,  you have also under variation of spelling which is quite wrong but why two entries with same information on page 209?????????? Surely there should be some comment about other compilerÆs mistaken names 
CROSEUS, I aux ss , famous for extraordinary repair in Sydney û see item Shipping Record and the next entry is for the same vessel, not particularly well reported or ship described   very clearly 
CROIE, miss spelling of next entry 
Croki  FOUR masts??? 
CROYDON I SS 357, MAKE UP YOUR MIND, Bishop Island, is NOT in Brisbane river, although you say it is in one place and them move it to Moreton bay, where in fact is was created. 
CROYDON SSS BUILT IN SINGAPORE -  see Aust.Coastal Pass Ships, was imported for Fremantle work and in 1899 was enrolled with Fremantle Customs in 1901 sold to Adelaide SS  Co was abandoned to Underwriters when driven ashore en route West aust to Adelaide in 1905, Salvaged and sold to Port Adelaide merchants, etc. etc. 
CULGOA  W  bq 724, was from Sydney, via NZ to load FOR china, not from as you have it 
CULLODEN, already listed under wrong name of Coloden and see that flor more correct detail in my notesfor details 
CUMBERLAND, 1st entry was not working on the Hawkesbury but bound to the Hawkesbury 
CUMBERLAND, LoneyÆs small coastal vessel, was actually the entry above 
CUMBEROONA,   why two almost identical entries??? 
CUMBRIA, reg. 59/1863 ---19/64 was for vessel named Robert Towns: 50/63 vessel named Brothers ssome æresearhers?ö unable to read their own notes 
CURRAJONG,  iron hulk, ex ARGO, not  ferry was damaged by fire in Sydney  AS LISTED PG. 62 . It was built at Hamburg, not in Denmark 
CURRAJONG, I Twin screw ss, 
CURRENCY LAD, when first reg, 70/1841 said to meas 13 tons dimensions 33.3  etc., when re-reg. 79/1845, said to measure 20 tons, dimensions 36.7  etc., 
CURRENCY LASS   in your comments WAS=  BUILT 1827/8 on Hunters river, NSW and launched as a cutter meas. 90 tons  dimensions of 58Æ8ö etc in 1829 re rigged as 2 mast sch, no report of alterations to tonnage  register closed 1839 æsold foreignÆ. Famous as first vessel entirely built by Colonial labour, i.e persons born in Australia.  it was first recorded as arriving Hobart Jan.1834 through to Oct. 1837, so it was not on the vesselÆs maiden voyage, but only its first visit to Tasmania  Harry OÆMay similar to Mr. Loney, grab the first thing that matched his previously answered question. 
CURRENCY LAD and Currency lass, , LOSS  CONFUSED, IT WAS lass LOST IN 1851, LAD unknown, reg. closed with that in 1858. 
Cuzco, WAS NOT BUILT FOR Peninsula company but PACIFIC S.N.CO.. 
CYGNET, steel ss to Manly, lot of rubbish û S ss 124/66,  ON91893 Built 1885 Abbington, UK.  reg.Hobart 2/886, trans to Sydney   4/1894 by Messrs. Lane who employed it on harbour ferry and excursions, but  not regularly in any service. Apart from tying to break into the  South Shore trade.   Sold to Lyttelton, NZ and reg there in 1900 and reg closed 1933 as vessel unseaworthy. 
CYLO, was registered as CLYO  as you  more correctly list LIST ON PAGE  187 
CREST OF THE WAVE, you say to Melbourne 1853 although I find no ref --  I do find one of similar tonnage to Sydney in 1864. 
D.McLennan, scuttled  June 14th 
Second entry trans to Burns, Philp in 1887 
Dalhousie, 754 NEW MEAS TONS, BY 1851 Lloyds beginning to drop old meas. tonnage 
Dandenong, WAS OWNED BY Howard Smith, officially who traded at the time as Melbourne Steamship company. More info Aust.Coastal Pass ships 
DANIA, Customs closed the file in dec.1886 æbroken upÆ however the perth newspaper Inquirer Mar 3, 1886 said it had been æconvertedÆ into the ALMA ALTHOUGH Customs when registering the ALMA in 1890 WOULD NOT ACCEPT IT WAS A REBUILD AND DECLARED HER A NEW VESSEL. 
Daniel Watson,  when first reg. 163 tons, 77.7, REMEASURED UNDER NEW ACT in 1851 = 143 TON  85.8 ETC. Thos Watson owner from Dec.1845 till July 1851 according to SydneY  customs folio 5/1846 
DAPHNE, 51 tons, (you 55) was ordered by Gov. Robe of Sth Aust. without authority from æhomeÆ and when it arrived in Sth Aust after he left, it was refused by colonial authorities so it was sold. Had been named ÆAustraliaÆ when launched, when reg 9/1850 Pt.Adelaide it was renamed. Trans to Melb. March 1868 reg closed æ sold foreign at Sydney Nov. 1879. official owner March 1868  E.S. Smith, June 1869 W.G.Grave jnr & N.Glassford 
Daphne 95 tons, not a well known blackbirder, that was the vessel of 50 odd tons above 
DARLING DOWNS,   THE Nore is not in Norway, but on the English coast 
DART B1826/7 as revenue cutter sold out of govt svc 1830 
DART 134 TONS all official files say SANSON, including Mercantile Navy List 
HMS DART, was named CRUISER, as Colonial Office yacht trans to RN march 1882, lent to NSW Govt 1904 as training ship and sold out of svc at Sydney 1912 
And see your subsequent entries for this vessel - ref wrong as is date in following entry 
DAUNTLESS ON78060 last reg. owner noted in 1924 was A.E.Dunston, of Victoria 
Dauntless SAN lost 1887, see above, vessel lost near Gabo 
DAVID  sch lost 1850.  4 passengers mentioned twice? 
DAWN  kt, 51, built Darwin, actually confused entry, and was the item immediately before   broken up 1891, entry  written off 1893. 
Dawn schooner lost Double Is Point, another entry for the earlier ON 57505 û surely some ref. should be made and all grouped together and the machinery carried, was cargo, not motive power û some people will grab anything to meet their preconceived thoughts û a problem constantly evidenced in this work. 
DAWN , ISS see Aust. coastal pass ships  -   arrived Melbourne Feb. 18,1877 and was for sale.  Sold Apia owner May 1908, Scuttled March 3,1928. Spent some time on the Albany-Esperance mail run 
Next two entries for Dawn also relate to original 57505 entry !!!! In Darwin owned by S.T.Brown 
DAWSTONE  no vessel that name in Victorian waters in the 1850s But Dawstone 541 tons W ship built 1853 arrived Pt.Adelaide Feb. 1854, which may be the vessel involved see Migrant Ships for South Australia 
DAYSPRING  built in France and named CONFIANCE, not confidance 
DAYSPRING  lost 1896, first entry immediately followed with another for same vessel???? 
De wit, LONEY confuses Trial Harbour Tas, with Trial Bay, NSW. 
DEBORAH. prison hulk w ship 600 tons built Hamburg? First arrived Sept.15, 1852  from Bristol. On  jan 31 1853 gazetted prison hulk for sailors. 
DEE  sunk by Wolff  why two almost identical entries???????? 
Defiance  75 tons when lost chartered in Hobart, after a voyage from Sydney to Hobart town with coals and cedar 
Comments after next entry makes for more confusion than clarity especially as facts well founded as I print have been misunderstood by such as Loney and many others who only ædipÆ into contemporary papers looking for material to support already decided answers. 
DEFIANCE  tug Star of Greece  Willunga not willung 
DEGEI  lost Jan. 24, 1974, 
DELMIRA two entries û the only question where is Cape Palliser. Which is in Cook strait NEW ZEaland SAN guessed wrongly and couldnÆt clarify /decypher building date. 
DENMARK HILL,  condemned as a prize being captured in the war between USA and England, nothing to do with Waterloo  Williamstown Vic NEVER a port of register of British ships. Perhaps first vessel recorded as arriving Williamstown???????? wonderful display of misunderstood information 
Deptford Brig, arrived from Madra??? Madras probably Cumpston said arrived Sept. 20 from Madras and left for Coromandel coast late nov early dec. 
DERBY lighter/kt why two entries for same vessel??? 
DERRY CASTLE lost Auckland Island why two almost identical entries??? 
DERRY CASTLE WBQ 942T ARRIVED Portland Jan 21, 1855 from Liverpool with 347 migrants seven lascar (natives of India) seamen reported to have mutinied, so gaoled and probably returned to the vessel when about to depart û usual practice unless mutiny serious when all would be hung 
DERWENT wood barque built 1849 registered 409 tons 120 x 25 official dimensions and builder was HENRY Degraves vide register 
DERWENT  Iss see Aust Coastal Pass Ships -  351/194 original tonnage, ltr when accommodation altered reg as 477/351 net. In 1909 changed to 459 gross 
Scuttled off CAIRNS .not townsville  as was a hulk Cairns from 1916 ALTHOUGH MANY REPORTS SAY TVLLE WHICH MAY BE CORRECT 
Derwent BUILT 1905 REG SYDNEY 1912???? 
Deveron THREE entries same ship??? DEVERON, w brig, converted to 3m barque 1829 to engage in whaling Built 1814 Monkwearmouthshore, register Banff, Scotland in 1827 reg Hobart 2/1830 Capt.Wm.Wilson & others.although first entry 1842? Wrong, 1st in Hobart from London June 1822 struck by lightning and put into Bahia  for 5 weeks to repair damage reported on arrival Hobart  Oct. 1824 Capt.Wm.Wilson. Lightning strike sometime early  august  apparently 
DEVON, captured by raider 1941 captured near Galapagos Islands, not Sumatra vide official war loss lists travelling to NZ via Panama not likely to near Sumatra 
DEVONSHRE confirmed  Geelong trade in 1840, left to return sydney for sale  Sept. 1841 
DEWDROP. YOUR SPECULATION THE SECOND 43 45 TONS are the same is correct Waterhouse owned it at one time 
The same name lost 1902, the area lost is wrong, see above 
DIAHOT, see mention re reg after repair under French flag 
DIAMANTINA  BUILT FOR Australasian snCo 
DIANA lost 1844 Port Fairy had arrived from Sydney 
DICKY  TO Brisbane owners July 1889 1st in Aust at Sydney in 1888 from Hong Kong 
Dilkera  contemporary press said she was inward from Newcastle with coal 
DIMBOOLA  when built intended  for service on Fremantle-N.W.Coast 
See Australian Coastal Passenger Ships 
DINGADEE Twin screw, built for northern NSW rivers trade  640 tons, built for Australasian, to AUSN in 1887- 1890 Union SS  1906 to Japan in 1886 western districts of Vic trade. 
DINGO ???   dumb barge b. 1887 Maryborough,   to gravel barge 1925, scuttled Moreton bay????? 
DISPATCH ps built Milang for the Lake Alexandrina Lake Albert mail service, and NOT for murray river 
DOEPEL. B.1919 Brisbane Water, not WOY Woy,reg trans to Singapore 1949 by Logging &  Lumber Company of Kuching, Sarawak renamed Bintang Nov. 1948 û never sold New Guinea 
DOLLERAH,registerd as DHOLLERAH, was burnt at sea in 1872, see mercantile navy list 
DOLPHIN, SMALL STEAMBOAT. Was iron ss 147/63 b.1882 as a trawler but found other work before being sold to West Australia  As per next two entries 
DOLPHIN,b.1884, lst tonnage = 151/77 ASN employed as a tender Rockhampton. And remained in svc there until sold 1918 ON89296 
DOLPHIN  on125206 ALLEGEDLY LOST OFF Lady Elliot Is (that ON actually was  awarded to a motor launch built at Sydney in 1903  fate of which is unknown 
DON DIEGO, acq, Howard Smith for use as coal hulk etc. 1884, sold to others 1891, when surveyed in1914 found to have the hull sheathed in timber. Scuttled 
DON JOSEPH FIRST REG. AFTER REPAIR/REBUILDING FROM 1899 INCIDENT, WAS  20/1902, THAT REG CLOSED LOST IN 1909 no trace of  repair or re register, 
DON JUAN, first reg. sydney may 1851, then Melbourne until 1855: tonnage 130, 1857 to Robert Towns June 1864 to James Griffiths, who re-reg in 1867 and now remeasured = 110tons, and sold to William Jackson Nov. 1868 to Phillips as a collier 
DON NICHOLAS  why two entries??? 
DONALD MACKAY in later life shown in Lloyds as  2486/ 2408n  257.9 x 46.3 x 29.5, you show gross and under deck, someone cannot read Lloyds very well, although when reporting in Melbourne in the 1850s was usually said to be 2560t, which was used by Baines as the U.S.measurement made the vessel seem bigger than others MNL 1870 shows reg.tons as  2449 
DONGARRA was seized during WW1 and employed by Commonwealth Govt line until 1924  SS 
DOOREBANG  entries both for same ship, first somewhat ill informed 60g/35n tons = second entry typo was built in1858 and registered in 1861 when registrar advised built same year 
DOROTH L. STIRLING, typo, you have it arriving Pt.Adelaide 1829 
An earlier vessel on Lake Colac was WANDA built in Gippsland and taken overland to Lake Colac in 1901, in the same manner as Dorothy cira. 1910/11. Ellerker used it to tow barges etc., in the Williamstown area until laid up and then sold to Lake Colac ( AMHS  files and Shipping record) 
DORRIGO, 715/333N TONS, EX St.Francis in 1921, when acquired by Langley Bros.  sold to North Coast SN in 1925 upon liquidation of Langley ss and almost immediately sold to John Burke 
DORSET wss 1883 built for Launceston & Bridport s.N.Co, reg.Launceston - 88 United s.S.Co, Sept.94 Holyman familiy identical with next entry 
DOUGLAS MAWSON,  Bawley Point, is not in Sydney but 100 or so miles south of that city 
DOVE 190 tons, FIRST IN Melbourne July 27, 1853, from Glasgow. So unable participate in anything year before in Pt.PHillip but your next entry is the vessel, 
Dove ashore eastern channel May 1852 û Sch  53 tons inward from Hobart. Ultimately lost in 1878 stranded Inglis river  June 1867, repaired and restored 
DRAGON W LIGHTER B. 1906 Fremantle for Swan River Shipping Co, scuttled Jan.,2, 1946 in æpermit areaÆ vide register 
DROVER hulked 1893, was built 1845 at Aberdeen, came to Australia at Melbourne in 1853, reg.Sydney 1866, SAN copiest in error 
DUKE OF BEDFORD  ARRIVED Feb. 4, 1852 from Plymouth  May 1854 left for Singapore, with no passengers, and a cargo of gin.  used as a lodging house Sandridge from Sept.1852. if built in 1820 hardly likely to be a clipper ship.  Had visited Port Adelaide in 1848 and 49 with migrants. Just where Loney grabbed his unlikely story from is beyond me.  No one was likely to ship wool to Singapore. 
DUKE OF RICHMOND, I am sure there was only one vessel lost. 
Duke of Wellington, Capt. Hubner confirmed 
DUKE OF YORK, whaler, master Robert Clarke Morgan, vide South Australian co. 
Duke of York whaler lost fiji islands, wrong information for previous Duke of York whaler lost off north qld 
DUMARESQ w SS 55/38N,on125233, NO TRACE OF ALLEGED FORMER NAME  ACQ. Adelaide ss Co 1918 see The Adelaide Line 
DUMFRIES, w  ship arrived Melbourne Dec. 15. Capt Rbt. Thompson, 
DUNCAN HOYLE, see Aust.Coastal Pass.ships. by time she arrived original Geelong S.N.Co, had dissolved and it was announced she was for sale  and acquired by others trying to establish another a Geelong SN Co,   then sold to Tasmania for a service on the eastern coast of that colony, before going to Sydney and ultimately the Grafton S.N. syndicate. 
DUNDEE   305 tons, vide press and Lloyds, wrecked  27th February.. IN Geelong, as bq 305 tons,  Nov. 11, 1853, left for Port Fairy, Jan, 21, 1854 and was in collision off Bird  Rock, same day with Osprey  3 m sch 149/179 in Geelong from Apollo bay and at the time registered in Geelong 
DUNEARN why two almost identical entries same ship same fate??? DUNEDIN STAR . not applicable this book 
DUNKELD,   Nova Scotia, USA û geography very much altered by writers in this book constantly amazed at geographical ignorance 
DUNKERY BEACON, built 1941, salvaged 1919, typo we presume??? 
DUNLOE lighter, geriibrand pier?  As lighter 674 tons, Built 1870 Glasgow accq.1909 by James Paterson for use as a lighter 
DUNMORE, very confused. W ss built Rock Davis, Blackwall, Brisbane Water,NSW, Lady Jane beach, probably Lady Bay Beach(there is no Lady Jane beach)  the South Coast Quarries were on the south coast of NSW and mainly at Kiama, nothing to dowith or near Tasmania û more wonderful re-arrangement of geography 
DUNNOTTAR CASTLE would be aiming for Cape Horn although the coordinates given could well be wrong although quoted officially 
DUNTROON, was NEVER hmas as a troopship hired by the Army or Commonwealth the RAN considered taking her as either an amc or hospital ship but decided her unreliable record because of unusual type of engines made it unwise. 
DURANBAH S SS on117580  BUILT  Scotland for  G.W.Nicoll, Sydney for Northern rivers trade, who merged with North Coast company, who sold JULY 1922 TO James Patrick & Co, who sold in 1925 to Carpenters who had her re engined as a diesel and presumed to have passed out of existence or CarpenterÆs control by 1936 when replacement constructed. 
DURENBEE  IRON?   No, iron distinctly out of fashion by her time 
DURIS, was steel hulled, not wooden 
DUROUR,  MORE geographic problems, TULAGI, WAS NOT AND IS NOT IN PNG BUT is FORMER  CAPITAL OF SOLOMON Islands, and it had been built as a twin screw motor vessel, but was re engined in 1926 with an elderly steam engine 
DUSTY MILLER,   Shipping arrivals  Roebuck list her as from Launceston to Port Phillip when lost but had suffered bad weather and was windbound in Circular Head until got away and was lost at Port Fairy  25th having left LÆton Oct. 26, Capt.Saunders.-- all the other compilers you quote are incorrect and have not thoroughly checked all available contemporary sources but you do not confirm anything in your comments. I have supplied correct info. 
DUCHESS OF KENT, lost 1895 I give full details which you appear to have missed 
DUCHESS OF KENT, whaler, was never property of Benj.Boyd, but was enrolled Sydney 1843 till 1845 and was then transferred to Calcutta, but it was a whaler so MAY have visited BoydÆs whaling establishment 

E.norris,, Syme shipping arrivals lists as E.B.Norris Capt.E.Follanbee 
Eagle 1st entry forbitting>??? 130 tons  mstr p.c.monstrop.The spirits must have been landed because when leaving her cargo was 74 tons of coals 
EAGLE  3rd entry  so much gobbledegook as comment û a popular name with many compilers grabbing information? To suit their needs as is so often shown in this publication. There was no EAGLE, built Sydney 1840 it was built in 1846, but when registered at Geelong, in1862 the registrar mis-read the certificate and wrote 1840 afterward corrected.  When reg. Sydney 1846 27 tons, in 1862 at Geelong 22 tons. Report ashore 1841 û no trace in contm. press, although eagle b.1818 was trading between Circular Head and Melbourne at the time. No ref to Tasmania 1846 anywhere - this vessel stranded Rye June 23, 1882 when owned by F.A.Harris, reg. Melbourne 30/1874  re reg Sept. 1882 by H.J.Wilson,Rye, and was completely lost at Rye Sept. 28, 1882 according to the Age Oct. 2, your mention of Bateson û he refers to Eagle of 1818 as already noted in that entry. Capt Noon of w/bool in charge of many vessels in 1850s but none named Eagle. G.W ColeÆs Eagle, was 124 tons, B.1848 USA and reg.melb March 1852 by cole Sept. 1852 sold to Allison & Knight û all that messy stuff only making use of this book hopeless unless this is clarified. As so often the case the comment only adds to the confjusion. 
EAGLE  124 tons, your next entry was that once owned by G.w.Cole trans to Sydney in 1856 and Cook became owner from Aug.1862 according to her register 
Eagle,  PS, WAS BUILT FOR Hunter River S.N.C., but never made a tug.  Sold 1877 to Summerbell, who operated colliers between Sydney and Newcastle, and possibly then made coal hulk more detail see Aust.Coastal Pass ships. 
Eagle supposed lost Macquarie Island, you again try to offer the Eagle built in USA in 1848 which is almost an impossibility == it arrived in Australia 1852 
EAGLE  built Berrys Bay 1881 was later owned by Robison & Norman and in June 1939 was sold and renamed BALFOUR MATTHEW  and operated for the Kunaurya Mission, via Broome. 
EAGLE tug ON95971 spent many years stationed in Port Adelaide, owners Huddart Parker.  See also later entry including tow from Cape Northumberland û see Steam tugs in South Australia. 
Eagle dredge scuttled December 2 
EAMONT three entries why?? same ship same loss although how Chepstow in Derbyshire or more likely Monmouthshire can suddenly move north to Sunderland leaves a lot to the imagination and while it came to Hobart register in 1840 it was in 1844 when Capt. Lovitt became owner. It came to Hobart from Calcutta reg of 1834, which misled OÆMay and company û and they were very easily misled û witness their publications!!!!!! 
EARL OF DALHOUSIE, why was Irvine queried, It was a well known seaport and shipbuilding centre in Ayrshire Scotland 
Earl of St.Vincent, Capt, Josiah Middleton, arrived August 1826 with prisoners and then fined, left next month for Isle of France 
EARL OF ULVERSTONE,   River Leven, not levensà 
EARL OF WINDSOR, more likely Newport Monmouthshire than anywhere else but not identified in Lloyds 
EAST STAR, ex KURRARA  March 1928 former collier 
EASTERN CITY, I do not say built in USA, it was built in Canada.  And  1800 tons of cargo seems somewhat overmuch for a vessel of the tonnage shown 
EASTWARD HO. No date for anything? 
EBAN  none this name Brisbane  only EBOR ON 94143   REG CLOSED 1956 NO TRACE FIRST OWNER 
Echo Port Phillip heads 1855, no vessels that tonnage listed in port and two much larger arrive/leave without any reported strandings 
Echunga, was attacked April 1917, and torpedoed later that year, which I note 
ECHUNGA, ss owned Australia and employed on the ore trade Whyalla Newcastle, is, according to your entry on its way to Hong Kong when attacked off NSW Coast 1942???????? I am sure the Japs in Hong Kong would have welcomed it but that destination seems unlikely in 1942. It was sold to Hong Kong  shipbreakers in1959 
ECLIPSE 45 tons Port albert 1860. the only vessel that name trading regularly Hobart port albert was schooner 190 tons which not reported as having any incident in 1860 fate unknown but change of masters noted n 1866 
Eclipse wrecked in NZ in 1866 hardly likely to be trading to Port albert and no mention elsewhere and owned at Invercargill, southern NZ Capt.Calder was master in 1861 of the 190 vessel  ON31966 reg. Port Albert folio 2 of 1861 when the owner moved from Tasmania to Gippsland. û another mess due to people ædippingÆ and not reseaching thoroughly. 
ECLIPSE. Lost Manning river 1866 entered twice, widely spaced  why???? 
ECLIPSE  wallaroo river??? no such place 
EDEN, Tss built for Illawarra, popular passenger vessel 
EDGAR NORMAN,  WHAT DOES Catherine mean?? ON131631 B.1912 vessel destroyed upon order from government to deny anything to expected Japanese in 1942, 
EDINA  story used as a blockade runner never proved. sold to Warrnambool SS Co in 1868, not Western,  This vessel never lengthened although substantially refitted for long distance coastal passengers, when sold to Howard Smith for Queensland coastal work. See Aust.Coastal Pass ships.ORIG. 330/230N LATER 380/233N 
Edith    KT 12 T LOST OFF COATS OF Papua??????? 
EDITH KEEP, folio I quote confirmed 
Edward    Van Diemens Land Co, (typo therein) was built 1832, not 1833 
EDWARD 87 tons why two entries 
EDWARD LOMBE, wrecked 1834 steel plating remains?? Most unlikely steel plate not yet invented 
EGLINTON, wood, not composite construction and sum carried not correct,  see my report of letter by governor. 
Egeria, was   the hull of a former Public Works  tug boat, 
EGMONT, sold for collier 1892 -  when  acq by Adelaide ss co hulked in WA  reg closed with sunk of WA in 1910 
ELAMANG, built, of course for Australasian S.N.C, which was taken over by AUSN in 1887, - see Aust.Coastal Pass.ships,  and she was not LOST on the breakwater but was sunk to help form the breakwater 
ELBE German steamer lost Ocean is, spelt wrongly see ELBA above 
ELDRISS,  see EDRIS  this misreading of files by SAN 
ELEANOR  w bq 152 tons b1829 Corringa, Coromandel coast, reg. trans to Sydney 1839 May 1846 to Louis Nathan,reg. Hobart., sold 1853 to others in Hobart Town and transferred to Mauritius in 1857 
Eleanor King, apparently mistake and meant to be Eleanor Johnstone 
ELECTRA HMS  b 1837 sold out of service1862 
ELECTRA  involved in the Water Witch saga was the warship which was NOT a steamship 
ELECTRA ss  not the first steamer in Australia fitted with electric light but the first built to serve the northern NSW  river ports that was fitted with electricity. 
ELIZA  usa arrived Sydney  dec 7 1807 sailed April 1808 lost june 1808 no report of returning at all let alone with  stowaways 
ELIZA 94 tons, does not have shipowners named when lost in 1866 as I state in my book 
ELIZA built as steamer 1876 two entries why? same ship same fate 
ELIZA ALLAN, ON75079 Built Nambucca river 1879 may have stranded 1891 but was still in existence in 1919 when owned by CSR register closed 1934 with æbroken upÆ 
Eliza Appleton, Loney probably got the date wrong somehow, as the accident was reported in Sydney june 29, unlikely to have happened in JULY 
ELIZA JANE .lost 1888, no vessel named eliza Jane registered in Australia in 1888 apart from small vessel owned in Fremantle 
ELIZA RAMSDEN,  Barclay Curle & Co, well known shipbuilders of Whiteinch,  Glasgow in Lanarkshire. I am frequently amazed at the almost complete lack of geographical knowledge shown in some of the entries  in this publication. 
ELIZABETH  Capt Cope FROM SYDNEY FOR  Nova Scotia lost 1843???no trace vessel or master that name from Sydney NSW for anywhere in1842 û probably Sydney Cape Breton Canada is meant? 
3rd Elizabeth page 271 already dealt with previous page. 
Elizabeth  REPORTED LOST IN 1848 EROMANGA,  PROBABLY THE VESSEL OWNED BY Towns, with reg closed ælostÆ but undated 174 tons B.1816 LIVERPOOL 
ELIZABETH ANNIE kt b.1874 Oyster Bay or Cove, is part of the Port Adelaide creek, and so therefore can be said to have been built Pt.Adelaide 
ELIZABETH GRAHAM, came to Australasia in 1886-  in 1906 as a hulk reg Melbourne as GRAHAM FOR Melbourne SS Co not MHT 
Elizabeth Radcliff. Holyman may be said to have commenced one of the largest  northern or Launceston based shipping companies but hardly qualifies for the use of Australian in this regard. After the shipping company swallowed by others the name still sometimes used as a tax dodge, or for publicity -Lloyds  Radcliffe 222 t b1834 Chester owner w Prowse Liverpool 
ELK  HMS arrived Sydney 1859, but said to have searched for Sappho in 1858???????? 
Ella 35/68  folio CONFIRMED, 33  -- no.  68 was WPS Gem 
ELLA CONSTANCE  Sunderland is in Durham û just another example of lack of geographic knowledge which is appalling as not even extremely large scale shipbuilding places  correctly identified. 
ELLANGOWAN  reg ELLENGOWAN  iss 58  b.1866 and employed for LMS at the time of 1874 incident 
ELLEN, W A govt, schooner originally  EMELIA & ELLEN, stranded Fremantle May 22, 1830, salvaged and sold govt renamed Ellen, built Bombay 1819, 93 tons, sold out of svc  1835 and re reg Hobart. 
ELLEN, bg 243,  PASSED TO Adelaide SS co as hulk Albany by 1883 when reg. closed.  1st in aust at Newcastle  1863 
ELLEN  WOODEN LIGHTER, - raised  reg closed 1897 broken up 
ELLEN 90tons, SAN folio 5/78 correct 
Ellentheria  lighter, mis spelling of eleutheria q v 
ELLIBANK CASTLE,  already listed under correct name  i.e., Elibank Castle 
ELLISLAND, two entries  for no reason 
ELLORA b.1857 Laird,Birkenhead, as ISS  1607 gross,  eng remove 1876 rigged 3 mast barque for Macfarlane,Blyth & CO, Melbourne, and enrolled Melbourne folio 20 of 1876, sold to London Apl.1889. 
ELM GROVE, place of construction doubtful, Sydney registrar making it Arbwath then in brackets Arbroath? However definitely New Brunswick Canada.,probably small place now part of st.Johns 
ELNA, lost ex ncle no trace 
ELSIE BLACK, two entries   first correctly identified as Essie Black, second does not, neither correct 
ELVERLAND, foundered near Three KINGS  not Kinds and why not include owners when lost??? 
ELVIE,   w lighter  ON131620 B1896  Howson Bros,Fremantle,  47g 44n  80.3 x 18.7 x 5.5,  first reg. 1911 (folio25) by McIlwraith McEacharn  reg closed July 1915, upon sale to Norwegians 
EMANUEL,  LOST 1890 see under correct spelling æEmmanuelÆ 
EMEL JULIUS, wrongly identified and name wrong, see EMIL JULIUS 
EMELIA & ELLEN, see entry for Ellen, previously and having been sold to Hobart in 1835, her register was closed in1837 as condemned and broken up which would suggest this took place in 1836 at Hobart, although last entry was departure for New Zealand in Jan. 1836 û WHILE YOU SUGGEST BROKEN UP IN London. 
EMILIa Geelong 1854, nothing with name like this in Geelong in 1854 
EMILIENE  French,  Les Sables, not stables. 
EMILY   f&a 61,  b.1859 Cochin, indo-china, was from Roper River, and not  island 
EMILY kt b.1875 lost 1918 Victoria, no trace of anything like this reg in Australia in 1918. Tthe vessel reg closed 1918 was lost when burnt by natives in1888 
EMILY guano brig, wonder where that came from no trace anywhere 
Emily Allison, WAS BUILT ST.Marys bay and was registered at sydney 
Emily Ann 39t broached-to, not simply broached. 
EMILY DOWNING, when sold out of govt svc in 1855 to Messrs Downing & Degraves, and renamed, 
EMILY MILLER, was not from Tomago, which is on the Hunter river, north of Sydney but from Tomaga  near Broulee Island just north of batemans Bay 
EMILY REED was built at Waldoborough   as abbreviated in my notes, another typo??  They are still coming fast and furious every where 
EMILY  SMITH, I quote registered tonnage detail 
EMILY T û all that waffle because SAN  copiest at first misread  Register for Emily T  the 1870 entry a simple transcription error seeing the vessel built 1877 
EMMA  Sth Aust Comp  brig 161t om B 1824 Ncle on tyne which is the next entry with wrong tonnage, and it called at Kangaroo Island before Holdfast Bay and  was ashore in 1836 see SextonÆs Arrivals /departures 
Emma ctr 17 tons, no trace of these incidents 
EMMA  81 TONS  actually of 52 tons see later,then another - 
EMMA   81 tons reg Pt Fairy May 1853 registered as 81 tons, but when remeas in 1860 and reg Geelong û 77 tons and the incident said to have happened 1864  was for the  sch of 52 ton, 
EMMA clipper brig, see vessel 139 tons, loss NZ 1860 built Kingston New Brunswick which is some distance up the St.Johns river from the main city of St.John and your comment it was built at Kingston Island, is a misreading by many, the first misled writer probably meant Kingston IRELAND  because of port of registration was Belfast.  As noted before a terrible confusion by many writers with/about their geography. 
Pockley arrived in Tobago Dec. 1842, and was for a time master of locally built EMMA of 121 tons. 
EMMA & ALICE  was built at Calais, Maine, not Calise wherever that may be 
Emma Kemp, typo 1936???  Reg Sydney  12/1828 
EMMA PRECOTT,  when first Melbourne 1852  159 tons, when remeas 147 tons, 
Emma Pyers was never a drogher but a small passenger vessel/ferry, and it was abandoned and the register closed 1930, And had nothing to do with queensland wherever Loney grabbed that fairy tale. 
EMMA SHERRAT ,  survivors returned by OPALIA, not the name you used 
EMPIRE  lost WÆbool 1850 probably a mistake for enterprise sch 58 ton lost sept. 1850 no empire shown 
Empire  VIC.GOVT SCHOONER:   72 T, 70.0 X 19.3 X 6.1 b.1849 Baltimore MD, reg trans to sydney from SFo in  Jan. 1852, sold to H M Col.Govt.Vic. March 1853, and reg closed.  In 1865 replaced by PHAROS In 1866 converted to lightship to be placed near wreck of city of launceston etc. 
EMPIRE STAR 12656gm lost 48.14n 26.22W 
EMPRESS 114 tons built 1846 by David Jones Fremantle vide contep press 
EMPRESS OF AUSTRALIA, tsmv  2900 two thousand odd passenger??? Sunk straits of Malacca August 23, 1992 
EMU  paddler  Lakes entrance was  ON88943  103t, B. 1886 Sth.Melbourne for North Gippsland S.n.Co., that was sold to West aust. in 1895 
ENA ON112506 .was orig. 109 tons and the early incident only a stranding, she was built for the pearling  trade but went to Port Adelaide c.1930 
ENA pearling lugger washed ashore lower down is the same as the B.1900 vessel 
ENCHANTER   486 tons, vide press, arrived Geelong Dec. 1851 from London and moved to Melbourne to load leaving Pt.Phillip via Melbourne feb. 28 1852, was built at Dundee. And was probably reg. Aberdeen in the 1850s 
Enchantress  Aust.Pearling co. lost 1864???  Should be 1874  typo??? 
ENCOUNTER HMAS  built of Iron û things have gone backward, but most sources say steel  completed in 1905, laid down in 1901, armament removed and renamed PENGUIN, 1923  for duty as training ship paid off aug.1929,, taken to Cockatoo island and stripped before being sunk by gunfire off sydney Sept. 14, 1932. 
ENDEAVOUR 800 tons, scuttled at Dusky Sound, hardly can be called a shipwreck 
ENDEAVOUR 1852 no vessel named Endeavour visited any Victorian port between 1846 and 1855. 
ENDEAVOUR  ctr 17 tons, Adelaide river is in Northern Ter. this incident took place in the Port river (or Creek) PORT Adelaide 
ENDEAVOUR Wss burnt Endeavour river, four entries below duplicated. Loney mistaken, as so often with his readings, because the event of 1885 was noted and register closed in 1902!!!! He could not or did not read register properly 
ENDEAVOUR  w sch 140 B.1891 by  and for Marine Salvage Assoc, Footscray reg folio  6/92  hulked may 1913  and sold Govt of SA. On95995 
Endeavour   Sss lost en route Macquarie is û Hbt., is also the next entry 
Energy WSS lost 1906 bungaree  close to Norah Head. 
EGELBERT, to be more accurate you should say built in Bremen, now part of Germany as it was not in 1863 
Second entry for egelbert, SAN simply a typo for date  otherwise as above 
ENTERPRISE,  re Capt.Farley, an A.Farley was master of an ENTERPRISE, 58 TON, lost at WÆbool in 1850  Farley apparently handing over to Mr.Caught in Melbourne in august 1850 And I did not say Bateman sailed this vessel but he used it. There was NO Enterprise wrecked in 1857 û just another mistake by someone. Capt, Noon was never in charge of anything called enterprise, and throughout 1854 was master of TYNE, on the WÆbl run. In mid 1853 for a few months he had the FREEDOM and no sign of anything to do with an enterprise, But Noon was master of Red Rover, in WÆbool when the enterprise was lost in Sept. 1850 
ENTERPRISE Loney wreck 1881 is identical with entry at foot of page, which was stranded Deal Is, in 1881. 
Enterprise, 1st and second entry about Enterprise ss ashore Murray mouth, same vessel. The vessel at Murray Mouth was- Iss  30g,24n, lengthened 1872 =  36/24 1868. in 1873 acquired by South Aust.Government for work on Roper river NT in connection with overland telegraph  then returned Port Adelaide, employed on Lake Alexandrina briefly till sold for work in Port Adelaide Oct. 1884 to the Adelaide Steam Tug co, see my Steam Tugs of South Australia reg. Closed 1913. 
ENTERPRISE, Iron tsmv, was built in 1887 as Hopper barge PUMBA, WAS CONVERTED into a twin screw gravel barge in 1958 at Brisbane it was owned by Wm.Collin & Co., according advice to me by former manger Collin & Co. 
ENTERPRISE, W barge 78/44t B.1896 Perth WA and lately owned by Swan River Shipping Co,reg.Fremantle, scuttled north of Rottnest Island Feb. 1945, vide reg folio 13/1906 
EOLLIN, nothing with a name like that shown in Port Phillip 1845-1855 
ERINA, built Brisbane Water 1837 an 1840, no trace in registers or history of Brisbane Water 
ERNEST REYER, the State of Oregon is in USA so why your comment??? 
ERRINGHI, scuttled 1951 see my Scuttled & Abandoned ships  But why in shipwreck ency?supose might b called an incident??? 
ESCORT tug, builders name GREEN, see typo.   As corrected in next, almost identical entry???  And while the number of vessels registered in London was usually high I think eleven hundred odd rather a high folio nr, especially when everywhere else it is shown as eleven!!! 
ESSEX  I ss b.1880 was owned by Collin & Co for many years, but see also my History of Port of Maryborough\ 
ESSINGTON, no trace of anything called ESSENDON registered or reported  in the 1850s 
ESTER built 1886, reg. Hobart Ester Sailing Ship Co, then owned by Victorian Lighterage from 1912, ex reg. Hobart in 1910 converted to lighter in 1912   a very involved and unclear entry 
ESTHER, lost Hawke river, I was unable to establish how SAN found that information as it does not appear on the register and they were unable to explain however the vessel was last seen in a disabled condition off Broken bay into which the HAWKESBURY river flows which may explain the circumstances 
ESTHER   built 1864 two entries the same vessel 
ESTHER bottom pg 298, actually ESTER which has already been mutilated earlier  Harry OÆ\May got the owner right but spelt the shipÆs name wrong And your inane comments about what it should be just another thoughtless comment, you could have easily settled the matter with a little thought or checking û throught there is constant evidence of thoughtless haste 
ESTHER MARIA, part owner named BOOKS, NOT Brooks 
ETHEL B. 1870, the three entries you list were all for the same vessel,  but the last owner did not advise Registrar of damage or loss and the entry closed 1909 
ETHEL B.T.  I suggest you misunderstand the wording of notice to mariners and the vessel was lost near the western entrance 
ETHEL JACKSON, Bull completely wrong -  she filled and sunk in ross river but raised and made into a hulk 
Pg301, commences with what seems part of Ettalong which is rather confused, to say the least. 
ETTIE built 1877 but year of build not shown 
EUCLA Iss   B.1901 Ayr, as Wexford, purchased 1912 and renamed by WA STAte Shipping svc reg.fre folio 11/1912 
EURIBES  registered as URIBES 
Eurimbla   built for Australasian s.N.Co.,  in other collisions not mentioned û see my aust.,Coastal Pass ships. 
EURO tug was sold to Howard Smith, and for some time was stationed in Fremantle by Adel S.T.Co.  = see my Steam Tugs of south Australia 
Euroka paddler confirm built from steel plate 
EUROPA,  when copying I omitted NS after Hants, which of course means nova scotia. But no vessel could be registered at Nova scotia, which is a province and to register a vessel it would have to be home ported somewhere and in 1865 it was formerly registered in Port Adelaide  folio 9 of 1864.  much confusion  When en rolled Pt.Adelaide the previous register was London. 
EUROPE, no vessel this name listed as coming or going to Melb/WÆtown in 1856. There was a  3m ship this name 557 tons which arrived 1853 and was sold in 1855  to  james Graham and Fred. Lamb and reg  as folio 85 of 1855, that became a hulk in 1858 officially although it could have been hulked  in 1855 and when sold to Throckmorton in 1858 mentioned as hulk which could fit, although no record of capt. 
EURYNOME,    why two identical entires????? 
EUTERPE  missing. Doubtful, the vessel identified, by tonnage was not built Isle of Man, but in Sunderland, and Eden Holme built in 1875 had a much longer life. 
EVA  3rd entry page  304, typo on date but third line shows 1987? What should it be? 
EVA   W ss  ON74679 B. 1876 Williamstown. did not go to Spencer Gulf SS or the Adelaide SS ..  see my Steam tugs of S.A. , because it was sold to South Australian  S S co which in turn went to various steam launch companies, and eventually Adelaide steam Tug co etc., etc., 
EVA  steamer lost  Western port, was probably W screw steamer built Rock Davis 1873 and sold to Melbourne Feb.1876 owner  F.Burt, the original eng, removed late 1876, operated as sail until new engine installed in 1878 after returned to Sydney, in March 1876 the Melbourne register records sale from Mr.Burt to W.R.Carter. so only a stranding,apparently 
EVA 41 tons, you say possibly lost -= I give partics from Custom register that confirms this although you do not mention it 
EVA lost  Cossack Creek, a second entry  see four above this one 
EVA LYNCH, when built? `1884???? 
EVELYN, 61 tons, wrecked in 1890 in qld, now wrecked in Port Davey TAS the next year???? 
EVERGREEN, you say I list it lost in 1914, but I do NOT, I say she vanished mid 1906 but the register was closed in 1914, with disappeared 1906 
EWALD,   Hanover was not in Germany when this vessel built, but a principality of the Holy Roman Empire, if you wish to be precise, but  you could say a German principality if you prefer, but it was NOT part of the state of Germany which at that time did NOT EXIST! 
EWBANK,  barge rig, similar to ketch, but hardly a schooner, however  probably by this a simple barge to be towed 
Excelsior PG, 307 BUILT MELBOURNE 1878, CORRECTLY ENTERED PREVIOUS PAGE AS HULK  AT Melbourne in 1878  but built in 1855!!!!!!!!! 
EXCELSIOR SS OF 1882   WAS HULKED 1919 AND ONLY 1929 TRANSFERED TO Victorian Lighterage 
EXCELSIOR  ss  B.1897 , and sold in 1933 to S.A.Harbors board and converted into a coal hulk. Was built for Northern NSW rivers trade, but sold French in 1902, but returns to Sydney reg in 1904 for S.A.coastal trades. 
EXCELSIOR, which you now enter as a dummy barge, was extensively covered above as a screw steamer!  Built 1897!!!!!!!!!!! 
EXCHANGE 184 , lost sydney, you have mutilated the story and used the man CowellÆs name as a place, which is is not, Mr.Cowell came from the Water Police at Camp Cove û typesetting seems to be getting worse 
Ps EXPERIMENT OF 1832 was not intended as a Parramatta ferry but to work on the tributaries of the Hunter river to bring cargo to the Morpeth-sydney steamers. And it was built by messrs Singleton & Yeomans.  And in April 1833 was sold to Edye Manning who had an engine installed for use as a Parramatta ferry. Bris paper  Feb. 26, 1848 said sunk, raised, april 22 1848 resumes trips to Ipswich   and the same Brisbane paper says she made her last trip to Ipswich  Sept. 29, 1849, and the hull was demolished, and probably parts re-used by Taylor Winship the shipbuilder. but all that waffle about being left in the river is stupid, how on ever could they continue using the riverside berth with such a large lump of rubbish near the wharf? The SMH herald comment was about it being withdrawn 
EXPERT  68 tons, two identical entries, but the stranding in 1884 was just that, her register was closed in1889 with æsold to Natives of JavaÆ Oct 1889 when registered at Melbourne in 1876 it was by a resident of South Australia who was owner/master 
EXPRESS  2nd entry deals with same vessel as  immy before 
EXPRESS Iss  B.1853 Hull, brought to Australia by Howard Smith arriving July 1854. and placed upon the Geelong-Melbourne route. Reg.London in March 1859 re-reg Melbourne by Smith & Skinner, and retained on the geelong route in aug. 1861 Howard Smith sells his interest to the former agent at Geelong, Mr.Parker, who many years after became a partner of the Huddarts,  In nov. 1874 the vessel was sold to New Zealand The vessel was NEVER owned by Huddart,parker & Co.   see my history of that Company. I do not know where DG got his information but it all up that well known creek.but then GregoryÆs information has always been suspect. 
EXPRESS  3 below first, is the same ship with still very incorrect information which I correct above.  The vessel never traded for Huddart,Parker & Co, to Geelong and this pile of rubbish sends her to New Zealand in 1860 but involved in things on the bay in 1864 and 1868????? û there has certainly been a lot of fairy tales, or guesswork in the so-called ÆhistoryÆ of this vessel 


FAILFORD, my typo on is 106176   newspaper ref in yours with typo & masterÆs name probably typo 
FAIR JANE, no contemporary reference 
FAIR TASMANIAN, originally rigged as THREE mast barque, converted to schooner 1856 
FAIRLIE, first time vessel this name in Australia was to Sydney 1834, AND LATER TO HOBART 
FAIRLIE,  A COASTER - hardly coasting Norfolk Island, and nothing with that name then owned Aust or NZ 
Fairlie, 177 WAS BUILT AT Buckie, IN County.Banffshire 
FAIRLIGHT  ferry, iron hull, hulked 1912 
FAIRY first two entries same vessel 
FAIRY third entry typo in date  much talk of 1840s, suddenly  1950 rushes in 
FAIRY QUEEN,  some sources said iron hull imported in sections.  But when first reg in 1843 said to have wood hull and the engine had been removed  reg closed 1894 vessel had been broken up 
FAIRY ROCK, the owner lived at Aubeena 
FAIRY ROCK,  brig b.1859 first in aust. at sydney 1864 
FALCONà what has an opium clipper to do with Australia????? 
FALCON, I ss tug, 134 tons, B.1884 Leith for Huddart, Parker and others, reg Melbourne 88, stationed Pt Adelaide from 1896 and ended as Port PirieÆs regular tug until broken up 1961 second entry for tug, the same vessel as is the third entry 
FAME, vessel VISON  in 1866 was brig, not kt, reporting error contemp press 
FAME whaler 203 tons, in Australia from 1831 
FAME  15 tons b.1847 was actually named JANE AS PER MY LIST 
Fancy  28T Owners Grey not Great River etc. 
FANNIE M  was not composite, but wood  went ashore, but on June 15   when trying to refloat she took fire etc. etc 
FANNY arrived Sydney 1835, lost in New Zealand 1836 
FANNY 27 tons, B.1826 was believed missing on voyage to Hobart, but only delayed, as I mention in loss reported in 1844, 
The vessel FANNY owned by Henty was regularly in the Launceston-West australia trade in the 1830s and is probably the vessel Henderson cannot locate  and your next Entry gets the confusion even more involved but HentyÆs Fanny was the one lost in 1844 
Fanny  YOU 238 TNS, ACTUALLY WAS 23 TONS, SEE MY LOSS IN SOUTH AUST. 1838, WHICH IS FOR THIS VESSEL. And is covered by your next entry as well 
FANNY cuter 20, tries to take in the former HentyÆs cutter built in 1826 and your comments only confuse the issue.  The vessel lost on Coorong was not salvaged, and Hentys continue to sail the 1826 vessel between Tasmania and Fremantle until it was lost or shortly before although it undoubtedly worked wherever someone paid for it to do so. When  first registered the tonnage was shown as  27 & 8/94th tons  in 1834 26 & 91/94th tons  and as press said she was owned by Messrs Fisher when Lost it is likely Hentys had sold her and the facts not recorded 
I obtained the registrations from England as the Launceston files have been lost and Henderson busily misread, or misunderstood them as my copies were from the actual custom house files, not the Board of TradeÆs assumptive files this may explain the supposed differences 
FANNY claims of schooner and or lighters in Williamstown, etc in 1850s, unsupported by factual reports, although one or two vessels named Fanny in port may have been used as a lighter. 
Fanny Campbell, lost in the Banks group which I have previously explained in a group north of Vanuatu 
FANTOME  HMS dismantled in 1841, but  performing work in the 1850s??? There was no RN warship this name dismantled in 1841 there was one sold out in 1864 which possibly is your vessel that was =  brig-sloop 483 tons builder meas.  Commissioned at Chatham Dockyard in 1839 which had 12  32 pounder cannons, among other armament. 
You continually place Cochin in China, which it is was not 
FAVOUR OF 1864, as I mention is in error for loss in 1880  the two entries between are complete errors 
FAVOURITE of 1808 in sydney arrived  Nov. 11, was described as an American Brig from the Feejees, but aboard was Mr.Kable who was returning from China via Penang, having sold a vessel at Canton. Etc. Departed Dec for Fejees and China. 
FAVOURITE MISSING in 1852, search was by HMS Acheron paddle steam sloop b1838 and sold out of RN at Sydney in 1855 my spelling of favourite from register 
FAVOIURITE 15 TONS,LOST UNKNOWN, AND YOU HAVE CONFUSED THINGS BY SUGESTING IT WAS LOST  NR CAPE HOWE, WHICH, OF COURSE, WAS THE OTHER VESSEL THIS NAME. And repeat the loss of the 96 tons vessel again, having given full treatment page before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
FAVOURITE AND STORY ABOUT San Francisco  WHERE DID facts COME FROM AND WHY NO REFERENCE TO ARRIVAL FROM Australia û all from unsourced secondary source? but is it the next entry????? 
FAVORITE (VIDE PRESS), ASHORE Swan island was inward from Rarotonga   when touched ground as Swan Point is identical with the vessel ashore Kangaroo Island. and probably only touched the ground, as she berthed in Melbourne the next day 
The next entry also a duplication, for loss at or near Tweed river 
FAWKNER  Melbourne Harbour Trust, is not a æcoÆ but a trust and it was scuttled May  20, 1935 
FEAR NOT, folio 22 of 1875 confirmed 
FEARLESS  blackbirder, is the vessel shown immediately above, as lost 1902. 
FEARLESS  wooden tug,  broken up in 1952, and so your report of work in 1957 refers to the steel vessel of same name built 1945 in USA and acq. For Brisbane in 1954. 
FEARLESS 1916 fo SAN we tried but unable to locate any reference, 
FEDLAMA  two identical entries and second with unnecessary inane comment 
FELIX  schooner 25   arrived Sydney Oct. 1838   see my full report about arrival and loss 
FENELLA  ps see Aust Coastal Passenger ships,  Arrived Melbourne Feb. 20, 1855 for sale and began Melbourne-Portland trade later Melbourne-Pt.Albert, Melb-Hbt, before being acquired by Hunter River NEW S.N.Co, not the Hunter River Company and sold to Hong Kong in 1861 
FERGUSON,  a wonderful conjuring trick. You are adamant lost in April 1840 when you quote a Sydney Herald note for Jan.31 1841, but the same vessel the same master (Capt.Virtue) arrived in Port Phillip Jan.15,1841 from London with migrants then moves to sydney sailing Feb.6, arrives in Sydney February 19, 1841, and departed April 14,  with subsequent wreck reports as I list, so the item in January 1841, if it did appear was about something else. Which I did not find. and I suspect your report of Jan. 31, should be July 31  which I find my notes reading very closely to the words you give for January, although the Jan. report was in 1842 ha ha??? It would seem, someone in your weird and wonderful collection of misinformation has misread their own notes and his/her waffle has been collected by many other dippers into secondary sources. The ship had been visiting Sydney since 1829 making the last call before 1841 in 1839 
FERNDALE . last two entries this name the same ship. 
Ferret WAS never OWNED BY Mt.Gambier SS Co, but was acquired by Wm.Whinam, who was in opposition to Mt.Gambier Company û see Aust.Coastal Pass Ships.Official number wrong û see my book for correct figures, which I have double checked and in 1918  by some refitting of accommodation  gross tonnage now 460 g. employed  in Western Australia and on qld coast before  taking up the Port Lincoln-Pt Adelaide run 
FIDES built 1857 not 37, and again you make things happen out of sequence.   The vessel was lost May 1860 but you have it doing so in 1859 having left London January 1860  all very confusing  and beyond belief 
FIDES of 1919 four mast aux. sch, dismasted on the queensland coast. She arrived in Pt.Adelaide Dec. 1928. the owner had hoped to operate her in the coastal trades but could not obtain any charters due to the depression. 
FIDRA, you only give the nett tonnage 
FIFESHIRE, lost Arrow Reef, you could mention it was near Nelson, inNew Zealand. 
FIONA  twin screw steamer stranded  in 1860s, no such animal ever registered or in insurance registers 
FIONA . in 1940 = S ss b.1933 fourth this name for CSR sold Hong Kong august  1958 2269g orig 2198 
FIRE QUEEN was  61 tons, register closed æbroken up about 1894Æ no report of wreck,   supposedly abandoned. 
FIRE QUEEN, 2nd, fire float built 1926, assisted at a fire in 1910????????? The 1926 was twin screw motor vessel 
FIRE FLY, b.1837 you have again supplied an immense amount of useless guess work. There is no evidence it came from England in frame,as it was built by Sydney shipbuilder see also my Paddle Steamers of Australia & New Zealand Mr.Russel built in 1837  and was first employed on the Parramatta river according to the Sydney Gazette of  Nov., 1837,  Sydney Gazette  June 24, 1838 æhas been sold by Mr.Manning to Capt.Brown,(capt. of Denmark Hill), and will be taken to Melbourne by Denmark Hill which sails tomorrowà.the Denmark Hill only left in september  The Port Phillip Patriot  Nov. 18, 1839 reported it was operating between Melbourne and Williamstown, twice daily, the same paper in December carried a report by someone who visited Williamstown by this steamer who said it was misnamed and should be called æSLOTHÆ  It was never registered and there are various reports of the engine being removed for other purposes, and as better steamers appeared in 1840/1 it was obviously  found wanting. 
FIRE FLY, tender was = W ss 15g/8n B. for use on the Yarra but taken to Echuca in 1864 for Murray river work, sold to S.A.Govt early 1867 for use on the Cadell NT exploration. Steamed to Newcastle, via ports, Cadell simply reported her lost in August 
FITZJAMES  BUILT 1852,  ARRIVED Melbourne July 15, 1866 in distress and surveyed and condemned, auctioned she was purchased with the intention of repairing it, but this found to be impossible and she was placed on the bank. In 1876 was sold to the S.A.Govt for use as a quarantine hulk in Port Adelaide and was towed there by ss Woonona arriving May 31,1876 and moored off the Semaphore, and from time to time employed in various duties, one as boys reformatory. She was broken up in 1892 
FITZROY  S ss b. 1883 for Australasian S.N.c.   thence to AUSN. 
FITZROY   S ss b.1912 owners were LANGLEY BROS S.S.CO, NOT  North Coast company 
FIVE ISLANDS,  there have been NO Manly ferries named KANIMBLA so supposedly the incident featured the Sydney Ferry co vessel that name built 1909 
FLASH, iron lost 1853 always a schooner in press, Loney probably confused with the Brig rigged vessel of Melbourne in use same time.  And vessel definitely from Hobart, having left Geelong late Nov for trip to Hobart town 
FLEETWING,  W ss, ON73321,  31g/21n, 94 of 1875, built 1874 Hardman,  Nowra,NSW.,  SMH Nov. 24,1874 ônew stream yacht for MR.J.C.Lloyd, launched yesterdayÆ Argus Feb. 1877 arrived yesterday is a lighter and or ferry boat to carry 125 people. Jan. 1880 to John Huntley,  Sept. 1881 Andrew Lyell, miner of Macquarie Harbour Oct. 1883  returns to sydney reg. 
FLEETWING,  lost Queensland was from Townsville for  south so Cape Cleveland very relevant. 
FLENSBORG words describing damage unintelligible û he wad here??????????// 
FLINDERS 948 T, CHARTERED BY MciLWRAITH IN 1893 NOT 1890 and Mr.McIlwraith sold to his brotherÆs company.  THE MINOR INCIDENT OF Henderson involved the other ss Flinders 498 tons and in 1888 owned by Adelaide SS co.,to be clear about these ships see my Australian Coastal pass Ships for full details 
FLORA 130 tons, was built AT Lea Wharf, not by 
FLORA  lost Tasmania,  register said north east coast 
FLORA   said to be lost in 1902 at Cossack. I have  harbour board, records, Battye Library files and other refs which do NOT mention this vessel so if it existed it was an unregistered very small craft 
FLORA MACDONALD, built on the Tamar, why listed???
FLORENCE IRVING,  Australasian SN Co but ordered by a director  for Clarence & Richmond Rivers S.N.Co. but never trans to them and sold by bankrupt estate of director to ASN see also Aust.Coastal Pass Ships 
FLORENCE MAUD, ISS TUG  BUILT FOR Victoria Sugar Company, who sold to CSR  in 1887, used to tow barges and lighters  to and from the sugar works 
FLORENCE MAUD, ketch, you say lengthened then give original measurements, new ones were =  67.5 x 15.2 x 5.4 35 tons. Loney and Paterson give original dimensions before she was altered in 1888 
FLY HMS  brig sloop  387t  b 1813 sold out  may 1828 at Bombay. At Sydney from Madras  aug 1826 - left for Madras via Hobart Town Feb. 1827 so it was not lost off Sydney heads in 1827 although that is probably just bad editing, and it was the Perseverance  that was lost  although  I cannot confirm that either. 
FLY HMS  485t b. Pembroke dock 1831  made coal hulk in 1855  first in Australia 1842, in Torres Strait 1844 
FLYING CHILDERS lost 1877 captain was probably named LUCAS, not as you show 
FLYING CLOUD  LOST 1870  Another stupid comment about why she was lost where she was û she was on her way from Port Adelaide to Melbourne, having put into Port Adelaide for orders û these unnecessary and often very stupid comments do nothing to enhance the reputation of the editor or the publication. I clearly said how it happened in my book and I do not know how any ship can get from Pt.Adelaide to Melbourne without passing cape Banks and Northumberland 
FLYING DOE, nothing like that ever registered and no other reference 
FLYING DRAGON, that arrived Melbourne Dec. 30, 1853 77 days out from London was a barque of 673/787 tons, which does not seem to match the much larger vessel  lost in 1862 
FLYING DUTCHMAN  ashore at  Port Albert august 1850 was identical with the brig this name lost at Port Adelaide 1851, although tonnages seem to be incorrectly reported the variation between 90 or 89 and 30 seems odd although additional deckhousing could explain it 
FLYING FISH,  SAN folio 19/1857 correct 
FLYING SCUD. amazing confusion, it was built by messrs Cook at Appledore, Devon, and first owners were resident of Isle of Man, but you have once again rearranged geography. 
FOAM 2ND ENTRY FOR on79280  NEVER REG IN New Zealand no matter how you change the spelling of Lyttleton.  It capsized near the Lakes Entrance Vic. in Nov.1905 when owned by Mr.Prior. and the vessel lost in Pittwater, Tas, not Broken Bay NSW was ON119240 as I show in my book but as so frequently happens you or your very misguided authors have managed to mix everything into a very muddled cocktail. I find nothing like the vessel of 10 tons you claim was capsized, but I quote from the Underwriters register with my information 
FOREST OF WINDSOR, actually named FORREST QUEEN from Windsor a town Nova Scotia. 
FORGET ME NOT, when built Dantzig was one of the Hanseatic states and not in any other country û as I have mentioned many times, this sort of thing needs clarification 
FORSTER was moored at BreckenridgeÆs mill at Failford when burnt 
FORSTER built 1914 was owned by builders û the Miles family, not myers 
FORWARD   BQ  built 1847 sold for demolition in 1888 and broken up in 1889 -    IN 1869 to Sydney.  IN 1874 ACQ by Howard Smith and made a lighter 
FOSTER FYANS, cannot understand what may confuse anyone with my account that gives a factual step by step report of the accident û what confused you? 
FOX -BRIG capt Cox lost sept 26,1810 Amsterdam Island, in Sydney in1809 and  owner said to be Campbell & CO., but which company not clear 
FOX  turning into another confused mess. 
FOX .brig 222  tons in Port Fairy when MARY in trouble did not have master named Irvine, it was Lowe and the vessel assisting was Lowestoft, master Munyard. The first time a master named Irvine, Irving etc., in charge of a FOX is June 1842 the vessel a brig 163 tons, and last time Jan. 1843 at Portland loading for Hobart. so this entry all wrong. Although the different tonnages all concern the one vessel FOX In May 1839 when first enrolled at Launceston it was given as  222t om by aug, 1841 it was given as 154 new meas. And in 1843 as 149 
Last two FOX pg. 336 same vessel. Which was built in 1851,rr 1851, not 57 and first in Aust at Hobart in 1854 as 183 tons, 1861 tonnage now 158 and rigged as Herm. brig, changed in 1864 =  2 m sch, 157 tons, when reg.Sydney 13/1861 last owner before æwreckedÆ  apl. 18, 1864 was Thos.Green & Sheldon.  In charge of part owner David Howell (other ptnr Alex Fraser) lost Richmond river in 1871 û these entries need a lot of clarifying if to assist anyone 
FRANCES   Fremantle 2/56 twice why?? 
Frances Charlotte had made a number of voyages to Australia before being wrecked, 
FRANCIS HENTY   W bq in 1869 orig ship, 441t, B. 1852 Aberdeen, last owner from May 1873/4 Thos Jenner. Reg closed broken up, 1880 at Footscray 
GERTRUDE FRANCIS, see Gertrude Frances and try and reconcile û I cannot. 
FRANCIS HENTY , PG.339  RE GOLD ROBBERY, THIS ENTRY WAS FOR  Iss dredger b,1889 for Melbourne Harb.Trust Scuttled aug. 15,1950 see æScuttled & Abandoned shipsÆ 
FRANCISCO  lugger, 18933  means 1893? 
FRANCUS FREELING??? POSSIBLY Francis Freeling???? Which was in Tasmanian waters at that time 
FRANKLIN, see Aust. Coastal Pass ships, foundered in Townsville July 26,1893, not 1896 according Marine board report. You say it was lost off Point Malcolm Israelite Bay  but then in comment say that is not in Israelite bay????? 
FRANZ  was originally 23/1872 reg Sydney ex Peru   and was the same vessel as above 
FREAK (another fantasy section) first entry -  the 1849 item could not have happened to a vessel lost in 1834 and the first  vessel measured 84 feet  inches, I do not know where you got your 64 feet from 
FREAK, brig ashore, that you list above, is the vessel ON32385 
Brig Stockton ballast wharf is also ON 32385 
FRED S WHITE, San lists date reg. closed not fate 
FREDERICA, b.1858, July 1877 reg Melbourne by coal factor William Morely,  who was bought out by Messrs Huddart & Partners in July 1878, reg closed broken up 1913 = see my shipowners booklet No. 17 for full history Huddarts early days 
FREDERICA,  second entry completely wrong. The vessel involved was OTAGO as you say under that vesselÆs name but Lawson was usually so far out on most things he is hardly worth mentioning regarding nautical matters 
Frederick,1818 on her final voyage having tried to go west about put back to Hobart, arriving Hobart May 1818, set out again in June via Torres strait and reported lost as I published û do not know how the vessel could be lost in Torres Strait in May 1818 when it was recuperating in Hobart from a lost attempt to get away.. (if you do not believe me, see the Hobart papers of the day or  the Roebuck series Hobart arrivals/departures) YOU do have a lot of highly inaccurate reports          which you preferred to use in lieu of properly researched material 
FREDERICK, lost in New Zealand, was entering Hokitika RIVER not harbour û there was not a harbour there. 
FREDICA, Huddarts  coal hulk was actually named FREDERICA 
Freetrader,B.1850 ORIGINALY û 148 TONS 83.1 X 20.9 X 11.2 2 MAST SCHOONER. 1856 LENGHENED =   NOW 109.8  3 M BARQUE 206 TONS,. 1890  = 188T 111.0 X 22.2. WAS BUILT FOR Pt.albert trade. 
FREYA, my detail from contemporary Hamburg reports. Loney seems to have mistakenly taken FREJA built for Danish owners as vessel involved, see Lloyds registers 
FRIENDSHIP, Currumbene, is a place in Jervis Bay where ships were constructed 
FROLIC (as soon as we get a few vessels same name there seems to be confusion) 
FROLIC built Port Macquarie NSW not Tasmania, it begins. No one else knows about vessel like this lost Richmond River 1855. but as T.S.Mort was an auctioneer no doubt the SMH entries for 1853 are correct although the vessel was re-reg in 1854 (folio 4) in the name of Mort so instead of him selling he MAY have purchased her. 
FROLIC,  SAID TO BE TRADING TWEEN AUCK AND SYDNEY 1870   - no ship this name and size registered in any British port Australia or elsewhere in 1870. 
FROWNING BEAUTY, I also noted she was salvaged and became a coal hulk û editorial troubles again?? 

G F H  ON138910  226.5  1142G 
G.H.PEAKE   registered as George H.Peake 
G.W.WOLF   was registered as G.W.WOLFF TWO EFFS NO EEE 
Gabo  see aust.coastal pass ships, was sold in 1917 to the  China Australia Mail ss co for trade Aust-China, reg. Hong, Hong, returns Sydney reg 1921 when purchased by Patricks 
GAMBIER  see Aust.Coastal Pass Ships. 
GAMECOCK, W ss tug, ON88984 B.1886 A.Callen, Stockton NSW for J & A Brown Broken up and register closed 1950, harbour tug. 
GANNET W sch ON64800 25t, B.1875 Whites Williamstown, May 1881 owned by Charles Coe and probably vessel stranded Oct. 1881 
GANNET  steamer two entries same vessel was =   I ps  ON88928  216tons, Built 1884 Barrow. Built for Melbourne Harbour Trust. sold 1897 to John Bateman, reg. Fremantle. 1907 to Messrs Fenwick, reg.Sydney and now 243 gt, made hulk,c.1941, and remains scuttled off Sydney 
GARFIELD  was 84 tons, my typo 
GARMULA,  æSierra Leone BasinÆ?????????? 
GARNETT, ON 83779 correct. 
GAZEHOUND,  details of vessel available in my publication 
GAZELLE 154 tons, two entries for same ship and loss report????????????/ 
GAZELLE wrecked 1848 ænear the Murray Mouth and near Salt Creek, there were/are many salt creeks thereabout, the one indicated  was probably near the southern end of the Coorong, but hardly 50 miles from Murray Mouth 
GAZELLE, I ss see also Aust.Coastal Pass.Ships.  73 tons, when built, rebuilt 1867 =  79/47 ON40931 never officially owned by the railway company. In 1856  sold to Launceston for tamar river trades,Feb.1862 trans to Lyttelton returns to Melbourne 1879. register closed   æ sunk Apollo bay Feb. 1888Æ there is no record of bringing any passengers from anywhere to Melbourne, arriving March 1854 and sold on arrival for the Williamstown ferryÆtender to land overseas passengers 
GAZELLE, stmr General Grant, a sailing ship can hardly be described as a steamer, so that is meaningless, the other possibility û the steamer lost in Apollo bay later 
GAZELLE STMR arrived Melbourne 1854, was the one listed above 
(we do always seem to have problems when a popular name crops up) 
GEEBUNG, first entry NOT sunk off Sydney but made into houseboat in 1941, vide register and sunk c. 1962 as reported later and had been owned by Victorian Lighterage for many years. 
Sydney vessel was an unregistered former government owned vessel 
First two entries ps GEELONG, same vessel. With the year depart confirmed as 1852 And of course the usual geographic confusion, Greenock being in Scotland 
 And completely muddled comment after these entries û I should say  æalmost as usualÆà  why is it when there are more than one of the same name confusion pours in at a rate of knots??? with all of your contributors grabbing bits and pieces from every ship of the same name I suppose it is understandable. The unit built Glasgow 1854 arrived june 27,1855 from Greenock. and was first registered in 1856 by Locke & partners,  it was never owned by Australasian S.N.Co., but tug and lighterage owners  first Mr Tommy Norton secondly  G.W.Cole, who sold in 1859 to New Zealand 
GEELONG   owned by Howard Smith, never on the Melbourne-Geelong route and more useless chatter after entry for loss of vessel.  Adding to utter confusion about these ships some æAUTHORS?????Æ grab the gross tonnage others stick to net 
The third geelong on page 351 is the same as the Howard Smith entry at top of page. 
GEELONG P&OÆLund my report of torpedo attack wrong û do not know how this came about, obviously confused with another entry in my original typescript 
GELLIBRAND AND HESSE.  Nothing like those names mentioned in shipping port Philip 1837 nor any accident similar near Gellibrand 
GEM 99 tons, originally 121, and first in aust at Melbourne 1853, trans from Cape Town register -- more idle chatter. The register was closed in 1919 as stated, and the underwriters register 1880 notes sunk in sydney harbour. The vessel apparently rotted away she was last registered sydney 1878 to  Arthur McDonald û Loney, as usual, confused, - never a steamer 
The Gem allegedly built Williamstown in 1845, was actually the vessel built 1828 that visited until 1842  There was no Gem built Williamstown, but the 1856 entries refer to  the vessel built 1844 at Howden Docks Northumberland which arrived in Feb. 1852 from England.!!!!!!!!!! 
GENERAL ,no vessel this name registered in Australia c. 1890 
GENERAL BLANCO, w ship rigged 985 tons reg. in Kingdom of Hawaii, abandoned after stranding and taken to port for potential repair. Brought a large consignment of Chinese to the Victorian gold rush and was leaving Australia when damaged.  Never repaired and ultimately demolished 
GENERAL BOYD, confused and inaccurate entry see BOYD, which was a ship and a small boat, not a sloop 
GENERAL GATES  US brig 197 t left Sydney July not June 
General Nowell 1154t  arrived Dec 20 1857 from London. Feb.1858 reported ashore outside heads, Feb 8 a warrant issued for debt. HMCS Victoria bring master  Capt Howell to town under arrest. Ship name and master the same suggests master or his family also owners 
GENERAL PALMER  b1815 first at Sydney 1851 in 1854 to Sydney & Melb  Steam Packet Co for coal hulk at Melbourne. thence four other different changes of owner before bring demolished in 1863. 
General Urbistanio, usual mistake about Australasian S N CO 
GENERAL WOOL,  first in Aust at Melb. 1854 having been purchased in San Francisco for Launceston people 
GENISTA, W ss  B.1886 Wm.Dunn,Berrys bay,Sydney for Perdriau. 1889 sold to Westernport Bay & Flinders, 1899 to E.E Smith  eldest son of Wm.Howard Smith, sold 1917 to A.K.Sambell,Melbourne 1921 to Phillip Island & Westernport Shipping Co. .Laid up at Rhyll, sank  while being demolished 1935, remains raised in 1966. 
3rd enty Geographe the same as second  although not composite 
GEORGE KERMODE, built 1914 by Flemming & Ferguson for Ceylonese government and named Sir William Mathews, sold to Aust govt 1915 to work at proposed Henderson Naval base in Fremantle, laid up when work suspended,  after 1920, leased by WA govt in 1922 and purchased in 1925, and had to be steamed to Melbourne for maintenance, in 1941 sold MHT and renamed George Kermode scuttled 31 march 1976 
GEORGE RENNIE,  TUG BUILT BY Vic govt 1856 and sold 1896, as a lighter to Howard smith who sold in 1902  for scuttling  Magnetic Island to protect a jetty 
G.S.LIVANOS  in Lloyds, and official war loss lists say torpedoed 
GEORGE T HAY,  no dates given 
TWIXT   ??? 
GEORGETTE, I do not know nor can guess how Henderson got such a wrong and very low official number, the one I quote came from Fremantle custom house register which I thought Henderson might have consulted. Chased Catalpa because it had come to take away some escaped West Australian convicts transported from Ireland because they were  thought to have been members of the infamous Fenian association. 
GEORGIANA  2nd,  more idle chatter of no consequence, and there was no problem for an 11 ton cutter to cross any ocean, should the owner wish to do so, see the current craze for long solo trips around the world in something the same size 
The GEORGIANA of 149 tons, which arrived March 3 1841 from London via Launceston was the vessel subsequently offered in the paper û just another example of strange guesswork of which we have in this book plenty of examples. 
GEORGIANA   Mutiny, more fatuous comments û encylopedia supposed to present information, not comment upon actions especially when commentators of 2006 try to understand, but usually do not, the conditions and attitudes of mid 1800s 
GEORGINA BARQUE 315 T, WAS LISTED CORRECTLY ABOVE AS GEORGIANA, therefore no need to æsupposeÆ anything, a simple statement Loney was wrong should suffice. 
GEORGINE davies, later amended to Georgina Davies was only stranded in 1891, and when salvaged was re-registered as EVA 
GEORGINA GODFEROY, wrong fate because, as usual Loney and friends take the date when register closed for fate, not worrying about the actual facts 
GEORGBINA SMITH, ON41472, built by James Robertson from wreck of Victory, reg Melbourne 35.1857 Jan.1858  M.J.Campbell owner until March 1865 when passed to  Wm.Fawkner of Warrnambool.  Broken up and register closed 1890 
GERANIUM  HMAS  built 1915/16 paid off 1927, stripped at Cockatoo and bare hull sunk off Sydney 
GERD HEYE, report of loss from contemporary press. 
GERTIE  ss  may HAVE BEEN TO CALL AT Ncle for coal, but was bound for New Zealand, all sources state steel hulled, and it was the steam tug DUNKSEY,  which salvaged her 
Gertrude, WAS built 1843 as I show, 1853 was a mistake by registrar and the contemporary, i.e., Maitland paper said it was lost at PORT STEPHENS, to the north, not near Red head to the south of the port. 
GERTRUDE on38951. Loney, as usual got hold of the wrong ship when looking for details. 
Gertrude, STRANDeD 1892- DETAIL= w  KT, on57578 b.1877 Huon Tas.  Owners in April. 1888  S.C.Kenyon & Strenniker, folio 1/1888 Melbourne re reg folio 7/1918 
GHAZEE, why two entries û with careful editorial control by now we could have saved at last 30 to 40 pages!!!! 
Gil blas on31701 
Gilli gilli, DETAIL =  w MOTOR LAUNCH, BUILT Thursday Island 1912 ON98270 owned by Commonwealth Copra  Co, reg. Samarai 
GIPSY, w ps  orig. 108g, 55n, ON32420, B.1842 Thomspon & Chowne, Pyrmont,  for Tamar S.N.Co., in 1851 sold for use at Port Phillip, reg Melbourne 2/1852, (with the usual confusion when there are more than one of a name, the next entry in the book is this vessel also) In Sept. 1855 sold to Sydney reg  folio111/1855 now 75g, 43 tons, 
GIPSY on32584, WAS BUILT IN 1845 AND LENGTHENED IN 1850. first folio 52/1845. and enrolled by builders, in  Feb.1852 purchased by  George Barclay, of Twofold bay the dimensions you quote were when she was lengthened. 
GIRAFFE,  W brig, 260 tons, 1857 û 150t, ON311658,   first in Sydney 43 of 1839, sold to Melbourne 1857 and converted to lighter and meas. Now 85.0 x 25/0 x 10.8,Last owner Wm.Howard Smith from 1877, went aground in Salt Water Creek in 1887 and then declared a total loss and reg closed Sept. 1888 
GITANA , reported in press 1857 apparently vessel of 13 tons, and possibly not salvged. 
GLADMOR/GLADMORE, identical vessels 
GLADSTONE, story re albatross. Vessel was =  I 3m bq, ex screw steamship Francisco Calderon nov.1876 B.1873, Dumbarton, came to Aust. in 1875 from owners in Peru, sydney owners sold to Norwegians  about 1891 
GLANWORTH, SEE ALSO Aust.coastal Pass ships,  built for Australasian S.N.Co, and in 1887 trans to Australasian United, not Australian. Lost according to MB enquiry early hours of Jan.26, during the night of 25th 
GLASGOW CITIZEN, was owned by Thomas Norton, not Norman arrived Melbourne 21 aug 1854  from Greenock april 8. in 1860 press said Capt.McLean had been in charge while she was on the Geelong run for the last five years, in Oct. 1861 when sold by Geelong SN press reported being refitted for the Queenscliffe and Schnapper point trades 
GLAUCUS both entries same ship, she had been chartered by A & J Brown, Newcastle for use on the coast.  In march 1928 the press said, had been moored Williamstown for past three months but before anchored in Hobsons bay for three years, from dec. 1916 she had engaged in the phosphate trades. She left London  Dec.17, 1881 with general for Bris and sydney.. In 1885 was chartered for a trip to Hong Kong but she was stranded Dec. 1885 and having jettisoned the coal was eventually refloated and taken to Townsville for temp repairs. In March 1886 after 78 days in Sth Bris Dry dock the Qld Govt would not release it until ú2,000 paid, so she was sent to vice Admiralty court, and sold for very low sum to Jas.Paterson Melbourne 
GLEN HUNTLEY, w bq, Capt.Buchanan, left Greenock Dec. 14,1839 
GLENBERVIE  did not arrive Port Phillip in 1849, but early in 1850 did arrive but no mention of fever  - it had visited several times before without such a report 
GLENCOE ON31594, built 1846  Pictou, NB and reg Melbourne and NZ was lost in 1858,as I state 
The other GLENCOE, which was lost in New Zealand in 1878  ON31931, was also in Australasian waters at the same time and more likely to be the one you want to have in Victorian waters in the 1850s because, it was registered in Auckland in 1850, reg Melbourne in 1852, and at Port albert in 1861 then Hobart in 1865 before returning to Auckland in 1877. but there were TWO ships 
When reg Melbourne and Port Albert was owned by the Turnbull family of Port albert 
GLENELG, iss, 1316tons, see Aust Coastal Pass ships, ON73574  In 1879 engaged on Australian coastal work with coal and passengers for at least a year before transferring to China. In collision with Duckenfield off Millers Point, Sydney Nov.25,and it was thought Glenelg might sink but was saved and repaired at MortÆs dock. . Reported to have stranded near Ushant and reported a total loss but salvaged and sold to Turkish gov. 
Next two entries same ship see also Aust.coastal PaSS SHIPS, the I TSS OBTAINED FOR LIGHTERING AND TOWAGE WORK IN Port Adelaide Orig. 218/64n, tons 1880 -210g 76n. unsuccessful or unprofitable and sent to New Zealand in 1879 to work on salvage operation with the hope of selling, but didnÆt happen. 1882 to sydney and worked as tug and ferry to Manly, in 1891 nearly foundered and had to be put ashore Circular head when stern gland packing washed out during a heavy gale. Claimed to have been the first south bound steamer to pass though the suez canal on her delivery voyage. 
GLENFINLAS, left Ncle Oct as I state, quoting Nsw Parliamentary report. All other doubtful 
GLENGARRY, Hokitika a typo as shown. 
GLENMARK æexculively UK-NZÆ then why in book about Australian shipping? 
GLENROSA,  Loney was wrong, the stmr was not built until 1908 so the vessel present at the wreck must have been ON57502 there was no Aaustralian stmr GRACE DARLING about in 1890 
GLENSHEE  was built at Arbroath but with so many typos most users would be able to correct one by now == should they have persevered 
GLENSHIEL, AS LOSS report TAKEN FROM OFFICIAL British Govt, loss list not much need to æpresumeÆ it was a total loss. 
GLENTURK, wss 71/34 tons, ON119239, built Esperance, Tas, not Port Esperance, in 1905 
GLIMPSE  The fire was AT Kyalite, on the Wakool river, which leads into the Edward river(if at all) the first Glimpse ON 89264, was burnt at Echuca in 1885. the next ON93552  was sunk near the Arbuthnot mill Koondrook but the date is in dispute the vessel burnt at Kyalite being the ARBUTHNOT, not Glimpse 
Go-ahead. Typo I presume when you say 1973 
GODDEFROY, Granville  FRANCE, nothing to do with USA û geography is a problem 
GODDEFROY, listed by SAN  was Sussanah Goddefroy 
GOLD DIGGER, 1853  see my clarification about the name and arrival date 
Gold Hunter w 3m bq, ON64791   206t built  1849 Bangor,Maine, arrived aust. at Melbourne 1874, ex San Francisco reg.  and by 1876 made a hulk, Sunk Jan.9 1889  when overloaded and open seams allowed her to sink. Raised  Dec.1912 to Victorian Lighterage, and broken up in 1916 
GOLDSEEKER,  built 1854, wrecked in 1853??? And reg sydney 1853  how wonderful ? did no one ever read what they were typing??? More confused mis identification!!! It was built in 1852 rr 1852, and originally 80 tons  and registered Cochin as 5/1853. arrived Melbourne mid-1854,  reg. Melbourne folio 166/1854, which was closed in 1877 æmissing;Æ in large clean up, but it had been sold and registered in Newcastle, NSW as 13 of 1854,  and reported æwreckedÆ in May 1856, but only stranded and re reg sydney 24/1858 
The next entry  is for same and confuses the Tasmanian built vessel with the one built in India 
USA PS Golden Age, arried Melbourne  Feb.14, 1854 left feb 20 for sydney, 
GOLDEN CITY,   Californian gold rush, more or less ended by the time this vessel was built. In 1854, not 1852 as you print 
Ps GOLDEN CROWN   330g/208n tons, reg closed 1901 æbroken upÆ 
Golden fFleece ISS  2091GT, on13966, b.1854 c.j.Mare,Blackwal, for General  Screw Steam Shipping Co.,reg London to others when GSS failed, and foundered in the Bristol channel  Sept. 10,1869,  was intended for the ownerÆs Australian service but made no trips being chartered by British Govt for Crimean war when completed and sold soon after 
GOLDEN FLEECE, loney missing 1871 never confirmed 
GOLDEN ROSE w SS  13g 9n tons, employed as a ferry on Port Jackson 
GOOLWA Ips tug/tender arrived Pt.Adelaide in August 1864 rr 1864 for use in Pt.adelaide, in 1866 rep of Ncle tug company inspected but rejected her as unsuitable for Newcastle, sold 1870 for use in sydney tug/tender/ferry SMH July 30,1870 æarrived from Pt.Adelaide for use as a tug occasional use for passengersÆ in 1874 transferred to Newcastle as tug, and when  co-op tug  company formed in 1876 purchased. Sold in 1905 for demolition, not carried out and sank at moorings in 1919 raised and put onto river bank at Hexham 
GORDIE, most prefer to show  GEORDIE  or  GEORDY 
Gorilla,765 TONS, I SAID PROBABLY BUILT New Hampshire, you claim UK - why????? 
GORILLA, on 46433  MY TYPO 
Gothenburg originally 572g, refitted for australian work in 1862  =674g, lengthened 1873, originally 187.4. long  now  196.6 and 736 gross tons.arrived Melbourne under canvas  May 31, 1862. 
GOULBURN, coastal trader = S ss  2367g. ON136742 B.1915  sunderland,   Sold foreign Aug. 1955 and renamed YARRA BREEZE et cetc 
GOVERNOR ARTHUR first and second entry the same vessel 
Ps GOVERNOR ARTHUR, all that whaffle about æsteam packetÆ  many early steamships were given the generic name of a steam packet and especially when they were the one and only of their type in the area. 
GOVERNOR BLACKALL,   see also Aust.coasal Pass ships. 
GOVENOR BLIGH, w sch, abt 100 tons, built 1806/7 at Green Hils,NSW now Windsor.  In 1822 was described as a hulk by the Sydney newspaper 
GOVERNOR GENERAL, 682G,502N TONS WHEN REG. see Aust.coastal pass shps,   in april 1854, renamed when sold to Sydney & Melbourne  no ref to Edye Manning on register Left Sydney Jan, 1, 1861 for Hong Kong and sale to Dent & Co, when that company failed in 1867 vessel made a coal hulk  for the Shanghai S.N Co.,in 1871 she was so worn out sold for breaking up and Shanghai SN. bought the elderly Ganges of P&O for use as coal hulk. ]Ganges b.1850 IPS, sold by P&O in 1871] 
GOVERNOR HOTHAM  Wood barge/lighter  39 tons, b.1854 Sandridge, 69.7 long,  register closed 1900 æbroken upÆ ON31878 
GOVERNOR MACQUARIE,  no record of lss.,  B.1811 Cockle Bay,sydney. press   gives various tonnage, in 1818 45 tons, 1831 1812 said to be owned in Hobart and 1819  in 1826 to sydney owners and eventually registered sydney folio 27/1828, and that register closed in April 1833 with æbroken upÆ 
GOVERNOR MUSGRAVE, I ss, did not replace the STEAMER flinders, but the schooner of that name trans to Commonwealth govt in 1914 made into a lighter in 1925 for work at Port Stephens NSW 
GOVERNOR WYNYARD,  was  not the first steamship working on the Tamar û see Gypsy of 1842.  But as you say she did it in 1838, when built as a sailing shp in 1851 with an engine fitted in 1853 makes her 1838 appearance miraculous, Upon arrival in Melbourne was sold for the Tamar river in 1853, so she did NOT land passengers during gold rush in Melbourne and in March 1853 was first registered Melbourne  24/1853,by Launceston residents and trns to Lton reg  16 of 1854. engine removed Jan.1859. and we have some repeated information running through this entry 
GRACE DARLING, b.1869 was wrecked in 1914, not 1915 as stated 
GRACE DARLING  SHOWN LOST  Oct. 1877, was the vessel already listed above built 1869 and as Grace Darling steamer was not yet built not much point in drawing attention to it. Which just happens to be your next entry and as with many of your comments, simply wastes space, At times it looks as though you feel most of your readers will be so poorly educated they need to be hand fed. 
GRAFTON IRON PS  was wrecked near Strahan not the name you present. And it was the bar at Macquarie Harbour which you need to cross to get into the area of water known as Macquarie harbour to get to Strahan which has no BAR apart from in the pub where, from appearances, many of these wreck reports are conjured up. See also my Aust.Coastal Pass ships.  As built measured  316g 212n, 1877 397g 1879 424g 1885 =548, 1892 553g, variations resulting from alteration in passenger spaces  then lengthening and passenger acco alterations for different trades., rebuilt 1877 morts dock and converted to twin screw . built for Grafton S.N.Co. who merged in 1866 to form Clarence & RIchmon River SNCo had new engines installed in New Zealand in 1885 and lengthened.  In 1885 to Union SS Co of NZ Ltd, and with their acquisition of Tasmanian s.N.Co, the Union Line traded in Tasmania and this elderly vessel placed on the Strahan- Melbourne trade 
Granite city, AND gneering, CONFUSION PROBABLY AROSE BECAUSE  THE FIRST PS City of DUNEDIN WAS ON THE STOCKS AND THE American civil war was raging,and blockade runners profitable, so the nearly completed vessel was   purchased and renamed GRANITE CITY.  ps Granite City sailed from the Clyde  Dec.1862 and was captured by the federal forces. The proposed city of Dunedin was replaced by another of similar tonnage. 
GRAZIER, was registered as THE GRAZIER as Brsbane 3/1897 and it was renamed SQUATTER in 1927. Wss ON196130,  150g/83n, B.1896 rock Davis, Brisbane Water, reg closed 1955, æthought to have been burnt.Æ And your first of this name was NOT the vessel put upon mud island, but the second entry which you also give to Mud Island. It was the 1924 ss  which Collin had for years. Once again confusion takes charge against serious research 
GREAT EASTERN, had no real connection with australia although it was hoped to convey large numbers of passengers to Ceylon for dispersal into small vessels for conveyance to other places one, potentially, Australian ports So no cause for inclusion in this work. 
GRECIAN,   ON32038 BUILT SOUTH TOWN, GT.Yarmouth, NORFOLK ENGLAND not usa and was never a warship, having been first reg London in 1825 as commercial vessel. While it may have been based in Hobart, it was not reg there until 1848 although it had been trading from UK to Hobart since 1832 
GRECIAN QUEEN two identical entries?????????? The vessel involved was ANNIE MELHUISH 
GREYHOUND clipper brig and next entry same vessel, J.F.Lloyd owned the vessel from Feb 1868 till Oct.. 1872 
GREYHOUND W ss being of wooden construction it is difficult to see how she could have started one of her stern-plates??? Sprung one of her planks more likely 
GRIEF, spelt incorrectly, and fatuous observation about the name very foolish. But see it as GREIF which is the correct name 
Grimenza, suppose he had arrived at Hong Kong from Peru, although your PRU could mean anything. And it is doubtful the agent offered much information about which goldfields, but by 1854 the Californian gold fields were out of fashion compared to the fabulously rich Australian fields 
GRIPER dredge  built 1850 ON79511,  first registered 1879 by Melbourne Harbour trust, reg closed 1901 æbroken upÆ 
Groper sold by govt 1915 re reg as barge 371 tons, reg. closed Dec.1949 æbroken upÆ 
GROWERS FRIEND, the ferry was Lady Northcote, NOT AS PRINTED 
Guatemala,  WAS BUILT AT  Portsmouth NEW HAMPSHIRE, Canada. Not UK 
GUCHEN, I take from the French underwriters insurance files 
GUIANA, 172 tons, built 1838 Quebec, first reg Melbourne  1854, previously reg. Shields in 1850 and soon after 1854 converted into a lighter, reg closed 1888 æbroken up at FootscrayÆ 
GUIDA, or variations, not registered 
GUIDE HAD BEEN TRADING TO Australia most of her life, but following the auction noted she was registered in sydney by Thomas Street who had purchased her in 1838 
GUIDING STAR, built in New Brunswick Nova scotia, wonderful geography although those provinces of Canada are next to one another 
GUIDING STAR  SEE STEAMER --   WHAT???  My files all say OBERON 
Guiding star BGN 249 TONS  DATES WRONG.  REG.Hobart  1882 ON6243  ??? 
Gundiah. Wss built. as Hastings, RENAMED  IN 1915, AND REG TRANSFERED to Hboart in 1930.    æcatamaran collier??? 
GUNGA  Iss purchased when reg Saigon by Australasian S.N>CO  see Aust Coastal Pass ships,  laid up early 1890s by  AUSN and converted to coal hulk 1897 scuttled off Fremantle  Dec.1, 1012 and the hulk still to be seen was probably OMEO not Gunga 
GUNGA  357 TONS,G, RENAMED 1890  BECAME  Lady Lamingtn 1893 AND moreton 1901 ABANDONED Bishop Island 1934 
GWYDIR  Newcastle & Hunter Valley S.S co,  should be Newcastle and Hunter River S.S.Co 
All gypsey  usually  shown with an I not Y. 

H J H, =  Holyman history says stands for æHelena Josephine Holyman 
H M C I and register say lost 1935 you say 33 
HABITANT  two entries, same information. Except first entry you say American ship, which is WAS NOT, always British, registered in Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 
HALCYON,  lost nr Pt.Elliot, hence boat to Goolwa, 
HAMLET, you first entry was  420t, built 1841 Gt.Yarmouth, 3m barque,  first reg. Sydney 1853, and sold in 1855 and strangely  trans to Singapore but NOT the vessel in the second entry 
HANNAH  44 tns left Shoalhaven for Sydney not Sydney for Shoalhaven. 
HANNAH NICHOLSON was built in Whitehaven, Cumberland, UK, for William Nicholson of Melbourne, where it was first registered and sold May 1862 for the Melb-Mauritius trade, then to Bickers, Pt.Adelaide till 1892 Was then a collier in 60 miler trade from at least 1894 until sold to Westport Coal Co, and hulked. 
HANVARDEN CASTLE,  not listed in Lloyds or any other register. I suspect the vesselÆs name is HAWARDN CASTLE  WHICH SEE 
HARBINGER, a very mixed up entry.   As we discovered after Maber was in print, RECRUIT  was built as a sailing vessel by Ditchburn & Mare, Blackwall, LONDON, 
In 1846. sold out of the Navy in August 1849 to the builder, C.J.Mare and rebuilt  into a screw steamship The only iron hulled sailing vessel built for the Royal Navy 
The rebuilt vessel was said to be built in 1851 when reg London 188 of 1851, ON 26483, and sold to General Screw Stm Shipping co, and  enrolled as  848 gross ton, dimensions  186.5 x 31.1 x  19.2, that London reg closed in 1859 abandoned & sold as unseaworthy. The HARBINGER  later owned by Devitt & Moore, you spell Devitt incorrectly (no æEö on end), was built in 1876 for Anderson,Anderson & Co London (the Orient line)  and later sold to Devitt & Moore and  sometimes  used for cadet training, although that companyÆs famous training ship was the MACQUARIE obtained in 1890 for that purpose which was built in 1875 and named MELBOURNE by R & H Green so your entry completely mis leading HARGRAVES, original named ORLEANS, RE NAMED WHEN FIRST British at Sydney in 1853, 
Next entry same ship, which was originally enrolled 196 tons, and when stranded was owned in Sydney but sold to Geelong owners in Nov. reg folio 21/1853 
HARLEQUIN, was originally 71 tons, remea 1852. never legally owned by Boyd, and not repaired after Williamstown diaster and if ærefloatedÆ it was only to take it away from Melbourne to Williamstown 
Harriet 43 tons, built 1840 OWNER Edye Manning, not Eddie 
HARRRRRRIET NATHAN  BUILT 1844 RR 1844  as per 2nd listing later. 
HARRINGTON  according to Cumpston first arrived Sydney June 12, 1801 from Calcutta. Apl 30 1804 left Sydney for Peru and arrived Mar 1805 with two prizes. Letters of Marque were carried         authorising hostiliy against country at war- not letters of permission. 
HARRY  wrecked Pt.Elliott, no trace any connection with River Murray Navigation Co although her cargo MAY have been going forward to customers per one of their river vessels. But the whole story madly wrong. It was on a coastal voyage from Port Wakefield, with goods for PtElliot and therefore probably for delivery via vessels of Muray River Navigation Copany, did not have the cargo ascribed to it û yet another from your collection of very poorly researched publications ûwhich do need to be corrected not preented as factual thus defeating the supposed purpose of the work. 
HARRY WOOD, most people believe it was lost in Tasmania but you place it in Westernport?? See Graeme Broxam, for example 
Hastings FIRST TWO ENTRIES  same ship, you even give the same master  - why two entries????????? 
HAUILAH,  WAS ACTUALLY NAMED Havilah  SEE Aust.Coastal Pass Ships and was not buil for  Melbourne & Adelaide ss company which never existed, 
HAVILAH, detail no better than mutilated named vessel above.  Nothing like Admella, 1861 to Launceston & Melbourne SNCo. 1866 to Tasmanian SN. sold Noumea, 1878 returns Sydney 1884 Mt.Kembla Coal co 
HARWARDEN CASTLE,  correctly identified  but previously wrongly named  and should have cross ref. q.v. 
HAWKESBURY, sloop,  Sydney Gaz  Feb.19,1804 reports having been built and launched by Mr.A Thompson at Green Hills, Hawkesbury river 
HAXBY, position taken as given in British Official War losses, 
HEATH. Stranded 1882, was B.187t ON65096, and at the time owned by Clifton & Aplin, of Townsville reg. Sydney 
HEATHER BELL, w sch ON32005 first reg Hobart as  271855.  trans to London 1871 from L/ton of 1865-- returns to Aust at Mebourne 1871 from Aberdeen, thence to Adelaide, ending at Ncle in 1888 reg. closed 1972 believed abandoned on bank of Hunter river, last trans  Nov. 1890 
HEBE on 32406, original brig rigged, converted to schooner JUly 1870  first in Aust at Sydney 1854; to Melb. Aug. 1871, March 1885 to Victorian Govt. Feb.1887 to private owners.  Reg. closed 1895 æbroken upÆ 
Hebroyd, actually Kebroyd which you also list under correct name - why no cross ref???????? 
HECTOR first two entries same vessel. And it WAS raised as you would see had the entries been checked, (more evidence of complete lack of  proof reading if any was required!!!) 
HELEN ashore Warrnambool 1856, was ON31861, built 1848  and at the time  owned by  Charles Jorgenson & others, reg Melbourne 25/1852 
HELEN, survivors taken to Madras and placed aboard rms European, They could NOT have been put into the mail steamer at Madras, and there is no report of them arriving in that vessel. It never touched India on its voyages from Suez, to Australia. 
HELEN  b.1849 you quote Sydney reg. 20 of 1859 but that is for a vessel named MARY WHICH YOU ALSO INCLUDE????????????? 
HELEN colonial clipper??? Hardly, colonial workhorse more appro. Built for or consigned to for sale the well known Sydney shipping agent J.B.Watt, having been built by well known Greenock shipbuilder .Steele & Co  reg.Sydney 85/1864. sold 1867 to Bayley & Alex Macgregor.. Aug 1885 Alex McGregor last commercial owners Messrs. H & J Ford, sold dec.1913 to Victorian Lighterage, hulked and now 304 tons, reg closed 1938 æbroken upÆ although it is believed the remains cast adrift outside the Rip and refused to sink and was driven ashore 
HELEN B. STERLING  - built Bath,England, ho ho ho, - the only water thereabouts in the roman baths which give the town the name. It was built in Bath,MAINE, usa MY REPORT OF LOSS FROM OFFICIAL  Naval Board report from master of HMAS Melbourne. 
HELEN Malcolm and report collision, as it was the vessel listed immediately above, the fate was not in question. 
HELEN McGregor, see Aust.coastal pass ships, built in Scotland orig.168g/115n sept 1867 = 251g/115 n 
HELEN NICOLL was intended for a proposed Qld coastal service by B.B Nicoll, that  failed, and reg Brisbane  sold 1882 to John See for northern rivers trade of NSW, then when he helped form North Coast SN company surplus to requirements and 1893 sold to Anton Schlink for Port Adelaide-west coast of SA service who sold to Jas Darling jnr, and in 1901 to Jones family Sydney for use as collier 
HELENA,  126 tons, one too many æSÆ on ownerÆs name, should be BUSS 
Helena Mena, well known UK-WA trader, C. bq, 695t b.1876 owned by Trinder Anderson & CO. 
Helenslea built by A.Stephens  -  not as printedàtypos still very frequent appearances 
Helen  - MFB built at Green Point yard on Parramatta river, not at Parramatta. 
HELLESPONT, I aux ss built 1849 C.J.Mare, London  - MAY be the American vessel lost in 1868 but extremely doubtful.  The 1849 stmr  built for General Screw Stm Shpping co, was sold by them to the Sydney & Melbourne S.P.Co. in 1853, (see Aust.Coastal Pass Ships) and was sold to Jardine Matheson, Hong Kong arriving there April 1857, and they sold to others trading in the China seas, and she was reported sunk in collision with a French vessel off Woosung Dec.21, 1863   Madden Charles Moore completely wrong (as so often in his poorly researched material) and she measured 445 gross ton and 330 burthern. I quote from Lodon reg folio 277/1849, Sydney folio 77 of 1853 and Prof.HavilandÆs æAmerican steamships in China seasà. û I   wonder what, if any research, some of the people you choose to quote, ever performed??????????? 
HELICAR, the vessel was named VALENTINE HELICAFR  sch 65 ons in Geelong from Bristol and was leaving when or if any collision took place she left Geelong end of July and went to Melbourne -  more poor recording????????? 
Henrietta Packet was built by Thomas Kelly, and renamed Young Lachlan in  Oct. 1818 
Henriette  1985 tons, what connection with Australia? None shown or suggested 
HENRY   34  tons, visited Portland three times 1828-1830 under Hugh McLean - it was later commanded by others, and appears to have usually been conveying whaling stores etc. 
HENRY 147 tons, 1838 = 107 tons, first in Australia reg Launceston 2 of 1837 . When owned by E.P.Tregurtha. 
HENRY brig,stranded 1843 was the vessel listed ABOVE. 
Henry  ON31626.  Reg closed 1888 æbroken up; 
HENRY MOSS,   built as tug, and sold c 1932 to Pt.Adelaide mission and aux motor installed and made trawler, but unsuccessful. Reg. closed æno longer required æ in 1934 
HERALD HMS  built 1822 and named Termagant A SLOOP 427 T renamed 1823 and made survey vessel which was sold out of navy  April 1862 
HERALD, ON52435 was built at WHANGAREI.   Not as printed 
HERALD OF THE MORNING  a ship this name 1354 tons, reported Melbourne Capt.J.Atteridge, arrived Dec. 19, 1854, and left Feb. for Callao 
Another arrived Nov.5, 1859 from Liverpool,  1291 tons 
The 1853 US built Herald of the Morning, according to Basil Lubbock inÆThe Down EastersÆ was still working in 1877, while the Canadian built vessel of this name was lost in Melbourne in 1859 
HERBERT, coastal steamship, see æAust.Coastal Pass Ships. built Hebburn on Tyne, originally 233g/139n, 1899 -302g/152n, built for Townsville based owner, hence the name (Herbert river), sold in 1888 to Tasmania and next year United S S co formed, as per your next almost identical entry û this constant waste of space unbelievable.  It was scuttled  to mark a passage into Cleveland bay 
HERCULES, ps,b.1849 was owned by Melbourne SS C, but in 1885 formed part of Melbourne Coal,Shipping & Engineering Co fleet and re reg Melbourne as a lighter in 1913 was rebuilt at Williamstown 1883 arrived Melbourne Sept. 1, 1853 ex Dundee April 13th 85g,40n tons, 1883 û 93 tons first Melbourne owners Dove & Oswald, lighterage and towage contractors 
HERCULES  dredge b.1900 eng removed 1947 and eventually scuttled Moreton bay --  Tug of 1871 was owned and built at Maryborough Qld  in 1869 and reg closed 1896 ævessel broken up and burntÆ 
Whatever was sold in 1951, was not registered I cannot identify and seems another wrong date/description item 
HERO built 1837, from Port Adelaide to Portland register folio1 of 1845 when acquired by Henty family who sold in 1846 to Hobart owner. originally  36 tons but in 1846 re reg as 28 tons 
HERO burnt at Geelong in 1849 was said to measure 288 tons Charlewood ref, just as far off centre as possible, it was capt Tregurtha, E.P, usually although there were others, but NONE ever had a vessel called HERO  but e.p. IN Henry was well known in Port Phillip and presumably was the party Charlwood slurped up on and according to Lloyds for 1850 Capt.J.Donald was in charge of a vessel measuring 322 om 288 nm built 1845 at Aberdeen and owned by W.Duthie, reg,Aberdeen.  The press in 1849 said J.Donald was master of the vessel burnt 
Hero iss, see Aust.Coastal Pass Ships.  Brought to Australia by Bright bros, in 1862 as agents for the Black Ball Line, J.Baines and Co who had acquired the vessel and intended t use it to disburse immigrants from Melbourne to the other Australian colonies, but Baines went up by the time it had arrived in Melbourne. Worked till 1873 on Aust.coast when entered Sydney-Auckland-Melbourne pass trade that later extended to Fiji . Oct.1880 to Union Line; Nov 1886 to Sydney owners.but Union Line repossessed her in 1890 and sold  1891 to Noumea for use as a hulk at the nickel mines and blown ashore in a hurricane in 1901 and abandoned. 
HERO tug, has performed some wonderful work. You sink her under Sydney Bridge, in 1941, and raise her in 1944, but in 1943 send her down the coast on a mercy trip??????? (and no explanation about this apparent miracle!!!!!!!!) She was sunk under the bridge, Sept. 23, 1940 and was raised in 1944, so the other matter must be a mirage I suspect 
HERSCHELL was first named EDITH BYRNE, when sold to Sloman Hamburg, renamed later owned in Norway, was made hulk at Albany for Adelaide Steamship company in 1893 
HESKETH,  built for Australasian S.N.c. Reg.Sydney, trans to Australasian (you delete n) USN in 1887 and in 1897 trans to London reg for NZ Shipping Co. it May have touched the Wide Bay bar in 1889 but it was not a loss nor was it referred to authority; 
HIDE MARU Wrecked IN 1907 INVOLVED IN RESCUE 1933???? WE DO HAVE SOME WONDERFUL CONJURING ACTS RECORDED IN THIS PUBLICATION  I expect the vessel involved in 1933 was the vessel built in Australia in the 1920s???????????????/ 
HIGHLAND LASS, lighter, sunk 1879 was raised as owners change until 1897. reg closed 1898 broken up 
HIGHLANDER 198 built new Providence, not province as you have it. 
HILANDER.   Comment,  the item SMH June 1852   quoted refers to vessel lost as I quote above --  nothing to do with Hilander but was HIGHLANDER 
HILLMEADS, built for Numba S S Co taken over by Illawarra company in 1909, to Pillbeam Launceston 1918, thence Western timber.Scuttled off the Rip July 18, 1937 
HIND  CAPSIZED, I believe in 1840 but you give   æ11940Æ?????????????? 
HINEMOA, NZ govt steamer two entries same subjectà 
HOBSONS BAY, was built for the Commonwealth governmentÆs shipping line, and sold to  Aberdeen & Commonwealth 
HOFUKU MARU  owners named twice û why??? 
HOKTANGA, more correctly Hokianga was twin screw aux ketch ON153978, built G.T.Nicoll, Auckland. 
HOLDEN,  tug  collison  - tug was the æG.F.HOLDENÆ 
Holyhead the owners named twice û why? is this something special I am overlooking û it happens often enough!  If necessary it should be explained??? 
HONOLULU  was reg where? I say Bremen, which is not what your text says 
HOOD HMS.  Did NOT destroy the Bismarck, but was destroyed by that German warship û just where this magnificent about face came from would be good to know û or does it come from the same place these other conjuring tricks emanate????? 
AUSRALIA, AT LEAST UNTIL THE 1850s - SEE MY Migrant ships. And visited Melbourne in the 1850s also in 1849 
HOPE. Arrived Melbourne Jan 3 1839  barque 274 tons, master H H Greaves, from Sydney 120 to 130 migrants and 34 rank & file of the 51st reg. 
HOPE  wss  20t ON79537 B,1874 G.White Williamstown, first reg. 1883 by 
Hutchinson & Hall, folio 9 of 1883. reg. closed 1900 broken up. 
Same vessel listed 8 entries later 
HOPEFUL  W bgn, 231t ON69466 B.1876 Padstow,Cornwall, stranded opposite South Barnard Is, Q., 1880 recovered and sold to Robert Philp, reg. Sydney folio 20/1880 who sold about 1885 to J.A.Curtis, and he sold to foreigner at Shanghai in August 1886 and reg closed. Louis Shaw, was last master  when working for Philp HOPEWELL  was later owned by Hopewell Shipping  and reg. Maryborough û see my History of Port Of Maryborough. First folio 3 of 1900 Maryborough 337g, built by J.Fullertron & CO, Paisley 
HOPKINSON, W barque, 396 tons, master C.R.Stephens, left Sydney June 19, 1642 for Bombay 
HOPPER BARGES scuttled -- see my æScuttled & Abandoned ShipsÆ 
HORNET  I SS,  BUILT 1883 FOR AUSTRALASIAN S.N Co, trans to AUSN in 1887 and sold March 1914 
HOVDING  should be see KELAT,  just another of the millions of typos I suppose 
HOWARD  built Shelburne ns 
HUBBUCK, employed on coastal passenger service see Steamships in Colonial WA 
HUDDERSFIELD  W sch 174 tons 
HUGH EWING,  never registered Melbourne 
HULDA, RAN tender,  returned owners in Sept. 1943. 
HUMBOLT arrived melb March 4 1854 sail May 2 with  38 pass and gold dust. 
HUNTER I PS  BUILT Greenock, not Greenwich, 
HUNTER tss b.1907 for Newcastle & Hunter River S.S.Co.Ltd û see Aust.Coastal Pass Ships, built for and always remained on Sydney-Newcastle, overnight service. 
HUNTER sch, built Norfolk Island, did something in 1921???? 


I-175, vessel ALLARA, not as printed 
I-180 WOLLONGBAR, not as printed 
ICEBERG, tug??? Iss  294g,B.1882, last owner Howard Smith, tender at Mackay etc. 
ICON, not Malsden, MALDEN Is, for guano (Typos by the million but only potentially misleading noted) 
IDA ON83759, no reason given for entry.????? 
IDA Ctr missing voyage to Pt.Campbell, you try to identify with one lost in Qld above. - why?? 
IJAUQUI ETC, ALL MISREADING OF PROPER NAME iqueique A PORT IN South America, and spelling confirmed in Bureau Vertas contemprory edition as I quote 
Illawong  ON59553 Owners Craig Bros.  i.e brothers not double ss 
ILLAWARRA  [PRON?? I PS, 166g  b.1853 London for Edye ManningÆs south coast of nsw service Totally lost in China seas  June 22, 1864 û see Paddle Steamer of Aust & New Zealand 
INDANT, actually IDANT, as you quote earlier but no mention of mistaken spelling here. 
INDEPENDENCE.  See my wreck list, W sch 30tons, built 1803 Kangaroo Island, lost about 1805 
INDEPENDENCE reg Bris 1866. register closed 1876, BUT LOST  PRIOR TO THAT as I quote. 
Independence  you now, having given vague bit  on previous page, give a more reliable account>>>?????????????? Are we deliberately trying to confuse??? 
INDIA 2nd entry, us frigate Potomac not as printed 
India last two entries same ship, 2nd very incorrect. 
INDISPENSIBLE, w brig, 360 tons, foreign built. Was a convict ship arriving with Female prisoners. And left to go whaling. 
INDUSTRY 1836 and 1849 hopelessly confused, 
INELLAN  was built  1852 
INFLEXIABLE  was built at Cubitt Town, not cubbit 
Integrity ON83798 Builder Giles Jenkins, Jenkins from Camden HAV#EN, not har bour 
invevrna  actually IVERNA 
Inverness, QUERY RE COAL CARGO SHOWS JUST HOW LITTLE commentator KNOWS ABOUT THE SUBJECT he/she writes about -- Coal for any West coast of America port was about the only cargo economically required, while the vessel was travelling there for a cargo = if loaded at a south American port the cargo would be some sort of fertiliser or copper, while from north America the cargo most likely be wheat- another stupid ill informed comment. (one of so many) 
INVESTIGTOR 1802, 3 MAST sloop????  Was classed as a sloop of war, but rigged as a 3 mast ship. 
Iolanthe  W 2 M KT ON79278 B1886 TORQUAY TAS TO MELB 14/1888 R.ThORNTON owners Reg closed 1921 æbroken up 
Iona 39 tons? Should be -  W 2m sch 29 tons,  ON31920, B.1853 auckland 1853 T.Ralph, reg.Melbourne: March 1854 Jas.Davdison & others: June 1855  R.Smith & Hy Griffin, of Hobart, reg. Melbourne and reg closed 1877 æmissingÆ I e no further information 
IORANA, more ignorance of Australasian history or inability to check basic sources.- until Federation  Tasmania was ALWAYS  officially shown separately as Tasmania and NOT part of Australia in British official documents, reports etc.etc so the church was being very correct 
Iquique  see your messy Ijauqui which again demonstrates lack of checking and or willingness to jump at whatever seems easy but the compiler failed to realise this -there is every indication there was absolutely no checks, no thought of helping potential users etc., there is so much misdirection I am at a loss for means/words to describe such an attitude by an editor/publisher 
IRENE see Migrant ships to South Australia -  W 3m bq, B.1853 Watson, Sunderland, owners Mounsey & CO Newcastle upon tyne under Capt.David Bruce arrived Pt.Adelaide from London Dec 6, 1853  sold 1860 to London owners. 
Iris, hulk owners Mcilwraith, McEACHARN Ltd. not as shown 
Iron Barge no.2, was actually named No.2, and was built of WOOD 
Iron Chief. lost 1928 MAY have been working for BHP but was NOT owned by that company 
IRON CROWN was NOT owned by BHP but was carrying cargo for that company û more confusion, ignorance or lack of a simple check 
ISABELLA brig, which you have already noted is all wrong, so why include it as another insane manifestation by WLB????? 
ISABELLA bq whaler pg. 439 identical with previous more or less correct entry. It was NOT a whaler, but Capt.Hart was in command More wishful thinking, or grabbing at anything to match preconceived ideas 
ISABELLA, entries so muddled, have decided to ignore the rest and not waste time 
ISIS yacht registered at Lloyds?????????? Most unlikely more ignorance?? 
ISLAND CITY,  (ex Clara  Merriman -1866)  ON52382,  420t  B.1852 Farningham, Maine W  3m bq, March 66, ex foreign owned  reg Sydney by John Johnson, of Gippsland 19/1866 and trans to Auckland by Johnson in 1868, returns Sydney 1871 Jas.Merriman & others, 1878 trans to Newcastle, NSW last owner John Hay who sold Sept. 1891 to the Nickel Company of Noumea who converted it a hulk, reg closed 1919 fate unknown 
Islander ON57533 277t B.1856 Fairhaven, Mass.  Reg.Hobart 4.1873 by W.J.Gillan & partners, of King George sound WA who sell to or form a local whaling company. In Oct. 1887 sold at Hobart for ú50 -  Perth Paper Jan. 1890 reported now broken up in Hobart 
ITALIA ON32222  rr 32222 Elizabeth built 1840 
Ivanhoe paddle steamer  not associated with Australia why is it included??????? Already enough wasted space for another book!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


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