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Ron Parsons is a maritime historian and author who contributed greatly to the Encyclopedia of Australia Shipwrecks. The following list of corrections and  additions were kindly provided by Ron on disk. It is the intention to include these in the update entries above when time permits. 

p.C.E.   you will not get English topography correct, it was built at Hylton, a town near Sunderland, in county Durham, not Hilton and company!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
PACIFIC  I PS.A LOVELY LOT OF RUBBISH HERE. SEE Aust.Coastal Pass Ships. I PS ON2668 1469g 985n B.1854 John Scott Russell,Millwall for the æSydney & Melbourne S.P.CoÆ not the Melbourne SP Co, Arrived sydney Feb. 26, 1855   after a lengthy passage uner steam, but by then the M&S SP Co was in financial difficulties and after one or two return trips to Melbounre the vessel was sent back to England for sale and therefore was one of the few PADDLE Steamers to have made a return voyage to England under steam,. She became Transport No. 8 chartered by the British Government for the Crimean war. Was converted to Screw   propulsion in 1866 = 1294/850n and was wrecked Feb.7, 1871 Whalsey Is, Shetland Islands, 27 lost. Was chartered in 1859 as a transatlantic vessel for the Galway Line (Atlantic Royal Mail S.N.c.) dimensions 248.5 x 32.2 x 23.6 and of  course  only built in 1854 it was difficult for it to arrive in Sydney in 1853! And is not recorded elsewhere as a blockade runner. 
Pacific  b.1863, my typo, 336 tons -   an additional 3 unintended 
PACIFIC, W ss 19t ON83631, B.1879 Berrys Bay,  was not lost I e sunk, but arrested and became forfeit to the crown because of smuggling, and the govt sold  in 1904 to Jones Bros. see folio 27 of 1881 
PACIFICO,  W brig, B.1848 in 1852 came to aust. ownership in Hobart. Feb.1853 Govt of Victoria, Oct. 1854 to private owners:  July 1855 S.G.Henty reg Portland July 1856 returns Melb. reg and end of year sold to Hong Kong 
PALACE, MORE STUPID guesswork. W BQ,  355/339 on50878, Built 1862 Mirimichi as CONFEDERATE STAR, RENAMED WHEN BECAME BRITISH AT LIVERPOOL IN 1869. in 1874 acquired by the Glenn Bros, merchans of greymouth NZ and Melbourne, reg. Melbourne 22 of 1874: They sold in 1877 to Dunedin Mechants who eventually sold in June 1886 to Henry Moss for conversaion to hulk  and in april 1929 was acq by Victorian Lighterage. 
Unnecessary and ill-informed ocomment continues apace in what is supposed to be a reference book. P 
anic of 66 was real enough to those in it. 
PAPANUI, B.1898 originally as a sailing ship û I do not KNOW how such strange reports originate but it is incorrect it was built as a steamship 
Pappinbarrra, was owned by N. CainÆs Coastal steamship company, that had commenced as a co-operative concern, it was CAIN, nothing to do with Cairns. 
PARA w  BRIG, 266T on30395, b .1862 Alloa,Scotland. In 1882 came to aust from Natal and reg in Pt.Adelaide, and aug.1884  to Jas MacMillan,reg. Brisbane: Nov. 1890 to an accountant which suggests it was laid up or otherwise incapacitated. In 1897 it sank in the Brisbane river and was demolished by the Marine dept and her register closed in 1904 
PAREORA ON104735, was sold to Firth of sydney in 1908 
Paris 1873, no trace, and, as before when checking for NSW Heritage I asked where it came from and that could ot be supplied 
PARISIANA, was lost 1910, repeat 1910, even you have the crew landing  January 1911 which makes it difficult to sink eleven months later!!!.My detail from Lloyds register 
PATEENA, built for Bass Strait Ferry, but known coal eater,and often laid up, Union line took her to NZ after they bought tSN but there was such an outcry she was returnd to Bass strait service until 1909 and even then was returned to the Bass strait ferry work in emergency, such as in 1915 when needed to replace Loongana  see also Aust.Coastal Passenger Ships 
PATERSON  SEE ALSO Aust.Coastal Pass ships. ON32292, built 1854 Greenock measuring 326/213, altered and raised upon in 1873 = 410/260n. Built for HUNTER River New S.N.Co. and their sydney-Hunter river passengers and cargo service July 1871 to wm.Summerbell and others, and employed as a collier sydney-Newcastle In June 1872, on a voyage toward sydney sprang a leak and returned to Stockton and was beached June 1872 and repaired. 
PATRIONESS,  was reported in the press as PATRIOTESS  BQ 288 TONS WAS INWARD FROM Leith and berthed at Geelong July 7,1857 
PATTERDALE  two entries WHY????? 
PAUL JONES  1877, Heavan alone knows where Loney got his information. û mine came from American Lloydös register 
PAUL PRY AND PASSENGER Watt. Well if I do not make it clear I do not know what else to say. I reported the man trapped in the cabin was drowned????????? What more could I report??? 
Pauline et Victore  lost Musgrave island, probably means Mabiag or Jervis island, but reported in contempory press as Mulgrave 
PEISANDER, loss position from the british governmentÆs official war lost list 
PELICAN LOST 1888  was not converted to sail, but having been a harbour vessel had no rigging, but when to work in the ocean it was fited with masts and sails to assist her engine.!!!  I do NOT say she had the engine removed, why should I -  as it was refitted to work as a subsidised tug, Can no one on your staff understand shipping affairs of the 19th century?????? 
The next entry if for the same vessel in 1855 
PELICAn, s TSS TUG, B.1898 FOR w a GOVT, SOLD TO Geelong harour board in 1906 and renamed G.F.Holden 
PELICAN,  ASHORE  Mackay 1918 = I ss  b.1885 for Qld Govt,, reg. closed 1932 æsold  and since converted to houeboatÆ 
PELTON BANK, was a collier owned by McIlwraith McEacharn and employed on the Newcastle-Mortlake coal run for  Australian  gaslight co 
PENGUIN, I ss ON47849  later 824g B.1864 Tod & McGregor,  Glasgow for G.& J. Burns, Liverpool. Bought by Union line 1879 to replace lost Taupo for the Cook strait services of Union Line, although sometimes on other voyages and for some time was on the North West coast of Tasmania û Melbourne trade. Originally had been on the UK-Ireland service 
PEREGRINE, see Australian Coastal passenger Ships.  Iron ss ON98972, B.1891 W/.B.Thomson & Co, Dundee for the General S.N.Co, London, sold to Wm.Howard smith Dec.1891 reg.Melbourne sold to Moller,Shanghai, 1916. Stranded English Channel  June 14, 1917, refloated in August and taken up by British shipping controller,  sold to German shipbreakers in 1922. while originally in  the Melbourne-WA service,  moved to the Queensland coastal services. 
PERI,  your long and uninformative comment only confuses the issue.  My reports are fully confirmed by contemprary reports etc. Although it is clear the facts have been picked up, mutilted and twisted to suit the aspirations, whims or fictional asperations of many doubtful writers. 
PERIOD s SS 2791T BUILT FOR Howrd Smith and  sold in 1946 to w.R.Carpenter & Co, Hong Kong, and in 1947  sold and became Chinese with various names and no further reports after 1967 
PERSIA   w ship 527/658 arrived melb dec 8  with 27 passemgers  And had been visiting since 1851, nothing about migrant ship 
PERU, I have never heard of a steamer voyage from th east coast of USA to Australia via the horn, they invariably came via the Cape of Good hope!!!! More uninformed inaccurate fantasy! 
PET. W SHIP, RE RIGGED BARQUE 1869  277 T THEN 268TONS, on31184, b.1847 St.Marys Bay, Nova scotia first Hobart reg 1849 and in the mauritius trade  but sold in 1860 after lengthy lay up for whaling. Sold to sydney 1891 apparently for demolition 
PET LOST  1867  WHY TWO ENTRIES?????????// 
Peterborugh w SS B. 1886 FOR Shellharbour s.S.Co, sold Aug.1905 Illawarra  & S.C.S.N.Co., 1911 to David Drake and hulked in 1911 
PETREL  on32661 LOST IN 1866 HAS A STRANGE ITEM IN THE MIDDLE  ;lost 3 march 1849Æ????? 
PETREL, reported lost c.1872/3 see entry above for on64361 
PETREL on108870, not owned by Robison & Norman in 1914 
PEVERIL on31635,WHEN FIRST IN Australia at Melbourne in 1857 described as 71 tons, later remeasuered =  59 tons 
PHAETON, was an american BUILT SHIP but not American owned, as is implied in this poor rendition of facts. 
PHANTOM BRIG, INWARD FROM Sydney August 6, 1852 got ashore and assisted by Teaser and is the same vessel as on32285 
PHANTOM, Ips  63/40t. ON 41100. reg shows built 1858 J.f.Dow,Melbourne and your usual fairy story of information should read:   Argus Oct. 23,1858 conducted a trial trip  Oct. 20, 1858 and now is working on the Melbourne-Williamstown ferry. The owner being Mr.s.B.Sknner, one time partner in the Geelong shipping agency with mr.Parker. SMH May 1859 reports her arrival sydney for the Manly ferry. And reg sydney 29/1859, and employed on ferry duties by people who ultimately traded  by 1877 as the Port Jackson steam Boat company. Sold Dec.1878 for the Watsons Bay ferry service where it remained untl engine removed 1883 and it became a barge. Reg closed 1885 æbroken upÆ 
PHAROS, composite hull screw steamship according to  Argus  March 15, 1865 and converted into a lightship for the south channel,according to Aust.Shpg News  Nov.6,1880 but apparently those plans altered and sold Feb. 1881 and acquired by Jas Deane now said wood hull,  108.7 x 19.5 x 10/7 who in 1885 merged with others to form Melbourne Coal & Engineerng Co trhat ended up as Melbourne S.S.Co. register says altered in 1913. and thereafter appears as æhulkÆ 
PHILADELPHIA, why would anyone imagine the first trade goods to Sydney would be from England? It was a penal colony, and the Hon East India Company had exclusive and extensive rights over trade in the area and in fact Philadelphia was  not supposed to visit. But unless the local authorities took action nothing could be done, it was not possible for HEIC to prosecute an American flag vessel. More ill-informed and unnecessary comment. Cumpston reports Philadelphia as a brigantine  that arrived Nov. 1792 that departed Dec.7 for Canton Cumston does not list another arrival in December with  goods for sale although hOPE did have spirits in her holds 
PHILLIP DUNDAS,  went to Port raffles in company with col schooner  but there is no reason to suppose she could not continue a voyage onward to south Africa? another unnecessarey and useless comment 
PHILLIPINE  (No SSS) W bq 311/302. ON27757, B.1860 û Wright, Kincardine,  Acq. 1885 Tasmanian s.N.Co, reg. Hobart as coal hulk, trans to UNION Line in 1891  and broken up and burnt Tamar River 
PHOEBE WRECK 1856 WAS TRAVELING FROM NEWCASTLE TO Newcastle, according to your typesetting specialistà and we had Spitfire out of Gabo Island, perhaps set out for, or something else, has been overlooked or ignored in the text from which it was copied.?????????//P 
PHOEBE KETCH 1884, WAS RAISED AND REPAIRED AS PER MY Ketches of south Australia and entry my book 
Phoebe, b. 1850, was NEVER AUSTRALIAN OWNED, Duncan dunbar was a very prominent LONDON shipowner û it is impossible to believe anyone with an interest  in the subject could make such a mistake 
PHOENIX, former transport, B.1798, converted to hulk, Sydney Gazette  Oct.31, 1837 reports the former prison hulk in Lavender Bay is to be broken up. 
PHOENIX, W ps, Greenock is NOT in England, but in Scotland.[such statements infuriate anyone of Scottish descent) See Australian Coastal Passenger ships  Arrived Pt.Phillip Dec.22,1852, and was acquired early 1853 by partners endeavouring to conduct a steamer service between PtAdelaide and Melbourne which proved to be uneconomical and the vessel was laid up in Melbourne until purchased in 1855 by Robert towns 
PHOENIX, W bq, 255t on55524  B.1867 Jas.Little Pictou,NS  to Australia at Adelaide in 1874 and to E.T.Miles Hobart in1888 and probably hulked 
PIANET, COMMENT UNNECESSARY, AS CONFIRMED BY OTHERS,AND NOT JUST A MISTAKE although as one of the worst manufacturers of errors, perhaps you might have realised that it could be right 
Piggot,  ACTUALLY h.g.Pigott, see Scuttled &Abandoned ships 
PILBARRA, SEE ASLO AUST COASTAL Pas Ships for additionat such as trip to Vancouver etc.etc 
PILOT 1104 TONS, WAS  ACTUALLY w SCH, on31784, b,1845 Aberdeen, 114 tons later 99tt,  to Melbourne in 1854 from Dundee reg. which is your next entry.. It had been ashore at the Mersey river T heads in sept.1866. 
PILDUSKI, you continually complain about the position given for war losses by the British government,  The vessel was probably ordered north about scotland to keep it as far as possible away from submarines known to be swarming in the channel. These pointless criticisms show a complete ignorance of conditions/ practices due to wartime and could drive away potential users of this work û if there are any left by this stage of trying to continue with such  mismanaged, fairytales 
PIONEER ON71779  was built at Mystic, not as shown 
PIONEER STEAMER LOST NR CRONULLA IN 1852 DID NOT HAPPEN see stmr built 1872 ûthis is another self perpetuating error 
Pioneer ON40202 arrived first in australia at Melbourne and reg there in 1855,then to Launceston register in 1856, Newcastle in 1862 and Sydney in 1865 and when  built was named SUSAN & KATE DENIM WHICH ARRIVED Melbourne Nov. 14, 1854. 
PIONEER iron,  CUTTER  22 tons ON41456, B.1856 Melbourne for George Ward Cole reg closed 1876 with æbroken upÆ 
PIONEER W bgn, 158t, ON48430 b.1865 by four shipwrights Melbourne who became first reg. owners.  1885 sold Brisbane owners. And became coal hulk at Rockanmpton for Howard Smith in 1885 and broken up there in 1907 
pioneer  W ss 39/26, 1873 deck housing added now 44/33   intended as ferry between Darwin and southport, left Darwin in 1874 to return south via Newcastle and lost near Cronulla to the confusion of many wreck list compilers. 
Pioneer page  727, lost 1883, see entry for ON61044 same vessel 
Pioneer ON89260, I state was lost in 1889 rr 1889 not your date 
PIONEER built Fremantle  1883, reg closed 1908, no report for a long time 
PIONEER, EX rn LATER ran, SCUTTLED, WAS steel hulled, why does every warship you name have to have an IRON hull???????? See Scuttled & Abandoned ships 
PIRATE ISS, B.1848. ARRIVED Melbourne May 1853 for sale, and in June purchased for the Geelong-Launceston run, but unsuccessful and diverted to LÆton-sydney trade  Oct. 1854. In 1858 made a trip Melbourne-Rockhampton. Lengthened  1851 406/285  166.8 x 22.5 x 19.3, originally 393/217n see further detail Aust. coastal passenger ships 
PISAGUA,  never enrolled in Australia as a working vessel, first reg Melbourne 1907 as a hulk 
PLANET w PS, B,1854, WHEN LAUNCHED WAS SAID TO BE FOR sYDNEY Harbour although there were sleeping berths fitted, It was altered in Jan.1855  and employed on the south coast run until despatched to New Zealand in 1856. 
PLANET  56/38t, ON88974, B.1884 Andrew Smith, Raymond Terrace, Hunter River, NSW,  for service on the Hunter and nearby rivers, sold in 1910 to Melbourne Ferries Ltd, and reg.Melbourne  93.0 x 71.5 x 6.0 
PLANTER w BQ, on15355, b.1857 Gt.Grimsby 231t, to australia at Melbourne 1862: 1867 to Hobart. in 1884 to Tasmanian sn as coal hulk, reg closed 1913 
PLATYPUS, I TWIN SCREW SS imported by Queensland SN Co 
PLATYPUS, iron dredge, scuttled Peel Island 1926 see Scuttled and abandoned ships 
PLUTO/INVINCIBLE collison, NOT OTHERWSE REPORTED BUT IF IT DID HAPPEN IT WAS December 1854  ss Pluto I ss  147g/1104n,B. 1853 Dumbarton, was arriving, under canvas, from Liverpool for sale, while the bq INVINCIBLE  296 WAS RETURNING HOME TO AUCKLAND. Neither were delayed. Pluto was not sold in Melbourne and left early Jan. 1855 for sydney where it was sold and the buyers endeavoured to open a service to Manning river without success, the Pluto was sent to shanghai in 1856 û see Australian Coastal Passenger ships 
PLYMOUTH  with news of gold strike California, did NOT arrive Melbourne at Christmas 1848 or any other time., There is nothing from anywhere  under master named Gould, nor any vessel from Hawaii û perhaps this was in sydney but am unable to check but your entry completely untrue about Victoria arrival However Bateson in Gold fleet or California, distinctly states the vessel was reported in the SYDNEY MORNING HERALD Dec. 23 1848 reported the arrival of Plymouth. I cannot imagine just how you get hold of such poorly reearched stoires or collections of rubbish!!!! 
POCKLINGTON, was built at Stockwith on the river Trent, near Gainsborough, apparently you do not have a good map of the British isles. 
POHERUA  S ss ON98061 B.1890 Middlesbro as CROYDON. SOLD TO Union line Sept. 1890, On delivery voyage was forced to call at Albany with engineroom trouble Nov.10.,1890 On June 18,1894 rescued survivors of the Alexander Newton.. Scutled Feb. 9, 1924 
POMARE, if the dates are correct, it took a long time for the news to reach the press accident Jan, report December???????? 
POOLTA s SS  on151547 b1921,  BOUGHT ON STOCKS BY Tasmanian Govt for Sydney-N.W.Tasmania service and was notoriously slow. In 1924 placed under the management of Patrick S S Co, which soon after went into liquidation and the vessel sold in 1925 to Union S S CO who sold to Greeks in April 1952 and then to Turskish owners, broken up under the name  ARIF  at ISTANBUL IN 1961 
Poonbar S tss B.1913 Murdoch & Murray, Pt.Glasgow for North coast co. sold 1927 for proposed Hobart,Sydney-Brisbane trade laid up 1928 unsuccessful Feb.1928 sold to Nelson & Robertson  for Sydney-Qld service, and later chartered to John burke Brisbane laid up 1946, sold 1947 renamed SAN ERNESTO TO Hong Kong and scrapped at Hong Kong in 1951 
PORPOISE of 1875 has the shipbuilderÆs name wrong,as usual. And of course it has acquired miraculous powers  - built in 1875 and working in Townsville in 1873??????? Some confusion  or misreading or whatever û clear as mud to me!!! 
PORT JACKSON iron 4 mast ship, 2212/2132 ON84362 B.1882 A.Hall & Co, Aberdeen for w.Duthie, Torpedoed april 2,1917 180 miles north by west from Fastnet with loss of 14 including the master. 
PORT VICTOR  torpedoed 47.49n x 22.02w 
PORT WELLINGTON, more ill-informed comment. A well armed and heavly protected semi-warshp, the raider, came unannounced upon a vessel with one only 6 inch (I suspect it was only 4 inch, never came upon a DEMS with 6ö before) gun on the stern, and you suggest it may have been able to destroy the raider û impossible, How could one single gun on a merchant ship hope to overcome a warship fitted with a number of similar sized guns served by professionally trained crew while on Port Wellington with one or two DEMS ratings and the rest of the crew supposed to bring up ammunition and lay it etc.etc., You must get your wartime information direct from Comic cuts  or believe in the tooth fairy or something, you certainly do not have much reliable information about wartime activities,or anything else  that matters 
POSEIDON  OR posidonia , MAKE UP YOUR MIND, - IT IS THE SAME VESSEL. SEE Scuttled and abandoned ships. 
POTTS & PAUL  W ss 19 ON89371, B. 1885, may have suffered an accident in 1906 but it was not fatal as it was renamed in 1910 and was ultimately dismantled in Kerosene bay reg closed.1941 
PRAESIDENT  on1022240, 821G 767N b1875 Stravanger, Owners June 1900  Duncan W.Paterson & John w.Bateman, reg closed Jan.1901 sold to a chinese at Hong Kong 
PRAIRIE  all four entries the same vessel. 
PREMAYDENA, no trace vessel this name, but as it was built in 1870 and lost in  1860 it is probably another fantasay item, 
President,   PRISON HULK =  w. 3M SHIP RIGGED, 553 TONS ORIG SHOWN AS 653, b.1837/8 Portsmouh New Hamshipre as HARRIET ROCKWELL, renamed on sale to Launceston in 1850 and was formerly 88 of 1850 San Francisco.  Apl. 1851 sold to F.a.Ducroz, Hobart.  sold to Vic Govt July 1852. Argus Sept.6,1860 towed to Williamstown to be broken up. 
PRIMA DONNA w BRIG 135T, INWARD FROM London,struck at point Nepean and lost false keel sept 24,1853 . 
Prince 2131G b.1854 c.j.Mare,Blackwall for General Screw Steam Shipping Co, was sold to the British govt as a transport and never made a voyage to Australia, and it was wrecked in the black sea Nov. 14, 1859 london reg folio 394 of 1854 
PRINCE ALBERT, I ps,  ON31812, b.1852 Smith & Rogers, Govan, Jan. 1853 to Jas. Rae, Melbourne, and on arrival trans to Raleigh bros Jan 1856 Thos.Norton,  Jan.1860 G.W.cole advertises the vessel for Port Albert. Sept 1860 sold to F.greer Dunedin for coastal svc Dunedin to Bluff, .Greer in difficulties with local authorities and in May 1862 it was sent to Hong Kong for sale, it was sold to a foreigner in 1863. 
Prince consort  OF 1864, YOU SIMPLY DO NOT, OR CANNOT READ  A REPORT IN FULL.  I CLEARLY SAY THIS VESSEL WAS TOWED INTO SYDNEY BY PS Kembla.  This inattention to the wording of a report crops up so frequently, one can only believe it is a medically induced problem involing poor eyesight otherwise it must be sheer carlessness û or inability to understand the written word! You say that it was towed into Sydney by Kembla then waffle on about it must have been saved etc.etc.etc. Just what goes on in the mind of whosoever writes  these things it is impossible to comprehend. 
PRINCE OF WALES  w BQ 582 TONS ARRIVED SYDNEY FROM nz Jan 28, 1843 (left Pt.Nicholson Nov. 18) was in ballast, and left for  Valparaiso Jan. 30 still in ballast 
PRINCE OF WALES< B.1850 LOST 1853, MIRACLES AGAIN û OR FANTASY LAND? BUT YOU HAVE IT in an ACCIDENT AUGUST 1854. Mistaken ship??Probably!! Oh well, there never has been much sense in entries when the  the same name crops up throughout this farrago of sheer nonsense 
PRINCE PATRICK, like so many other entries two separate entries for the same ship and same incident.   Why do you continually waste paper? 
PRINCE REGENT B.1810  allegedly wrecked in 1827, returned to Sydney March 17, 1839. 
PRINCE REGENT 383 TONS DID NOT ARRIVE Sydney Jan. 3,1842 but one of that name did arrive in Hobart 3 jan 1842. MORE CONFUSION, OR MISUNDERTANDING ETC.ETC.I feel so sorry for whoever it is wsho cannot reafd English very well. 
Princess VICTORIA, lost 1853, the vessel involved was NOT a tug but a barque named Tutelina 
PROMPT, ON31833 HOW ON EARTH DID YOU DECIDE IT WAS BUILT IN Tasmania?????? Bridport, Dorset was a well known seaport and shipbuilding area in 1821, but I doubt Bridport Tasmania was even thought of! This vessel only arrived in Melbourne in 1856 rr 1856 
PROPONTIS, W ship  496 repeat 496 tons, Built 1833  repeat 1833, Medford Mas. Arrived in Port Phillip april 30, 1853  from Boston, USA, and left May 16 1854 for Hobart.   acq 1854 by TSN and converted to coal hulk, 
Prosper Coulon another unnecessary comment, 
PROSPERINE IS WRONG, the pilot schooner was named PROSERPINE, first arrived port Phillip October 11, 1854 from Hobart and was sold to the pilot company Dec, 1854 repeat 1854 and was enrolled folio 304 of 1854  thus =  wood schooner 70 tons, ON40909 Built 1847 at Ipswich,Suffolk,  and until about 1862 was pilot schooner for No.2 company of pilots, sold by the pilots and register closed 1869 with æsold  foreign at TahitiÆ 
PROSPERITY  lost 1902, the 1895 incident was not fatal. 
PROSPERO,  W 2m brig, 198tons, ON43273, B.1862 Jersey, came to Australia at Pt.Adelaide 1869, 1881 to Hobart and ælostÆ to O May because it was sold for use as a hulk in sydney in 1893. 
PROSPEROUS, was built by John Booth, not both 
PROTEUS  B.1815 Java, and named æFlower of Teak, renamed upon register London orig 254 tons, ship rigged,  in 1849 described as 3 m barque, in 1857 when enrolled Melbourne 2m sch and used as a lighter.  Known in Australian waters from at least 1831. and first  owned in sydney in Sept.1836 in Oct. 1854 acquired by Peter Hudart, of Geelong. And in 1857 George Ward cole and reg trans to Melbourne. arrived Geelong Nov. 8, 1853 and was thereafter employed as a ballast vessel. 
PSYCHE. Ex light cruiser, for full details see Scuttled and Abandoned Ships which gives much beter report than yours 
Pyrmont of 1902 SAN official number correct, my typo see also aust.Coastal Pass Ships for further info re trading 
PYRMONT II, scuttled 1977 see Scuttled and Abandoned Ships 


Quasha     see æThe Adelaide lIneÆ for full detail - I barge built 1880 south Australia for S.A.Govt, sold to Melbourne harbour Trust 1889 as Hopper barge NO. 12, to Adelaide company 1894 and renamed etc. etc. Sold to RAN in 1943 
QUEEN, I ss, see Aust. Coastal Pas Ships, built 1852, repeat 1852. by thos wingate & Co, Whiteinch,Glasgow, ON31197 207g/137n, but this fairytale is really strait from the Brothers Grimm. and only sometimes approaches reality ;Arrived Pt.Phillip from Glasgow Jan 26, 1854 and was for sale., Made at least one trip to New Zealand and was considered a potential trans tasman mail steamer in 1854, but was not accepted. In Feb.1855 Capt.G.Doran took charge and made a few exploratory trips to Western Districts of Vic.  Argus July 7, 1855 reported it had been purchased by Brown,Ralston & CO, as agent for proposed Western S.N.Co. which failed to incorporate and after the arrival of HentyÆs CHAMPION, the idea was abandoned. Dec.18, 1856 McMeckan,Blackwood & Co, purchased the vessel, and placed it in the Bass Strait ferry service, until enlarging it and placing it on the Melbourne-Port Adelaide run. In July 1858 when laid up and for sale purchased for work in New Zealand but the buyer did not successfully tender for a mail contract and the vessel returned to Melbourne for sale and nov 1859 was purchased by Hentys who were at a loss to find suitable employment for the vessel, and  at the end of 1863 they placed it on the Melbourne-sydney-Brisbane run, without success and later in the Brisbane to north queensland trade, again without success, and she was sold in 1864 to New Zealand yet again.  Just where do you get these fairytales??? Or do you commission them from drunken deadbeats?  I have never sson so much misinformation between two covers. 
QUEEN, on73501  well I do not know where Henderson came across this, but the official custom house register for Fremantle gave that official number to a vessel NAMED GASCOIGNE,  folio 3 of 1878 b.,1878 meaasuring 7 tons   And make no reference to any change of name 
QUEEN, 71 tons, was registered as THE QUEEN,, Q V. 
Queen EX natone,  SEE MY COMMENT FOR Natone 
QUEEN OF THE SOUTH, ON74793, was an iron hull single screw steamship, not a paddler. And was built for the service from Goolwa to Port Adelaide when a subvention was offered. When the subsidy was not renewed the vessel was sold  in april 1880 to the Clarence & Richmond rivers 
Queen victoria B.1806 contemporary press said part owner was Will BREND 
QUEENSCLIFFE, of 1876 was built for and owned by Queensclife Steam Boat co, until 1901 when diverted to the Gippsland trade when purchased by A..J.Ellerker and in Nov.1902 was transferred to  Lakes S.S.Co, etc. 
QUEENSLAND S SS B.1884 FOR R.Hart & CO, Maryborough, sold later to Cleghorn Hopkins Brisbane and made gravel barge.   See scuttled and abandoned ships 
QUETTA  was built from IRON, not steel and was officially the property of brtish India Associated Steamers Ltd. 
QUIRAING,  1855 IMPOSSIBLE, NOT BUILT UNTIL 1882.  YET ANOTHER WILD GRAB AT SOME ILLUSION. Or loney unable to read his notes>>>>>>>???? 


Neath ex  R.C. rickmers,  as auxiliary barque torpedoed  March 27,1917  28 miles south by east  from the Fastnet, the master taken prisoner 
RAGER WILLIE, someone has let their sexual deviations take charge here. the name was RAJAH WALLIE 
Rahra  Danger Island for a vessel owned in Suva will obviously be somewhere in the south pacific, probably in the Fiji group, and hardly likely to be in Broken Bay>>? 
RAINBOW AND  Owen Glendower etc., all very dubious. Apart from loss of Rainbow û see my comment about Owen Glendower which seems to have vanished 
Rajah Willie, - someone has had a lot of difficulty with the name of this vessel which was  RAJAH WALLIE 
RANDOLPH  what happened to the 3 passengers and 35 emigrants that were also aboard, and bound for Victoria?? 
RANELAGH  on84930, SEE ALSO Aust.Coastal Pass Ships, and it was lost near Burnett Heads, not Island but later you prefer to say it was at Bundaberg  Also collided. with ss Konoowarra Mary River  Dec.1, 1889Æ 
RANGATIRA I Ss on41123 was originally 592gt, but in 1866  she was fitted with an additional deck, causing remeasurement  see Aust.Coastal Pass Ships for full deails of service, originally on Aust-NZ run, then later in the contract mail service between Albany and Port Adelaide as part of a service between Albany and sydney via Melbourne. 
Both Ranger entries one vessel 
RANGER  w 1M SLOOP:  46 tons: 1844 = cutter: 1853   2m schooner.  1858 û 42 tons.Sydney Gazette Oct. 26, 1837 purchased for use as revenue vessel at Pt.Phillip. c.1841/1 pilot cutter Pt.Phllp  and in Sept 1844  sold to others, usually Melbourne residents who ultimately enroll with Melbourne Customs until sold to Sydney late 1858,and thence to Newcastle. 
RANGER 11 tons b.1842. capsized BETWEEN, THE HEADS OF Port Jackson, not within 
RANGITANE, no mention of passengers/crew being landed on island etc.  see my book 
RANGITOTO  574G, on50199, MY TYPO, BUILT 1865 REPEAT 1865, but was built in Scotland, NOT ENGLAND,(if you cannot be sure say UK and then you offend no one) for the Panama Line,reg. London, and acq.1869 by Meckan,blackwood & CO, for the Tasman trade 
RAPID, 105 tons, built Dundee USA? Where did that come from. Dundee Scotland is the place invoved SAN LISTED ANOTHER VESSEL SAME NAME, REG IN Sydney, where  the vessel lost of 103 was enrolled Melbourne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
RAPID of S.A company why,after half a page above do we have it again???????? 
RAPID coastal trader 44 tns b.1838 sydney was actually the Iron Paddle steamer RAPID, put together in Sydney from imported sections and the closing entry of the register says Hulked, but is undated, however a list prepared for London in 1851 said it had been broken up, so just what was lost, if anything, in 1857 was NOT the 1838 iron paddle steamerÆ but -- the 103 ton vessel was lost in Broken Bay in 1857 which is  probably where Loney got lost 
RAVEN  w ps, b. 1848, was not sold and or repossessed.  It had been sent to Brisbane for the Ipswich trade but found to be unsuitable and was returning to sydney when stranded, 
Rebecca ON32215  Register closed in 1872 with wrecked date unknown. Oriignally 74 tons, altered 1856 to 68t. sold to Hobart owners in 1847 and Melbourne in 1855, Port Adelaide in 1856 returns Melbourne reg 1859  and sydney in 1861 
REBEL, is not noticed to move after Dec.11,1854, subsequent press notices about it being in port simply an error, 
RECOVERY  lost 1842, as I quote contemporary press references earlier than june reporting the loss suggest your other compilers are wrong!!! 
RED GAUNTLET BROKEN UP Thursday island, registers all say owned by Burns,Philp & CO.Ltd, 
RED JACKET arrived pt Phillip 14 july 1854 on record run. 
RED ROVER, aND Capt Noon.  He took charge of  ON31964, B. 1849, in June 1850 and was in charge for a year or two 
REDBANK, w PS   79 TONS, b.1863, With the death of Robert Towns, executors of his estate sell to Bribane shipbuilder etc.  A.Muir who re-reg Brisbane (folio 6 of 1877) as single screw steamship and the registrar notes æformerly reg in sydney as paddle steamerÆ, which suggests Muir rebuilt the vessel. In 1883 was sold to  H.L.Moar and partners Aug.1895 to AUSN Oct.1900 to others, and register is closed Feb.1918 æno information available  vessel is believed to have been sunk at Marble Island off Qld CoastÆ It was originally intended as a collier from the redbank mines and seems to have spent most of its working life delivering coal to ships in brsbane 
Redbird  and or redbank, you are undecided, although REDBIRD is the accepted name for the tug û and your very short term memory gives the same comment about the use of ANZAC to both!!!!  More carlessness or is it just thoughtlessness? 
Redbreast more miracles.  Built 1963 and wrecked  1878.  Did your poorly trained monkey never look to see what keys it pressed? I cannot brelive all this atrocious typesetting could have been performed by a human û unless they are almost blind or suffering mental debilitaary in some wway, 
REMBRANDT.  Why two entries one with a very lengty and unnecessary comment û weÆ re definitely trying to confuse someone û perhaps the compiler???? 
REMORA DREDGE,  see Scuttled and Abandoned Ships for full details and disposal 
Republic, LOST 1891, Just Because a sailing ship took a cargo of coal I do not believe it is entitled to be called a collier 
RESCUE tug, another stupid observation about the name 
RESCUE last item pg.767 is the same vessel as the entry immediatealy above 
RESOLUTE SAID TO BE ASHORE  SOUTH CHANNEL MAY 21, =  Wood ship  786 tons,arrived Pt.Phillip May 25, 1853, and sailed for Hong Kong July 16 no mention of stranding 
RESOLUTE, w PS. ARRIVED UNDER CANVAS FROM England in charge of Pilot James Deane, Dec.23,1863 for Resolute Steam Tug co., in 1873 to Melbourne Harbour Trust and by 1897 to Townsville Harbour Board, who record demolition in 1925 
RESOLUTE, 37 TONS BUILT Pt.Adelaide, has already been fully covered, we now have a reprise for some reason!!!!!!!! 
RESOLUTE  Broken up in Townsvile in 1925 is your tug that arrived in 1863 from London that was sold to Townsvilel Harbour Board abut 1897 
Restless w BQ, ON54071, WAS SOLD TO HENRY Moss, for conversion to lighter in 1888 and register closed broken up in 1902. 
RESULT, vanished 1880. Quite a lot of confused reporting/reading in your remarks. My records are from the Custom House files of the day. 
RESULT,  burnt  1866, which you say made 9 voyages from London to Melbourne, yet was built probably as late as 1865 û be sensible, it took near enough  to eight months for a quick round trip. 
Rhea- scuttled off sydney, entierely different vessel, vide scuttled report from official sources, see Scuttled & Abandoned Ships. That states a former US warship filled with mines and depth charges etc. 
RHYMNEY Why?? what interest to Australia???????? 
RIALTO,   first in Australia at Melbourne 1860 ownes by Arch.Currie &  T.E.Boyd. confusion about date of loss derives from reg making statement giving wrong date. 
Although trans to Melbourne in 1860, Arch Currie was master in 1858 when it first arrived from overseas. 
Richard Bell, May have gone aground in 1833 but the same vessel visited sydney in 1837, so it must be presumed she was refloated. 
RICHMOND, SAN reported lost off Newcastle 1924 rr 1924, but nothing that name registered anywhere in Australia in 1924. 
RIFLEMAN,  SUPPOSED 1834. There was a vessel this name  brig 303 that left Sydney May 27, 1831 for Java having visited Hobart  April 2, 1831 from London   which returned to Hobart Nov. 1832 from London and sailed for Lonodn April 1833 no menion of non arrival 
RINGAROOMA, THERE WAS A Royal navy Vessel in Australia  named HMS Ringarooma. 
I ss RINGAROOMA, on64810, BUILT 1875  t.Wingate & Co, whiteinch.  Arrived Melbourne  Aug 16, 1875,  53 days out from the Clyde. Sold the Union Line 1881 Laid up in Pt.Chalmers for five years until sold in 1901 and became SAMOA.fate uncertain, disappears from Lloyds 1914-15 but other sources say broken up 1925.  I do not know where the 1888 sale is supposed to have  been made as Union Line were official owners until 1901. 
RINGDOVE,  brig 176 arrived Pt.Phillip Dec. 8, 1853 from Liverpool  last reports May 1858  in collision Geelong Harbour. 
RIO GRANDE, on60297 BUILT 1868  RR 1868 
Rio Loge,  strange way of spelling Lancashire??? 
RIP, reg closed  1928 æBroken up years ago last transaction 1904. 
RIPPLE W kt, 29t on64379, B.1872 Benj.Davis,Brisbane Water, 4 of 1872, trans to Melbourne 22 of 1888 and re reg 11/1918 û so heaven alone knows where Loney and friends got their æfactsÆ 
Ripple lugger, seal rocks, uidentified and if happened vessel was not registered 
RITA, W brig 198t B.1852 J.B.Babey. New Shoreham, sussex to sydney 1862,  and by 1880 a hulk at Thursday Island. reg closed 1890 æBroken upÆ 
RIVAL(s) arived melb sept 1852 , 227 t, from Mauritrus and traded to Pt.Adelaide   and elsewhere till Oct. 1853 
RIVER CHIEF, a wreck you try to find in Western Port, was salvaged, as per your above entry for the vessel built in West Australia.- is nothing ever read or checked in this opus???? -- what a stupid question on my part û it is quite clear it is never even tried!!!! 
ROB ROY I SS on60331 ORIGINALLY 309/200N, REFITTED 1872 û 393.  B.1867 t.WINGATE & co, Glasgow.   See Aust.Coastal Pass Ships for full details. Arrived, under canvas, from Glasgow at Melbourne May 20,1868 and placed in Bass Strait ferry, until 1869 when sent to sydney for overhaul. And then went into the western districts of Victoria trade with strong competition from western S.N.Co., and in 1877 began ccntract mail services on Wst Australian coast  and after serious damage by stranding at Cossack, when refitted and repaired was transferred to the Adelaide s.s.Company was hulked in 1901 when her engine and boiler went into the tug URAIDLA, THE VESSEL WAS  DEMOLISHED IN 1910. See Also æThe Adelaide LineÆ for details of merger etc., that resulted in Adelaide Company becoming official owner 
ROB Roy covered at length repeated now  for hulk?????????????? 
ROBERT BURNS, w  2M FORE AND AFT SCHOONER,  37 tons,  b.1857 Long Bay,T.  54.3 x 17.0,  lengthened 1859 =  56t, 66.3 x 17.2, 
ROBERT MOORE, FOR BETTER DETAIL SEE Scuttled & Abandoned ships. Was whale chaser, not a whaler 
ROCKHAMPTON, WAS  DESTROYED WHEN MOORED off THE MOUTH OF THE Norman river, - no ship of her size could get up to the town. 
ROCKTON Iss 1971/1198n tons, built for Australasian S N CO, which became AUSN in 1887 
ROCKTON Kt wrecked 1921, why am I confusing, I state everyone was saved and reported how from contemporary newspaper references the press report of May 12 being specific. I do not know just what you want before you launch into unfounded crfticism -  Rhodes, as so often happens is a bit out, but it was the same lugger. He had the year wrong. 
Roderick dhu, 163 T B.1875, SEE scuttled & Abandoned Ships 
RODNEY, RIVER PADDLE, BURNT, WHY TWO ENTRIES??? Rodney, I ,ship 1510/1447 B. 1874 Sunderland for Devitt & Moore, 
RODONDO  - SEE  Aust.Coastal Pass ships, 1119/915n 
ROGER TURPIE?? PROBABLY R.P.TUNNIE, b. 1906 Port Douglas, ON121555, owner  C.L.Pagel, also builder at and of P.Douglas. reg. closed 1937 æbroken up at Pt.Douglas, years agoÆ 
Romoto ???  surely a misprint for Romolo??????/ 
RONA s SS  b.1918 Sir Raylton Dixon & co MIDDLEBRO (some distance from the Clyde!!!) BUT TAKEN BY shipping controller as  hmt y2205, June 22, 1922 ashore flat rock off auckland,  Sold Feb.1956 Hong Kong, refitted  for Bornneo-Hong Kong timber trade and renamed SUVA BREZE. APRIL 1959 TO Hong Kong shipbreakers 
ROOGANAH  104/905 net ?? 
ROONGANAH just a mistake for the correct entry above (and donÆt we have millions of them???_. 
ROOT HOG OR DIE, Holthouse story so mUch cock and bull. IF, the owners of the pearl shell had insurance with a reputable firm it may have been possible to declare its value at a port where there was an agent and while the Jardine family at Somerset were like Pooh Bah, being Lord High everything else, I doubt any insurance company would have appointed them agent û just another unreliable story from Holthouse and he surely had plenty/ 
ROSALONG,  see above for correct name I e ROSALIND 
Roscommon,  s TSS  on114066 8238/5298N b.1902 Belfast  in 1912 Houlder bros sold their NZ trade to N.z.shiping Co who renamed the vessel and soon after sold to th Union S S Co of Nz 
ROSE  lost 1835, when arrived sydney from England via Rio it was described as a cutterÆ  Bach is wrong, how could it become a lightship in 1836 when lost in 1835?? 
ROSE I PS. SEE AUSTRALIAN cOASTAL Pass ships.,  275g/172n tons, Loney has gone wrong again, built by Fairburn,at Poplar,London arrived Apl,6,1841, Hunter River company changed its name in 1851 to Australasian s.N.Co.,  register closed 1871 æbroken up some years agoÆ but in 1862  a press report said to be converted to a collier, which if done resulted in the appearance of I ss  BLACK DIAMOND. 
ROSE w. SCH 31T on32389 BUILT 1850 REPEAT 1850  TO Brisbane in 1865  to T.B.Ward who beame bankrupt and sold by official assignee and soon after condemned a Maryborough but later repaired and resumed trading but was broken up  on the mary river in 1879. register closed July 1884. 
ROSE & mary jan, NO TRACE. BUT  WAS it à 
Rosa & mary Jane, b.1864 footscray and first reg 1871 W 2m sch,  27 ton first owner P. Pidoto,Dromana,  last transaction 1886, and reg closed 1928 with æbroken up, date unknownÆ 
ROSNY  b.1913   had a screw each end which does not make her twin screw. The engine simply reversed 
ROTOPHOS   should be RHODOPIS   W kt 14t, 106248 B.1899 Sydney, reg. sydney. that register never closed. 
ROVER lost 1841 Broulee is followed by another entry misdated but the same loss. 
ROVER, LOST IN Hurricane, and next entry are the same vessel, although there is no other reference to 1892 event, and the vessel built in 1864 never had the register closed no owners changed after first enrolment, all very dubious 
ROVERÆs bride, BUILT BY Korff from material salvaged from the wreck of CEREs, not the salvaged CEREs, which was never raised.  BatesonÆs report has nothing to do with final loss.  Apart from indicating the vessel was substantially repaired and reûrigged after the incident.  Why is it necessary to try and marry the two???? ROYAL ADELAIDE. MY DIMENSIONS FROM Liverpool Underwriters Register for 1871 do not know where yours come from but doubtful,at best 
ROYAL ALFRED   W ps ON57781  see Sydney Ferry Fleets, Prescott.  Sold 1885 for Watsons Bay run. 
ROYAL CHARLOTTE, ALL THAT UNNECESSARY CHATTER about semantics etc û quite a point when one considers the mess made in previous entries of this publication û and it would have been IMPOSSIBLE to re-reg a ship as british with another name in the 1820s. The law was particularly strict . It was illegal to change the name of a British owned vessel until 1875,there were devicies that made it possible to do so, but unlikely to be employed on a damaged ship of 1825.. 
ROYAL GEORGE lost Sth Africa 1822. no one else has seen or hinted at this loss????? 
ROYAL GEORGE  Pt.Phillip Nov. 11 1844, landed 24 male emigrants from UK  no mention convicts although 200 bounty migrants arrived in Geelong 1842 that were transhipped into Regulas from Royal George. -  yet another confused, misinformed or completely wrong item from your wonderful collection of published rubbish??? ROYAL SHEPHERD> I SS  see Aust.Coastal Pass ships. Arrived Pt.Phllip April 1, 1854.for Launceston Steam Navigatin company 265/164, remeas 1857 when passed to people trading as Launceston & Melbourne Stm.Nav, Co. both employed her mainly in Bass strait ferry with ocassional trips elsewhere even to sydney when other trade fell away. In 1864 sold to Joseph Darwent  and reg. Pt. Adelaide and usually employed in S.A.Coastal  serivces and by  1871, if not before reguar Pt.Adelaide-Pt.Lincoln ferry service  and was still in that trade when the spencerÆs gulf s.s. Co was formed in 1877 and when that company merged with Adelaide S S Co, remained in the Prt Linclon spencer gulf trades. In 1885 sold to sydney and ws placed in the coal trades  but not for long although reverted to collier in 1889 when acquired by the Warburton family. and in Jan.1890 sold to w.A.Firth. OÆMay and friends were correct, inasmuch that Paisley is in country Refrew, and for a while the ship was engaged in some form of sanitary work, unspecified, between  1886 and 1889 the rest of your entry,as usual, fairytales!!! 
RUAHINE, I tss, ON52749 b.1865 T.& W.Dugeon,Cubbit Town,London 
RUBICON,  another of your miracles.  Built in 1872 and involved in an accident in 1862??? 
RUBY, 207 tons, your entry conflicts with register details which I quote 
RUBY ON83721 your two entries contradict each other, it was either lost  in  1893, or not, you simply do not read your own entries û otherwise you could not produce such conflicting reports without comment  but your comments are usually wasted on unimportant, or pointless observations  And RUBY 83271, was built in 1882 according to Fremantle Customs so where did 1863 come from??? 
Runnymeade USED to take troops to the Swan River colony in 1840 was bq variously quoted as  288 and 389 tons, which left Hobart april 1840  troops, arriving  June 25, and then left for  Calcutta   bateson says 396 built  London 1825 
RUPARA   UNABLE TO COMPREHEND YOUR 1905 COMMENT, Built in 1906 for the ADelaide SS Co  for their Pt.Adelaide spencer Gulf passenger/cargo trades., due to wartime disrupton of shipping in 1915 employed for some time on the sydney-Queensland passenger and cargo trade. 
ON132662,  sold 1919 to Hong Kong  - see The Adelaide Line and or aust.Coastal Pass ships your source very dubious at best 
RUTH W ctr  12 tons built Brisbane water  1837 involved in an accident in 1843 when driven across the harbour onto rocks in neutal bay but salvaged,  last transaction 1852, and not awarded an official number which suggests taken out of service before 1855/6, however reg closed 1868 ænot heard of for yearsÆ 


S F HERSEY W 3 m ship on88941 ex  usa 1886 to melb, millar bros, contractors, to Hobart  jan 1890,  TSN, condemned 1891 and by time USS take over TSN used as hulk. 
SACRAMENTO, prison hulk = W barque 411 tons, b.1849 Trescott Maine, arrived Aust reg at Hobart in  March 1851, apparently in need of serious repair. 111.2 x 23.3 . In Sept. 1852 owner was Henry Degraves, but he sold to Victorian govt, and it arrived Jan. 1853 to be used as an immigrant depot ship vide Argus but by March 1854 was described as a prison hulk 
SALACIA B.1899 , described as a yacht and registger not closed after rereg Melbourne 1921?????? 
Saladin, FIRST Blue Funnel vessel on Fremantle-singapore run, reg Fremantle 1895 û see Australian Coastal Passenger Ships 
SALLY govt. vessel lost 1825, described variously as brig and cutter 48 tons, built 1820 at sydney and sold to govt in 1821 and when lost  most press references say it was schooner rigged 
SALLY ANN, Henty family, first noticed in early 1835 and said to be owned by the hentys and reg.Swan River early 1836 and transferred to Launcston register Sept.1836 
SALSETTE FIRST REG Melbourne 1919, but arrived Melb. July 10,1853 from Plymouth then described as barque 422 tons but when inscribed as a lighter  measured 185 tons, 
Salween same disease û you seriously tried to waste paper,space and time in this production 
SAMSON  THAT Loney mentions is the next entry, I e the vessel purchased by Gippsland SN was employed  in connection with ss ANT And I do not list it as one thousand odd tons, just another typo in your book for 181 tons.   Full details see Australian coastal Passenger Ships. Spent a long time in the sydney-manning river trade until sold to Melbourne. worked as a tender in PtPhillip in 1855 in July 1866 press reports was on the Melbourne NW Tasmian ports services 
SAMPSON (SOMETIMES samson) b.1864 FOR usn, SOLD 1866 AND RENAMED Samson/Sampson, and reg in various US ports. Acquired by McMeckan, Blackwood 1874 as hulk,Melbourne, and transferred to USS when they acq. McMeckan Blackwood business. Sell in 1884 to Howard Smith, 
SAMUEL both entries same vessel!!!! 
SAMUEL CUNARD, purchased 1841 to become a coal hulk for Port Phillip SNCo.  HAVING BEEN CONVERTED INTO A STORESHP to be stationed at Williamstown in 1839 arrived at Pt.Hillip Nov.29,1840, having been purchased by Mr.Manning as storeship/coal hulk for CLonmel. 
SAMUEL PLIMSOLL, is doing very well built  1873 and sunk in Fremantle, in 1845 
SANCHo PANZA, SAN researcher could not find sydney registration for some reason. 
SANDFLY, Cuthbert builT these vessels to try and control the blackbirders, not for survey work ALTHOUGH THEY WERE CALLED UPON FOR ANY NAVAL DUTY. 
SANTA MARIA reportedly taking people somewhere in victoria in 1846 is a very RARE bird, nothing like that registered AND no trace of vessel that name in VictOrian waters???? 
SAPPHIRE  w BQ,  ORIG. 255T, LATER 237, on32023   b.1845 Montrose,Scot. First to Aust. 1853 at Geelong.1855 to Crowther, Hobart,1889 to Melbourne as lighter, reg closed 1922 æbroken upÆ 

SARAH BUILT Wollongong, NOT AS PRINTED  IN 1837 has incorrect folio number as I quoted, it should be folio 25 rr 25 of 1837 and  folio 24 of 1838 rr 24 of 1838. 
SARAH Stranded Gellibrand Point, there was a vessel this name brig 114 tons, arrived Pt.Phillip July 14, 1858 from Auckland and returned Auck August 11  which is the brig that name built Sydney 1848 and owned by master Wm.Firth (Shown as in charge in 1858)  from 1856 until 1863. 
SARAH Ketch 41, Is the samd as vessel as talked about ON32670 
SARAH on31889  I also list as 5 of 1880 LÆton 
SARAH, reg closd 1882 as a lighter was = W 1m sloop clinker built 1854 Geo Dangyer,Melbourne first owner Geo Georgeson,  ON36971, 22 tons.  Folio 237 of 1854 
SARAH & ELIZA, was actually SARAH ELIZABETH, according Sydney press Nov, 2 1843, which said the ship KELSO, ARRIVING FROM MACAO, BROUGHT NEWS OF THE SEIZURE OF THE BRITISH Whaler SARAH ELIZABETH off North Coast of Timor by Malay pirates the mate was wounded and taken prisoner everyone else ashore cutting wood at the time escaped in boats and reached othr whalers. the ship was burnt.  No known connection with australia. 
SARAH & Jane,  stranded 1871  was a cutter 15 tons, owned in Brsbane 
SARAH ANN, LOST Port Fairy 1836, I agree there is some doubt about the January vessel, but it could not be the 46 ton vessel which was a regular trader and also listed as arriving in February.  It is possible the report of vessel that name lost in January is a complete fabication. 
There is no registered vessel SARAH ANNE,  in the registers 
SARAH ANN ON42983, badly in error.=  W bq  409t, ex Liverpool reg. B.1863 Summerville, Prince Edward Island. June 1865 to ERisenstadeter, and  Aug, 1866 James Paterson & Company June 1899 to w.Florbes reg closed 1917 æ broken upÆ but undewriters register for 1901 says broken up 1900, which is more likely to be correct. 
SARAH ANN,  w BARGE OR KETCH RIG,  34T, on31890, b. 1859 Huon river,T,  reg.Hobart, till 1853 thence Geelong, 1865 Melbourne and register closed with broken up about 1900 at Williamstown. Last reg owner =  Jane Burrell, 
SARAH COOPER,  my loss report as per her register in Port of Maryborough Customs 
SARAH HOOPER. W bq 2221 tons, arrived from San Francisco at PT.Phillip June 16, 1853 and there is no record of departure, 
SARAH SANDS, you have a remarkable knack of finding unusual events, you have it leaving  Sept. 1852, and arriving Melbourne 1851.  Are we producing a serious encylopedoia or are you writing a book about your own experiences?.   Comments such as here are quite unnecessary and ruin the  book for most people as it is a clear indication it is not to be taken seriously.  The Sarah Sands of the hotel had little or nothing to do with the ship the name probably being selected for quite unrelated reasons. The ship being named for the wife of one of the  owners of the Red Cross Line, who were Messrs T & J Sands. ON23921, built 1847  HODGSON & Sons, Liverpool 1300g,932n tons wrecked  April 7, 1869, Arrived melb dec 16,1852 from lpl  sept 19  then to sydney returns melb feb 5 1853 left for Plymouth feb. 11 
SARAH WILLIAMS, another Goldsmith  fairy storty.  Sarah Williams 2 m yawl, built 1912 fremantle 23g/11n. may have made a lengty voyage in 1925, but was still alive and working when sold to Brisbane in 1967 according to Fremantle custom registers 
SAROS both items the same ship 
Saxonia, I ss  as usual  ASN has been mutilated û must be some bug somewhere which will not allow proper spelling,  bought by Australasian s.N.Co, to prevent others using it against them and they thought it would suit the sydney-Rockhampton trade.  Having purchased the vessel ASN sold in 1869 to Wm.summberbell, well known owner of colliers on the Newcastle-sydney trade who employed the vessel in that trade but following his bankruptucy and the settlement of that situation and his death it was sold in 1896 to Newcastle Wallsend Colliery the owners when lost. Got ashore at Terrigal  May 1871 but was eventually refloated. Was built for the Dutch cattle trade between Holland and UK, then went to the Mauritius in the same trade, taken to Melbourne by  Capt.hadley who left her there to join the confederate warship shannondoah. 
SCHNAPPER, dredge Bishop Is, see Scuttled and Abandoned ships 
SCHNEIDER, barge at Port Elliott? No one else knows about it. 
SCOTSMAN CTR 34T ON101706 MAY HAVE FOUNDERED BUT WAS QUICKLY Salvaged and transferred to Fremantle in 1896  Built 1893 North Geelong and sold to a foreigner in 1903 and register closed 
SCOTTISH BARD  has a weird story about the Scotish Line being awarded a contract to build ships etc etc., they certainly did and had a contract to convey migrants but I doubt the contract ordered any ship constructionààà. 
SCOTTISH HERO, S ss  B.1895, chartered for Australian owners from 1897 till 1899 and reg/Mellbourne û see Steamships Colonial West australia 
SCOTTISH KNIGHT, of 1880 most likely, I bq 916 b.1876 owned by McIlwraith, McEacharn 
SCOUT  s SS B.1885, MAY HAVE SUFFERED AN ACCIDENT IN 1887  but it recovered because it went on until scuttled off sydney in 1932, see Scuttled & abandoned Ships or sydney Custom House register or your later note re scuttling û as usual no checking of entries 
SEA BIRD, on316660, b.1851, WHEN FIRST REG. 1856 = 17T 39.2 X 11.0 X 4.8 WHEN re-reg  now  13 t  40.5 etc  lost 1895 
SEA BIRD  lost Bird Island,  as the vessel was capsized and driven south there is no reason to suppose she was going to Sydney û more pointless  ILL-CONSIDERED comment!!! 
SEA BIRD lost 1916, Laurieton is a small village on the shore of Camden Haven, despite your incomplete description 
SEA BREEZE, LOST 1864, I HAVE CORRECT FOLIO NO, No 2 as printed is for a vessel named A H Badger 
Sea breeze OPERATING OUT OF NORTH QUEENSLAND IN 1889/90 WAS = w  2M FORE AND AFT SCHOONER,  48 TONS, on78361, b.Auckland 1878 and from 1884 until 1890 owners were Brednahur & Peel, of Daintree Qld, although reg Sydney as folio 87/1884 Which is your next entry. As  burnt cooktown. 
SEA   RIPPLE, C. 2m sch, B.1867 Footscray,Vic.  All other chatter irrevelant 
Bottom two entries page 817 same vessel. 
SEA  WO,  was   REGISTERED AT Fremantle as  SEE WHA  8 TONS  AND OWNED IN ROEBOURNE, as you mention later 
Seal scuttled Tanglooma see Scuttled & Abandoned ships for full detail and date of sinking 
SEBASTAPOL. You question owned in cork,Ireland Do you know of another port named CORK??? 
SECRET the vessel this name in Victorian waters till 1904 was built 1865 at Williamstown, ON53969 and therefore  same vesess lost in Wa  in1904 
SECRET  top of page 819 is the vessel earlier reported lost in WA in 1904, do not know where this incorrect report comes from but it is very badly wrong. 
SEESTERN, another stupid comment. The vessel went missing in 1909 and there is no reason to question supposed wreckage found in 1911 even if the vessel was only declared missing late in 1909.You simply to do not understand what is written as is clear from absurd entries so often in this mess. 
SELCIRKSHIRE, another mutilated spelling for a vessel and only quoted by people usually wrong, why include it at all,??? 
BREEZE lost 1840s, more problems in understanding my use of the English language - why I do not know - it seems clear enouh to anyone else. But if you checked with your  entry for Breeze you would know what was going on, although the confused mess for Breeze doesnÆt help anyone much 
SEMINOLE, W bq 1442tons ON112519, 1901 by  Hy.H.Henderson,   as a hulk reg Pt.Adelaide in 1903 by Stevedoring & Shipping agents for German vessels Port Adelaide, later W.Waters reg. Closed 1910 broken up so some of the more æexcitingÆ story seems to be  wrong or out of order 
SEPHINA TULLA,  DID NOT ARRIVE ANY VICTORIA PORT  IN 1853 OR UP TO 1860,   FIRST REG Australia at Melbourne in 1859 by sydney auctioneers,  in Aug. 1865 to Resolute Steam Tug Co and probably hulked as reported a lighter in Argus of April 1865 register closed 1882 with broken upÆ  ON36952 
SESA full detals and date of scuttling see Scuttled & Abandoned Ships 
SETTLERS FRIEND  Loney 1881 not ketch that name in register could possibly be stranding of river steamer that name???????? 
SHACKAMAXON, 1119T W 3M SHIP b.1851 Philadelphia owner Jos.Heap, reg. Liverpool arrived Pt.Adelaide Jan. 19,1853 
SHAMROCK, I ps, B.1841,brISTOL FOR Hunters River Sn co arrived sydney Oct. 15, 1841, error in arrival date being confusion between arrival and commencing work.   Which was Oct. 28,1841 to the Hunter,  made first steamer visit to Moreton Bay for owners  in Feb.1842 and in 1843 despite many other mistaken claims, she began trading to Melbourne in place of Seahorse, damaged in Tamar, When first arrived and reg. shown as 201t but upon new measurement process was declared 294g tons û see Aust.Coastal Pass ships. Why do you enter it again a few entries down??? 
SHAMROCK,  tug lost 1911, confusion among reports, but register says Camden haven so correct to read that 
SHANDON W ps, arrived Melbourne April 24, 1854 ON17877, 186/112n B.1839 repeat 1839 Napier, Glasgpw, in Australia always owned or managed by  J.Anderson who with others bought it in Glasgow in June 1853 and brought it to Australia. but registration never transferred remaining in glasgow. See Aust. Coastal Pass ships, and soon after arriving began in the Geelong trade, n 1858 and 59 was in the Melbourne Port albert trade, although Anderson tried to obtain a mail contract for a NZ coastal service in 1858. When the iron Thistle was placed on the Port albert trade he decided to send the vessel to far east for sale - had Anderson persevered against the Thistle he would have retained the trade because Thistle was wrecked soon after entering the Pt albert trade. The last word about her is in 1864  when in the Ningpo trade 
SHANDON  OF 1864, Heaven alone knows where Loney came across that piece of unbelievable material 
SIBERHORN,  is   not correct, see SILBERHORN< 
Sibly,  ACTUALLY sybil q. v Loney often gets confused by his typoraphicl mishitgs and believes they are real. 
SILVER CLOUD, , as usual you have renamed Union SS co of NZ as united shipping, just how or why or when you made this startling decision is beyond my comprehension but it appears  throughout!!!. It was broken up, in 1932  officially at least ON68550,  first reg  Australasia, at sydney in 1877,  then Napier in 1877, Auckland 1888, sold to Union company of NZ Ltd,1908 and made hulk at Hobart   and register closed 
SILVER STAR believed lost 1908 is the same as vessel immediately previous- last entry this name on page 827 identical with an earlier entry  - just why will you not check what you publish and stop making a laughting stock of the editor???????/ 
SIMLA built as an iron SCOW STEAMER, a most unusual typo amond many that constantly appear herein 
SINGAPORE, visiting Pt.albert, arrived  Feb.13,1841, barque  capt.Hamilton 
SIR DAVID OGILVY why the incorrect addemdum after you state the true information above??????? You make every effort to confuse anyone  trying to consult this extremely poor publication 
SIR HARRY SMITH, bq 408 arrived Melbourne  March 29, 1851, sold for  police block ship off St,Kilda Sept. 1855. but I think the identificaitnis incorrect. That range of offical numbers not used in Melbourne and as it was a hulk by the time official numbers introduced  it is unlikely to have had one issued - someone has grabbed the wrong identification 
SIR DUDEY DU CHAIR, has become mutilated 
Sir john Harvey, AS SO FREQUENTLY IN THIS EPIC, THE REPORT IS UP THAT WELL KNOWN CREEK   SEE Australian coastal Passenger Ships.  W ss  559g 438n British ON6087 Built 1852 for Boston owners, sold and reg sydney in august 1853 for proprietors of NSW COAL & Intercolnial SS Co and employed in the Sydney-Melbourne trade very intermittently suffering, no doubt, from the poor reputation acquired by American wooden steamers following the disaster of Monumental City. Sent overseas in 1855 looking for a buyer, and in October 1857 when in Rotterdam was sold to Geo Hopcroft of London, renamed CHASE AND ALTERED INTO A  whaler and sealer, and as such was crushed by ice in Davis Strait,  August 5,1860 etc etc I do not know how the Crimean war crops up but then so much twaddle appears in this so anything may be said without credulity. I am still utterly amazed to find that you can gather so much unreal rubbish and appear to believe it!!!!!. 
SIR JOHN YOUNG,  w ps,  49/29 tons built for sydney ferry. Sold 1869 to Maryborough owners  and registstation supposed to be transferred but not done and fate unknown û see my æ Port of MaryboroughÆ. 
SIR ROBERT PEEL, built sunderland in 1841 which is foruntate because you, with your miraculous powers, have it built in 1847 and lost in January the same year so it must have been transported by  magic û as so often happens there is aboslutley no sense in some of the statements placed on paper in this torrent of bad taste and carelessness. 
SIR WILLIAM McPHERSON, A HARBOUR MASTER OF Melbourne Harbour Trust û just what does that mean?? Was he a harbour master of the port of Melbourne, or simply given a title to shut him up? Or was he the local office boy?  You may claim I do not make things clear but some of your reports are beyond understanding!!! 
SIR WILLIAM MOLESWORTH   was converted to coal hulk upon sale in 1853 and custom register closd 1876 æbroken up date unknownÆ but when the fire in 1871 was reported it contained the remark that Capt.Deane had recently built a cottage on the deckà. 
SIR WILLIAM WALLACE, A WHALER FOR MANY YEARS?  Lost when on coastal work. arrived Hobart for sale in 1848 and was acquired by Brown & Co, large merchants and shipowners, folio 37 of 1848.  and another of your ægoodÆ reports has mixed her up with the whaler of that name owned in sydney from at least 1836, until broken up and reg closed in 1851. Brown and Co sold in 1856      and when re reg it became 1 of 1856. 
SIR WILLIAM WALLACE< STEAMER =  44 TONS BUILT 1891 D.Drake,Sydney, for the Wallace family sho operated harbour tugs in NSW 
SLAINS CASTLE, bq, 504t, arrived Pt.Phillip  Jan. 24,1851 left London  sept. 28, 1850 
SLIEVEMORE,  does not exist but there was  SLIEVE ROE 
Snapper   lost pt.phillip 1840 no vessel this name noted in the area 
SNIPE disappeared 1826  why two entries??? 
SOBRAON.  Among my extensive files I have NO reference to her being intended as a steamship! 
SOCORTA  another unsolved mystery by compilers of SAN, no evidence could be found for me 
SOMERSETSHIRE, ON56831 Built 1867 Money Wigram & Sons Blackwall, sold 1881   Lost in 1898 
SOPHIA - paddle tug,  built A.White cowes vide Melbourne register of  folio 234 of 1854 35 tons burthen, 98g/ 54n,  ON32545 Arrived Pt.Phillip from Gibraltar, Oct.30,1853. sold to Port Adelaide in 1872 and sold to Melbourne Oct. 1878 etc.. 
Returned to Pt.hillip May 1855 after a trip to Newcastle  and while probably offered for sale was not sold. 
SOPHIA, OWNED BY Robt Towns in 1853 probably - W 3m bq,  335t built in France, and named  FLANDRE, RENAMED WHEN REG SYD IN 1854, AND THE VESSEL SOLD AT Calcutta in 1854. 
SOPHIA JANE, HERE WE GO INTO FAIRYLAND AGAIN. It was not  the first steam link between UK and Australia but arrived from Cape Town where it had been for sale but there was not enough money available and so came to NSW looking for LOCAL work. And certainly DID NOT return to England û just where do you get this rubbish from???? IT was not the first ship to steam in Australia  which was the SURPRISE, WHICH YOUR HOPELESS CONTRIBUTOR KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT û THIS IS A SUBJECT THAT HAS BEEN COMPLETELY COVERED IN MANY OTHER, MORE RELIABLE PUBLICATIONS INCLUDING asr!!! You most certainly DO NOT read what you print. You say æmay have returned to EnglandÆ and then prattle on about it being scrapped locally etc.etc. Hopleless useless and senseless.!!!  If you would really want to know about it perhaps you could spare the time to look at Australian Coastal Passenger ships and avoid such stupid  reports! 
SOUTH AUSTRALIAN was owned by Devitt & Moore, just where are we going??? you have already placed Capt.bruce and family on CITY OF ADELAIDE, WAS NOTHING EVER CHECKED>>>???? (of course not, this is absolutely clear. 

SOUTHAMPTON  in Port Jan. 1860 was the Blackwaller of 1050t  that had arrived in December. 
SOUTHBOROUGH, more nonsense. A torpedo fired off Perth in 1918 û the upheaval/hysteria resulting would still be reverberating û what a stupid.thoughtless remark. 
SOUTHERN CROSS, I ss B.1863 (11) J. & g.Thomson, Glasgow, 641/ 343, three mast barque rig, originally and acquired by Wm.Rout and partners, Hobart, who tried to sell the vessel at Melbourne Oct. 1867, but failed and was then purchased by Tasmanian S.N.Co., eng. of 120hp. Lengthened and new engine installed 1878 now  779g, and eng 150hp. 
SOUVENIR, sunk 1860, a small vessel, and you add an incident involving a large vessel in 1879?? Pointless,senseless and editorially insane and with the way you have wasted so much paper in this book why not give it another entry, which in this case would appear correct 
SOVERIGN, W PS SEE Aust. Coastal Pass ships, built for  J.H.Grose, who sold to Hunter River company in  Oct.1842 following a freight war between them 
SPARROWHAWK, IN May 1876 sold to Wm.MORELEY, of Melbourne, a coal factor,whose business was acquired by Huddart, Parker & CO, then hulked  June 1881 and register closed 1917 with broken up  it was sold c.1895 to J.OSullivan probably for demolition 
SPARTAN INCORRECTLY SHOWN BUILT IN 1853 IN UNDERWRITERS REG WAS ACTUALLY = w BRIG, 223T on42986, BUILT 1863 RR 1863 Grand River, PEI, and in 1866 acquired by Wm.Andrews,reg sydney folio 75 of 1866 who took as partner W.G.Laidley in June 1870 and the vessel was wrecked in the China Seas Sept. 19,1872 
SPECULATOR, w ps believed to be first steamer CONSTRUCTED in WA built by t.W.Mews, Mt.Eliza,Perth, 
SPEEDWEL,, BUILT Cork England, you certainly do like to stir up the British and the Irish.  Where, in England is Cork?  It may be considered to be involved in Gt.Britain, so long as you do not talk to any Irishman, as well as demonstrating an appallingl lack of knowledge about geography in the northern hemisphere. 
SPEEDY, on27770 sold howard smith  june 1872 and huked, 1891 to  j r Clarke  and others reverts howard smith june 1901 
SPENCER, all that yackkayakka about when lost.  The Argus Jan, 24, 1854, reprinting the letter from the Captain, states it was 60 miles to  the eastward of  Port albert, so wherever and whatever, should not be the basis for such a long disatation about nothing importan.t Your pre-occuptaiton with petty Victorian incidents makes the rest of the book almost worthless for historical reearchers. 
SPHENE  OWNED BY hOWARD sMITH, Australian steamships   from 1919 till 1935, 
SPITFIRE  BUILT. BY Cuthbert, transferred to Queensland Navy?? Unlikely as there was none, it was transferred as government vessel, and was employed in many capacities until sold out of service. It was always a qld government vessel never considerd a naval unit, having lost its gun before  trans to Qld. 
SPRAY on10285  HAD  wooden HULL  NOT IRON 
SPRINGBOK, on39343, said to have arrived in Geelong in 1854 is the wrong ship. It was first reg Melbourne  folio 41 of 1866 by her master  Henry Harrison, who in November 1872 took his vessel with passenger from Sandridge, bounf for northern territory gold rushes, and it was reported missing have left Newcastle. But it turned up at Port Darwin after a 40 day voyage,  when about to leave for the south again   and discharge some cargo at roper river, which was done, then toward the end of January dragged anchors and went ashore near Maria Is., bumping badly but was refloated and resumed an erratic course with the owner/master apparently either mad, drunk, or trying to wreck the vessel. Upon arrival at Somerset a naval court was held  March 8 -11th 1873 to hear charges brought against the captain, and the court found he was unable to continue in command and the board then appointed Waters of HMS Basilisk to take the ship to Brisbane, where it arrived may 11 after a very protracted voyge when scurvy and disintary appears   while the vessel was fighting the monsoonal weather. In Nov. 1874 was acquired by Paterson & Co and made a coal hulk 
ST.GEORGE, is wrong name it was SIR GEORGE which you have already recorded.  More poor reading of notes, or whatever from your excellent compilers 
St.Kilda  built 1868 see Scutled & Abandoned ships for correct detail of  hulk and abandonment  ON60367, builers J.fullerton & Co,  reg Melbounre 1868 by Spence Brothers, merchants of Melbourne and Greymouth New Zealand thence various owners in N Z until reg Auckland 19o8 and in 1910 sold to sydney owner, but reg not transferred, hulked in 1911. 
ST MAWES CASTLE, was built at Hayle, a town in cornwall 
ST.VINCENT,  lost NZ in 1869 you have wrong detail about builder AND AS SO FREQUENTLY HAPPENS YOU HAVE GUESSED WRONGLY, THE MIGRANT SHIP St.Vincent of Devitt & Moore had nothing to do with this vessel 
STAR cutter 10t b1838, you have forgotton to put down the fate of the vessel 
STAR W ps B.1852. June 1853 sold to Melbourne about to depart SMH June 4, 1853, returns sydney  having been owned by Geo.D.Gill,  August 1855.. 
STAR< WSS  59/40 BUILT Devonport, not Davenport which is what you sit upon being a settee. The vessel was lengthened when transferred to Hobart in1906 etc.etc. 
STAR OF ERIN, WAS LOST NEAR waipapa light not as printed 
STAR OF EVE  was lost 1865 repeat 1865, not 1863 
Star of the north in 1893 drifted out to see what??  You state it went to see but do not say what it went to see!!! 
Stefano, STRANGE USE OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE.  It was from Cardiff with coal  so why say otherwise and you do not quote the details I have taken from the continental Insurance register of builder and owner û so much confusion apparent but I shouldnÆt be surprised, it appears in great profusion throughout 
STRINGRAY how unusual!, wrong name!!! See STINGAREE in scuttled & Abandoned Ships, put down in 1966 
StIRLINGSHIRE  w BARQUE (NOTBRIG) 217 T EX Sydney sept. 24, arrived Pt.Phillip Oct.5, 1836 with HMS Rattlesnake next day. In sydney arrivals is shown as a brig 
STORM BIRD, B.1854 lost in 1916 You have captured some amazing flights of fancy - or sheer ignorance!!! oldest working steamer in world ha ha ha what about, for instance,Edina??? For facts see Aust.Coastal Pass ships.- I ss 96/67t; 1861 = when converted to sail:  1883 = 217/137 lenghtened and now 130.3 x 19.6. arrived Melbourne Oct. 13,1854 in charge of part owner and immediately put into the Pt.Albert trade and a company formed for the trade in 1857. and sold to Dunedin owners in May 1861,but was unsuitable and sold to Wellington and  engine refitted 
STORMBIRD  Melbourne ferry = Wood not Iron ss  75/54 b.1901 sydney reg melb 1904 lengthened 1904  75/54 when sold to Orbost Shipping Co who sold in 1911 to Sydney owners and sent back to NSW, etc etc 
STRANGER ON48629, you have left out the name of the township where the vessel was constructed. And have the wrong official number û more lack of concentration??? 
STRANGER on74660 you report it built in 1872 but launched in 1876?????????/ 
Strathcona, lost 1915 û you appear to have overlooked the facts as I set them out. your compiler has got it very wrong. 
STRATHFIELDSAY bq 478 ARRIVED HobArt August 11,1834 with 286 free female emigrants from London. GREat crowd of men attended while tHey landed by boat, but many of BOTH women & MEN were iNsulting  and arrived Pt.Phillip august 30,1841 from London 259 bounty immigrants 
STRATHINORE, no P&Ovessel that name,ever existed, bad typing, poor reading or what??? 
STRATHLEVEN< CARGO OF bEEF  LEFT Sydney  and was arranged by T.S.Mort à 
STRATHMOrE Iron shp built in 1875, once more a miracle as it was wrecked in July1874!!!! And distress signals sighted Jan. 1875??? Strange the press thought that as in 1876  - Charlwood as usual raves on about something he obviously knows nothing about û your contributors are of an highly inventive type/ 
SUAKIM, date departed left out, why 
SUCCESS IRON ketch EX BARGE WAS  PART OWNED BY Adelaide MILLING & Merchantile co not mining 
SUCCESS  BARGE, EX hmas SEE Scuttled & Abandoned ship for better disposal 
SULTANA  Hervey Bay Feb. 1866 û see Port of Maryborough =  495 passengers landed,  w ship 1308t, B. 1853 St.Johns NB, owners J.Baines & CO, reg. Liverpool
SUMMER ROSE, why two entries?????????? 
SUNBEAM  443T on20477 BUILT 1857 kirkaldy  not as printed for London owner, sold Wellington 1875 to Melbourne 1886 Huddart,Parker and others, and converted to coal hulk. It is unfortunate for your story that Outer Harbour Pt.Adelaide was not built until 1908-9, so what happened in 1879 I do not know reg closed 1910 æabandoned North ArmÆ 
Superb  W BQ  535 T ARRIVED FROM GREENOCK Dec.5, 1839 and sailed for Sydney Dec.20 see Migrant Ships for South Australia for full detail 
SUPERB W  ship 524 tons, from Baltimore MARCH 25, 1854, WHEN LEAVING THE CREW MUTINIED AND WERE PUT IN IRONS SO THE VESSEL COULD PROCEED, AND OF COURSE THEY WERE ABOARD - TO BE RELEASED WHEN AT SEA, HOW ELSE WOULD THERE BE ENOUGH CREW???? AND IT HAD CLEARED FOR Callao, not madras Capt.S.Prentiss û you just do not known anything about early shipping matters,practices û an ignorance which continually is revealed through this horror publication 
Surprise w ps, B.1831 Sydney as ferry Parramatta river, 58.0 x 9.8 x 4.9 and registered as measuring 18 tons burthen 45 gross. Left for tas Jan. 7 under canvas and arrived Feb.1,1832 and her first trials under steam  anti date those of Sophia Ann, as noted previously Custom reg closed 1845 æbroken upÆ. It is often claimed converted into a schooner named ANNA JANE, BUT THIS CANNOT BE CONFIRMED AS WHEN THAT VESSEL WAS REGISTERED IT WAS DESCRIBED AS A NEWLY BUILT VESSEL ALTHOUGH IT IS POSSIBLE SOME OF SURPRISE TIMBERS WERE USED/ 
Surprise LOST Cape Bossut, why two entries???????? 
SURPRISE 90 tons, ON59505 first reg Sydney 1868, having previously been owned in Papeete 
SURPRISE w  AUX SCH, b. 1900, 88G/64T  ENG.REMOVED NOW SCH RIG,  88G/79T.  MASTER WHEN STRANDED IN 1904  A,H,Fletcher, when lost in 1907 J.T.Gallienne and of course you have the wrong tonnage 
SUSAN THE CUTTER OR SLOOP TRADING FROM Pt.Philip to Port albert  etc., in early 1850s was the vessel owned in Hobart and lost in 1865.  and from 1848 was owned by Charles McShane. 
SUSAN, w KETCH BUILT 1851 (AT Hawkesbury River) and enrolled 68 of 1851 repeat 1851 register closed ælostÆundatedÆ 
SUSAN GILMORE, details  in my book from the American Lloyds register of ships 
SUSSEX of Money Wigram was built at their own shipyard in Blackwall London, they were never, in any way, at any time involved with Southampton 
SUVA, WE STILL CANNOT SPELL australasian, when it comes to that particular shipowner. Taken by Admiralty  July 1915, armed and sent to patrol Arabian Gulf,  and red sea returned and in 1919 took Lord Jellicoe on a tour of NEW Guinea 
SWALLOW, you succeeded in wrecking at Swan Is,, in 1922, appears a little later in a Loney fantasy about being built in New Zealand (never heard of Wellington on the Murray in SA????) of course not 
SWALLOW  one time train ferry at Grafton, for full detail see Scuttled & Abandoned ships - . 
as so often the case in this disaster û when faced with two or more ships of the same name catastrophe takes control  - SWAN. YOUR INTRODUCTION AND COLLECTION OF  MISINFORMATION  OR INABILTY TO UNDERSTAND WHAT THE SO CALLED RESEARCHERS WROTE appears in the worst cocktail yet to be printed û FOR INSTANCE the æSWAN which arrived in Hobart in 1837 was in fact named SWAN RIVER PACKET BUILT IN Bombay in 1801 AND nothing to do with the SWAN which became a pilot vessel. That one arrived from Liverpool July 18,1853 and was said to be 40 tons, although when registered  as folio 174/1853 (MY TYPO 1854) it was said to be 36 tons. That vessel was built in Waterford, Ireland in 1845 and was wrecked in NZ in 1865. The SWAN, run down by ss Queensclife was built in tas in 1862 and stranded apollo bay in 1882 and was first registered melbourne Jan.1868 by J.B.Lock  I cannot, from your very confused report, decide who has gone mad with this concotion but it surely is a lovely exhibition of the sort of rubbish your collection of misinformation  contains. You then follow with a catalogue of MORE misinformation.  And the whole pile of rubbish is so mangled it would be better to toss it out as it only demonstrates your foolish acceptance of misinformation in lieu of a little checking of readily available material.  All the other refs to Lock etc., are for the same vessel built in 1862. He was associated with a Janson who was owner for a while of the vessel. Had you taken the time to consult the various arrivals books you list in the biblography but have apparently NEVER used, you would not need to make such a foolishly stupid report.  And your Swan(4) entry is  mixture of all the others above û how on earth can you expect anyone to believe this pile of rubbish through their laughter, is beyond belief, although it is highly unlikely any person seriously interested in maritime history will have suffered this concoction this far.  There was NO swan built in France arriving anywhere in 1837 û that is just sheer speculation from someone who took absolutely no care to try and see what did arrive.  The Noble character was obviously too lazy to check properly û there was a state library in Melbourne even is his day - and needs to have his brain read. û he didnÆt know what he was looking at but wrote what he wanted to have happen probably taking it from another unimportant. secondary source, and should be dismissed as utterly useless. 
SWANSEA w SS B.1877  and suffered the accident on its delivery to Sydney where it was intended to be employed on the Watsons bay Ferry service, it had a long life and was renamed Federal in 1901 
SWIFT 129  YOUR  PATRONISING CORRECTION OF Capt,GwatkinÆs name  is further evidence of your unwillingness to consult books you list and is uncalled for. The family are frequently mentioned in early Tasmanian records such as shipping arrivals etc. 
SWIFTNESS  W  steamship when it arrived in Melbourne for Victorian Lighterage Company, and was still steam when arrived in Hobart Oct. 4, 1956, but re-engined in 1958 completing  trials in January 1959 
SWORDFISH on38811, LAST OWNERS WERE Rooneys Ltd, Townsville, and custom house register says abandoned at Maryborough 1919 
SYBIL  lost rockhamton in 1858 is the same ship you later list as lost off NSW which you so quaintly and patronisingly observe Rocky was in NSW when this happened 
SYDNEY on69743 Sydney OWNERS Thomas Cowlishaw, rr cowlishaw, not as printed 
SYDNEY  hopper barge ex  City of Brisbane, for full detail see Scuttled & Abandoned ships 
SYDNEY SS OF Melbourne company I see you have decided that Tasmanians do not know how to spell Devonport  and insist it is DAVENPORT 
Sydney packet, OF 1826,  Arrivals reporting from press says  departed from Hobart for Macquarie island  once in 1826 but did not do so from Hobart in 1825?? 
SYLPH, ON32395 your infallable compilers are at again, this vessel was constructed by Henry Ed.Fisk, at Brisbane Water. The SYLPH built in 1845 in North Sydney was sold sold foreign at Fiji in 1850. and was said to be dandy rigged  Mr.Field acquired the vessel Feb.1869 according to her register the SYLPH, built by  Benj.Davis was constructed in 1861 û which demonstrates how some  ædippersÆ into the records are led astray.  û see your next entry for the 1861 effort 
SYLVAN, IS CORRET BUT IS FOLLOWED BY A VESSEL WITH FULL INFORMATION FOR Sylvan but with name mutilated.i.e, SYLVANE without an engine, although I do not have any reference to that happening, you should see my Port of Maryborough. No referene to incident in Brisbane river register closed sunk at moorings Newcastle dec. 1924, having been convertd to hulk in 1921. the last owners were J.A.Callen, and in the 1920s the family abandoned a whole small fleet on the bank st Stockton as business declined. 
SYLVIA û PRESS AND SYME HAVE IT AS sylvie sch 46 tons inward from Liverpool Feb. 19,1855 and outward for Ncle June 26 Capt. H.Gordon and returned from sydney at geelong sept 8,1855   now 47 tons and returns sydney Oct. 15 
SYREN, no ref to any of the incidents. 

TAGLIAFERRO< I SS  on85156   SEE Aust.Coastal Passenger Ships,  was very frequently engaged in the Melbourne-WA passenger trade during the gold rushes 
TAIAROA,  B.1875 ACQ BY Union Line 1876. 
TAIAROA, loss co-ordinates as supplied by official war loss list but the Graf Spee was always publicly reported working in the southern Atlantic 
TALDORA< I SS on82884, B.1881 FOR  MCiLWRAITH,McEACHARN FOR USE OUT OF Rockhampton by their agents/subsidiy Walter reid & CO, see Australian Coastal Pass Ships  see also Scuttled & Abandoned Ships for  dumping 
TALUNE, once again sheer carelessness has joined two vessels the same name without a break suggesting the one vessel continued for centuries. First  SSS ON57626 B.1890  found the Perthshire etc., and sold to breakers in 1925. The second did arrive as you state and was described as  S ss  ON153895, 2742/1498 built for the sydney-Tasmanian trade made her last voyage Hobart to Sydney via Devonport commenced Apl. 11,1959   and then sold in 1959 to Hong Kong and renamed AMOS but went to breakers the next year. And of course you sunk the second steamer in 1925, instead of the first û just how confused can anyone become???? You certainly manage to confuse any sensible reader 
TAM OÆshanter   ASHORE NEAR THE tAMAR was sold to the Hentys and the register closed with broken up 
TAMAHINE, S tss ON151506, tonnage varies= 1989/803; 1948 û 1968g; 1956 1964g. B.1925 for the Union companyÆs Cook strait passenger service between Wellington and Picton sold 1962 to Hong Kong for further trading, it was estimated when the service ceased Aug. 11, 1962 it had made the crossing 15000 times and carried about 2 million passengers 
TAMAR, HERE WE GO AGAIN, UTTER CONFUSION ON THE PART OF THE EDITOR because there are some vessels of the same name!!!!!!!!!!. 
Tamar  w ps, built 1833 Pt Glasgow for proposed Tamar s.N.Co û see also Austral Coastal Pass ships. As you have all the ownershps jumbled, confused and not very clear  and then decend into complete and utter confusion  with your additions by such a collection of unreliable writers only making things much worse. 
TAMAR ON 32216,  WAS BUILT BY  Wm.Patterson, not Petersen And was originally  reg as 119 tons, altered in 1858 to 109 
TAMAR ISS  453 tons, in 1882 to Sydney owners see Ast Coastal Pass ships,  last confirmed reference 1925 when hulk offered for sale Apparently along the way none of your fancied compilers of myth have noticed there was a tug built in 1854 named TAMAR  for the Launceston harbour board which was obviously engaged in some of the things you wish to credit to the wooden tug - what a mess some people do weave when they do not take the trouble to consider or understand all available material - a barque this name  said to be lost in 1874 was NOT owned in Australia, if the incident ever happened 
TAMBARORA Iss laid down as a gunboat but brought on the stocks,  Stranded the morning of March 23, 1877 on a reef n w of th solataries, NSW coast, the pumps were kept going until she reached the Clarence river where temporariy repairs were made to enable her to comnplete the trip to Brisbane 
TAMBO Gippsland lakes, according to register = 
TAMBO, I ss   40g, ON79531, 72 feet long, Built 1882 A.McAlpine, Paynesville   and registered by C.Swan, and in june 1885 to J.G.Dahlsen,  reg closed Dec.1891 made into a barge 
TAMERLANE, iron hull, full detail see Scuttled & Abandoned Ships 
TAMORIS,, you have another version of the name earlier. Why no cross reference???????/////// 
TANGIER  ss chartered by the Intercolonial  S S co for its Melbourne-WA pass and cargo service in 1896 -  S ss 1880g reg Pt.Adelaide 1895 returns to London reg 1904  see æSteamships in Colonial  Western Australia for full detail, 
TARANAKAI  is incorrect.  the New Zealand place and therefore the ship is  written TARANAKI 
Taranaki, I ss 415/299 until July 1877 = 443/327 was founding unit of Union ss      and became folio 15 of 1877 Dunedin original  2 of 1866 Wellington 
TARARUA I ss, see Aust.Coastal Pass ships,  692/523.  1876 û 827/563, ON50088 in May 1869 acquired by McMeckan,Blackwood & CO, reg. Melbourne:  who sold to Union Line in 1878 original 3 mast schooner, in 1876 reduced to 2 mast. Operated all round australia and particularly noted for association with the building of the Australian overland telegraph and berthing in the Roper River, N.T. and just why do you duplicate.??? Just to waste space I suppose û that seems to be the general idea in this disaster. 
TARBET CASTLE was actually named TARBERT CASTLE was built as a paddle steamer. Arrived Pt.Phllip Nov. 15, 1853 reported as Tarbett Castle. Reg Melbourne 1854 in 1861 briefly owned by the Turnbulls of Pt.Albert but sold to Dunedin in 1862 and became hulk. 
TARRA  W ss b.1869 Melbourne for Turnbulls of Port Albert, Sold Dec.1871 to others Sept.1882 to owners in Bairnsdale last owners from 1895 Dahlsen & Bull, reg closed 1918 ælong since broken upÆ û with your partiality for Victorian shipping I thought you MIGHT have known about this one!!!!! 
TASMA, lost  1846, was actually named TASMAN, Q V 
Tasman,  built 1847 was sold to English buyers in 1854. 
TASMANIA (the wooden Tasmania), arrived Port phillip Dec.13,1852, from Batavia  the first American owned steamer to visit Melbourne. - she came in the hope of making money out of the gold rushes. And in april 1853 was renamed when purchased by the newly formed Victoria & Tasmania s.n.Co but was never free from engine trouble.,the Vic & tas company failed and the vessel was sold and re-reg in Hobart in Jan.1855 prior to leaving for England for disposal -  as usual one of your ægoodÆ compilers sent her to Sydney for the coal trade but no contemporary reference has been discovered to support his claim  you could get some more information  from Aust.Coastal Pass ships etc.etc.etc. 
TASMANIA Iss and we really go off the board. Lanarkshire England û ha ha ha!!! Built as a collier - desperately incorrect, designed and intended as a first class passenger vessel. But why go further your entry completely mad û see Aust. coastal pass ships etc. and only when sold away from Tasmania did it begin to work as a collier. 
TASSO, W  bq. ON20396, B. 1857 first to aust at Newcastle in 1872. sold Jan 1880 for use as coal hulk to Osbourne Wallsend Coal co. register closed 1890 with æbroken upÆ 
TATTOO  another warship built from iron in 1918 û did UK suddenly run out of steel? Or is it that you simply cannot abide having warships built from steel -= I simply cannot understand how anyone claiming to have an interest in nautical matters can make so many glaring, unbelievably stupid errors!!! 
TAUPO, Sss Built 1884, repeat 1884, and the second of the name in the Union line hence the use of that II which has caused you some concern 
TE ANAU  S ss ON75225 1652/1029 b.1879 fror Union Line, It was the second steel hulled ship built for the company and fitted with elecriclight in 1895 and for many years was in the intercolonial passenger trade until converted for cargo work in 1909, She was scuttled in Wanganui Harbour in connection with harbour construction work in 1924 
TEAL  WKT  34T, on49283, B. 1864 John Cuthbert,Sydney, last owners Manning River S.N.c, register closed Æabandoned about 1881 and to be broken up at TareeÆ 
TELL I see we still fancy a TWO MAST  barque??????// orig  380 tons reduced to 302 when hulked, 
TEMPLAR  w bq 284 t j.harry mstr  from gls arrived jan 2 1854 left for callao apl 11 
Tenterden, see aust.coastal pass  ships etc. 
Terara I PS b.1885 for Illawarra S N CO, July 1895 North coast SN etc. 
Terkpelei   YOU PERHAPS WOULD NOT BE SO SURPRISED HAD YOU READ HER ROUTE MORE CAREFULLY  AS  I REPORTED IT WAS ON THE WAY FROM New York to UK when lost û stupid carelessness or deliberate effort to be difficult û I just do not know what happens, but you never seem to be able to read things as well as others!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Terranora, S ps, following sale to NZ converted to hulk in Auckland in 1906. 
TERROR, w bq, b.1840 Cork, first in aust. By boyd at Sydney1843 
TETHYS  S tss dredger built 1905 for  NSW Govt. apparently involved in an incident in 1907 
THALES ISS  WAS FOR SOME TIME UNDER CHARTER TO ASN  AND WAS WORKING Hong Kong-australia with chinese goldminers etc. 1196t b.1865  reg hong kong you obviously have no knowledge of Australian shipping of the 19th century 
THE Brothers, was registered simply as BROTHERS, and while it did make some trips to Manly can hardly be called the first ferry to Manly, it was used everywhere on Port Jackson as the owners saw fit. 
THE HUNTRESS was never known as such, just poor research, someone wrote about the HUNTRESS.  It was NOT a success as a ferry and ended up in New Zealand as you vaguely report under that name 
THISTLE owned by Hentys at one time, - your story so far from reaility it may be consigned to the fairytale department  - I QUOTE FROM THE CUSTOM HOUSE REGISTER -  57 &55/94ths tons,  52Æ6 x 16..3 x 8.11 and half inches. Built 1825 repeat 1825 Fort Gloster w 2m schooner and when reg Launceston in 1832 was said to be formerly of Calcutta where it had been enrolled Apl.17 1828. in August 1832, enrolled Launceston by James Henty having arrived Launceston Jan. 1832 from the Swan River so your pile of piffle just romantic  fiction. Yet you copy mine without comment apart from indicating I do not know what I am talking about û so much for a helpful encylopedia û where confusion is the theme of the whole work 
THISTLE IPS LOST Port Albert, better get Love to write to the Melbourne newspapers seeing he disagrees wth their contemporary reporting. The papers reporting it had left for Pt.Albert Dec. 21 û just where do your marvellous compilers get their information????? û it looks as though many, if not all, write the æinformationÆ to suit their desires, not the facts!!!!!!!! 
THISTLE sank forster bar, mistaken but how or why I cannot explain. Nlo vessel that size registered in Sydney in 1906/7 
THOMAS ANN COLE  (No & in the middle)  reg Trans to London in 1861 
THOMAS  AND ANNIE,   84 tons,my typo, should be 14   I e fourteen 
THOMAS AND HENRY, working in 1850 was =  w brig  234 tons, built 1850 manning river, later ON40352, that was broken up  in new zealand in 1924 
THOMPSONS OF  1837 was registered as THOMSONS so it should be thus listed with all the variations following- if there was any editorial work on this book û which clearly there was NOT. 
THORWALDSON  (a different spelling   per press to your entry) - w SHIP  907/850 Capt.A.Birnie, arrived Pt.Phillip Nov. 11,1852 from Liverpool, with 334 pasengers 
The same master, different initial took the vessel back to sea later so if the charge succeeded he didnÆt get into much trouble 
THREE BEES,  why did you painfully tell readers abut Dawes Point but omit the location of bennelong Point, either your readers know the location of both or none!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
THREE COUSINS,  so vague you cannot bring yourself to include any ref as to where this information came from???????????????? 
THREE FRIENDS< W SCH,  13T, on40955, B.1863 Richmond River, NSW, first owners R.S.Warry, merchant of Brisbane and Port Denison who sold in 1865 to  Melbourne resident who did not transfer register and vessel lost to customs  and it was closed in 1918 æno trace 
THURLAND CASTGLE, is not mentioned in lists of vessels missing after leaving Newcastle. But was - Iron ship 1301g/1244 226.1 x 34.8 x  21.5, B.1876 Harland & Wolff Belfast, owners: Lancaster Shipowners Co, reg. Lancaster Capt.W. Anderson,  Maiden voyage to Auckland left Gravesend,  Nov.4,1876, with a very young master, aged 24 years, appointed, according to gossip,because his father had an interest in the ship, but it made a good voyage arriving AUCKLAND feb.8, 1877. According to Brett, in ÆWhite winGsÆ  went to Newcastle for coal and then vanished (LUR 1877 æWhite WingsÆ) 
TICONDEROGA  a FOUR MAST SHIP in 1852?  Extremely unlikely. While  other  refs give dfferent numbers of loss to illness- arrived at heads Nov. 5 from Liverpool 
TIGER ON31600 first in Australia at Melbourne in 1853 
TIGRESS LOST 1872?? Register closed in 1872 with no reason quote,nor any contemporary report of loss, and probably demolished. First to Australia in 1829 when advertised for sale in January Owner in May 1829 Archibald.Mosman of sydney reg. Glasgow, trans to sydney register 1834. described originally 193 tons,  in 1853 readmeasured = 109tons, B.1827 Dumbarton, and over a long life variously rigged û 2m sch, 2m brigantine etc.,etc. No transactions after Feb.1854. 
TILBA,  while owned by the Illawarra Company was employed full time on the south coast trades, you possibly meant to indicate when built it was going to be on the northern rivers trade, but then, as so often happens in this mismanaged disaster, you forgot to tell anyone 
TIMARU, I SS  B.1883 FOR Timaru steam collier Co,reg.Lyttleton,arriving march 1884,  for reasons not announced sold March 1889 to North Illawarra Coal mining, and reg trans to Sydney employed as a collier, c.1907 acquired for cargo/pass service between Brisbane and Clarence River, NSW.. in april 1919 to James Patrick,  then briefly to North Coast Comany who sold in 1923 to Adelaide Steam Tug company who made it a lighter for the conveyance of limestone from Yorke Peninsula to Port Adelaide for the cement company, and for a while there ws the hope it may be fitted with a motor to become self propelled, but this was abandoned and the vessel remained in service until 1959 when replaced by a specially obtained vessel for the trade.. and the hull demolished. 
TIME of 1890 etc.etc.,and all that speculation û see my entry for Howard Smith vessel this name which undoubtedly is the craft you cannot identify.but you list immediately after which was initially registered at Melbourne folio 9 of 1890 
TINANA S ss  1901 obtained for seasonal sugar trade out of Maryborugh and usually always on Qld coast, in 1925 to  Collin & sons for the same service, then to John burke in 1933 for the sydney-North Qld route formerly serviced by ss Cannonbar in 1946 sold to China but drops out of Lloyds in 1950 which usually means it was demolished 
TINONEE  297g,  1884 = 313/200, when refitted for  regular Sydney-north coast service by B B Nicoll but was unsuitable and sold to Morts dock in 1887 who had installed a new engine and boiler in 1879. last transaction ws in 1892 when sold for use with the pearling fleet. No further information and register closed 1953,  ASN used it on bar harbour work and for some time operated between Brisbane and Maryborough 
TIRRANA Dantzig may have ended up as part of germany but it was NOT german when this vessel was built. Agree I have made an error in dates ûthe same you have constantly performed through this book. The raider attacked JUNE not as I printed January  and your pastronising tone continues û along with many more of your childish, petulant observations 
TITAN Ip s tug,  97g, ON55122 b.1866 Barclay,Curle & Co, Glasgow for the Spence brothers  Melbourne and Greymouth, reg.Melbounre who sold in Jan. 1869 to Melbourne lighterage operators Norton & Graham  who in July 1871 sold to Jas Deane, he sold to Lyttelton owners in July 1873 reg closed with beached and abandoned at the head of Bluff Harbou about 1901 
TITANIA,  reported for sale in smh did not find a purchaser in Australia or new zealand. 
TITUS I SS OF 1878, WHEN ACQUIRD BY Burns,Philp in 1896 was the first vessel in the fleet û just what drugs was someone on when they printed that remarkable story??? The vessel was acquired by Melbourne owners in 1884  and became a hulk for BP at Vila in 1908 and was scuttled in 1919. The accident in 1907 involved the vessel KADINA, NOT AS PRINTED. AND WHILE YOU HAVE HER SCUTTLED IN 1918, YOU LATER DECIDE THAT 1911 LOOKS BETTER??????? 
Tjinegara  MORE stupid comment  - I quote official report that admittedly is vague, but then give correct site which you find quite unreasonable û just what do you think you are trying to do?ö?these useless comments do not help in this continuous disaster I can only suppose you must make them to let  readers û if by this, any û that yuu can work out a map reading 
TOCOPILA   full details see Scuttled & Abandoned Ships 
TOFUA s SS b.1908 FOR THE Union LineÆs Pacific Island services. Found survivors of the ERROL  lost on Middleton reef in 1909. Withdrawn from service in 1932, and sold to Japanese breakers in 1934 
TOM FISHER W f&a sch  87t, B.1884 Balmain, in 1906 was owned by G.M.Gummer, timber merchant,Thursday Is, reg Brisbane  and sold to N Z in 1910 and then to French atTahiti in 1912, so whatever happened in 1906 was not fatal 
TOMMY, b.1859 reg closed 1928 æbroken up some years agoÆ last transaction 1895 when acquired by R.R.Holten, ballast man Port Melbourne. spent all working life jumping between owners in north and south tasmsnia South Australia and victoria 
TOPAZ, AMERICAN sealer and  trader, Capt. Folger, arrived from Boston in Hobart oct. 1 1807 rr 1807 and went whaling in Adventure Bay and Left Tasmania Nov 3         see Nicholsons arrivals departures 
HMS Torch  1844 Mare  Blackwall, was sold out of the RN in sydney in 1856 reg sydney as a commercial craft which was sold to Java in 1857 so your 1917 incident canot be joined -  Which is easy to believe ûin 1917 one would think a vessel built in 1844 might just be beyond use 
TOROA Iron ss  built 1899 for  Richardson & CO, Napier, NZ reg Napier folio 3 of 1899 trans to Melbourne 9 of 1908 then Launceston   1 of 1908 thence Melbourne 7 of 1911, so as usual your source of information has many problems with accuracy although some records do show the vessel was built from steel which is not confirmed by underwriters  and customs house registers. 
TORRENS HMAS  see Scuttled and Abandoned ships for final disposal correction 
Trader, WHICH I TOLD YOU WAS BUILT AT Camden,Maine, has appeared with you wondering here maine is û wonderful grasp of Geography,as evidenced millions of times in this disaster.  Unfortunately for your sensational reporting the STAR OF GREECE was not lost  in 1866 û see your own records û but there were one or two other wrecks nearby as ou have also reportedà. 
TRAFALGAR  LOST 1860, UNLIKELY SEE MY COMMENT ABOUT 1864  AND OF COURSE THE ONE Lubbock was talking about was the large iron vessel you mention above û how to get customers confused is again demonstrated and   has come down to a fine  art in this dispairing  catalogue of confusionÆ 
TRANCOOLAH, I wonder what has been mutilated to deliver this name???? could it possibly be TRINCULO????C 
TRANSFER   built B1825 was constructed at the town of Louis a Loup, not by = more lovely geographical confusion 
TRANSPORT W brig,  307 tons, b, 1865 by G.B.Reid, Port George, Annapolis, Nova Scotia to newcastle NSW  folio 12 1874 ex Dublin register. Newcastle register closed Feb.1888 with broken up on Stockton Beach, - so never lost or wrecked simply demolished û more Loney fantasay I suppose  Heaven alone knows where Leek got his information û it is not from an Australian registration 
TREVANION,  caught by Graf spee û my trip information as contained in official war loss list  -  donÆt know where Torrance got his from 
TRIAD, sch,  94 tons,  ex Hobart, arrived Pt.Phillip May 12, 1851  and left for Circular Head  May 21, but got ashore  between the lighthouse and a marker bouy May 22 and was warped off. So incident  nearer queensclife. Triad was built in 1850 on Huon river and reg.Hobart, and was sold to Government June 1853 (Of Tasmania) 
TRIAL  LOST  May 1861, but you also suggest others found it was wrecked in 1824, which would be rather difficult seeing it was only built in 1837, but then you do such wonferful things 
triomphe WAS not RR not REGISTERED IN Australia and was probably owned  in Mauritius LoneyÆs vessel  was reported stranded in 1864 etc etc 
TRITON B.1838 Bristol was given two ON because one custom House lost it.   Melbourne last had it  as folio 147/1853, issued ON32456 and wrote it off in 1876 No trace  however, in the meantime it had been re registered at Newcastle in 1854,  7 of 1854   which was closed æstrandedÆ in 1863, when salvaged repaired an re reg in sydney they were given 32705.. From the rest of your strange collection I can report there was NO rr No vessel this name registered as built Manning river in 1844 or one named Ben Boyd so your compilers were very misled by the problems that beset this vessel. Which first came to Austalasia a Auckland in 1847 then moved to Hobart, Melbourne, Newcastle  and sydney I can sort out the mess as I have collected ALL registrations around the place and can match them up. The vessel this name stranded Port Fairy, is this vessel also reported stranded Portland which did not happen - the Pt.fairy accident happened March 3, refloated April 26 
TRIUMPH, see  THE TRIUMPH for vessel lost near Glenelg river 
TROUBRIDGE was built fr the Pt.Adelaide û Pt.Lincoln  service, and later moved to the Kangaroo Island run 
TRUCANINI  why all this waffle about the name, the shipbuilder or owner spelt the name wrongly û they should consult you for so many fine exampes you offer û unfortunate but it does happen, your comments unnecessary or if you feel there should be some comment, a simple statement confirming the spelling of the name would suffice., There were a number of vessels with the correct spelling which your compilers/contributors etc, seem to have lost sight of 
TRUE BLUE hulk, for correct description and disposal see Scuttled & Abandoned ship. 
TRUGANINA -  YOU ARE SO RIGHT  - YOU ARE UTTERLY CONFUSED.  That the early shipbuilders/owners chose to spell a word differently should not cause you to get lost in a mumble of meaningless explanations that do nothing to help anyone. Yap yap yap like a little dog when something crops up that you are unable or unwilling to understand. 
TRUGANINA,  which you award to 1846 was actually -  named TRUGANINI  AND WAS = w 2M KT 40t  on57574 BUILT B1876 RR 1876  Franklin, and was a acquired by J.B.Lock of Melb in 1888 who died and his execs sell to  E.J.Janssen of Phillip Is and he immediately sold to south australia and you will find the loss in my book 
TRUGANINI STEAMER entry  is the vessel you later list in some detail, even if that entry is up that same well known creek as many of your other entries. û of  course you must swing into your unnecessary dissatation about the name û how to waste time and space, let alone money, is wonderfully exhibited in this load of tripe. For some better information you could look at Australian coastal Pass Ships etc.  in aprll 1879 sold to B B Nicoll for the sydney-Northern rivers trade,then considered for Brisbane û north qld trade and in April 1882 to James  Burns, and was announced for work out of Brisbane, and when Burns succeeded in forming Queensland Stm Shipping Co, the vessel was transfered to that fleet and when that copany became AUSN the vessel remained working around Qld,  conducting mail services etc. until  AUSN obtained a contract to conduct a Sydney-Noumea mail service and sent truganini to the islands to conduct an inter-island feeder service. Etc.etc.etc. 
Your next entry is completely confused with your earlier attempt  for 1846, which see to explain  how this later one came into being - It seems once you come to a name used by more than one vessel utter and complete confusion attacks and you enter a dark room and chase every shadow about!!! 
TRUSTY  built 1874 Phillip Is, why two lengthy items about the same small vessel.- Which was built in fact in 1877 according to its registration -- more unlikely hoo haa. The Williams attempt was for another vessel built in 1864 at Dunedin and always working thereabouts  As per my book 
TURAKINA,  I ship 1247g/1189n, ON60352, B.1868 Chas.Connell & CO, glasgow as CITY OF PERTh, ASHORE TIMARU   May 14, 1882 refoated name change  Sept. 1882, reg. Lyttelton. Trans to London 1888 Sold to Norway Feb. 1899 
TUTANEKAI  S tss, 811/4112, B.1896 Pt.Glasgow, not registered owned by NZ Govt. 
TWEED 1858 no trace registers or contemporary pres. 
TWEED  W ss  b.1884 did NOT work on the northern NSW rivers, but was a Sydney harbour workboat/tug until sold to rockhamton Harbour board in 1896 
Twins, B. 1849 nz WAS REG Melbourne from 1854 till 1859 
Twins advertised in SMH 1851, was from San Francisco. Named Beto 143 tons 
TWO BROTHERS, LOST  1899 I can only report the closing entry in the register so if it does not suit you I am sorry 

UKI  w SS  28 TONS, B.1892 Mike Richards got confused, or someone did, this small steamer was built for and always worked upon the river from Murwillumbah,, nSW and was hulked in 1919. the other larger one was built for NSCN 
UKI BUILT FOR ncsn, FOR DETAILS DISPOSAL LATER USE ETc, SEE Scuttled and abandoned ships, detail from Brisbane Custom House regiser etc 
ULIMAROA, built Gourlay Bros, DUNDEE  not Dumbarton.  See Aust.Coastal Pass Shis  Or Lloyds Register etc.etc. 
ULLOCK full detail etc, see Scutled  Abandoned Ships 
ULYSSES etc., China Mutal later Alfred Holt û your complete lack of knowledge about shipowners continues to amaze. They were and are one and the same company with the use of subsidary names for taxation, conference or trading purposes. 
UNDINE, hms, have already reported on this pile of misinformation under RUBY 
Union,  BRIG WRECKED 1873 IN FULL DETAIL ABOVE  SIX ENTRIES BELOW  the same reference but no connecion with correct iem ablove??? More carelessness I suppose or complete lack of editiorial prowess 
UNITED  w brig  207 t Pt.Phillip July 26, 1853 mstr.  J.Mariott 
UNKNOWN, more unnecessary comment û how do you know why the name was chosen? More childish comment!! 
URAIDLA  tug, built for Adelaide CompanyÆs West Australian operations, and later transferred to their Port Adelaide subsidiary as harbourtug. û see Steam Tugs in South australia, etc.etc. 
URILLA  S ss 1965/1069,ON117430 B.1907 MiddlesbroÆ  sold chinese in 1931 and as LEE PING sunk as a blockship in Whamgpu River, march 1937. 

Vacuna ??? 
VALIANT, tug ex Melbourne H.T.  see scuttled & Abandoned Ships 
VAN GALLAN,  press said  VAN GALEN  ship  750t  arrived April 27, 1853 from London and is shown as having  rescued a long boat from sacramento 
VELEIRO. Actually VALERO, q.v  your entry completely wrong 
VELOCITY ON35730 repeat 35730, was built at SHALDON  repeat SHALDON, NOT AS SHOWN., REG SAYS 139 TONS, TO  Aust.reg.  nov. 1868 st Sydney thence to Hobart. 
VELOCITY on31619 BUILT 1840Nova Scotia.  Reg sydney 1844 Ben boyd,.trans to geelong register 1852 May 1858 dove & Oswald Melbourne for demolition , reg closed 1860 brken up 
VENDETTA<, hmaS - ONCE YOU GET AN IDEA IN YOUR HEAD IT CANNOT BE MOVED û YOU HAVE ANOTHER iron Hull warship built in the 20th century just what has the navy done to you to have you persist in this stupid story??? VENUS, your two entries with Bass etc., confused beyond clarification so ignored. 
VENUS  of 1890 would seem  more likely to have been the vessel that descrition and tonnage Cumpston lists as arriving 1810 û I do not know how your various reference books can get everything so ballsed up, but they do, or else you mutilate them by extremely bad copying. = VENUS  capt.Eber Bunker,  350 reg. Calcutta arrived Feb. 27,1810 from calcutta, but no mention of shoes. 
VENUS, built Melbourne, has nothing to do with the advert in SMH,which, had you understood (or if you read it) you should have realised it referred to the vessel you list above, built in Pt.Adelaide and lost at Pt.Stephens û ah well I know nothing makes sense in this epic of misunderstood, misread or otherwise utterly ignorant and confused ficton but you seem to need to include pointless or childish comment on the most unlikely bits. 
VENUS 13 w f&a sch, b. 1874, register closed 1920 =  æno trace since 1888 when reported beached at Brisbane water and probably broken upÆ 
VENUS . lugger built 1886 which some of your compilers want to have built in 1880 was according to customs and underwriters register built in 1886 and my loss report from the west Australian contemporary press.-but that is not good enough for you --- But as usual when you get a lot of vessels with the same name confusion takes charge and nothing comes out sensibly 
VENUS steamer sunk in 1920 fremantle obviously vessel  above lost in 1923 
VERALAM,  was actually registered as VERULAM  which you do not like and have said I spelt wrongly  ????   why must you accept unlikely variations that suit your usually inaccurate compilers??? And then quote possible alternatives but do not give full details of original error?????????? 
VERITAS, W  bq û aust shpg news  May 10,1879,  sold at auction to H.R.Reid & Co having been damaged by stranding and abandoned to Underwriters.  Melb. re 1 of 1880, apl 1896 to sydney and Jan. 1899 to Dunedin register reg closed 1926 and towed to sea and sunk in 1933 having been hulked c.1900 by Westport coal Company 
VERNON, B. 1839 Blackwall London, ws dismasted in the South Pacific according to SMH April 1865 and was later sold by the vice Admiralty court Launceston   to  Robert Towns and reg Sydney folio 91 of 1864 who sold to NSW Govt Jan 1867 etc.etc.etc. 
VERONE,, actually  multlation of VAROON.  Which you have managed to overlook in my publication 
VERULAM  hulk to melb  howard smith 1896. sank off coal berth Oct. 1923, raised Jan. 1924  and sold to Victorian Lighterage. Sunk june 1927, raised and beached on bank Maribyrnong  Nov. 1927, sold 1930 to  A.G.Brace who towed it free and scuttled  Dec.17, 1930 reg closed 1931 
VESTA  IPS,  ORIGINAL 60 TONS,  1847 DECK RAISED AND CABIN REFITTED =  93/68TONS û mAY 1846 g.w.Cole & Dalgetty, owners:  cole buys out dalgetty march 1849, and sells  aug 1864 to Evans, of sydney but register only transferred in 1872. SMH Oct. 1870 = has been refitted and and now licensed to carry 330 passengers inside the Heads operates as steam tug but is often on the Watsons Bay trip on weekends. 
VICTORIA  184 tons, Deptford is NOT repeat NOT on the Hunter river NSW
In nov.1840 sold to govt of NZ and only sold out of that service in 1854 and purchased by  John King of Hobart in 1856  and sold to O.H.Hedberg August 1856 
VICTORIA W ps,b.1840 see Aust Coastal Pass Ships, ON30554,  reg = 134.0 x 18.7 x 12.0  SMH 1847 reported she was working from Pointe de Galle to the Malabar coast, at the time owned inBombay 
VICTORIA oÆMayÆs fairy tale û presumably this had to happen in Tasmania but in 1850 there was NO Victoria of 55 tons registered anywhere in Australia. The only cutter victoria  being 35 tons and that went to san Francisco in 1851 and did not return 
VICTORIA I ps,ON32516 B.1851 Wingate, Glasgow  it was later claimed it was ordered by the original Geelong s.N.Co which had failed to form by the time it arrived in Pt.Phllip Jan. 26, 1852. leng.1860 = 132g 154.2 x  16.3 etc.    when tried for the Geelong trade proved unprofitable and Dec. 1853 sold to the sydney & Melbuorne Steam Packet Company and taken to sydney where it was announced it would trade to the Hunter river as a feeder to the ownerÆs main line to Melbourne, but it was also used as a ferry on Port Jackson aug. 1854 was making three trips daily to Watsons Bay. when the S&MSP went into liquidation was obtained by Edye Manning who employed it on various short sea coasal trades out of Sydney  for more see Aust.Coastal Pass Ships. Having been sold to Jap govt. was wrecked off coast of Japan in 1864. 
VICTORIA, I SS  on25132 BUILT 1853, REpEAT 1853, VIDE FOLIO 175 OF 1853 London.  Sold in 1860 and later renamed SHANNON ARRIVED VIA PT ADEL AT MELB  AUG 22, 1853, THENCE TO SYDNEY AND RETURNED ON HER WAY BACK TO uk  which you later want to have wandering around Tasmania in 1900!! Wonderful move and I would like to know how you could accomplish it. 
Victoria 157 Tons ho ho ho, = I ss  15gross 10 nett tons, ON41463, built 1857 Melbourne owner R.Grant, reg. Melbourne 53 of 1857 sold after a collison reported in the Argus Jan. 12, 1858 between the Melb-WÆtown ferry VICTORIA AND steam tug Black eagle  the ferry considerably damaged. 
VICTORIA  b.1860 Lubeck,  reg close 1911 
VICTORIA B.1861  - THE ONLY VESSEL APPROX   IS = w  SCH  56T. on36714 b.1861 Omaha NZ, that was trans to Melbourne regi  1866 when IT was sold by vice admiralty court  and remained reg Mebourne folio 38 of 1866 until sold to a foreigner at Timor in 1877. 
VICTORIA I SS ON68355 b.1871 J.W.Richardson & Co, Low Walker  for the ITalian govt, named SIRACUSA but was refused because it was too slow., sold to ASN agents in London sold Dec.1899 to  O.E.Paauss and partners who later renamed their syndicate steamship victoria Ltd,. Dec 1903 to r.V.Saddington who sold to chinese shipbreakers. 
VICTORIA I SS ON11250, built  1884 Armstrong & Mitchell, Newcastle on tyne, for Victorian govt. 138.7 x 26.1 x 13.1 iron hull twin screw steamship 369g, 1918 = 357t g, on her delivey voyage involved in the Egyptian War. Sold to West Aust Govt in 1896 and employed in towing duties around Fremantle until sold to Messrs.Fenwick, tug owners Sydney and Newcastle in 1902.  Dec.18,1903 towed german ss Essen off a reef in New Caldeonia,, while owned by Fenwick usually stationed in Newcastle and despite your preference of having warship built of iron, you used steel here while all other sources say IRON!  Broken up in 1920 
Victoria, a large aux wooden steamer built 1850 hopefully in collision in Tasmanian waters in 1900 û that is more than wishful thinking -- it is plain stupidity.How about THE HOBART OWNED STEAMER BUILT IN1888 
Victoria  S S  323/223 B.1901 on101736 REG IN NAME OF SENIOR PILOTS 
Victoria built for PACIIFIC STM NAV COMPANY, who you ceaselessely and endlessly, wrongly call Peninsula  - there is no evidence of any concentration in this masterful exhibition of ignorance. This one did operate for the Orient-pacific service to Australia but your reporting has successfully cocked-up completely  And then go on to exhibit your complete ignorance of the material with the Melbourne owned Victoria built by Huddart Parker said to be the same ship ûwhat joy for anyone who might be insane enough to try and accept any of the tripe.  IT may have helped had you or anyone assisting had any knowledge, however slight, about, Australian shipping services and or their owners û there is absolutely nothing like that to be found in this completely distressing atrocious disaster. 
Your victoria tug of Newcastle, see above, it was the former Vic gunboat, turned tugboat 
Victoria lost SA 1934 was just an ordinary cargo vessel, and NOT rr NOT a bulker 
Victorian I ss built fo Adelaide company û see aust coastal pass ships, but I do not know where you got the ref I said scuttled off Townsville 
VILLE DE BORDEAUX. AGAIN UP THE CREEK.   The Torrens fiasco took place in 1841 repeat 1841  and while used as lightship for a brief period the whole item is cock and bull û as usual with your helpers but actual detail so well known no need to repeat here 
Violet  LOST 1878, YOU MAY HAVE IT WRECKED NEAR Barrenjoey or the Brisbane Water Bar, but there is a lot of water in between. But the incident was only a stranding, see my report of loss which also happens to be your next entry û such wonderful editing!!! 
VISION,with 1854 probems, two entries for no good reason apart from caelessness or waste of space 
VIVID W  3m bq, 257/238 ON68493, B.1870 Drammen,Norway, reg Melbourne 1874 by Piggot bros. Oct. 1894 to Huddart Parker and made a hulk, in 1897 reported  working in Pt Adelaide 
VIXEN  W SCH 105 LEFT FOR NEW PLYMOUYH  Nov.21,  capt E Lumsden. W   2m herm brig, 105t,  71.7 x 17, B.1840 Bally (Balli?) arrived from  Whampoa  May 31, 1853 and sold in Melbourne reg.  82 of 1854, which was closed Feb.1855 with ætransferred to New PlymouthÆ which was never done û there was no register available there anyway, but presumably foundered tween Melb and NZ 
Vixen  reported grounded 1857 Cape dombey  which is not northern territory but at or near ROBE SOUTH AUSTRALIA and your ref, to Phaeton should have informed you of this 
VOLADORA on117781 W 2m sch, 19/15t B. 1902 A.E.Brown,Fremantle, as a pearler  45.0   aug.1919 The benedictine Community of New Norcia, register closed 1966Æ ævessel sunk off Jones Island 1926Æ 
Voyager, HMAS, I do not believe my eyes û you actually will allow ONE    20th century built warship to use steel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HaHA HA  The strain was too much for you û I notice it was necessary to use all that information again for a second entry a bit lower û ah well we hadnÆt wasted space for a page or two, so I suppose that must be the reason 
VYNER BROOKE,  loss site û as per official war lists. 

W.GORDON,  reg Ardrossan 55513??? Presumably you wish to inform readers that the vessel was registered at Ardrosson; that her official number as such and such? As it reads it makes no sense 
WAAKSAMHEYDT û Cumpston  WAAKSAMHEYD  Dutch snow (brig) arrived sydney from Batavia Dec.17,1790,master Detmer Smith (and comments that this translated as æGood Look OutÆ) according to Historical Records of aust.   The vessel left March 28 for England  and as passengers had officers and crew of the late æsiriusÆ 
WAGOOLA never registered in Australia and no trace in any reputable publication. There was a vessel this name  owned in London  and built in England û have your compilers again grabbed the wrong information?? That would not surprise anyone, 
WAHINE, b.1913 for the Wellington-Lyttelton ferry û there has been much written about her and the loss, in New Zealand publications, and those dealing with the history of Union Line but it is hardly a wreck of great interest to Australia 
WAHINE built 1966 was a twin screw STEAM SHIP, with turbo-electric engines   and Dickson Gregory who died long before the new ship was built can hardly have commented upon its loss û just more carleless  mismanagement of material that is either not been read correctly or grossly misunderstood It was NOT a. 
motor vessel and official number was 317814 û not as printed 
WAIHORA  S ss  2003/1126n, ON84482 Built 1882 rr 1882 Denny,Dumbarton, for UnioN SS CO of NZ Ltd, in Feb.1886, according to the Melbourne Argus, having left Melbourne for N Z with a large number of passengers, struck the rock, etc. you have it. Sold to Penang in 1903 and broken up at Shanghai in 1911 
WAIKATO said to be lost on GBR in 1934, was probably the ketch of that name built 1904 Thursday Island, with the register never closed and reg Tvlle in 1904 
WAIMANA  B.1899  your report touches some points, high and low but leaves  much to be recorded. Such as ultimate fate etc., etc., 
WAIPI.  No trace and probably WAIPA  same owner as WAIKATO,   B.1907 Thursday Is;and and apparently neither incident was fatal as both continued to appear in registers 
Wairuna, S ss ON118495, 3947/2503  B.1904  Sir W.G>Armsrong Whitworth & Co Newcastle/Tyne as LADY STRATHCONA,but sold and renamed MATOPPO   AND ACQ BY Union Line July 1905 and renamed WAIRUNA. REG CLOSED æcaptured by German Raider Wolff and  and subsequently sunk by explosive charges from the raiderÆs crew. June 17,1917 
WAITANGI, b.1904 ON is119041   not as printed 
WAITEMATA, B.1852, put ashore St.Francis Island for repairs in 1860 rr 1860 not 59 
WAI WER the pealring vessel allegedy lost in 1899 was either unregistered or only damaged     there was never two this name on the register 
Waiwera  STSMV  12435G  torpedoed June 29, 1942, post 45.49N x 34.29W whch you preferred not to pick up from my listing 
WAKARIE û wrong, you already have it listed under proper name WAIKARE 
WAKATIPU,  I SS on73830. b.1876 Denny for a syndicate headed by J.Darling and including her master Capt. Angus Cameron expresely for the sydney-NZ trade,  1797/1158, refitted dec.1891 = 1945/1258/ in 1878 acquired by Union SS Co.  the 1891 refit resulted in an additional poop deck and the conversion of second class pass accommodation into cargo space.etc 
WAKEFIELD,    the vessel of this name which MAY have been chartered to look for Waratah was NOT repeat NOT the vessel owned by the British New guinea Company. That vessel ws built for the Yorke Penisula trade of south Australia but was sold soon after to North West Tasmania, before being sold to the British New Guinea DEvelopment company in 1911 and was thus = I ss 117/53n, ON76764 B. 1877 Fullerton & Co Paisley,  reg Brisbane folio 6 of 1911 and reg closed in 1920 when owners advise converted to a hulk  Just another exhibition of jumping to the wrong conclusion without a check even in Lloyds. 
WALLABI, YOU ARE CORRECT IT WaS Grey river New Zealand. 
WALLABY, wrecked and abandoned to underwriters and then renamed  CHARLOTTE, has, as quite frequently in this work,become very confused as you say it was charlotte that was stranded in one place,????????????? 
WALLABY, w SS SYDNEY FERRy,  ON75011 163t, Built 1878 W Dunn BerryÆs Bay for North shore Ferry co., converted to cargo vessel in 1920 and broken up in 1926, your contributor, as so often, well away from facts, but then he was never very good with reliable information You could check with Sydney customs folio 12 of 1879 or Prescot, Sydney Ferry Fleets for more reliable information 
WALRUS 88 tons, b.1860, sold to Launcston May 1863, and stranded river Don in August 1870 and then sold to Sydney 
WALTER & MARY W sch, b. Albany Wa  1871   reg  folio 13 of 1875 Fre. Closed 1908 æno transactions for some timeÆ 
WANATA  arrived pt phillip jan 22,1854 rr 54 from  SOUTHAMPTON with 341 govt miGrants. Crew In mutiny soMe desert in pilot boats. 
WANDA, w SS 14/9 ON95987  B.1890 Carl Wrecklow,Metung, owned by shipbuilder, later F.Wissing, then A A Millar &  W.J.mcIntosh 
DOROTHY  w 22 29. b.1902 Lake tyers, owners  J H Ellerker Ltd &  .W.Egry dErelict Lake Colac 1916 TWO DIFFERENT VESSELS û MORE CONFUSION??/ 
WANDERER BoydÆs yacht, the press on arrrival at sydney July 18, 1842, said she measured 84 tons, so I do not know where your 240 may have come from 
WANDERER BUILT 1849. SO I SUPPOSE YOUR REPORT OF CAPSIZE AND LOSS IN 1840 JUST ANOTHER TYPO?  It is so difficult  when faced with such a terrible typist to know which dates are wrong AND which are simply mutilated. But there was no such accident recorded for vessel this name which first arrived Melbourne april 1851, and was mentioned in Geelong March 1852 and Bright Planet was first in Melbourne in 1853 û another fairy tale from somewhere?????//// 
WANDILLA S tss  ON122741 7852/4532n. B.1912 Beardmore, Dalmuir, see aust.Coastal Pass Ships.  Arrived 1913 and placed in the Fremantle trade, requisionded as transport May 1915, and made hospital ship in July 1916. Returned to owners in 1919 but they felt there was no future in the interstate passenger trade and placed her on the market. Sold in 1921 to Furness withy and renamed;  in 1935 to Italians and during WW 2 named ARNO, AND AS HOSPITAL SHIP WAS TORPEDOED NEAR Tobruk Sept. 10, 1942 
WANDRA  most unusual type ûnever met with before æ a wooden twin ketch rigged screw steamer? I wonder what that may be û or is it just another example of just how bad the typist was when copying??? 
WANDRHAM MIGRANT SHIP FROM Germany? û it not exist then û so whatever the complaints may have been it must have been about some principality or whatever û just another sloppy item     as a makeweight I suppose. 
WANGANELLA  TSMV, SEE Aust.coastal Pass Ships.  Your report,, as usual, unreliable and down right absurd in parts., the vessel was only completed in 1932, completion being delayed because the people who placed the order were unwilling to conclude the bargain. It was to be named ACHIMOTA, but was resold to HP before delivery 
WANGARABELLE, see under correct name later ûwongrabelle 
WANNON  two entries same ship ???????/ 
WANSTEAD, for London, capt. Langdon,,left Hobart late 1828 no further detail of alledged  meeting etc. 
Wantana, APEARS TO BE MUTILATION OF  WANATA, but it hever arrived with anything like 700 passengers BUT THE PRESS DID GET THE NAME WRONG IN JANUARY1854 
War spirit W ship 1234 tons arrived Pt.Phillip Nov. 1858 capt T,Baker and departed for Calcutta mid Feb. 1859  so you are correct assuming it was not a loss. 
WARANEEN s TSS 107/73 on102211 Put together in Perth,West Australia 1897 from sections imported from UK, by Swan River Shipping company as self propelled lighter/tug mainly for use with loading sailing vessels with timber at Rockingham. Sold aug.1900 to Newcastle for similar work among the sailing ships loading coal, but more often as a drogher on the Hunter and tributaries. In 1929 transferred to the south coast blue metal trade and finally placed in the coal trade until hulked in 1937 
WARATAH  ips INTO THE MIRACLE LISTS û BUILT 1851 DID SOMETHING IN 1844? HO HO, SUCH EDITORIAL WORK!!! SEE Aust.Coastal Pass ships . ordered by Hunter River company but by the time the vessel arrived that company had changed its name to ASN and in view of demand for pass to Melbourne diverted from original route i e hunter river, to the sydney Melbourne run and later due to gold rushes to the sydney-Maryborough route, but ultimately ended on the route intended, that is the Hunter river trade. Reg closed 1867 æsold foreign at shanghai, but the vessel had left some time earlier for sale fate unknown but has been reported as working on the Ningpo route and towing on the Yangtse 
WARATAH,  W ss  a steam packet? Quaint term, long out of use by the 1890s.  steam launch a better description  15g/8n tons, the WA glovt did not trans registery and the LÆton one closed 1931 æ no traceÆ 
WARATAH lost 1894  in a full entry earlier turns up again with brief one liner, no cross reference, or any real need to include 
WARD CHAPMAN, no report of ever entering port phillip 
WAREATEA I SS  511/319 on84486. SEE Aust.Coastal Pass ships, built 1883 Paisley for Westport Coal co.Ltd, of New Zealand  but soon after arrival sold to owner in Oamaru. To Union Line in 1887  and after acquiring TSN transferred to Tasmanian coast and reg Hobart in 1901, trans to Launceston and Holymans in 1904. accommodation altered in 1921 û 465/272tons. 
WARFIEDLD hm ûWHY, OH WHY??, THE VESSEL WAS NAMED æH.M.WarfieldÆ. which you managed to include under the letter HHH so why put it here unless you intended, but forgot to do so, to cross reference???/// 
WAR HAWK, I ps, 107/51, len. 1877 =  120/59 ON56830 Built  1865 Hull, arrived  Dec.31,1867 for Reid,Poole & Co, of whom Jas Deane a partner who had reg the vessel in London and trans to Melbourne and remained officially owner until sold to Melb Harb.Commissioners in 1878 Unprofitable in Melbourne and in 1868 sent to Newcastle,seeking work and then to Maryorough before returning to Melbourne. reg closed 1896 with æbroken upÆ  and make up your mind û you say this paddler took the first railway engine to sale and then in the next entry for a ketch you say it did that job û such wonferfu editorial control ha ha ha haaaaaaaa 
WARHAWK, w KETCH B.1871 Sandridge, and always worked to or around the gippslands lakes, and from Nov.1874 until Feb.1882 owned by Gippsland Steam navigation company.  Register closed in 1917 æbeabhed and broken up Gippsland lakes date unknown.ö Could this fate have been æaccidetnallyÆ (ha ha) awarded to the paddle tug ???? 
WARIALTA  no trace,, anything this name 
WARILDA s TSS    SEE AUST COASTAL PASS SHIPS,   - Dalmuir is in Scotland along the Clyde river should you care to consult a map. And you overlooked an earlier attempt to torpedo her which failed to cause damage. 
WARLINGTON. Iron paddle steamer, never heard of it and cannot imagine what name has been mutilated beyond belief, but there was never anything like that working on sydney harbour. The nearest being WASHINGTON  but I cannot guess how it came to read warlington 
WAROOKA  I ss  216g ON89401, B.1883 Paisley, did very well to arrive in south Australia before that colony had been created/settled, i.e, 1833, just another slight slip of the finger by this marvellous typist who can hardly type and does not read very well either. Sold away from the SA gulf trades in 1918 to Townsville ec.etc. 
WAROONGA<  see aust coastal pas ships,  S ss  ON86749  B.1882 for British India Associated steamers, to operate on the queensland royal Mail line, and from the very first sometimes made coastal voyages in australia and in 1888 loaned to  AUSn, to meet competition and transferred next year to the company and remained in the coastal trades until transferred toBISN in 1900 û which after all were simply name changes seeing the owners of BISN also controlled the other two companies 
WAHROONGA  torpedoed  april 5, 1943, and sank on the 6th 
WARRANT,  is a mutilation of the name of previous entry 
WARREGO ss SEE AUST.COASTAL PASS SHIPS,  BUILT FOR QUEENSLAND Stm Shippign Co., which was one of the  partners to form AUSN 
WARRENTINNA W ss SEE AUST COASTAL PASS SHIPS, VARIOUS TONNAGES RANGING FROM FIRST OF  144/1002 TO 162   when reg in Sydney in 1918. Syd reg closed 1950 when no trace could be found of ship or owner and it was noted it was thought it had been broken up about 1930. 
WARRIMOO, was never owned by Huddart Parker, James Huddart, one of the partners of tht company was also interested in the A& NZ Trans-pacific service  and helped form the   NZ & Aust SS Co, which passed away 
WARTALT û the same mystery as the warialta  but nothing remotely near these names officially reported, so if it happened they were either unregistered or foreign 
WARUNG,  W ss tug, b.1884 30/10  while sunk in 1906, raised, repaired, hulked in 1930, and used on the harbour until sold in1949 for demolition 
WASHINTON I PS,  192 TONS, b.1844 Leith,Scotland, arrived Melbourne early 1854 and intended for use as a tug at the Rip, probably unsuitable and sold to sydney November 1854,  and sometimes used in excursions and ferry work to Manly which is possibly the strange vessel noted earlier,  sold and arrived shanghai june 23 1862 and under US flag worked on the rivers out of shanghai, returned british reg in Hong kong in 1865 under the name GORILLA  AND THAT REG CLOSED July 1866 on sale foreign 
Water lily. Alleged to have arrived Melbourne July 4, 1841 û nothing with a name remotely like that arrived  that year  WATER LILY built 1839 arrived July  23, 1840 from London  which became folio 18 of 1840 in sydney but no mentionof G.w. Cole  although he appears as agent for two immigrant ships that arrived in August 1840 û another wild goose chase by some of your fairytale fiction writers.??? 
WATER LILY  I TSS excursion steamer b.1878 Rutherglen, imported by proprietors of West Australian Steam Packet & TRanspot Com for use as excursion steamer but the company failed and  in May 1898 sold to the timber company who used it to tow vessels but also used as a steam powered lighter to convey timber to sailing ships. Etc.etc. 
WATERWITCH  w 3M BQ,  253T 1860 û 236 b.1820 AS hms falcon, SOLD OUT  1838  so the falcon of 1839 another warship not this one, or the date, as so often, is wrong. And story about pirates etc, all wrong.  The vessel arrived sydney Dec, 23, 1841 from the sperm fishery Capt.Christie, and reported losing 8 men when at Apapam,  left for the fishery Feb. 23, 1842, and was pirated by ex chief officer KING,and MASTER OF  faith, at Lord Howe Island March 23. (Faith, Francis john Kinfg,FAITH  bgn/sch nov 2 1841  ex fishery and left march 1842 new master, so King was only formerly of Faith when the pirating took place. First reg sydney 1853 by parties interested in whaling,  May 1860 to John Macarthur, Hobart, and upon his death in 1875 sold to Alex McGregor 
WATERWITCH, BULT 1831, AND OF COURSE THAT Chester is in England  and the story about the gold coin, if true must relate to anohter of that name or else that contributor is as bonkers as so many of yours have been  Then later on you have the correct vessel with the money, ho ho ha ha, the editor really stands out  - but in a way that demonstrates his gross incompetence.!!! 
WATTEMBACH, and so called collision, another wonderful example of  mistaken identity, poor research, or sheer stupidity.   The vessel concerned  was 
MATILDA WATTENBACH, which arrived April 27,1854 from Liverpool with immigrants and passengers, that ran foul of a vessel in Bay of Biscay and returned to port for repairsà. 
WELLINGTON  I SS 364/262:  1877 383/279Æ 1884 4429/262. ON40324, B.1863 Blackwood & Gordon, Port Glasgow, for N.Z. S.N.Co, reg.Wellington folio 2 of 1864.: 1877 to Union S S CO reg.Dunedin:  1881 Northern SS Co, reg closed Jan1.1910 with æhulked in auckland by George NicollÆ 
Wellington,Gippsland 1870s û nothing, but in May 1890  J.Caterinich, of ketch WELLINGTON,   reg. Melbourne, traded until sold to Pt Adelaide 1902. Built 1884 
WENDOREE, see aust.coastal pass ships,  - soon after arriving aust. fitted for passengers. 
WENONA  TO Auckland owners 1883 , acquired Howard Smith as coal hulk for Pt.Adelaide  and after fire remains sold for demolition reg closed Sept.1921 
WENTWORTH I SS, see aust.coastal pass ships.  Built for australasian S N CO, which went into AUSN in 1887 etc 
WERFA  I SS  COLLIER, . first in Aust at Sydney 1898  for  Bellambi Coal Co., reg. closed 1913 û hulked, and reg Melbourne 
WEST AUSTRALIAN, two vessels same name, and both muddled up û not strange in this book where it happens all the time but   the vessel lost  Haapi  was not the one reg later in New Zealand, as you will find should you read my reports  but apparently not simple enough for you to understand û I must improve my presentation of words  down to the present unintelligent level prevailing. 
The WEST Hartleys û more and more confusion.  They were built to deliver coal from a mine on Lake Macquarie hence the centre board but I donÆt feel inclined to dip into this quagmire. 
WEST WIND  W SS VERY WOBBLY STORY, BUT  IT WAS NOT THE SECOND American built steamer to arrive Prt PHillip see  Rajah Wallie, however  will abandon it/. 
WESTERN I SS, see aust.coastal pass ships. ON48414 Built  1861 Mitchell & CO, Low walker, so built in Northumberland is more correct than Newcastle û Walker on Tyne is  below Newcastle, but in the county of Northumberland.. Built to the order of s.G.Henty, 1874 sold to sydney employed in rate wars on the Queensland coast for a time, by 1900 had become a collier 
WESTERN BELLE, if the position of her loss is wrong tell the newspaper which printed it. 
WESTERN STAR built 1855 , The marine board of enquiry into her loss quotes the master as Wilhelm wolshe despite the customs in Sydney writing his name as William Walsh. The vessel was first reg sydney in 1863 
WESTOE HALL  Weston Hall, nothing like this name(s)  sunk in Feb.1917 according to official war loss list, or at any other time But it may be WESTONBY torpedoed April 15,1917  195 miles  south west by south of the Fastnet 
WESTLAND, of shaw savill (why to you always put an E n that name which was dropped before the man joined the shipping company???) must have happened early in the 20th cenury I can trace her visits to NEW Zealand up till 1900. see æwhite wingsÆ 
WESTRALIA  TSMV, JUST WHY TWO ENTRIES offering two different builder yards? Etc.etc. I believe there was supposed to be an editor but I have yet to see any evidence of one hitting the pages of this dreadful exhibition of how not to print a book. 
WHITE BAY,  SYDNEY TO Lake Macquarie, and lost in stockton Bight??? We really were in trouble in a big way considering the local geography. 
WHITE PINE, I 3m bq,  to Auckland owners feb.1899 as QUATHLAMBA, renamed HAZEL CRAIG in 1905,  REG TRANS TO syDNEY 1908 AS Hazel Craig, RENAMED white pine, Jan. 1916, 1922 to Melbourne register  and Jas Paterson as a coal hulk. Etc.etc. 
WHITE STAR, made first visit to Melbourne in 1855 and thence annualy for a number of years and visited after intermittently until at least 1867, and made one voyage via Hong Kong to deliver chinese workers to Melbourne, sold in 1867  detail of ship = W ship,  built 1854 by W.& r.Wright, St.John, New Brunswick  and launched as BLUE JACKET,but renamed before completion when the builders became minor partners with props of white star Line. Reg tonnage 2339 tons Wrecked on the Tuskar while on passage from Calcutta to Liverpool  December 24, 1883 having left Calcutta July 31st  but the rest of your entry OK 
WHITE SWAN, isS FOR FULL DETAIL OF OWNERSHIPS SEE Aust.Coastal Pass. ships, and while McMeckan Blackwood never owned the vessel they were sometimes agents in Melbourne 
WHITE PINE, again, why???? 
WIARAPURa  wonderful mutilation by yet another of your more hopeless contributors.   The incident took place Feb.20, 1884, and the Union liner was WAIRARAPA  - you do like to quote from the most unreliable writers 
WICKLOW,   full date see Scuttled and Abandoned ships 
WILD IRISH GIRL, brig,  125 tns, built 1848  Sydney, trans to Melbourne 1856 and then to Singapore 
WILD WAVE  this   collection I have ignored as too complicated to try and  sort out 
WILL WATCH, Warrnambool 1847 did not happen, lthough the 63 ton vessel built 1840 was trading in vic western districts at the time, 
WILLIAM  ship capt Wm Folger from London, cork and rio march 10 1794   same number of barrels as year of arriving??Strange, to say the least 
WILLIAM, and all that blather from Lawson.  There was NO registered vessel this name built in 1827, but the vessel built in 1835, at Launceston was originally inscribed 149 tons, and  then in 1844 was altered to read 121 tons and of course at the end of all this rubbish you list the 62/63 tons vessel in SMH of 1855 which has abolustely nothing to do with any of the above!!!   That one Was built  in 1843   Manning River that was registered   Sydney that was wrecked in NZ in 1866 
WILLIAM THE FOURTH, WHICH CAPT Steine joined in May 1831 was û 129 tons, altered in 1833 = 199 tons, built 1831 Macquarie Harbour  and taken by the govt, until sold to  Thomas Horne & others, for ú1375, and it was reg as folio 12 of 1831, I cannot even begin to speculate where your 225 tons came from although there was another William about that size appear later in the early years. The demise of which you will find in my book 
WILLIAM AND JAMES, YOUR SMALL CUTTER, WAS THE VESSEL IMMEDIATELY ABOVE, WHICH WAS OFFERED FOR SALE WHEN IT RETURNED FROM New Zealand,  the first owner sold to  Auckland in March, and it returned to sydney Feb.1851 
WLLIAM AND JOHN,  no such vessel, however  WILLIAM JOHn, b. 1876 williamstown, reg Launceston in 1898 24 tons by J H E Griffiths, the reg of which was closed 1920 with broken up 
WILLIAM AND MARTHA,  ARRIVED Melbourne April 8, 1855,  when master charged with murder. She had 275 chinese passengers in the steerage.  This vessel was later reg in sydney by Robert Towns 381t, b.1829 USA and probably already owned by Towns when this incident happened. 
William ackers, YOU DO NOT LIKE waipapa in New zealand û it is always mutilated when you get your hands on it 
WILLIAM BRYAN,  W BQ 312/ 367T  Master Wm.roman, arrived P Phlip from Launceston June 17 1839 and   left in August for Sydney 
WILLIAM CEASER, ACTUALLY WILLIAM COSSAR which you have later, but give the wrong year for the pirating, according to Cumpston and the contemporary press 
WILLIAM FAIRBURN, WAS BUILT BY LAIRD AS ÆWilliam FairburnÆ for Potter Bros, and reg Liverpool and in 1877 when sold to messrs Webster, Scarborough, ws renamdd æF.F.websterÆ and in 1886 when sold to Austrian owners renamed  LJUBIROD  and when acq by BP in Dec. 1888, as usual when for British reg. returns british ex foreign, reverts to original name, although you and or your accomplices do not seem to know this basic fact 
William McArthur, SOLD TO Hong Kong in 1960 
William Metcalfe 447 tons, arrived Melbourne Nov. 15, 1839 with more than 200 migrants, capt E.Phillipson. and made a number of return trips from UK 
WILLIAM MISKIN.  See aust coastal pass ships for full detail 
I ss 124/74 on32479 B.1852 wm.Pim,Hull pioneer passenger steamer on many australian coastal services. Imported for the NSW  Coal & Intercolonial SN CO. reg sydney,thence to Hobart 1859 Howard smith & others for short sea ocean trips out of Melbourne to eastern particularly but also western country ports in July 1863 to New Zealand  the NSW COAL etc., collapsed in late 1854 and the vessel then became regular sydney-MarybroÆ service that extended to Port Curtis as required . etc etc.  but your report, as usual, so wrong, as to defy clarification, Henty had nothing to do with it for example, that was Howard Smith and it was wrecked at Timaru, on the other side of the southern island to Hokitika û as so often happens you choose to use the most unreliable and poorly researched  reports, 
WILLIAM PARSONS  no vessesl this name registered, no Wlliam pearson  and despite your references, SYME does not list anything like that either 
WILLIAM POPE  see my book for better information 
William  the fourth,  w PS, FAIRYLAND AGAIN.  SEE AUST.COASTAL ;PASS SHIPS AND IT WAS REG 5/1832 SYDNEY THE OTHER ONE WAS 1/1839 Sydney û and traded  to the hunter river, Pt.Macquarie, Brisbane, the southern towns of NSW and also chartered to the French for voyages to Noumea û sold 1861 to  China and  early 1862 on the ningpo route the last reliable information comes from the China Post in1868 saying after laying idle for years at Ningpo it is being refurbished for the Japan trade. 
WILLIAMS  IPS  see aust coastal pass ships û amazing how much you can turn up when a vessel gets to Melbourne - the rest of her life hardly matters û not that we are parochial or one eyed or anything, it is just that we have so much rubbish available about Victoria there is no room for anything else û nothing about a visit to New Zealand for example, 
WILLIAMS  W BGN, 188 on42903.. b. 1861 Prince Ed Is. to Aust. at . 
Pt.Adelaide 1863 sydney 1874 wrecked Cape Barron, north of Rchmond River,NSW sept.14,1876 
WILLOCHRA. S tss   see Aust Coastal passenger ships û never worked on the Australian coast 
WILLS ,scuttled,  see Scuttled & Abandoned ships for correct information, among other things was built from iron not steel 
WINGS OF THE WIND,  S 3m ship, 941t ON40902 B.1852  Issac Durham, Frankfort, Maine., ex   foreign Flying  arrow 
WODONGA, s SS see Aust Coastal Pass Ships, and of course you still cannot manage to spell australasian correctlyà. And just what do you mean when you say æbuilt 1890 launched April 1891Æ is beyond my limited command of the english language and of course it did work on the queensland coast when travelling from Melbourne Sydney Brisbane Townsville etc. But never exclusively in qld waters 
Wolff, German commerce raider, full of holes, as usual. You say was named     one thing, then  say another a little later etc etc. so will ignore 
WOLLOMAI,, MELB 14 OF 1876 SAYS BUILT Yarra bank and described as a schooner  and always inscribed with customs as such,  press said brigantine and just where your better informed adviserers found it built Williamstown is a mystery, but there are so many such mysteries in this continuous diasaster it is hardly worth mentioning. 
WOLAMBA   - EDITORIALLY CHECKED û HA HA  but you did manage to get it right before as Wallamba 
WOMERAH, w PS,  34/21   Lane Cove û Hunters Hill ferry. 
WONGA WONGA, I SS SEE Aust.Coastal Pass ships. Orig.444 reg tons. Lengthened 1868 û 1002gross/682nett. The vessel lost on the Grey river, - consult my work. On the Melbourne-New Zealand run for some time in the 1850s etc.  but her reg closed 1880 with  broken up which suggests she might of had some difficulty appearing  in 1894 although you assert this happened? Editor asleep or drugged or something? 
WONGA WONGA ketch built 1876  is coupled with an event in 1871 û just what does go on? û very little makes sense in this epic disaster, but I would have thought even you could have worked out that this reference was not quite right!!! 
WONIORA  S ss  B.1913, to Holyman in 1926. laid up Appleton dock Melblourne  April 1958, sold 1959 to hong kong for demolition 
WOODBINE w bq, built Banff, first in aust  at sydney in 1864. 
Woolamai  MAY, have been Little Angelina rebuilt, but the registrar refused to accept that and called it a new ship  and Little Angleina reg closed 1913 broken up  officially Woolami built 1912 at Bass, western port in 1912, ON`132444 
Woollahra see the disaster a few entries above 
WOOLOOMOOLOO  W ship 627 tons, built 1852  W.hood & Co,  for Thompsons 
WUNTHALONG, lighter,  Underwriters reg list as having been sunk and recovered Jan.1897 
WYRALLAH I tss  built for Nicoll brothers,, who merged 1891 with North coast s.N>CO.,  NSCSN sold april 1900 to G.a.Carpenter,reg. Melbourne who formed Gippsland Steamers  ûsee Aust.Coastal Pass ships  for more accurate information 
WYREEMA,   see Aust coastal pass ships  and of course ownerÆs name mutilated 


Xantho   I SS EX PS, 110G 62N,after convert to screw 1861 but the waters around northern Scotland where it worked for some time can hardly be called calmer than those off the west australian coast.and her engine of 1861, was not unique but locating one of that type was historically interesting  although there are others such as John Penn, sunk off south coast of NSW with same engines 
XARIFA,  w BRIG, 208T, built 1841, Jersey,  1853 reg Melbourne by a syndicate including the Turnbulls of Melbourne and pt.Albert. who sold in 1855 to others and returns overseas reg 1858 
XARIFA and your instructional comment û perhaps you could consult with Customs   because they when writing off those lost pearling vessels, invariably say it was at Cape Mellville. û sorry if this annoys you, but I only offer what is officially shown 
XENOPHON, well,well, none of your æexpertsÆ managed to discover it was formerly of considerable interest to Australia, and was built in 1795, and was sometimes named INVESTIGATOR.THE  REGISTER WAS CLOSED IN1873 WITH BROKEN UP. 


YANKALILLA S ss ON12311182,, acq. Mar 1912 by Adsteam from Cardiff owners, sold july 1929 to Swedish buyers then Finnish in 193   and renamed PLUTO. Torpedoed June 28,1941 near the Butt of Lewis, Outer Hebrides.   See the Adelaide Line 
YARALLA,  you could see aust. coastal Pass ships for how to spell the owners name correctly û if there is anyone you know who can type and read 
Yarra BUILT  1850 ORIGINALLY REG AS  139 TONS, RE REG  1858 -  141T, 
Yarra  cps, ownerÆs named mutilated, as so often happens with your near sighted, almost fingerless typist. 
YARRA SLOOP 37T on31685, B.1839 Melbourne the last transaction was august 1859 by a master who soon after left for New Zealand. The reg is closed dec.1876 æ no further informaionÆ 
YARRA YARRA  I PS, SEE Aust.Coastal Pass ships.  337 rg tons, length 1862 û 555/350 was built for ASN but just how it could be mentioned in connection wth alleged overcrowing on the Bass Strait in 1851 when it only arrived in Sydney April 5, 1852 û some more rubbish from your wonderful æexpertsÆ??? converted to a collier, having previously announced to be hulked by ASN when acquired by Summerbell, but just what  privately owned may mean in your pile of rubbish I do not know, it was never publicly owned and it MAY have been ordered by Hunters River company but by the time it arrived that company had renamed and expanded into ASN 
YATALA  ips TUG, b.1877 Blackwood & Gordon PORT Glasgow 
YATALA on89433  was built at PORT AUGUSTA, NOT Adelaide  it was sold to  T.tulloch in 1893 but no one got around to telling the customs anything more and register written off in 1961 
YOLLA coastall steamer 1913 û nothing that name registered in australia in 1913 
YOSEMITE, wood not IRON, and built in1868 makes it difficult to have performed in the US civil war û see Scuttled & Abandoned Ships û presumably was a lighter/hulk when on the Melbourne Geelong run??????? And the place you have it constructed is not to be found in any map of USA 
YOU YANGS TWO ENTRIIES û WHY???????/ 583/474  1871 = 672/457 REMEASURED IN 1863 WHEN Howard .Smith and others purchased for the Melbourne-Ncle coal trade but was refitted in 1871 and pass accommodation installed for the Melbourne, NCLE Sydney route first in aust at Launceston having sailed out and now to have screw fitted.  Arriving april 13, 1864 û see aust.coastgal pass ships 
YOUNG AUSTRALIA< OF 1852, AS red rover, ARRIVED Pt.Phillip May 30, 1859 from Hong Kong and returned there after discharge 
See your own entry under proper name, and was ALWAYS  REGISTERED AS young Australian so you can dimiss Loney rambling on about things he knew nothing about. It was impossible to change the name of a british ship until 1875 among other things he knew little about and are completely unknown to the editor of this horrible compilation. 
YOUNG BUDGAREE was registered as YOUNG BUNGAREE on83881 b.1883 
Williams River and it may have had an accident in 1885 but it was alive and kicking when transferred to New Zealand in 1902  and her register closed in 1926 with broken up 
YOUNG DICK  another of your miracle workers -- built 1869 and reported doing something in 1868??? first in australasia at wellingtion 1875 so your reported events in 1868 are somewhat mysterious although with the poor standard in typesetting perhaps there is some  finger problem??????// 
YOUNG HEBE. it was NEVER registered Melbourne 
YOUNG QUEEN, your copy typesetter has gone completey blind again û I clearly state it was owned by the brown brothers, which has been completely misread û a not unusual event in this  hystrerically inept production Just the same you cannot forebear a supposed correction by quoting the press û sheer laziness on someones part 
Yuloo   fror correct details of scuttling and other info see Scuttled and Abandoned ships 

Not worth checking. 


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