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Ron Parsons is a maritime historian and author who contributed greatly to the Encyclopedia of Australia Shipwrecks. The following list of corrections and  additions were kindly provided by Ron on disk. It is the intention to include these in the update entries above when time permits. 


Jacques del Mar was built as a screw steamship but was re-engined 1932 with twin diesels by Fairbanks Morse, from USA vessel built in GERMANY, I.E, AT Bremershaven, NOT DENMARK 
JAFFA, melb reg  21/1875 said built of iron and owner J.A.MacMeikan, Jan,82 T.Norton:  Oct. 1888 J.J.white: Apl.1890  Russel & Walsh, reg close 1896 broken up; McMeckan Blackwood, not involved or Joshua Bros,unless they had chartered the vessel for some reason 
JAMES CAIN, was registered AS JANE Cane and was built in 1848 by John Ross for James Cane, who sold to  Rbt Brooks of London and reg trans to London in Jan. 1852 - Cole not mentioned in register book 
JAMES HANNELL, W bq B.1857 Bordeaux as ASIE, for French govt as a transport, sold and renamed HADDINGTON, sold in Sydney 1870 to shipbuilder/ repairer John Cuthbert, who repaired and sold 1871 to  C.H.Hannell, of Newcastle, trans to Ncle reg 1872 and sold to Dunedin same year broken up at Lyttelton in 1879 
JAMES  PATERSON I SS  569G, 387N,. IN 1884 CONVERTED INTO A COAL HULK FOR USE IN TOWNSVILLE, REG. CLOSD 1891 ABANDONED ON THE BEACH Townsville  Stranded Masthead reef  midnight Jan. 21 1874, passengers rescued by Leichardt, and marine supt of ASN patched up the vessel for return to  sydney in april and repairs 
James Paterson, tug, broken up at Williamstown in 1966., last work was berthing Lake Barrine in Melbourne August 20,1963 
JAMES SERVICE, strange speculation about trying to reach Fremantle,  obviously   was seeking the WA coast to make her southing to Cape Leeuwin comment from non nautical people very unreliable, and in this instance unlikely to be anywhere near the mark. 
JAMES WATT, 141 tons burthen,  441 & 75/94TH ToNS, MEAS.  Arrived Sydney from London Feb,18,1837 rr 18th to Hobart MAY 18,1837 and Pt.Phillip JUNE  4, 1837 imported by sydney merchant/shipowner Thomas Street, sold to props of Hunter river S.N.Co in 1842.  draught main problem for Hunter River,displacement resulted from weight of engines and metal plated paddles.(do not know how you manage to get so much misinformation about so many vessels and keep pushing the wrong material to the front) 
JAMES WALLACE, why three entries û designed to confuse? Or simple carelessness??? 
JANE 221 b1816 Rotherhithe, London, first reg Sydney as a whaler in 1831 owned by Archibald Mosman, remained in whaling business till late 1840s, when acquired by Rbt Towns in 1854, and became one of his many laid up vessels (locally known as rotten row) until it filled and sank. 
JANE ON32042 has been utterly wrongly identified. That vessel was hulked in sydney 1877 and reg closed Nov. 1885 broken up. However the correct vessel is probably   JANE on31724  142 T, FIRSt REG SYDNEY 1853,, AND  SAID TO BE FORMERLY NAMED Long Island, and built time and place unknown 2m brigantine and owned by Maitland residents who were involved in the coal trade, and the register was never closed 
JANE lighter of 80 tons, completely wrong, the vessel lost in 1848 near Wbool was 19 tons and is as follows: W sch, 19t, 38.0 x 11.0 x 5.0, clinker build  B.1846 E.G.B.Stocker, Portland, NSW (now vic) Portland paper said was the first vessel to be launched at the Convincing Ground, Portland. When stranded at WÆbool sold to C.G.Crouch, then sold  M.G Hunbgerford, Belfast,  and sold twice again, until June 1849 sold to Melbourne  and reg as 143/1853 and subsequent owners until reg closed 1886Æ broken up. Arrived Pt Fairy after salvage Feb.28 1849 mistakenly reported as 19/80 tons 
JANE  brig 191. Rhodes/Loney, the only likely loss is the vessel lost in Lady Bay 1867, 
JANE & EMMA  B.1835, WAS trading out of Melbourne to Western Port or western ports from 1839 to 1843, with no ref to being missing or stranded, Laurie was master when supposed to have gone missing, presumably only long voyage or maybe stranded and refloated without help 
JANE ANN kt 31 tons, 1st briefly listed, then after mistake in alphabetical listing, after Jane Anderson entered again in correct information [attempted correction that was  very carelessly handled????????????????]. 
JANE CAINE, see prev under correct name Jane Cane 
JANE ELIZA - FOR fate and full detail see æShips of the Inland RiversÆ she ended up at Mildura c.1900. 
Janet Nicholl, no = JANET NICOLL, AUG 1885 = 779/486 built for sydney owners, to New Zealand in 1890 etc. famous because it was the basis of a story by Robert L. Stevenson æthe cruise of the Janet  Nichol (sic), see Aust coastal pass ships. 
JANUS W ship  308 tons Capt. T.J.Mowatt, left for the fishery July 26  the charges were dismissed as the judge believed it was impossible to prevent prostitution on such a vessel see Bateson, The Convict ships 
JANUS, s ss, 4824 tons ON120765 built for Arch.Currie,Melbourne,  sold 1932, dismantled and hull sunk  to help form breakwater Vizagapatam 
JARVA?? Hardly the correct spelling BUT the vessel which became a coal hulk for P&O is later listed under its correct name 
JASON Iss  1985 tons, ON25108 B.1854 C.J.Mare & CO, Blackwall,London 278.5 x 43.1 x 31.0  eng 400hp Wrecked off Madras Dec. 27,1862 under charter from 1859 to another UK-India ss co built for the Australian service, but not ever sent to Australia. 
JASON - BURNT  1875, I LIST AS BRIGANTINE, NOT BARQUE, AND REPORT IT WAS BURNT IN Mary river, about 20 or miles from Wide Bay, into which the Mary river debouches, so your other report quite incorrect û my details from register  see Port of Maryborough and folio  4/1874 
JASON Blue Flue liner 10160 tons  two entries separated by another û more carelessness or is there a reason û although I cannot guess what! 
Jasper went missing had loaded guano in the Bunker group off GBR 
JAVA  w 3M SHIP RIG, 1175/1275T, b. 1811 Calcutta  -in 1839/40 owners  Scot & Co London. This vessel ended her days in 1939 having been a coal hulk in Gibraltar for P&O and probably the vessel Harry oÆmay managed to mangle. See Migrant Ships for South Australia 
Jean Bart French whaler reported lost in New Zealand May 1836 at Chatham Islands û this your massacre?????????? 
Jeanie Oswald W bq, later a lighter. B.1853 as BANCA at Cherbourg, 212 tons later 194t. in Oct. 1858, acquired by A.Dove & J.Oswald, and enrolled at Melbourne as JEANIE OSWALD. On36973  ENDED AS PROPERTY OF Henry Moss, and reg closd 1914 broken up 
JEDDO, Goldsmith, as so often, all wrong, the accident was off Garden Is, sydney and not in WA or near BradleyÆs Head. Loney obviously did not know Port Jackson very well while Goldsmith, desperate to find anything in wa couldnÆt be bothered to check about a P&O steamer being in or near Fremantle in the 1860s (when that shipowner declined to visit Fremantle until the new harbour was opened in the late 1890s) û ignorance of historical matters from yet another so-called author. 
JEMIMA  W 1m ctr,  Jan.1843 one mst sloop. B. river Tamar,1836. Dec.1841 trans to Melbourne and Jan 1843 trans to Walter McLaren,   no official number issued, which suggests It was out of existence by about 1860, reg closed 1876 æno traceÆ in the great clean up 
JERFALCON I 3m sch, 298 g  287n  built Laurence Hill & co, Port Glasgow converted into a lighter at Melbourne in 1903 and employed as coal hulk by the Browns of Newcastle, working in Pt.Phillip. 1920 acquired by Howard Smith. 1926 sold to Victorian Lighterage last used as a lighter till 1942, then sold Gilberts Agency in 1957 and demolished in 1958 
JEROINE . someone made a typo and then it was repeated ad infinitum BY THOSE UNWILLing OR UNABLE TO CHECK. The vessel was HEROINE!!!!!!!!!!!! 
JESSIE wss  Built 1886. Fre reg closed 1913 with æreported to have been beached and dismantled a long time agoÆ 
JESSIE ANDERSON, W sch 42t ON46962, B.1874 Hugh Anderson, Maryborough Q, 55.0 x à 
JESSIE DARLING, Iss b.1884, converted to diesel 1929 and renamed COORABIE,  after WW 2 sold to Indonesia fate unknown 
JOHANNA  p.461, identical with last item prev. page except name of vessel wrong -- why no cross ref? why not included with original entry and cross ref from mutilated name?? As noted before no editorial control apparent anywhere. 
JOHN  convict transport Bateson æThe Convict ships dates the incident in 1832. 
Her 1827 voyage not commented upon. 
JOHN & MAY two entries same vessel, although not indicated but much confusion æRebuilt at Dromana in  879  from the remains of MARIA. Subject to a court case when the repairer was accused of fraud but it was proved to the satisfaction of the court it was not a new vessel but a wreck, rebuilt.  ON79510 Charles Wilson was owner and repairer and in april 1879 re reg as JOHN & May in apl 1881 trans to William Cowper; June 1883 John MANSEN: March 1888 D.Munro & CO. Ltd., March 1890 W.Cowper & A.Higham. Nov.1898 Alfred le Messurier, reg. Port Adelaide. The last official owner being Wm.Tainsh, Port Adelaide. 
John A Campbell, built at Port Blakely in state of Washington, not in Washington DC as suggested in this incorrect entry 
John Alce, ownerships as presented do NOT make sense. Originally registered by the shipbuilder, 1917 acquired by Commonwealth Govt. in 1924 sold to Boucaut Bay Co 1926  AS SHOWN 
John anderson,  THE PRESS IN  ERROR (OR THE RESEARCHER?) BUT THE VESSEL WAS jane anderson, q.v. 
JOHN BULL, W sch 19t, b.1846 Thos.Wiseman,Mt.Direction Tamar river and owned by pilots of Tamar River, Tasmania until sold Aug. 1850 to Melbourne reg  4/1851,many owners last  officially June 1875 John Parry, also master. Reg.closed 1891 æbroken upÆ 
John da Costa, which æPortlandÆ in USA not identified, although I show it was the one in MAINE  - as so often in this publication geography less than accurate, and often unhelpful or allowing/creating much misleading reference. If a vessel named Advance was involved it was the screw tug of that name owned by the Qld Govt. 
JOHN GOLLAN, stranded in 1905 was refloated and the register closed in 1938 with æbroken upÆ  - in the early 1900s was owned by the Miles family who conducted tugs at forster.  W ss  62/42, ON93619 B.1889, 
John M.Clerk, again the important identification of which of the many Camden places in USA is omitted, in this instance it was Maine and the æCamdenÆ is mutilated. 
John McDouall Stuart,(no stewart) W 2m sch, 35t, ON43132, B/.1861 Port Adelaide. Dec.1864 sold to Melbourne reg folio 19/1864 and with many owners last change in Aug 1911 trans to D. McKenzie,W.S.Stringer & A.Cooper.  reg closed july 1918 æbroken upÆ. 
JOHN PAUPER, no vessel this or similar name ever recorded visiting sydney in 1830/40s another Loney misreporting?? 
JOHN PENN, through carelessness another important omission, It was first SCREW STEAMSHIP IN Illawarra companyÆs fleet û they owned paddle steamers from the 1850s 
JOHN PIRIE  date problems, when some events said to have occurred in 20th century û obviously the mss was never checked or proof read 
JOHN SUGARS, while I am ignoring most spelling errors and those typos that most will , I think thirteen mast barques call for some comment! 
JOHN WILLIAM DARE  wrong official number it is 48419  In 1852 PURCHASED FOR USE AS LIGHTSHIP AND INTERMEDIATE STATION FOR PILOTS, BY Vic. Government,  May 1859 press describe  as  reserve lightship. Sold Oct. 1861 and press state to become a store ship for vessels of Black Ball Line.  First reg.1864 by lighterage contractors S.W.Graham & H,f,Norton then via mergers and take-overs July 1871 last owner James Deane, Dec.1917 sold to breakers and reg closed 1918 æbroken up 
JOHN WILLIAMS, I DO NOT BELIEVE Shineberg had any idea of shipping û never found her reliable and LONDON MISS.Society ALWAYS named their vessels JOHN WILLIAMS, more ill-informed comment!!!! 
JOKE,  see my comment under Black joke 
JOKER  most certainly refloated and repaired  remained on Ncle register until 1905 when transferred to sydney, see my Newcastle Register 
JOLIba  FIRST IN AUSTRALASIA WHEN ENROLLTED Lyttelton 1869: sold in 1877/8 to Neill & Sinclair, reg.Port Adelaide in 1886 sold to Adelaide Steamship Co and made hulk, broken up 1915 
HELEN MOORE on112504, b.1900 AND ACQUIRED BY Risby bros. Hobart., in 1904 sold to Holymans  Sold 1909 J & M Bradford, reg. Melbourne 
Jonathon Bourne, still leaving out critical identification of USA place names without a state impossible to guess where some vessels are built/owned. 
Jones Brothers, we again have some very strange reallocation of geography.   æàswept on to the remains of Adlophe at nobbies???????????? Well Nobbies is a point and former islet on the SOUTHERN ENTRANCE TO NEWCASTLE, WHILE THE adolphe, remains are near STOCKTOn, ACROSS A CONSIDERBLE EXPANSE OF WATER,  north OF Nobbies, and the steamer was named HELEN NICOLL. From this report the Hunter river does not flow into the pacific ocean???????? 
JOSEFA, WAS SCUTTLED which is  not what is implied in the entry 
JOSEPH CRIPPS, SOLD BY BUILDERS Dec.1844 to Launceston shipbuilder R.G.Gibbons, suggesting some accident, he sold in January 1846 to Hobart owners in Jan. 1846 
Joseph H.Scamell. a lot of nonsense here.  It was built for scammell brothers, who registered it at St.John NOVA SCOTIA not New Brunswick so where does the New York Merchant come in, was he one of the family exiled to USA?? 
JOEPH LEE ARCHER  earlier in this debacle confusion and needless repetition, you roundly abused me for saying something took place at Yankalilla, however you quite happily include similar reference here???Æ By this had you discovered the whole area was thus identified in the 19th century??? Or just more carelessness? 
JOSEPH SIMMS, built for New Zealand trader.  When altered not long before her loss the tonnages are quoted as 99/74, apparently altered at Melbourne in april 1928 
In this wildly erratic use of the alphabet, there is yet another entry for JOSEPHA, which slightly clarifies the earlier attempt but why two? 
JOSEPHINE, CAPT BANNER, Tutu (Warrior Island) etc. etc., all very fine, but no dattes, no other reference anywhere, and not in NicholsonÆs very comprehensive Via Torres strait??????????????????// 
Josephine ON32317, both folio numbers correct, the first was when reg. The second when re reg after Eyles had taken a partner 
JUAN FERRIN.  Why or how would anyone want to ship gunpowder from Australia to England - as usual Loney got it wrong way around --- the vessel was being imported by Arch Currie FROM ENGLand!!! see also The currie line of  Melbourne. Clearly no checking performed or reliable publications consulted 
JUBILEE, I ss 1621g,1005n, ON93592  278.0 x 31.9 x 26.4, B.1862 as Dupleix for & by Messargeries Maritimes, at La Ciotat 3m ship  alt.June 1889 2 m sch,  New eng.1875 by shipbuilder û compound surface condensing 219hp. Jan.1889 acquired by John Cole Ellis, renamed and reg sydney June 1889 for use on a proposed trans-tasman passenger service, to handle expected crowds for the  sydney international exhibition, saw little svc in that trade,  sold 1896 J.P.Franki 1900 to David Sheehy and converted into hulk removed from register 1911 
JUBILEE  ON106148,  NO TRACE EVER OWNED BY Pacific Phosphate Company or other dimensions 
JULES MARIE was sold to Henry Moss in 1885 and from then, if not earlier employed as a lighter.
JULES VOGEL, enrolled in NZ and aust as JULIUS VOGEL built by Sims & Brown, Auckland while there is no cross reference you also enter under correct name 
JULIA  111t, ON31952, has more jumbled rubbish.  Iater was the vessel allegedly  took fire at the Rip in sept. 1853, although when it docked on the 7th no mention made and it returned to Hobart on Sept 22 all your other references unable to trace and either give wrong date or are plain fiction. 
JULIA folio3/1877 why two entries??? 
JULIA lugger b.1876 the first the tonnage transposed, but both the same vessel. 
JULIA AMBRIDgE.  Serious error in date of loss you say 1895 where as I say, and confirm it was 1865 
julia percy, statement William Banner was killed in 1877 does not tie in with other references that say it was in 1872  and Julia Percy was involved with the discovery of Warrior Reef as a likely pearl producing area when it was owned by Robert Towns, 
JULIA PERCY, Iss  ON73806  496g/284n, Len.  1887 = 580g/335, Built  1876 T.Wingate & Co, Glasgow, 197.0 x 24.2 x 13.0, len. 1887  see Aust. Coastal Passenger Ships. Buiit for Robinson,Lilly & Marshall, for Western Districts Vic tade,  when arrived May 1876 had accom for 60 in the saloon an 40 in the steerage. Jan. 1877 trans to Warnambool Steam Packet Co which became Western Steam Navigation co.  Oct. 1896 sold to Howard smith and then used in the queensland coastal trades until June 1903 when sold to G.T.Bell who held the mail contract between Albany, Esperance & Ecula   May 25, 1905 sunk at Dongarra after striking piles at the jetty, Raised repaired sold to Melbourne and renamed  made a hulk in 1910 and  broken up in 1934 
JULIET old mes. 67 t new mes. 49t. b.1848 to Geelong reg 1853  Caleb Jenner: Dec.1857 M.Cassidy: May 1859 R.Fenwick: May 1861 R.Ritchiie, Nov.1861 Joseph Wilkinson and reg Melbourne etc. see my æShips Registered. GeelongÆ 
Julius Second entry is a confusion by all concerned for the first entry, Goldsmith in the van 
Julius vogel, already entered with incorrect spelling 
JUNO, for further detail see Aust.coastal Pass ships but I do not know what St.George S.P Co means in the middle of reference about work in Aust. and  New Zealand û probably just poor typesetting or inability to read material being copied???????? 
JUNO, surveying broken bay etc in 1854, all mysterious, just what is the reader supposed to be told.? 
JUNO KT 17T    WAS FROM CAMDEN haven, WHY YOU INSIST upon renaming this important part of the NSW coastline??? I do not know û CAMDEN HARBOUR it is not a place name in NSW û continued carelessness makes checking very tedious but essential and the final remark about æbeing USUAL to take timber etcÆÆ Should surely read unusual???? [it looks like the copiest put everything into a mixing machine and was unable to sort out the resultant mess] 
JUNO ON32065 GIVEN IN DETAIL, THEN LAST ENTRY TO PAGE GIVEN AGAIN VERY VAGUELY????????? while comment to follow is simply absurd. given the entry  three or four above 

Kadina, HOPELESSLY CONFUSED. TWO CONFLICTING DATES FOR LOSS, place of built mutilated, etc.etc.etc. 
Kadina, dredge. Strange remarks æ ran out of fuel and called for ballast?  Much better story about burning sharks to  keep up steam 
KAIAMU  heaven alone knows just what this is supposed to be 
KAIKOURA  HER London custom House register said: 1501 tons ON54619 and built 1866 (4) by Charles Lungley, at Deptford, (Lungley very well known for building iron steamers) 
KAILOA -  WHEN  CHECKED san FOR THEM NO ONE COULD FIND WHYTHIS tug  was shown to be involved in something in 1909. It was built in 1902  122g 12t, originally named Greyhound II until acquired by sydney ferries,  who sold in May 1917 to Fenwick.  And register closed broken up in 1940s at sydney 
KAITAWA  steamship, actually motor vessel, why did you ignore my factual report and description for this muddled mess? 
KAITUNA,  b.1904, acquired by Union Line and renamed in 1905, Sold to foreigners 1931 and  wrecked Dec.29, 1942 û see the Union Line, Arbon 
KAKAPO, the second, was broken up in New Zealand in 1937, and replaced by another this name by Union Line 
KALGOORLIE. See also Aust.Coastal Passenger ships.  Named Kalgoorlie in 1897 2985g, sold  Nov. 1912, to Singapore and made a hulk, refitted and re-engined due to wartime needs in 1916 with engine built in 1893, and emerged as 3081g ton named HONG HWA broken up in Japan in 1933 worked as pass ship until laid up in 1910 on the aust.coast. owners in Australia McIlwraith, McEacharn, not as printed. 
KALINGO.  You and/or your assistants again have a ship perform a miracle.  In one place you have it sunk by a torpedo, but later in the same entry you have it towed into sydney safely -  I am sure the owners and the RAN would have been pleased to learn of this amazing situation when reporting the total loss. 
KALLATINA, B.1890 J.Dunlop & Co, PORT GLASGOW FOR Clarence, Richmond & Macleay  rivers S.N.C, 1891 North Coast 1921 John Burke, reg closed 1935 with dismantled. Sold 1931 for use as hulk, and abandoned on the mud at  Bulwer nr Comboyne Point, Moreton Island. see also Aust.Coastal Pass ships 
KAMERUKA  description rather unusual, but presumably it was intended to say  twin screw  steamship with two funnels???? 
Kangaroo, WAS British armed brig, i.e, HMS 
KANGAROO PS b.1840 J.Korff, for Edye Manning, who conducted Parramatta river ferry service. Sold Feb.1847 to Government for use by proposed new northern settlement to be called North Australia, and based at what is now Port Curtis. But while sailing north with officials etc., the proposal to form a new colony was cancelled and she returned to sydney late April and the vessel sold to tasmanian government July 1847. Disposed by Tas Govt in 1851 to T.D.Chapman, reg Hobart 1851,  Apl. 1854 reg. Melbourne although Argus  Sept.6,1851 said sold to G W.Cole for use in Melbourne. conducted Williamstown ferry until replaced by GEM and for a period landed passengers from overseas vessels moored in Hobsons Bay.Final owner Henry Moss, lighterage operator. 
KANGAROO,  built for Australasian Pacific Mail s.P.Co. in 1853 by Laurence Hill & Co, Port Glasgow.,reg London folio 132/1854 in 1855 sold to Philadelphia S.P.Co, (W.Inman),reg.Liverpool, 1869 converted to cable layer by Lairds Birkenhead 
KANGaroo W swps ON55954 27g,30n,. Len. 1869  =48g  44n  sank in Brisbane river June 1889 and broken up reg closed 1891 see folio 1/1868 Brisbane and 5/1869 orig 54.0 x 16.5 x 5.7 leng -  78.3 x 16.3 x 5.7, one eng. 8hp 
KANGAROO had it been a steamer it would, indeed, have been unusual to exhaust smoke via mast. However it was a MOTORSHIP.  = S TSMV  4348g 2776n on131682 B.1915 H&W Irvine,Scot. Twin diesels by shipbuilderÆs Glasgow works, 399nhp. 1125IHP 10 knots,  1921 = 4433g 2706n. reg Fremantle, WA State Shipping service, sold Aug.1938 Moller, shanghai. Laid down as LALANDIA for Danish East Asia company but sold on the stocks to W.A. Govt., upon sale to shanghai renamed NORAH MOLLER, in Jan 1942 was in dock Singapore after damage by air attack in straits of Malacca Feb.1,1942 bombed and set afire Bangka strait escaping to Australia, and sunk 57 survivors rescued by HMAS Hobart. See also Aust.Coastal Pass ships 
KANGAROO, S mv 4129g, 2552n, 332Æ x 50, B.1962 (11) Evans,Deakin & CO, Brisbane for W.A.State Shipping svc. Reg.Fremantle. Sold May 1973 to Panama and renamed Hong Kong Fir and later Yara. 
KANNA,  S ss ON12709 1948g,1049n B.1911 Ramage & Ferguson Leith for Union Line, sold 1936 and left Pt.Phillip towing former bass strait ferry LOONGANA and as SEIAN MARU, was torpedoed by an American submarine in North Pacific Oct. 1, 1944. No such thing as United steamships Company. More carelessness, the Kanna was owned by Union s.s.Co Of N.Z.Ltd, and Loonganna by Tasmanian Steamers p/l 
KANAHOOKA  and next item, same vessel. Both spelt wrong û see earlier entry 
Kansas  JUST WHAT Texas is doing in this report is  unknown, and perhaps water pouring in to prevent the fore, should read fire? Or is the forehold somehow misquoted???????????? 
KAPUNDA, s SS 3097G,1907  built by Melbourne ss Co for N.w.Coast services of WA but displaced when the WA govt decided to conduct those services.  æNot a successö a very questionable statement, seeing the owners only sold at the height of wartime demand or six years after acquiring her. sold 1915 and torpedoed Nov. 12, 1916. fitted with limited passenger accommodation 
KARALEE two entries, one useless, the other contains all necessary information. 
KARANGI, HMAS  more geographical redistribution.  Homebush bay, the one and only, was part of sydney Harbour until partly reclaimed to make the venue of Olympic Games û see Scuttled & Abandoned Ships 
KARRATA  S ss  built  G.Brown & Co. for Gulf S S Co 1914 Coast Steam Ship co., Last voyage Kangaroo Is Nov.3, 1961, then cut up for scrap at Port Adelaide,  completed early 1962. See AUst. Coastal Passenger Ships for full detail 
KARINGAL, W double ended motor vessel, ex steamer  1936 û see Sydney Ferry Fleets, A.M.Prescott 
KARITANE s SS  on118012 Wrecked 1921, re 1921, not 1920 according to register and other sources. 
KARNALI, unknown and not in my copy of SAN 
KAROOLA, orig measred 7170/4450, remeas., after introduction aust. Nav Act 1921 û 7391/432n ON120759. See aust coastal pass ships Laid up in sydney May 1936 and sold March 1937 to shanghai shipbreakers 
KAROON  S tsmv name is aboriginal for No.1, and was chosen to mark the first vessel built for UNION LINe in Australia. Built by NSW Gvt State Dockyard, chartered by BHP from 1965 till 1968,   Sold 1968 and renamed ELIZA MILLER 
Karuah, Wss 121g/88n, ON83751 B.1882 W.Dunn,berryÆs Bay, North sydney. Sold March 1885 citizen of USA at New Britain and renamed  GOLDEN GATE, RETURNS British at sydney May 1888,G.W.Nicoll & partners, reg closed 1894 broken up at Jervis bay 
KARUAH, S tss 339/185n ON125178, B.1908 Ramage & Ferguson  Leith, for Newcastle & Hunter river s.S.Co. sold June 1917 to Lighthouse maintenance  dept Commonwealth of australia, reg Brisbane Sold June 1927 to singapore. Built for sydney-Pt.Stephens trade. 
KASSA  can hardly be called a Tasmanian trader. First to aust in Pt.Adel, then to Melbourne and then to tasmania in1883 
KATE wooden vessel 50 tons, lost near Garden island sydney August 1898, was the nsw govt steamer already mentioned above, with the date of 1900 incorrect. 
KATE WATERS. ON42606 B1855, ex 163/1861 of Liverpool registered Hobart  april1863  By John Johnson of north Gippsland Dec.1870 trans to John Smith & S.J.Lindsay, reg.Melbourne Dec.1874 trans to sydney. 
KATHERINE supposed lost 1861 King Is and Katheran, all highly suspicious and either fiction or miss-dated, for example see Katherine of 1871 
KATHERINE STEWART FORBES,  w 3m ship, 457t,o.m., B.1818 Henry Pitcher, Northfleet Kent two migrant trips to Pt.Adelaide, see Migrant ships to South australia 
KATIE, W ss  20t ON75018, B.1878 Brisbane Water.  May have experienced an accident in Neutral Bay in 1897 but it was salvaged and repaired, the register was closed in 1930 with broken up. 
KATOOMBA, I twin ss, b.1878 Blackwood & Gordon PORT GLASGOW for Australasian S.N.Co., 1887 to Australasian United S.N.Co., Hulked 1903 when sold to D.Sheehy see also Aust.Coastal Pass ships 
KATOOMBA,TRIPLE SCREW SS, TWO 4 CYLINDER TRIPLE EXPANSION RECIP STEAM ENG, WITH CENTRE SCREW DRIVEN BY LOW PRES EXHAUST TURBINE, D.R. COUPLED, SPEED 16KNOTS.Fitted for 550 passengers 170 crew, after sale in 1946 worked in the med.  With an occasional trans atlantic trip, When converted to oil fuel, refitted and renamed COLUMBIA, REGULAR TRANSATLANTIC SAILINGS AND ONE WITH MIGRANTS TO Australia Sold to Japanese shipbreakers in 1959.  As Imperial transport was sent to New York via Panama canal to transport American troops to Europe. See also Aust. Coastal Pass.ships 
KAWATIRI I ss 453/296 as collier, Altered 1898 and accomm for 50 passengers installed now 513/332. and transferred to Tasmanian trades 
KAWATIRI (2nd the name) B,1919 and when commenced was to be named WAR BEACON, but while under construction changed to SHARISTAN, Acq. By Union SS in 1920 and renamed in 1921. Sold to China in 1936 and sunk by US submarine off Hokkaido Aug. 20,1943 
KAWATIRI (3rd) TSMV 2484g, B.1950 sold 1972 and renamed KWATI 
KAYHORSE . vessel this name never found when I was correcting SAN lists 
KEBROYD w BQ 363T REG.Sydney 1874 acq.Adsteam 1887 and made hulk 
KEDER?????? No trace 
KEERA Iron ss, considered first screw steamship BUILT OVERSEAS for Australian use.(another omitted word changing meaning of remarks!! A frequent problem in this work) orig.169/114;1864 = 197/145 1868 = 230/158n  rebuilt and lengthened 1868. Owner: Nov. 1852 Geelong reg geelong: 1854 reg Melb various until July 1865 Gippsland SN Co   sent to New Zealand for sale, stranded Westport  Nov. 1866. salvaged rebuilt and reg Dunedin 1868. 1872 sold to Sydney owners:  March 1873 to C.S.R., and made hulk in 1877. see  Aust.Coastal Pass ships 
KEILAWARRA  built by J.Key & Sons, not singers as printed. Of Kinghorn, Scotland. See also Aust.Coastal Pass.Ships 
KEKERANGU,  Launched as WAR COAST, then renamed COSMOS IN 1919 and sold to Union line in 1920 and renamed 1921 sold 1953 to Japan for demolition. 
KELAT. towed to Darwin by Fremantle tug UCO 
Kelso, w ship 573 t, capt Roxburgh, left Sydney with soldiers of 50th reg March 24, 1841, rr 1841 and did not leave in convoy with others named û the statement is very suspicious John Brewer & Hopkinson left about same date in 1842, while ARAB went to Launceston????? 
KEMBLA I ps 325/204: 1873 = 449/283  185.1 x 22/1 x 11.5, 1873 = 209.2 Built .J.Reid & Co, Glasgow, 1860 for Illawarra S.N.Co Feb.1874 C.J.Stevens, who formed Newcastle S S Co in 1876.   When the gold rush at Kiandra petered out she was often laid up as too expensive to operate and in 1861 was sent to N Z looking for a buyer. In 1872  commenced a service from sydney to Melbourne via ports without much success. And in 1873 was chartered for a service Brisbane-Maryborough and Sydney the charterers advertising she was the fastest in the trade, and on a voyage from Brisbane to sydney beat the ASN City of Brisbane quite comfortably and when ASN management tried to force her out of this opposition Stevens bought her, fought ASN and drove them out of their first trade sydney-Hunter River.  The vessel ceased carry passengers in 1890. When scuttled off sydney the then owner S.B.strde cautioned as it was sunk outside the prescribed area. Vide copy of advice to Hydrographic Branch. 
KEMPSEY, S tss,  483/193n, ON121181 B.1907 Scott of Kinghorn, Scot.  170.3 x 27.1 x 9.4, built for N.CainÆs Coastal co-op SS Co reg. Sydney. Sold April 1908 and renamed TATHRA BY Illawarra & s.C.S.N.Co., but found unsuited to south Coast of NSW work and chartered to Kerr Bros, Vila and was lost off Ambryn Is Jan.4,1912 with loss of 24 when capsized and sank. Built to fight the North Coast S N Co for Manning river trade and was sold after a bitter war  - see Aust.Coastal Pass Shiips 
KENNEDY I TSS  JUST HOW CONFUSED CAN ANYONE BECOME?  Vessel was built, as you state, as a twin screw steamship and then you say later converted to a twin screw steamship?????????. You also have it built for AUSN which was not formed until 1887!!!. Having been sold to Nelson,NZ in 1866 and in  1875 was refitted and probably extensively altered emerging as û 174/128  = 138.4 x 19.4 x 7.8 after reft 1886 now 186/124 tons in 1895 193/127: 1905 226/131. I do NOT find on her register any 201 tons,  although she was continually being upgraded and repaired having æsmelt the groundÆ in almost every part of the New Zealand coast around Cook Strait. 
KENT, Blackwall near London.  Blackwall was part of the London Docks!!!! You should have looked at LubbockÆs The Blackkwallers . before making comment 
KENTISH LASS  was built at Bideford,Devon, yet another omissionà 
Kestrel w brig 190t  leaving for Auckland Aug.15,1852, repeat 1852, was in collision with Lady Elgin,  and nothing to do with a vessel built in 1855!!!!!!!!!! more faulty reporting by someone which you so frequently manage to find. 
KETTY   no reason given for inclusion 
KAIORA, SAN does NOT give any loss reference, simply says reg Sydney, file has been misread. anything in 1906 was a passing incident and not fatal Although when asked for detail authorities unable to come up with anything but possibly linked to 1905  ketch matter. That vessel/incident undiscovered in contemporary press or refs. 
KIAMA B.1921 AT Goole, NOT Poole.  Another  wonderful trick of legerdemain, built in 1921, and in 1886 involved in a rescue attempt and then in 1914 collided with another ship,-- my my how clever? and we seem to have missed others this name such as  KIAMA I SS B.1854; s SS b.1902 (WHICH Loney found) 
KIANGA  see Scuttled & Abandoned Ships, ON 150176, not as shown, built at Narooma NSW 
KILBAHA, BUILT Port Glasgow 1911, became iron baron OF b.h.p. 
Kilda, wrong, it was named ST.KILDA-- SEE SCUTTLED & Abandoned ships,  employed as hulk, and register closed July 1929 æabandoned on Bishop IslandÆ 
KILLARA , steamship at Phillip Island, was in the 1930s ex Sydney ferry that name, Built 1909 and until Harbour Bridge - operated in Sydney,, sometime after 1932 sold to  J.L.Dyson, of south Melbourne, and register closed in the 1940sà. 
KILMENY,  Australasian Shipping News  Aug 11, 1883, states vessel bound for Newcastle NSW û HockingÆs dictionary is just about as unreliable as this  production û I told Lloyds when it was presented to them when I was in London how bad it was,  but they claimed no responsibility for contents 
KINA,  was actually KINI S ss 1122g B.1894 Short Bros.Sunderland as ELLA,  renamed 1898 by Union SS Co., sold shipbreakers 1924 and hulk scuttled Cook strait February 1925 
KING GEORGE, launched Sydney May 1805 . 
KING MALCOLM, MV, TORPEDOED  Oct.31,1941 total loss 32  crew. Last seen 47.40N 51.15W 
KING OSCAR, former Swedish Gunboat, W 3m bq, 248 tons, B. 1846 Stockholm,   first british reg. at sydney in 1865 owners  Sept. 1866 û Oct. 1868  H.S.Bird & J.H. Gibbons, ultimately condemned in New Zealand at Port Chalmers when seeking a buyer, reg. closed 1883 
King Wm.the IV, enrolled with Sydney Customs as æWilliam the FourthÆ  103t o.m., 81 t n.m. 
KINGSWEAR, both entries same vessel.  I ss  356g  ON86746 struck Cordellia rock when leaving townsville for Cooktown, Capt.J.G.Farmer,  MB enquiry cautioned master to be more careful. Built Campbelltown, Scot. And in1901 reg. Maryborough having formerly been 3/1892 London, reg. Melbourne 1908 as hulk 
KINTUCK, Alfred Holt owned China Mutual S,N. so no acquisition involved. but why in this collection û nothing to do with Australia Torpedoed  with loss 1 life  Dec 2, 1917 in the Bristol channel near St.Ives, Cornwall 
KIRKLANDS  s SS  1801 b.1888 Belfast, under charter to Adelaide SS Co 1895  until purchased & renamed Kolya in  Oct. 1897 
Knight of St. George. Why was the state of Washington, USA queried?  More geographical confusion?????????/ 
KNOWSLEY, HULK, SEE Scuttled & Abandoned ships, sunk  Oct.3,1923 
KOBENHAVN.  It would help if you could decide which south American port it left before disappearing as you name two, and the date is also offered twice, each one different.  Did anyone check anything in this publication?  Constant contradiction and or duplication  etc .etc. I have never seen such incompetence exhibited in a printed book 
KONA,  two different owners named????????????? 
KONARRA.  NO IT WAS kowarra which you also list 
KONOWARRA  scuttled off Townsville March 27, 1938 see Scuttled & Abandoned ShipsÆ 
KOOKABURRA, EX hmas, BEING DEMOLISHED ROZELLE Bay,Sydney when it sank 1970 û the stern section was then being towed to the disposal area outside Sydney heads when it sank 4 miles beyond the heads, Aug 12, 1971 see æScuttled & abandoned shipsÆ 
KOOLINDA ?SISTER TO Koolama? Built ten years later? Unlikely. S tsmv  4372g see also Aust.Coastal Pass ships.  Dec.1957 sold to Australian Pacific Shipping Ltd and renamed KIMBERLEY and converted into livestock transport. Eventually reg panama and sold to breakers arriving Hong Kong Dec . 1959 
KOOMEELA, W ss 191g, B.1912 David Drake Ltd,Balmain for Holyman Bros., then East Coast Shipping taken by US Small ships May 1942 and ultimately re- engined with  8 cyl. Diesel -  G.M.C.-, rated 8 knots,, sold by Commonwealth Disposal commission in 1945 and reg Brisbane Jan. 1946, reg closed 1947 æsold Govt of PortugalÆ obviously for use in Timor. 
KOOMILYA  left Fremantle on delivery voyage to foreign owners July 5, 1955 then named ROSAPELAGI,  and owned in Italy 
KOOMILYA, ex CORAMBA of 1948 in 1961 sold Nov. 1966  and  renamed SAN FERNANDO 
KOONDA, b.1910 West Hartlepool. Sold China 1946 and renamed, broken up 1947 owned for much of career in Australia by McIlwraith, McEacharn 
KOONOOKARRA  W ss 165/66 B.1899 Singapore for H..W Stevens, reg. Port Darwin. To Holymans, in 1901 and reg. Hobart 1905, 1912 Levers Pacific Plantations Ltd, reg. Sydney reg. trans to tulagi, Solmon Islands, but fate unknown 
KOOPA, S tss 416/170 ON130149 B.1911 Ramage & Ferguson, Leith. Sold 1952 Moreton Bay Development co. reg. closed Oct. 1960 vessel to be demolished. Which was carried out at Pinkeba throughout 1961 
KOORAKA, S mv, 300 (three hundred) tons not three thousand.  Wrecked April 1966 on the reef near entrance to Noumea. 
Koorda, W lighter 83 B. 1896 scuttled Feb.1945 see æScuttled & Abandoned shipsÆ 
KOORINGA, s SS B.1902 see also aust.Coastal Pass Ships. 
KOWHAI, b.1910 AS Hopewell  not hopeful 
KURANDA S tss 928g, B.1901 Gourlay Bros., DUNDEE not Glasgow for Australasian United s.N.Co (It seems it is impossible for the name of this shipowner to be presented correctly anywhere in this opus!!!!) 
KURARA    1927      ???? surely KURRARA 
KURING GAI (I do not have any trouble with this name, always quoting the REGISTERED style but you are confused with other reports who use the name and write it differently)   This vessel built in 1901 was made of steel and had screw each end NO paddles anywhere and was NOT sold to Newcastle Ferries but to the NSW Government to take workers to and from Walsh Island dockyard. And when the yard ceased the vessel was made a hulk which was abandoned at Hexham, but doubtful ever sold to anyone after abandoned on the mud in the 1930s. 
KURRARA, I ss tug, 387/239  ON89493  B.1883 Holland, reg Sydney 1884, renamed EAST STAR IN 1928 
KYOGLE S tss 735/ 329n ON112551 B.1901, repeat 1901  A & J Inglis, Pointhouse, Glasgow. 1932 to Queensland  company and employed  bringing coral from Moreton bay to Darra, notable steaming up Brisbane river for her funnel which was altered so it could be lowered to allow her pass under the bridges. Sold to RAAF and May 12, 1951 hulk sunk 10 miles east of Cape Moreton in bombing practice. See Scutteld & Abandoned ships 


La Estancia position I give taken from official british government list of war losses. 
Le Meurthe Iron, rr Iron hull, built 1885 û your report completely at variance with contemporary press report, and there were no crew aboard,and it was under tow of ss St.Joseh.. apparently the vessel wrecked on near Lord Howe Is another craft. 
LA SERENA, 2266G 1447N  FIRST REG. Port Adelaide 1899.  while under charter by Adelaide SSCo from July 1896 and under their control stranded  april 10, 1899 Adele Island WA abandoned to underwriters, the wreck purchased by Adelaide SS Co and taken to their sydney workshop where repaired and although ADsteam had usually called it MOONTA in advertising etc, since chartered, it was only officially renamed until the Company became owners in 1899, but it was NOT  used to work in Spencer gulf, but on mainline duty Sold 1913 to Crosby & Co, Melbourne January 1915 to Japan and as  TOKEI MARU, broken up in 1931 û see The Adelaide Line. 
LADY ANN -- SAN 1876  when I was commissioned and checked  I could not find anything, nor could the people who commenced the list. Fiction??? 
LADY AUGUSTA ENTRY SO FAR OUT IT SHOULD BE DELETED. (I wonder if Hans Christian Anderson or the Brothers Grim concocted some of the fairy tales you have collected and use to try and confuse later historians???) Cadell did NOT receive the ú4000, but a lesser sum as he had not met ALL the requirements of the bonus offer. It was built in Sydney to CadellÆs design and requirements. It was not the first to navigate the Murray. æVisited sydney & MelbourneÆ Well it was built in sydney and called into Pt.Phillip on its way to South australia, if that is what you wish to convey>>>?????????/  see Ships of the Inland River or any other reliable publication about river Murray steamers 
LADYBird  Rhodes story never confirmed by contemp. refs and probably is linked, vaguely with LADY ELLIOTT myth 
LADYBIRD, very misleading and incorrect. See Aust.coastal Pass Ships. 
 248/176n tons, I ss, 1856 with increased accommo measure 431g 287n. B.1851 WDenny & Co,Dumbarton for English cross channel ferry service conducted by  H.P.Maples,reg.London 114/1851.  Oct. 1853, reg. Geelong by Cowie trading as Geelong SN Co arrived Geelong July 19,1853 from London for sale; in May 1855 sold to Launceston S.N.Co Nov. 1856 S.G.Henty Oct. 1864 to New Zealand where she was ultimately hulk in 1887/8 and the hulk was sunk by gunfire from a warship in 1905. arrived for sale and said to be the fastest steamer in the colonies, Launceston people tried to buy her but were beaten by Cowie and friends. Who in Sept.1853 placed her in the Vic-Tasmanian trade, mainly to Launceston. When Henty acquired the vessel he had the accommodation increased therefore the increased gross tonnage and he placed her in the Melbourne-Pt Adelaide trade, calling at intermediate ports , in 1862 she made a few trips to Otago, and Henty tendered to place her in the Pt.Adelaide King George Sound mail run when  South Australia omitted by UK mail contract. In oct. 1864 rr 1864 sold to New Zealand Stm Nav Co, reg.Wellington folio 3/1864.  (as I have said so often --I do not know how you can collect so many rubbishing fairytales but if you can find anyone to believe them you should start selling hot cakes at the equator) 
LADY BLACKWOOD,  254t, B.1821 Fort Gloster,Bengal, 91Æ5ö x 25Æ10ö first registered sydney as folio 11/1828 and for the whaling industry reg closed 1859 when sold foreign, last owner Robert Towns  Capt.John Gibbs, left Sydney June 11, 1830 for the fishery and returned December 30 1831 with 180 tuns and left again in March 1833 -- TUNS does not mean that many TONS, tun being the measure of  capacity of a cask.  State records, or researcher got the month of return wrong, and converted tuns into tons 
LADY BOWEN, I ps orig.527g/ 425.lengthened 1875 û 702g, and your subsequent comment shows refs to a number of vessels and or confused mis reading of factual information readily available.  Original dimensions as per register = 210.5 x 25.7 x 11.5, and after lengthening in dec. 1875 = 228.2 length other dimensions unaltered. 
LADY BOWEN, reg. closed 1888, some misunderstanding of material, as so often the case  in this hotch potch of misinformation. Last owner was James Cole  Ellis 
LADY DALY, W swps, as usual -  enough omitted to make entry read   strange.  built in 1862 rr 1862, refitted 1872 etc. 
LADY DARLING  steamer in 1850s, there was no such steamer in existence in australia in1850s 
LADY DARLING, I, ss much confusion, as usual when well known vessel enters your lists  see Aust.Coastal Pass Ships I ss  orig. 649/528 and owned by Brights, involved with Baines and his Black ballers and on arrival Melbourne apl 1865 announced to work in conjunction with ss Hero delivering black ball line passengers and cargo to other Australasian ports. NOT designed as a collier but with collapse of Black Ball Line Brights increased pass accm and in 1866 placed it in the sydney/Newcastle û Melbourne trade, entering collier business with coal from Ncle.   As early as 1867 they speculated about increasing size as not enough cargo space to be economical and In 1869 Brights returned her to Liverpool and lengthening, when returned in Jan. 1875 was sold to Paterson and full time collier.. As the vessel was built in Liverpool any report saying it was in built in Lancashire is correct but EnglandÆs geography is a complete mystery to your contributors or editors 
LADY DARLING, B.1864 the second on the Murray û donÆt make me laugh û the first Mary Ann in1853  then a ten year gap, I cannot imagine where this continual distortion of fact comes from û perhaps another copying error and the second stern wheeler is meant???  ON my typo, 43149 confirmed 
LADY DARLING, B.1864, etc.etc., you note Loney has is in an incident in 1854???? 
LADY DENISON. I do not know why you raised the question of year it went missing û I alone give frequent press refs, and there are other reliable reports, but just because someone made an error you waffle on. It would suffice if you simply stated  the differing reports. Obviously Broxam and Nash were confused. 
LADY ELGIN, entry  incorrect, see amendment for Kestrel. 
LADY ELLIOT 353t  arrived sydney june 24 1816 left sept 22 for Calcutta via Batavia Thos stewart 
LADY EMMA b.1848 on 32030  R 32030 
Lady fergusson (fergusson is correct) was lost Port Willunga the landing place near Aldinga. 
LADY FITZGERALD, you did not pick up my reference to Fitzgerald, without the lady???? 
LADY HARVEY, and Loney confusion, does make it clear just how unreliable Loney was but it seems unnecessary to waffle on and on about it - a simple statement he was confused should suffice. 
Lady Jillian also listed as Lady Jervis???rather strange, copying error ? see previous entry 
LADY JOCELYN, was launched under that name London customs  folio 263/1852 says: I ss, 3 masts 2188g, built 1852 C.J.Mare. for General Screw Steam SHippig Co., sold 1860 and renamed BRAZIL, foreign owners revert in 1861 to British Register and must return to original name. owner now East India & London Shpg Co. sold Jan. 1868 and in April 1868 eng removed and made sailing ship 
LADY LAMINGTON Iron ss, 357g/198n. ON80429, B.1878 T.Wingate & Co, Glasgow as  GUNGA  for BISN, then to Queensland Stm Shpg. Which became AUSN and in 1890 May 1893 renamed Croydon as AUSN already had a ship named Gunga. In May 1898 sold to Wm.Collin and renamed Lady Lamington for wife of the governor of Qld., in May 1901 renamed MORETON BY Henry Carr and used to dispose night soil from Brisbane  reg. Closed Dec.1934 æabandoned on Bishop IslandÆ 
LADY LEIGH. ON 31491 built 1835 at Newport, Monmouthshire  that is near Cardiff and a long way from Tasmania!!!! And first in Australasia at Wellington in 1843, trans to Hobart in 1845 and in June 1846 Aldridge acquired a small share in the vessel, which he increased until by 1853 he was sole owner and sold mid 1854. 
Lady Loch I SS 487t, ON88946 1920 - 531/270 built 1886 by Messrs Campbell, Sloss & McCann, South Melbourne 2 cylinder compound steam engine by shipbuilders, 125hp. Built for Victorian government as lighthouse tender and general purpose vessel. After Federation, when the lighthouses around Australia were divided into two categories, one set to be cared for by the Commonwealth the remainder by the states, Lady Loch retained by Victorian govt, and sold Feb.1920 to a grazier, A.S.Rodgers, but when the Commonwealth required more tonnage to care for lights under their control they purchased Lady Loch in May 1925.  They sold it March 1935 to Mr.Cooke and she was converted into a hulk for work on the Brisbane river and worked for Moreton Tug & Lighter Company,  scuttled at Dunwich, Moreton bay 1962.  see Scuttled and Abandoned ships It was NOT an auxiliary steamship but full powered. But, as usual, you have it scuttled in 1926 and performing work up to 1935, but then the whole item is so muddled it makes LoneyÆs efforts seem reasonable!!! The above is a clear picture of the legal owners etc.,and ultimate disposal, no matter what your other amazingly confused contributors feel  about it. The crystal ball must have been even more cloudy as they wrote it up!!!! 
LADY MACDONALD w SHIP 676t arrived Melbourne July 13, 1852  Capt. Wm. Gold from Plymouth with 286 govt migrants 
LADY MARY PELHAM   measured 207 tons until re rigged in 1854 and measured under new meas.system. 
LADY NORMAN,  AN ISLAND STEAMER? Now I WONDER WHAT THAT MAY mean. When operational was employed on short run coastal voyages in Queensland but did make one short trip to take labourers to nearby Pacific islands  Was built as an iron hull paddle wheel tug but in Feb.1895 was converted to single screw steamship with compound engine from wrecked ss Dicky, and renamed  ON94148 176/106  Owner William Collin, reg. Brisbane  2/1895. 1918 converted to lighter û 194/171tons. scuttled artificial reef. 1979 see scuttled & abandoned ships 
LADY NORTHCOTE, B. 1905 for Balmain New ferry Co.,  128/87 
LADY OF THE LAKE IRON paddle steamer, apparently later clad with timber. acquired Nov.1873 by Gippsland S.N.Co, who were owners in 1880, when repaired and restored owners various, from august 1882 till Sept. 1883 Wm.Williams & partners 
LADY ORD, W ss  8g, Built 1878 Perth, first reg. 1898  when purchased by developers of new housing estate æMelville Water Park EstateÆ, which ultimately failed all their fleet abandoned c.1905 
LADY PALMERSTON, I ship rigged, 1864, R.Steele Greenock ON48805 renamed PAM, by Adelaide sS co in 1909 when converted to hulk,  Sunk by gunfire from HMAS AUSTRALIA and CANBERRA off Kangaroo Island,  March 20,1934, see Scuttled and Abandoned Ships 
LADY PEEL, W bq 594 tons, ashore June 4,1852 near Shortlands bluff with coal,  not owned in  Australia 
LADY ROBINSON, W sch 106t, ON64434, B.1873 Manning River, NSW. Owners; 1877-1893 A.Schlink & A,Krause, reg. Port Adelaide,  stranded May  2, 1884 near Hook Is,Qld, crew reached Bowen May 27, refloated, and repaired. Finally hulked in sydney in 1910. 
LADY SALE W  brig 199t,  arrived Geelong from Dundee Nov. 23, 1854 and left for South America Dec, 18, different rig and tonnage than 1852 incident 
LAIRA, yet another conjuring trick, built in 1870 and entered a trade in 1862????? Which obviously is meant to be 1882.  WHEN first REG. n.z., AFTER COLLISION WITH STEAMER IN 1898 PURCHaSed BY Union Co and used as hulk in Pt.Chalmers but eventually re-rigged and in 1904 owned in Hobart, and in 1908 to J.J.Craig,Auckland, who sold in 1910 to Huddart Parker  who made the vessel a coal hulk and register closed. 
LALLA   W 3m barque, 1070g   991n, ON`118542 B.1874 Masean, Nova Scotia. Apl.1904 reg.Fremantle ex Norwegian reg by G.F.Gallop. March 1906 G.& W. Chamberlain, who converted to lighter and employed with the movement of coal from the Collie mines, Jan, 1912 sold to Melbourne SS Co. Remains destroyed by Gunfire from HMAS BRISBANE  August 18, 1917 û see Scuttled & Abandoned Ships 
LALLA ROOKH  w BRIG. First in Sydney April 1853, folio 38/1853; aug 1858 trans to Melbourne reg. March 1863 returns sydney ownership May 1873 briefly reg Auckland returns sydney reg 1873, and apparently hulked, or made into collier. 
LAMMERMOOR. Since my book published have  discovered lost 1881, rr 1881 
LANCASHIRE LASS, w 2M SCH 61, on59552 B.1869 Jervis Bay, nsw, as CURRUMBENE Renamed Aug.1886, acq.Aug 1887 Frank Jardine reg closed 1895 æbroken up Thursday Island 
LANCASTRIAN. w SHIP 591t Capt. R.Langley with immigrants from London arrived Melbourne Apl 29, 1851, and left for Hong Kong June 14 
LAND OF CAKES  item so full of holes am ignoring it completely. 
LANENA , Sss  to Hong Kong shipbreakers in 1956. Built for Holymans 
LANERCOST, more ignorance. The vessel was built in county Cumberland,eng. æcountyÆ normally abbreviated æco.Æ 
LAPWING, which arrived Pt.Adel from London May 10, 1850 was NOT purchased by SA govt in 1845, that was the former Emma & Jane, more confused or poor researching. Or bad copying? All are featured prominently in this publication - and in 1850 sold to Teakle. In April 1853 the register was transferred to William Francis,jnr 
Lapwing, working in victoria in 1852 etc, was NOT the vessel that name lost in Wollongong, but the cutter/ketch lost in Encounter bay in 1856` 
LARANAH, Sss 740g ON136668, Built Holland for British Channel Island Shipping co in 1914 who had named it ISLAND QUEEN.  Holymans sold it 1956 to Panama and it sank  s.w of Manila, Oct. 8, 1959, 
LARKINS,  see Scuttled & Abandoned Ships, 
LARRAKIA, designed as air/sea rescue vessel for RAF adapted for northern australian conditions. 
Lass OÆGowrie b.1848, last effective entry in Sydney Custom house files Oct. 1856 reg closed 1891 æmissing for yearÆs i.e, clerk did not know where it was 
LASS OÆGOWRIE, I SS  223/136t, on62965, b.1878 J.Key & sons, Kinghorn, for  German Pacific trading company and named SUDSEE, sold 1882 to G.Hill and reg sydney as Lass oÆGowrie, and intended for the blue metal trade Kiama-sydney and was lengthened by 20 feet in 1885. sold in 1895  and in 1896 acquired by Howard smith for work in the Queensland sugar ports. In 1934 sold to Maryborough and by 1938 converted into a lighter and on July 28, 1975 disused hulk scuttled Hervey Bay, see  Scuttled & Abandoned ships, and AMHS files. Howard Smith history. All your entries for same ship. Although most compilers confused or bemused!! 
LASS OF GAWLER, W brig, 224t  ON43145 Built  POole, Dorset 1862 for Port Adelaide owner.sold March 1885 Tasmanian and became coal hulk, when  TSN acquired by Union Line, they retained it services until sold in 1908 for demolition. 
LAUDERDALE, the second was built to replace the first of the name but Union Line acquired Maoriland Shipping in 1915, and so renamed the second Lauderdale in their naming style, and it became KOKIRI. Sold overseas in 1927, and under the name TAURUS, Phillipine owner, scuttled Dec.1941 by USN to avoid capture by Japanese who raised it repaired it and it was finally lost off Manila in February 1945 under Japanese flag. 
LAURA missing in 1904 was reg in Italy was built of iron and you give full details three or 4 entries later??????????????????????. 
LAURA Iss  ON71783, acqs. 1911  John rowe & Sons Hobart, and abandoned 1929. 
LAURA steamship  involved in collisions Brisbane river, is the same vessel built 1873. 
The entries for Laura getting too muddled to worry about any further 
LAVINIA blackbirder entry followed immediately by proper descripotion and total loss why??? 
Le Roi   such stupid speculation  - no knowledge of French language   leads to such a silly exhibition. 
LEEDERRY, the former name was ARGO, not agra 
LEeUWIN was built of IRON not steel and employed on  Eucla mail service. 
LENA GLADYS,   towing steamer was city of FORT  Worth 
LEILA,  SAN entirely incorrect, no Ferry that name, probably Leipoa?? If so only damaged 
LEISHA   Coral see     ?? surely coral sea 
LEONADIS on48395  LAST REGISTERED OWNERS Melbourne SteamShip Co., not MHT hulked in 1885 when acquired by Melbourne Coal company 
Next entry the same ship 
LES TROIS AMIS, THE REG WAS CLOSED IN 1883 WITH æMISINGÆ It was indeed, it had been last used by Francis Cadell at his pearling station at Warrior Island, and with his death the vessel disappeared. Fate unknown. and not the first steamer registered in West australia. but the first SCREW  steamer, another copy error? Engine removed in 1858, and spent last years as sailing schooner. Your source, as so often the case, completely up the wattle about this vessel. 
LETITIA,  b.1831, at Bill Quay on tyne, co.durham, reg.Sydney 1839, to Hobart in 1841, etc., prob. just a typo about a  rescue in 1945 
LEURA, OFFICIAL NUMBER HAS PICKED UP AN ADDITIONAL1 IN FRONT, IT WAS 74685 BULT 1878 W.H.Potter & Co, Liverpool for William Howard smith who announced it for the Newcastle,Sydney Melbourne coal trade -  see Aust.Coastal Pass.Ships. 
LEVERET.  You have done it again, a vessel sunk in 1895 reported involved in incidents in the early 1900s???? Apparently it never occurred to you or your compilers that an owner MAY wish to replace a lost vessel? Because that is what happened, when the first leveret was sunk Fenwicks purchased another vessel and renamed it Leveretàà 
LEVUKA, w sch,79t ON83636 used as a lighter at Port Darwin from 1883, was built 1874 in Germany, worked in the south seas for a german trading company until sold  1881 to Sydney owner who sold in 1883 to Darwin 
LEVUKA, Tss built for AUSN, sold 1926  AND RENAMED. Broken up in 1963.  see Aust.coastal Pass Ships reported to have stranded in 1927 
LEWES, Royal Navy vessel, formerly USS naval vessel named Conway, scuttled off sydney having been damaged by an air attack in 1943, Date of sinking in question, Royal Navy says 1945, other sources give 1955 û see æScuttled & Abandoned Ships 
LIBERTY, Sch, b,1849 ON32547. reported in Melbourne  between April 1852 and April 1853. reg.Sydney: 1866 to Brisbane owner, 1867 to Wst Australia in  Aug 1870 trans to Singapore. 
LIDDESDALE  s SS  2422G, b.1887, CHARTERD BY Australian shipowner 1895 and sold in 1897 and renamed WANAKA BY Union Line   and employed in their Tasmanian trades. 
LILIAN,  YOU SINK OFF SYDNEY Dec. 1876 actually  LILLIAN ON51055 lost of Cape 3 Points which you later also list under correct spelling 
Linda  PG533 was originally screw steamship, eng removed 1895  and aux.oil eng installed 1905  when sold to Holymans thence a few more changes until returns to Holymans in 1930  Hulked Tamar river 1938 (see Holyman history) the second entry this vessel unnecessary and vague 
LINDISFARNE,  built by Rock Davis, Brisbane Water (no æsÆ) sold 1920 Lindisfarne Ferry Co. Hobart and renamed Taken by U.S.Small ships in 1942, not returned. Reported seen in Noumea after the war. 
LINDAYS, HEAVeN ALONE KNOWS HOW ANYONE THOUGHT IT WAS EVER IN THE SLAVE TRADE û MORE CONFUSION, IGNORENCE OR SHEER STUPIDITY -- . IT WAS CONDEMNED IN Bermuda, in 1813, ie US war. W ship rigged vessel measuring 270 tons, first in Hobart town customs 1832 and in 1835 acquired by the Imlay family for their cattle trade 1842 sold to sydney for whaling SMH Oct. 1849 reported it was condemned early in June at San Francisco and reg closed æsold foreignÆ. 
LION, wrecked with a load of New Zealand timber -  there was a very substantial trade from the north of north island NZ to Australia in the 19th century û more ignorant supposition by someone with absolutely no knowledge of australasian nautical historical affairs. 
LION whaler crew taken to Maryborough, which is on the Mary river that flows into Wide Bay so there is no need to æsupposeÆ. Ps waratah at the time was regular  mail steamer for Maryborough 
Lion bq 216 tons, which you have already wrecked in  1872, you repair?  because the register was closed in 1873???? 
LION BELGE, the owners MAY have built the vessel, but we do not know that so why say so????????????????????/ 
you have the unhappy knack of finding the most unusual ships. Here we have IPS LIONESS  8726 tons,???? built in 1854 arriving in Port Phillip in 1853. It did not get to the Murray river. worked around Melbourne until sent to Hokitika in 1865 and spent the rest of its life in New Zealand.More copying problems??/ 
LISMORE 181t my typo ON74836 confirmed 
LITTLE ANGELINA REG CLOSED 1913 æ BROKEN UPÆ SO IF REBUILT AND RENAMED Customs would not accept it was a repair or rebuild and insisted it was a new ship built at Bass in 1912.  however the owners were the same, so probably was an extensive  rebuild 
LITTLE JOHN, no trace in registers or shipping arrivals 
LITTLE STRANGER w kt  82/77 b. 1883 auckland  reg.Melbourne 1887 reg closed 1928 broken up years ago 
LIVELY cutter built Wm.Jenkins Torbay,WA 1838, sold 1841 to Melbourne   6/1841 and 8/1841 Melb. sold June 1845 to Nelson New Zealand and no further information discovered 
Lizzie was enrolled by Mr.J.B.Lock as LIZZY W ctr 13t, ON64798  47.3 etc. B.1875 (1) J.G.Gotch, Footscray.  The register was closed in 1917 when advised the vessel had been broken up at a date unknown. 
LIZZIE DAVIS,  WAS LEAVING Port Macquarie, where there are NO HEAds there. 
LIZZIE MUIR, was built 1874,rr 1874 according to Sydney folio 27/1874 
LIZZIE WEBBER  arrived from Sunderland Dec. 15, 1852, when reg Sydney 1854, was described as a snow, not a brig,  b.1852 Sunderland was sold to Singapore April 1858 but sydney press July 1859 said under capt. John McFinlay, has been trading regularly between sydney and Launceston 
LLEWELLYN W ss 290g/197. to Auckland Steam Packet Co. Sept. 1875 and extra accommodation fitted resulting in gross tonnage  now 478g. was built for work in northern queensland for a company expected to be formed in Rockhampton. In April 1875 advertised for Cooktown, but Auckland buyers in sydney offered large sum and it was sold.  when returned sydney reg in 1877 advertised for a service sydney-Brisbane-Cooktown 
LOCH DEE owners J. sproat & CO, Liverpool 
LOCH FYNE,  owners Genral shipping Co.Ltd,reg.Glasgow 
LOCH GARRY  I SHIP, 1565/1493, ON73788 REG. Owners  Glasgow Shipping Co, reg. Glasgow.atken, lillbun built J & G Thomson,Glasgow 
LOCH LOMOND, TRAINING HULK?? VERY STRANGE, -- IT WAS PURCHASED FOR USE AS A COAL HULK, ACQUIRED BY Union Line in 1908 and registered at Dunedin and contemporary press said she left Newcastle, NSW July 16,1908 for lyttelton and disappeared -  the NZ paper æDOMinionÆ reporting various  units of Union Line fleet told to look for the missing vessel, etc.etc., so your fairytale about a trip to england and or training hulk, utter rubbish û where do you find this stuff - although looking at your list of books I  find many are questionable on facts, but strong on FICTION. 
LOCH MOIDART, Iron 4mast ship, 2081/2000t ON85856, B.1881 barclay,Curle,  owners Aitken & Lillburn,reg Glasgow. 
LOCH NESS, I ship, 1248/1190 on60461 B.1869 Barclay,curle, Glasgow shipping Co. sold aug.1908 for ú3000 to Stevedoring & Shipping Co, agents Port Adelaide for german Australia line and NDL, used by RAN during WW1 and ended up in Fremantle. Sunk by Gunfire off Rottnest, August 18,1926, see Scuttled & Abandoned shipsÆ 
LOCH RANNOCH, I do not know just where you grab some of the nonsense that continually crops up. This vessel never had another name -  1243/1185t, ON60354 b.1868 J & G Thomson for  Glasgow shipping Co.  û there is no Loch Ronald, in Scotland, and had it been originally named anything else it was illegal to change the name of an English ship until post 1875 û well known - had anyone thought to study their nautical history before creating this very distressing publication. 
Loch tay, THIRD SHIP BUILT FOR THE Loch Line, which began in 1867 by Wm.aitken &  Jas.Lilburn, purchased by Huddart,Parker in 1909 and made coal hulk in Port Adelaide, register closed in 1958 ædemolishedÆ but remains are said to be in the North Arm,Port River. see Scutttled & Abandoned Ships 
LOCHEIL, W sch 227/216n,on65362 built PETERHEAD, NR Aberdeen, SCOTLAND, not England, reg.Brisbane 1883, sold to owners resident in Bundaberg oct.1886 and thence till broken up 1907 and remains said to have been abandoned Bishop Island, see Scuttled & Abandoned ships 
LOELIA. W 1m ctr, 49t, ON53977,B.1849 Poole Dorset, arrived Melbourne  Sept.4,1854 and purchased by Govt and sometimes identified as HM cutter. It was employed on survey work until 1857 when became light ship for Geelong but sold out of govt service in 1867 and reg 16/1867 Melbourne, various owners until sold by Vice Admiralty court in 1878 to sydney owners Sydney reg closed 1882 æsold to a GermanÆ 
LONDON  w ps, see aust.coastal pass ships,  687g/406n 281 burthen tons,  B.1837 John Wood, Glasgow for Dundee, Perth & London shipping Co. 
LONE --  SAN researcher unable to read poor writing but the vessel was in fact named ZONE which you report later 
LOOK IN,  seized because customs found her involved in smuggling û which the owner denied but could not satisfy authority 
LOONGANA b.1879 WAS SOLD TO naturalised Sydney merchants of Chinese origin who were substantial island traders so it was not sold to chinese interests -- yet another example of little understanding, or knowledge of the shipping industry 
LOONGANA  bass sait ferry, facts all wrong. It was built for Union ssCo of NZ who had acquired an interest in the Bass Strait ferry when it purchased Tasmanian SN Co., and who were in stiff competition with Huddart Parker & Company but after both lost money on the service they agreed to form a joint company for the service, and in 1922 the ownership passed to Tasmanian steamers P/L,   see Aust.Coastal Passenger ships and Melbourne Custom House register, while the towing vessel, as mentioned earlier was a former Union line vessel and united steamship company just another fairytale imagined by one of your useless contributors û anyone grabbing such material will continue to perpetrate highly inaccurate information that in later years will prove very difficult to eliminate 
LORD ASHLEY, see Aust.Coastal Pass ships.  Your entry full of error .. the vessel lost New Plymouth in 1862 was LORD WOLSELY, not Ashley, this vessel never owned by Australasian S N CO. When the panama line ceased operations sold to Sydney owners.,then an Auckland resident tried to open a trans-Tasman line  but in 1872 John edye Manning acquired it, and  conveyed passengers  from Sydney against the ASN to Queensland and northern territory ports as well as making a few trips to Noumea. In 1877 the passenger accommodation was removed and she was chartered to carry coal to Melbourne to fulfil a contract obtained by .C.A.Dibbs & Co., and if there is any question about a deliberate attempt to scuttle the vessel it begs the question as to why her owner was travelling in the vessel as a passenger at the time??? More guess work to the fore?????????????? 
LORD AUCKLAND STORY  aout new settlement at Port Curtis, seems dubious or wrongly dated.. 
LORD FERGUS, well you also want it as LOCH Fergus û the correct name -   delete one or the other, I believe it to be a loch myself 
LORD HOBART, a long assoc with Australia -- in 1838 reg Port Adelaide by South Australian company  - 1840s in the cattle trade of the Imlay family. Acquired by tooth in 1849 for the gold rushes in California and sold as a hulk in San Francisco after arrival 
LORD HOWARD it was not, but the above LORD HOBART that Hovenden owned Tooth bought it from the creditors of Hovenden. 
Lord Liverpool packet, then immediately after another entry the same ship? ??? ?? 
LORD OF THE ISLES, Henry Beattie seems to have got caught in the machinery, and returns three times without helping to make anything clear. My typo on official number 
LORENZO SABINE, first in australia at Melbourne in 1853 Dec.1864 trans to Newcastle, NSW  Oct. 1866 trans to sydney ownership 
LORINNA s MV, 1185G  B.1937 Grangemouth Dockyard  241.0  x 35. x 15.4,, sold 1961.renamed BRENDA.  LEFT Melbourne towing dredge SIR GEORGE LLOYD, which sank off wilsons Prom, 1968 renamed UNION BRENDA ACCOMMODATION BADLY DAMAGED BY FIRE IN Dec.1970 at Brunei. Sold 1973 to Singapore still reg. Panama renamed LUCTOR in 1977, and sold for demolition Oct. 1979 
LOUIE, W ss  22t, ON89363, b.1884(12) J.Halstead, Lavender Bay,Sydney eng 9hp, trans to Hobart 1892 
LOUIS BAILLIE??  THERE WAS Louisa Baillie visiting Port Phillip and it arrived Aug. 13, from San Francisco described as a shp of 414 tons which left for Singapore Octo 6th but there is no ref to stranding. 
LOUIS THERIAULT on138893, ACQ Commonealth Govt in 1920. c.1922 to capt.Watchlin of auckland, HAD AN AUX MOTOR INSTALLED IN 1926 when sold to Brisbane traders Ltd, and was badly damaged by fire at Newcastel, NSW July and laid up in sydney where she finally was broken up 
LOUISA LAMONT, SQUEEZED IN OUT OF ORDER IN Louisa file, then later givenfulltreatment???? LOUISA 182 OWNED BY Macnamarra from June 1843, until sold Prt Adelaide May 1852 returns to London register in 1857 
LOUISA  w  BGN, 123 TONS, b.pei 1866, REG Melbourne Feb.1874, and reg closed 1898 æbroken upÆ 
LOUISA, I SS  57/38, on55959  b.1872, FOR  Edmund Mellor, reg. Brisbane only May 1882 to Jas.Honeyman May 1888 to John burke, who may have been a deserter but became an important, wealthy and influential member of BrisbaneÆs mercantile community.     His company sold in 1926 and vessel utilmately became a lighter and the register closed June 1949,Æ no longer requiredÆ fate unknown 
LOUISA CRAIG, a very interesting vessel about which much has been written although you appear to have missed it - built  1876 as the iron hulled barque PERU for Dundee owners, 710/683t, ON75188, sold to Auckland in 1907 and renamed LOUISA CRAIG  by the Craig family company, in 1916 renamed RAUPO and made into a hulk in 1929 etc etc 
LOUISE DOROTHEA,  Loney got lost here, Mossel Bay is NOT in south australia, but SOUTH AFRICA!!!! but is it an error for moselle????????? 
Loura, more bad copying or confused compiler but you already have it under its correct name i.e. LEURA and it might assist researchers if cross referenced but this seldom happens in this opus. 
LOWESTOFT, WAS BUILT IN England not Nova Scotia. 
LOYALTY,  PEARLING LUGGER IN 1850?? STRANGE NO ONE THOUGHT PEARLING WITH LUGGERS HAPPENED UNTIL ABOUT THE 1880S û could this be yet another copying error or typo??? LULU, b. 1875 Belfast,Vic., was sold to Port Adelaide no later than 1921, and was ultimately abandoned on the bank of Port river in mid 1930s  see Ketches of South Australia 
LUBRA ISS B.1860 SEE ALSO Australian coastal Passenger ships 
LUBRA   b.1875 Harvey & CO, at Hayle, cornwall 
Two steamers same name may have confused some people but as they worked on different sides of the continent little confusion in their life time. 1875 Lubra worked for Nipper & See on West coast of Victoria briefly until sold to Newcastle steamship company for sydney-hunter rivier district trading until sold in 1907 for collier work 
LUCIBELLE, more double dipping with the name of owners = copier confused, or just an attempt to confuse the readers???????? 
LUCINDA, ANOTHER REMARABKLE FEAT BUILT IN 1884 AND ARRIVED IN Brisbane in 1855?? Wonders will never cease!!!. Did no typesetter EVER look at what disaster they were setting up û or were they blind - or just blind drunk?  When registered the dimensions were given as 172.2 x  25.1 x9,25 reg closed in 1932 when made into a lighter. The signing of papers to create Federation took place aboard the vessel when is was anchored in the Haweksbury river, not in Sydney. The vessel had been sold in 1923 to Riverside Coal & Lighterage and probably made coal hulk and register only closed when vessel abandoned on bishop Island, see Scuttled and Abandoned Ships 
LUCITANIA?? YOU MEAN lusitania, for Orient S.N.  so your comment well wide of the mark, which is not an uncommon occurrence 
LUCY built Hobart 1839, INCORRECTLY  SHOWN WITH on OF VESSEL BUILT 1853 in the Underwriters register. 
LUCY  CTR 25 TONS BUILT 1853 on32003  entry well wide of the mark. As the folio  28 of 1852 deals with vessel same name built in 1850 at Peppermint bay which was owned by Vallance from 1855  and the register for that vessel closed 1876 æmissingÆ  more very poor research/recording here. My entries from detail that I took from original register book 
LUCY &  ADELAIDE, on38797,  ALL THE Custom house register entries state built 1866 Jervis Bay so SMH got it wrong, or did the researcher? When lost in 1880 the last registered owner vide Customs was H.J.Howes, of Brisbane 
LUCY ANN(E),  214 ton, built 1817 rr 1817 Frederickton, NB purchased by NSW Colonial Govt in 1827 and sold in 1831 and probably hulked c.1850, Argus  July 1852  said bought for a coaling depot in 1854 sold by 1852 owners and registered at Melbourne by G.A.Mouritz as a hulk and register closed 1857 with æbroken upÆ 
LUFRA  Comp. ship ON62437  BUILT 1870 FOR Wm.Anderson, reg. Banff. Sold 1874 Alex MacGregor & partners of Hobart, reg. Port Adelaide 1874 as a barque,  704g/ 672n, trans to Hobart register 1875 and remained Hobart register until sold to Italian owners in 1897 
LUNA  operated as a blockade runner TO the southern confederate states. On50060, was imported by mr.Parker of the Geelong firm Parker & Skinner for the Geelong ferry,but sold aug.1868 to William Marshall, of SYDNEY for the sydney û Manning River trade (after a partner of the geelong owners, capt.Webb sunk the black Swan) and sold to the New Zealand Government in 1870 who sold in 1877 and was then probably made a coal hulk. (as usual you have managed to find a report that does not give the correct story) 
LUNTANA  is LUTANA  (thought this ship MIGHT get a bit more  attention S ss 918g,  ON145642 B.1922 Holland as MACHADO 217.6 LONG PURCHASED BY Wm.Holyman & Co. from Cardiff owners., sold 1955 to Phillipines.   And you have it correctly later 
LURELINE  was really named and enrolled as LURLINE 
Lusitania,  w  SCH  133T ARRIVED Port Phillip from Glasgow August 25, 1853 and there was no report of it leaving - it was not reg in Australia and was possibly abandoned or renamed without advising authority,but some ships slipped away unrecorded in the press 
Lusitania I ss but why immigrant ship? I cannot understand. Employed by Orient Line in Australian service for some years and it was built for PACIFIC S.N.Co not Peninsula as mentioned by Maber in North Star which you obviously have looked at because you quote him frequently, even if not always correctly decyphered 
LUTANA again twice, the second time offering a possible variation of its name?  Heaven help anyone trying to use this publication for research. 
LY-EE-MOON a fine collection of unsubstantiated fairy tales interspersed with fact, however I quote from Australian Coastal Passenger Ships, compiled from reliable sources:- I ps ON28737 753/570, built Thames Iron Works, Orchard Yard for J.P.Dent & CO, Hong Kong, and enrolled Hong Kong in 1860. and used to deliver business information and drugs from Singapore to Hong Kong or the mainland. Sold April 1863 to Japan and renamed TAIHEI MARU and after accident in Hong Kong returned british ownership in 1873, gutted and sailed home to England for conversion to screw steamer for proposed trans-Pacific service It was rebuilt in 1873/74 by the Ouseburn works, Newcastle on tyne  and now a twin funnelled single screw 3m schooner rigged steamer measuring 990g 611n tons  owned by Messrs. G.R.S..Stevens and others. As the Pacific service failed to commence sent to Australia March 1876 seeking a buyer in charge of Capt.G.s.Stevens, who took the vessel to Melbourne on a demonstration for potential buyer - wm.Howard smith in June 1876 but no sale made. Returned to Hong Kong but sold to Australasian S.N.Co early in 1877 and reg Sydney. Gutted by fire in Sydney in 1877 but rebuilt and another deck added, emerging with  2 funnels, only 2 masts and measuring  1202g 745n tons and was wrecked with loss of 71 lives at Green Cape  Nov. 30,1886 
LYNN, SAN - source or ship never identified or locaed 
Lysander, W ship, later barque, 475 tons, built 1835 Leith, on the east coast of Scotland not on the clyde û see Migrant ships to south australia.. She often visited Port Adelaide before getting to Melbourne.  Argus 1860 to be sold and was broken up  in 1861. 
LYtTONA VIDE REGISTER, YOU HAVE IT SPELT WRONGLY.  W 2M FORE AND AFT SCHOONER 74 TONS, BUILT 1867 Taylor Winship, Cleveland, Moreton Bay owner Taylor Winship reg Brisbane, wrecked  Christobel Island as I report 
Mabel white LOST 1898 û UNKNOWN TO ANY OTHER RESEARCHER/ COMPILER and not TO BE FOUND IN Customs House recordsà 
MACEDON, muddle muddle again, grab anything attitude àthe lighter which you try to include was recrded thus 
MACEDON WOOD BARGE/LIGHTER 123T, on95989, 100Æ LONG, BUILT 1891, Taylor Armstrong & CO, Williamstown. owners Victorian lightering & ballasting co. Ltd., subsequently taken over by Victorian Lighterage etc etc. 
The second steamer this name owned by Howard Smith, built in 1916 at Port Glasgow, was sold in 1955 to Panama and was broken up in Antwerp in 1957 under the name Macedonian 
The third, which you do not mention was A Motor vessel built in 1957, which the company sold in 1986 and it was demolished in Taiwan July 1987 after year or two owned in Vanuatu 
MACGREGOR C. ss see also Ausralian coastal Passenger Ships to clarify this messy report. 
Composite screw ss, 256g 163n  ON82695 built for Alex.Macgregor,reg.auckland, trans to sydney reg 1888 briefly and sold april 1888 to Noumea register., 1895 returns british as property of burns,Philp & CO, to take up the running between Albany and Ecula, via ports under contract to W.A.Government in association with AUSN And McIlwratih which they soon lost and in  April 1897 sold to Fremantle shipping agents, and reg.trans to Fremantle and it was hulked in 1916. register closed. 
MACKARRA, s SS B.1919 SOLD TO ausn June 1920, and sold to Jas.Patrick & CO,  1941, and and left for Osaka and shipbrakers Sept. 1954 
MACQUARIE, B.1846 owned n Hobart until 1868, by partnerships involvdd with John Johnson, later to move to Gippsland.  In 1872 sold to Fremantle owners. 
MACQUARIE S tss, 493/263 ON125209 B.1909 Earles, Hull for N.Cains Coasal Co-op SS co  as passenger vessel ( accom 90 pass) for Sydney-Pt.Macquarie trade, laid up 1925, sold 1929 to On Chong & Co, Island merchants reg.Wellington for Gilbert Island trade,later with W.R.Carpenter & Co, mgrs< sold May 1937 to Mollers of shanghai and renamed MARIE MOLLER SEIZED by Japs and renamed KYOKKO MARU which was sunk after striking a mine off southern Burma  12.26n 98.38E, Jan.1 1945 
MACQUARIE, b1875,  and renamed Melbourne, WAS REDUCED To BARQUE RIG BY Devitt & Moore for her last trip whch arrived in Sydney Feb. 11, 1904. and sold Norway late 1904/and arrived Melbourne as FORTUNA  Norge flag  Jan 1906 with a timber cargo. She last arrived under said in sydney in June 3, 1909 It was sold February 1953 for demolition and put ashore on the bank of Parrmatta river at Putney and slowly demolished, which was compleed within two years. 
MACTAN, Why, it was an American vessel working in the phillipines, it was of interest and importance under original names to Aust and New Zealand.   All this rubbish to bring in wartime service - there is not even cross references for potential Australasian enquirers û all very unreal û and thoughtless about the proposed aims of the publication û but then they are seldom realised. The  people who had it built were involved in financial matters soon after it was delivered and they sold to Union Line who employed it in the same, or similar capacity as originally intended, until sold during WW1. 
MADELINE, you are at it again, built in 1825, and wrecked in 1822, but then you mention in the next item with more muddled information û another mixmaster shakeup? 
MADURA,  w BQ,  344 T on70802, b.1866 Nantes, first in Aust. at Melbourne on sale by French owners sept.1875, in August 1881 sold to J.C.Ellis of Newcastle & Sydney, and reg trans to Newcastle SEpt.1883 with no further information and register closed 1972 with æno traceÆ 
MAGGIE W 2m sch, 19t, ON40926 B.1854 Thos. Ledbetter Melbourne, the last owner was A.Garafa, and reg closed 1862 broken up, but it had been auctioned by the Customs for some undisclosed reason after it had been confiscated June 12, 1862 and was eventually rebuilt and registered as a new vessel named DOLPHIN IN 1863. 
Maggie, KETCH, REPORTED WRECKED western Port was probably W kt, 26t, Built 1851, North West Bay, tAs, and rebuilt in 1867 by messrs Cook,Williamstown after purchasing it from the Victorian govt. and in 1869 acquired by T.C.Allchin. the last transaction was in 1890 and reg closed with broken up and dated1915 
MAGGIE on83866  once again a miravcle, built in 1881 and operating in victoria in the 1870s, which, I presume was really the vessel I mention above.Loney obviously thinks so 
MAGNA CHARTER no vessel this or similar name mentioned in arrivals departures lists or in contemporary custom house registers. 
MAGNET  snow 148 Heard Island, was the same vessel lost in 1844 see above 
MAGNET, 92 tons ON71836 b.1875 for and first reg in Sydney by Meyer Brodziak &  another, of Townsville -  sold  May 1876 to Port Adelaide, 
MAGNOLIA, (LOney) W 1m cutter, yacht, first reg in 1889, ON95957, Built.1869 D.Sheehy,wooloomooloo,Sydney  owner when reg Melboune 1889 Wm.Stokes, no further transactions and reg closed 1928 æno traceÆ 
Maguasha,  SEE maquasha  Although spelling is in question, and appears in both styles 
MAHINAPUA S tss 423g 205n, pass accom added  1891 for Tasmanian trades û 458g/239 hulked in 1911 and hulk renamed SYDNEY WHICH FOUNDERED AT Port Stephens, NSW Oct. 7,1925, where it had been in use to handle timber û see Scuttled & Abandoned Ships 
MAHOMED sHAH  It would be less obscure if the name of the master could be confirmed as one of those you mention in different places 
MAHUKONA  you leave out the town in Washington state where the vessel was built, implying it was built in Washington DC on the other side of USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
MAID OF AUSTRALIA, b.1869, THERE IS NO port Turton, but it was Point, as spelt out in my work!!!! Copying has proved very difficult to your typesetter 
MAID OF JUDAH, w 3M SHIP CONVERTD TO BARQUE  March 1874.  643t, ON6869, B.1853 Walter Hood & CO, Aberdeen, 172.0 x 31.2 x 19.3  reg.Aberdeen 28/1853, sold 1872 rr 1872 T. & M.C.Cowlishaw, folio 49/1872,  mid 1880 while seeking a buyer, was surveyed at Amoy and condemned and dismantled. 
MAID OF RIVERTON, GEOGRAPHY OUT OF WACK ONCE MORE.  Currumbene creek is NOT the entrance to Jervis bay but flows into Jervis bay, The builder was Thomas Scott of Williamstown,V 
MAID OF SKER, was registered as and always known as THE  MAID OF SKER  on87325 and did NOT work on the Brisbane river, but the small rivers which run into Moreton Bay among the sugar plantations spreading from Beenleigh and converted into a lighter according to the register in 1949, although obviously the date of conversion is unknown 
MAID OF THE MILL, built 1849 at Noarlunga, was sold to Melbounre in 1854,rr 1854 not as printed 
MAID OF THE MILL, built 1854 Hobart. facts are as followsx: 
Iron hull clinker built schooner, put together in Hobart Town in 1854  from sections manufactured by J.M.Heath,Renfrew Scotland and imported in the bq.Kingfisher.  original owners were Bogle,Kerr & Co, Hobart, who sell and it is first registered 1859  42t ON32076, by Maning Bros, folio 11/1859 (and Maning is correct, i.e., only one ænÆ) who became bankrupt July 1864 and the offciail receiver sells Oct. 1864 to John Thacker of Christchurch, and was lost as per your later entry and Hobart reg closed 1874 
MAID OF THE YARRA, on31805  you or your typist rearranging geography again to suit their pleasure &/or scanty knowledge of the subject.  I reported it was built at Blackwall, co.Durham, on the river tyne, but someone decided they knew better and moved the yard to London which happens to have a place, better known, of the same name, such carelessness/ignorance appears continually.- see AUst. Coastal Passenger Ships.  It was imported as a powered lighter on Port Phillip by Mr.G.P.Ball, but in 1855 sold to Mr.Brown of Launceston who fitted passenger accommodation and tried to use it as a Bass Strait ferry in 1856 purchased by wm.Howard smith and partners and employed on short sea coastal runs, including Port Albert in 1859 it was sold to Jas Darwent who used it in short sea coastal runs in south australia, particularly to Port Elliot until it was sold to New Zealand 
MAIDA B .1857 WHEN REG. IN London, sold by vice admiralty court Bundaberg  c.1885/6 and made a hulk in Brisbane. Last London owners Ogilvy & Co. 
Mailboat -  Mr.Manson held a contract from the sa govt, to collect mail from vessels upon arrival off semaphore,  His small unregistered and unnamed boat was swamped in  July 1855 
MAITAI, ss, b.1892, WAS not OWNED BY Huddart, Parker,  but  Mr.Huddart, of that company had an interest in the vessel as he tried to form a service to UK via Canada, an æAll Red routeÆ 
MAITLAND, WPS, SEE ALSO AUST.COASTAL Pass Shps.  Not built as a ferry, but a coastal steamer and in 1839 sold to Illawarra S N Co.: 1847 Hunter River Dec.1850 G W Cole.  Feb.1852, sunk ColeÆs wharf,Melbourne, eventually raised and resumed trading. Burnt at ColeÆs wharf Nov.1855 and only raised February 1857 and said to be in dock under repair. When repairs completed vessel renamed SAMSON 
Maitland Iss,  B.1885 was NOT built as a tug/tender, but a coastal passenger cargo ship, see Aust.Coastal Pass ships. But toward the end of her life it was downgraded to tug and tender.  worked for Melb s s co on the Albany-Eucla mail service at the end of 19th/early 20th century, among other work 
MAJORIE, actually correctly identifid as MARJORIE, ACCORDING TO REGISTER       on89222 
Makura, steel hull ON127802, passenger liner terminated her last voyage at sydney December 1936 and sold to Chinese shipbreakers, arriving shanghai1937, during career steamed more than 2,300,000 miles in the pacific, considered very fast, with service speed in exces of 16 knots. 
Malabar,  motor vessel ON 148681 you quote the  wrong number 
MALACHITE,  SEE Scuttled & Abandoned Ships, steel not iron built  1894  acq by Bellambi Coal co.1901 sold to Australian Steamships P/l 1915, AFTER FRANTIC EFFORTS IN NORTHERN nsw TO FORM COMPANY TO BUY IT AND WORK IN OPPOSITION TO ncsn. capsized at companyÆs wharf, Blackwattle bay,Sydney   Feb.17, 1928 refloated and sold, converted to hulk in 1929 and sold to Bellambi coal co.. 
MALAITA,  see also Scuttled & Abandoned ships, B.1893, sold 1914 Melbourne Harbour trust for use as coal hulk.  æactionedö ? or auctioned??? In 1927 which -- your propensity for typographical errors I do not know what is meant!!!! 
MALAITA MV B.1930 AFTER TORPEDO ATTACK, WAS ONLY PATCHED AT Cairns, and was not properly repaired until 1945 and was under RAN control from March 1942 
MALAY, first direct vessel London-Wanganui in 1871, having made two other voyages to New Zealand - W bq, B.1862 Dundee, and owned by Geo.Webb, possibly chartered by Shaw,Savill & Co, but not referenced as such.  Sold and reg.Wellington in 1878, and sold Dec.1885 to Melbourne Coal etc. for hulk. reg closd 1913 æbroken upÆ 
MALAYAN,  s SS  329, BUILT 1890 r.Dixon & CO, Middleborough  not London 
MALCOLM on42917 first came to australia from Liveprool registered in 1864 when enrolled Hobart. and in 1882 was sold to sydney owners. 
MALUA, Wotta Mala creek is the place she was lost. 
MALVINA MAUD - I ALSO SAY LOST OFF Point Jarrold û do not know how things get so muddled when copied!!! 
MAMUTU. YOUR CONTINUED HARPING ABOUT NUMBERS LOST IS DISTRessING. There was no passenger list, it was overcrowded and ALL figures are estimates or guessemates. Simple statement of heavy loss should suffice, NO ONE KNOWS!!! Such purposeless waste of time and space, without any worthwhile result very annoying apart from other aspects. 
MANAPOURI,  b.1881 FOR Union Line, 1783/1020n, refitted and new engine installed 1898/9 û 2060/1288n, the first steamship operating in the south Pacific to be constructed  ftited throughout with incandescent electic lighting. Was designed to accommodate large number of passengers and even after refitting could still acommodate more than 100 in the NZ û islands trades. Gratitude was a tug, 
MANAWATU, see also aust.Coastal Pass ships. Built 1873 Henry Niccol, Auckland and described as an iron hull paddle steamer but in 1882 rebuilt and emerged as a twin screw compositie hull steamship and owned and operated in New Zealand until acquired by Howard Smith from Union SS Co of NZ following collision with ss Edina in 1898. In 1903 sold to Coastal Steamship Co from 1904 till 1912 owners Gippsland steamers P/L, 1912-1916 sold to Hobart owner but repossessed by Gippsland steamers 1917 sold to Melbourne owners. Register closed 1929, with a note laying abandonded and partially dismantled off Williamstown,  Finally completly demolished in 1939., 
MANCHESTER. Wps, see Aust.Coastal Passships, purchased for Bass strait ferry but soon after diverted to the western districts of victoria route 
MANGANA I ss B,1875 ON57573. for TSN co services sydney-Hobart, Hobart-Melbourne,to Union co in 1891, who sold to Noumea in 1892 returns British Sydney 1897, and in Dec1900 to Huddart Parker who made coal hulk and staioned it in Port Adelaide and abandoned North Arm in 1931 see Scuttled and Abandoned Ships 
MANILA, b. 1899 USA, why did you not mention the place of build???? 
MANILUS, arrived Pt.Phillip Feb. 14,1842, with  280 immigrants, you say there were 8 berths, which would suggest the 280 were going to have to take turns in bed, but I presume you really mean BIRTHS, AND of course they came from SCOTLAND, not England (the usual donÆt care attitude to basic facts!!!!) 
MANLY  wss ON71794, B.1874, as Manly cargo steamer, sold 1880 to become harbour powered lighter, sold 1882 to ASN, which became AUSN, reported as tender in Mackay Q  1890. Customs entry closed 1906 æafter long use as a lighterÆ 
MANLY W ss  229/131n ON106127, B. 1896 Young,Son & fletcher, balmain triple expansion reciprocating steam engine, service speed 14 knots, built for the Prt Jackson Co-operative ferry company which was taken over by the Port Jackson & Many s.s.Co. 
MANNING I PS B.1878 Atlas works, Sydney for Manning Rivers.N.Co., register closed 1937 with ædismantled and permanently out of commission 
MANOORA, S tsmv, and never steamship. The British admiralty only paid for strengthening to site guns,and nothing else, if this ever  done.. 
See Australian coastal passenger ships for full detail. 
MANUKA,  on117582 4505/2784 . ALT 1914 4534/2813 DESIGNED TO CARRY  232 1ST CLASS And 135 2ND CLASS PASSENGERS. USUALLY IN THE TRANS-TASMAN TRADE BUT OCCASIONALY ON THE TRANS Pacific and in 1908 making a voyage on that  route picked up the passengers and crew of AEON,  from Christmas Island Sept. 23,1908   - they had been marooned since July 
MANUNDA, SEE aust.coastal passenger ships,.First diesel engined interstate passenger ship  built for Australian owners 
MANX FAIRY s TSS,  120/27 on76309 b.1887 t.B.Seath,Rutherglen,  acquired by Lane & Wiltshire, who intended to conduct a business with the name of Western Australian Steam Packet & Transport Co.,and upon arrival from England, was reg folio 7/1898 fremantle. And the last owner Westralian Pleasure S.S.Co., advised Customs by letter dated April 26, 1906 it had been broken up and desroyed, which was not true as it had been rebuilt and was re registered as WESTRALIAN.  See Fremantle register booklet 
MAORI, Iss,  ON62401 174/118 built for owners in Dunedin,NZ and became a foundation unit of Union Line when it was formed in 1875. and by 1902, having traded among the islands for some years, was sold for further island work to owners in Samoa. 
Mapourika   S ss 1203/718n  New Zealand coastal passenger ship, very accident prone due to ports visited, see The Union Line, Arbon, for a recital of numerous accidents. Sold in 1921 and renamed NGAIO which was broken up and register closed 1937 
MARAMA S tss B.1907  speed 16 knots,  289 1st class and 227 2nd class pass. Fitted to burn oil fuel when refitted at Vancouver 1920, built for and spent most of her working life on the sydney- San Francisco service sold to shanghai in 1937, who sold to Japanese shipbreakers. In 1938 
MARAMINGO. If it happened vessel not registered and not mentioned any other source 
MARANDA  see Scuttled & Abandoned ships - iron built  1887 as Lord Canning and later sold Norway and renamed MARANDA  acquire by Adelaide SS Co 1910 and hulked, sent to Fremantle 1915, and scuttled June 16, 1933. 
MARANOA of  1883, see Aust.Coastal Pass Ships 
MARANOA of 1921.sold nov.1934 AND RENAMED MIONE in 1935. to a Norwegian citizen operating vessels in the China seas and by 1937 rrenamed FU YUANG by Skibs A/S.Thule of Oslo, but remained working in China seas. Foundered near Bonin Is, Pos. 33.40n 139.56e 
MARAQUITA SEE mariquita  W bgn,  74t reg Melburne 1853 from Cape Town and trans to wÆbool reg march 1855 Left Melbourne dec.1858 for New Zealand and disappears from records although Warnambool register never closed 
MARAROA  S ss ON89380 2466g B.1885, laid up 1927 and dismantled and remains scuttled Palliser Bay, near Wellington Feb. 17, 1931, rr 1931. built for the 
trans Pacific run but found unsuitable and placed in the intercolonial run,  NZ-Aust, until c.1904 when placed in the Wellington-Lyttelon ferry service where she remained for the rest of her working life. 
MARCIA, w sch 26t, the Sydney Gazette in Nov. 1803 reported that Simeon Lord had æraised uponÆ, i.e., heightened the wales of the launch from the wrecked CATO and converted it into a schooner of 26 tons. It left sydney april 17 1804 for  æreefs of North East Coast, and returned  May 4. 
MARELLA,  laid down in 1914 and to be named HILDA WOERMAN for germany-Africa service, work ceased until 1917 due to war and launched as Wahehe, surrendered as war reparations and given by UK govt to Shaw Savill & Albion (why do you continually mis spell Savill??) and made a few trips to Australia,then handed to Australian Govt who in turn passed it to Burns,Phillip as part reparation for sinking by raider Wolf of their  MATUNGA..(that is, reduced the sale price to BP) Due to Australian Navigation Act severe conditions and restictions remained reg.London as not considered a coastal passenger ship, when sold by BP refitted as a refugee ship in Genoa made one voyage to Valparaso then laid up for months until sold and renamed LIGURIA AND MADE SEVERAL TRANSATLANTIC VOYAGES BEFORE LOADING 950 migrants/displaced persons at Bremerhaven for Australia. and had almost reached Fremantle when sent out calls for help, food and anything else, and was found by BI CHandpara and taken in tow etc.  Chandpara got ú20,000 for towing assistance and engine repairs fremantle cost ú21,000 sealing her fate and disposal to breakers. 
YOUR ENTRY FOR ASHORE Apollo bay for a year refers to above MARGARET ON40932, which was reg Melbourne from 1848, then geelong 1852 until to Launceston û you COULD have checked, if you wished, by looking at my shipowner booklets. 
The wreck at Wollongong, followed by another inane remark. The crew would not jump into deep water to reach the lifeboat in fear of drowing but as the wrecked drifted closer they were able to drag themseles through the surf as the press and I reported -  cannot imagine why these inept and ignorant comments keep appearing in what is supposed to be a record of events û childlike,  ill considered  observations can only lower any standard the book may have hoped to achieve. 
MARGARET & AGNES, Syme reports stranded august 7 1852,Portland. All the rest fiction/guesswork 
MARGARET BROCK, more bad copying û I said Henry Tonkin was BUILDER, never owner and you do NOT name any owner.Just what happens to cause this endless misunderstanding/misreading of the printed word? 
MARGARET JANE, more bad typing/copying  Wrecked in 1895, and owned by someone from 1899???? 
MARGARET MITCHELL, went missing in 1865/6 but you prefer to say 1895??????????  My typo on official number which should be 15834 
MARGARET RENNY. Unknown and untraced, probably Marion Renny 
MARGIT, Steel hull not iron 
Maria 23 tons lost nr Portland in 1839, no trace in arrivals departures or custom house registeres 
MARIA on32626 b 1848, FIRST IN AUSTRALIA AT Sydney 1853, but reg closed upon sale to French at Noumea, returns British at Sydney n 1857 
Maria j smith, A THIRTYMAST BARQUE???????????? 
Mariano.  I ONLY QUOTE FROM Melbourne folio 113 of 1877 when I say rebuilt at Boston 
MARIE, first entry, which you also try to llst under MARIA 
MARIE ANN, seal rocks 1843, was really MARY ANN, WHICH WAS SALVAGED 
Marie laure WHY TWO ENTRIES SAYING THE SAME THING????  BUILT 1840 AT lÆANSE, NEAR Mahe, Seychelles.ON32040 328 tons, first in australia at Hobart 1849 converted to hulk upon sale to Paterson & CO, Melbourne 1893 Register closed 1958 with vessel sank at her berth Fishermens Bend, last owners Victorian Lighterge co  Sherwin was first officially owner in1870 
Marie Louisa ON40896, was enrolled as MARIA LOUISA WHICH SEE 
Marie louise reportedly 50 tons, is the vessel immedately above which was built in 1864 and was first enrolled by Wm.Crowther 
MARION MAYFIELD, you query correct easy check, had you bothered,  shows the custom house register and all issues of the underwriters register confirm it to be MARIAN MAYFIELD 
Marion renny, WHATEVER HAPPENNED IN 1877 THE VESSEL WAS SALVAGED AND RE REGISTERED AT Levuka in 1879 but drops from reg before 1886, and is said to have been lost at sea in 1885 
MARIAN WATSON, arrived Hobart april 1836, not Marion, and was registered at Sydney in 1837, saying constructed at  Holyhead, Wales, not isle of wight, in 1835,  and in March 1853 was acquired by James Paddon,  island trader, and probably was lost/abandoned or given away  before his death - he died intestate and much of his property vanished.  For many years was regular Sydney-Hobart trader 
MARIPOSA  191 TONS, REMEASURED 1862 =  164T. on 32197,   ARRIVED IN Launceston from San Francisco in Dec.1850 having been purchased there for LÆton owners and enrolled and renamed 25/1850 LÆton. Reg transferred to Melboune in 1864 and in 1867 reg trans to sydney 
MARIUS RICOUX  see scuttled & abandoned ships. 
Maroubra, reg in funny place???? 
MARRAWAH, see Scuttled & Abandonded Ships û sunk by gunfire off sydney 1951 and see also Aust.Coastal Pass Ships.  Was under construction for Union Line when sold still on the stocks to Holyman cargo ship with limited passenger accommodation sold in 1947 gutted and made a hulk. 
MARRORO, someone completely confused, lost or unable to read. Was MARORO  lost in New Zealand in1927 
MARS, built Charity Creek, certainly caught someoneÆs eye as we are told twice although that is not uncommon in this confused extravaganza 
MARTHA  94 tons was built St.Heliers, repeat St.Heliers, Jersey, Channel Island.s 
MARTHA 109 tons, register says æBelieved built in siam in 1847Æ as per reg  1/1854 Hong Kong, which means no one really knew. 
MARTHA AND Elizabeth, 81 TONS, BUILT 1843. reg sydney until Feb.1849 when transferred to Hobart. and in august 1853 reg.Melbourne, and register says lost april 26.. reported in Melbourne from January 1846. Master when lost J.anderson. and, as so often happens, no trace of any sandalwood trading or a master simpson 
MARTHA ELLEN,  W sch  124 tons, built 1840 Sunderland. Arrived Melbourne 1854 and in 1857 transferred to Newcastle, last meaningful entry 1888. closed 1919 no trace, arrived Melbourne from London Oct. 1853, and did nothing until sold and  taken to Newcastle in 1855, reurning to geelong   November 1855 
MARUMA, no trace vessel this name, or similar in Australia 1903/4 so if anything at all the name completely mutilated 
Marutttta, likewise, not reg and not mentioned anywhere else, not even Battye Library 
MARY  as a name, just what this curious remark may mean is beyond my comprehension.  What else could it mean???  But it looks like we are wandering into another quagmire as you muddle, stumble and completely confuse so any entries  -  I will soon give up. 
MARY BUILT 1836  Swan Bay I say was salvaged as it was re-registered Feb.1854 by  Robert Ellis and in Dec. 1854 by William Hutton, which may have been sales made of the stranded vessel which was later demolished. It was not given an official number when they arrived at Melbourne in 1856, so perhaps this is what did happn. You fail to mentin that in July 1847 the Argus said it was the first whaler out of Port Phillip and going to Lady Bay,  near Wilsons Prom, where the headquarters of the whaling is situated. At the time it was owned by James Cain/cane 
Why two entries for the whaler Mary that found the Anasatia?? 
Mary lost Pt.Fairy 1840, had been in Portland in sept. 1840 and the sydney paper had got the tonnage wrong but just where MARY ANN comes in I cannot figure out. So your two entries are for the one vessel, if Mary Ann is dismissed!!! See later on this disaster of misreporting and grabbing at anything to meet preconceived ideas. 
MARY  en route to Manila and lost 1846, see my report. The master was capt Bell and there are details of the ship although you also note it giving incorrect details in the 3rd attempt to make something sensible. Followed by more stupid,ignorant remarks about the route taken û there are enough fairystories in this debacle without anyone adding stupid, childish, ill informed comment û you seem to be writing a story book for children, not a proper reference book.. 
MARY Iron barge, may have been put together at Port Victor, no detail found, but abandoned at date unknown and it is VICTOR HARBOR not as printed 
MARY, W ss on49667, built J. Walker & Co, Maryorough 1881 and from July 1898 owned by Skrying family graziers etc., on the Fitzroy river 
MARY & agnes,  TURNS OUT TO BE Margaret & AGNES  STRANDED Pt Fairy may 2 1852 as you will find should you check my publication 
MARY & ELLEN, an American bgn, which did not remain in Australia 
MARY ANN, lost Port fairy 1840, I donÆt know where this fairy tale came from but it is completely wrong. No vessel this name visiting Port Fairy in 1840. we now come into the realm of complete make believe with stupid people dipping into things they do not understand such as this wally Foster, who apparently doesnÆt know A from a bullÆs foot when it comes to research.  The vessel registered in Sydney in 1837 by walker was built 1827 at Bermuda and lost near new guinea in 1840.  Unless anyone takes the time to completely list all the available evidence they are going to continue to make fools of themselves with their guesswork û getting an answer and then looking for the question, a la Loney. You certainly have accumulated a lot of poorly researched material and this one takes the cake for foolishness. 
MARY ANN, arrived in sydney 1791 was built in France in 1772 and measured 298 tons but has no further connection with australia that I can find 
MARY ANNE  BUILT Launceston 1834, and you list above, was not lost in 1836. It may have taken a long time to get somewhere but was sold in 1839 to the South Australian Company and reg Port Adelaide and subsequently abandoned in Coffin Bay 
MARY ANN on31912. TOOK officials to Eucla for the Overland telegraph, Just how poorly educated can anyone be??.  Why on earth would the line from Adelaide to Darwin, deviate many hundreds of miles to the West Australian border. û some of the horrible historical gaffs in this opus makes me wonder why you could have thought anyone could get away with such a parade of ignorance..  The officials were taken to Ecula for the construction of the telegraph line between South Australia and Perth, to supply those people a government subsidy was needed and I have frequently mentioned that contract service. This poor vessel has led others astray too û Loney wants to wreck it in Nsw where as it was in West Aust. with an island named Bellinger. When first reg in was 116 tons,  but when re meas in 1860 came out at 104 tons û which all goes to prove you simply cannot dip into things and hope to get a correct answer  It was owned in Hobart until 1866 when it was transferred to Melbourne and in Nov.1871 was sold to Fremantle 
MARY ANN, ON32180 B. 1853 Launceston,  18 tons, was enrolled 4 of 1862 repeat 1862 Melbourne reg closed ælast transaction 1865Æ 
MARY ANN, lost 1885, there is NO register facility at Port Augusta, and the vessel was NOT registered. 
MARY ANN ANNISON, see my wreck list 
MARY BLAIR, ON64360  1872 = 334/328n first in Aust at Sydney in 1871 - 1875 to Hobart, to Pt.Adelaide 1885, Fremantle 1889 sold foreign at Singapore 1893 
MARY EVANS W bq 306 ON29767 1886 to Brisbane as coal hulk/lighter sunk by the serious flood in Brisbane river in 1893 and broken up in april. 
MARY GRANT, on32330 b.185 FIRST IN Australia at Melbourne in1854 to sydney May 1856 then Hunter river owners, until trans to Melbourne 1860,  returns Melbourne reg.1871 Smith famiy, then Nov.1876 to sydney 
MARY MILLER w BQ 272T, on22026, CAME TO Australia at Melbourne in 1862 
Then in Sydney reg until 1871 when trans to Port Adelaide, and hulked in  1879 
But wherever the figurehead may be it is not in the Port adelaide Nautical Museum, which no longer exists 
MARY MOORE COMP. BQ owner J.Norman, re Norman, not as printed., to aust. owners at sydney in 1899, trans to Melbourne reg in 1904 g.Sweet owner and in 1906 hulked and name altered to MOORE.on sale to Melbourne SS Co 
MARY NIXON w SHIP 392 TONS, ARRIVED Melourne nov. 30,1841 with 154 immigrants from cork, 
MARY OF LIVERPOOL,  THE VESSEL WAS NAMED mary, and was registered in Liverpool you have it mentioned in the correct place with a stupid comment about  the voyage 
MARY OGILVIE, more geographical confusion or ignorance?? Port Chalmers Tasmania???? Most people believe it to be in Otago, New Zealand, the main port for Dunedin!!!! 
MARY QUEEN IN COLLision  WITH SS Balmain,  most likely w t/s sch 97t on38799 and owned in 1889 by Peter Dowwell, reg.Brisbane as MAY QUeen 
Mary stewart and yes both the same vessel - W sch, b. 1849 orig reg 73 tons, remeas 1860 = 65t, ON31511 the shipbuilder reg the vessel at Melbourne in 1849, in 1853 reg Launceston by residents of Circular Head, Tas. June 1860 sold to Melbourne owners, stranded Circular Head aug 22, 1860, salvaged and sold to port Adelaide owners Nov.1865 sold to Melbourne owners August 1868 reg trans to Port Fairy. Nov. 1872 sold to Brisbane owners, 
MARYBOROUGH, dredge see Scuttled & Abandoned ships, scuttled august 1963, built Walkers Maryborough 1885 
Matador ON31525, when first reg. Geelong in 1853  from Cape Town formerly named ELLA, SAID TO MEASURE 296 TONS, WHEN REG. Hobart 1857 = 249 tons, 
MATAFELE, W 2M f&a SCH, 17t, ON75144, 46.4 x 13.1 x 4,9, B.1878 Northshore, Auckland, owners D.R.Cruickshank, reg.auckland reg closed æsold foreign at Samoa Feb. 1878. 
matilda W  cutter 18t, ON41480 B.1847 Port Adelaide, reg Mebourne 1858 Daniel Rowan. 
MATURA  wrong spelling see MATAURA   why no cross ref???? 
MAVIS, Lymington Tasmania?? More geographical malpractice -  It is famous for building yachts, and is on the Solent, in Hampshire, not far from Southamnton.  As the vessel was reg Liverpool before Melbounre I would have hoped anyone might have wondered why it went to England to get registered before coming to australia again 20 years or so later. When first reg it was in 1875 by the Melbourne pilots. And Henderspon got the wrong MAVIS for his comments as this one was always sailed as a yacht after sale by the pilots (and I donÆt think they would lent it for pearling}, the one Henderson wanted but did not find was built 1876 ON73369,  and when sold by the Qld government was purchased by James clark, the famous pearler. Your next entry proves my point as you have the pilot schooner working in pt phillip until sold in 1902 and as I have shown it was built in Hampshire  near Southampton how does Glasgow come in?????  muddle muddle muddle  the third in your list I have also sorted out û was anything ever checked before inclusion???? Another mixmaster shake up û toss all together and hope something sensible comes from it  - but in this case just a sheer mess. 
MAVIS  I PS on78175 B.1882 SOLD IN 1887 TO Alexander Fortune and register (Folio1/1883) closed 1912 when the  registrar was advised the vessel had become a wreck 
MAWATTA (UNDER CORRECT NAME SEE WRONG ENTRY Marwatta, not cross referenced, of course) and while I have ignored most typos, I think Krupp might get annoyed with this mutilation of his name  Burns,Philp operated until 1920 as mgrs for commonwealth govt. chartered to James Ronald Patrick, and when he buys he registers as owned by Patrick Steamships Limited, London (folio244/1924) which he transfers to Sydney 1925, and he sells to Noumea July 1928, 1937 sold to Moller,shanghai converted to salvage vessel and renamed ELSIE MOLLER in 1938 
MAWEENA,  when rebuilt was named DRINA  rr DRINA NOT AS PRINTED 
Mawhera,   not as printed, Iss ON69014, 554/340, then 1899 û 559g/346. B.1883 H.M. McIntyre Paisley for w.R.Williams,reg.Wellington in 1885 to Union Line, in 1901 transferred to Union Line agents at Tahiti and registered at Papeete, and chartered to the French colonial govt and known as  Croix du Sud and was wrecked at Apatiki Island, Taumoto group, May 27, 1902 
MAY ON61089, I do not know how anyone reading registration records can find any reference to this vessel lost at Newcastle 1887. when I copied from original book it was clearly stated lost 1888 near Point Samson???? Just poor copying or mis reading of documents 
MAY ANN, lost tuross river 1869  mistaken identity it was MARY ANN, Q.V. 
May laurie, actually MARY LAURIE w KT, on89315, B.1884 Camden Haven, NSW,  owner Jas.Laurie,, 1901 reg Melbourne A McLeod. And wrecked Tasmania as already reported 
MAY QUEEN built 1867 Huon,  claims she worked in Qlld unbelieveable 
MAY QUEEN  attacked etc,1881 see ON38799, likewise for  entry saying lost of queensland in 1877, it was only a stranding 
Mayflower stranded Ardrossan 1878 was vessel lost Augusta WA in 1880 ON56115 
Medina, B.1911 FOR p&o WAS ONLY COMMISSIONED AS A ROYAL YACHT, AND NOT BUILT AS ONE.  It was a good publicity thing for P&O to offer their newest passenger ship for such a purpose. 
MED.PACKET, w brig,  191 t  under capt Greene, left sydney for  Liverpool Feb. 15, 1837, but no mention of passengers.  Mrs.Frazer only arrived in sydney in October 1836. 
MEDUSA, see Scuttled & Abandoned ships. B.1913, later RN minesweeper and sold RAN in1942 HMAS Mercedes etc 
Medway, you say vessel that name wrecked in 1862, as a throw away on another report?? Where are the details????  No one else mentions. 
MEEINDERRY SEE ALSO AUST.COASTAL PASS SHIPS. Steel not iron,and was registered in sydney by D.Berry, for whom it was built,.in 1892 sold to Port adelaide for a service to the westen ports of south Australia, in July 1895 acquired by Huddart,Parker and in 1919 acquired by R.w.Miller and used as a collier on the sixty milr run 
MEGGOL,, Doomba was Twin screw ss, reg Brisbane June 1923 750g/264n ON`47468, by Brisbane Tug & S, having been purchased by Messrs. Campbell major shareholders of tug company,in London and reg there as  76/1923 
Melanie, 136t ON32356 in July 1873 trans to Dunedin folio 10/1873 by James Copeland and in Aug.1873 reg. trans to Wellingtonj 
MELBOURNE, w BQ, 491T, on40936, b.Medford, Mass. 1831 as TARTAR, RENAMED ? REG.Sydney 1853 and thence Melbourne. Previous reg. Glasgow, and left Geelong Dec. 1851 with gold etc for UK.  As per your second entry 
MELBOURNE  I SS, on26402 BUILT 1849 Scott & Co, Greenock, and in sept. 1852 sold by Admiralty to J.G.russell for Australian Royal Mail S.N.Co., reg. London folio 337/1852 817g rebuilt and in 1861 = 1636g and in 1867 to Ed.Bates Liverpool and now a sailing vessel. 
MELBOURNE I PS - YOUR NEXT ENTRY COMPLETELY MUDDLED WITH THE     VESSEL owned briefy by aust Royal Mail S N co.  Because you start off right enough then after mentioning original name of Helensburgh you fly into a vessel a dozen sizes larger. the smaller paddler was not repeart NOT wrecked on the Murray but at the Murray Mouth, some distance from Goolwa. More muddle, confusion and heaven alone knows what else has got into the typesetting. A jigsaw puzzle might be easier to try and make sense out of. 
MELBOURNE, ON31848, I DO not REPEAT not SAY SHE WAS STRANDED  Feb 23,, I list that on the 19th, but I say she was dragged from the channel Feb 23 -  what does  go on when anyone tries to copy anything for this book????? 
MELBOURNE  S ss  ON98524, 1739g/1111n B.1892 W Gray & Co, WEST Hartlepool, and sold Melbourne coal, Shippig etc., which ultimately became Melbourne S S Co.Ltd, sold  June 1920 to Tasmanian govt and trans to Hobart register. Sold to Union S S co of N Ltd in 1925 who immediately resold for demolition 
MELBOURNE tug, is followed by the scuttling of the hull, as a different entry, See Scutled and Abandoned ships for full details 
MELBOURNE STAR, detail of loss and proposed voyage from British official war loss lists, and as ordered to sail via Panama not in any way out of her path û another ill-conceived and unnecessary ill-informed remark   The Union Cold storage Co was a company owned by the blue Star Line my details for ship from Lloyds. 
MELINGA, etmoor  SEE DISPOSAL IN Scuttled and Abandoned Ships 
MELUSIA OF bp,  HAVING BEEN SCUTTLED, IN Hong Kong, the Japs raised it and repaired it and named shunyo maru WAS TORPEDOED AND SUNK OFF  Moji May 8, 1945. 
MERCHANT on69391 YOU QUOTE THE OWNER AS Henry Moss, who was a well known lighterage contractor of Melbourne and then say he is of London???? more careless work I expect. 
Mercury, LOST 1811 OR 1813  Mr.Cumpston quotes 1813 and I am surprised to find the Sydney Gazete was still appearing in 1911!!! 
MERCURY on32168, b.1849 Carleton, New Brunswick org.170tons in 1854 remeas and now 150tons, formerly reg. Liverpool,  and reg.Sydney 1851 and in August 1851 acquired by Laurence Green &  Samuel Tulloch and reg. Launceston as 18 of 1851 in 1885 sold to Melbourne, reg closed april 1897 æbroken upÆ 
MERCY, ON31824   when reg said built 1851, from the Sultana wreck, sold March 1854 to Melbourne residents and folio 186/1853 closed in 1876 æno traceÆ 
Meredith, WAS LOST TRYING TO ENTER hokianga 
Merilyn,  David Drake Ltd might have been very annoyed to find they were working for or at MortÆs Dock, Waterview Bay when they thought they were in Pyrmont, on t the other side of the harbour.???? 
MERINO, S Mv ,b 1949 for Bass Strait cargo work, and  was owned in Launcston, she then worked as a fish factory depot and did other work until scuttled in 1987 see Scuttled and abandoned ships   quoting   sunk off Cairns 
MERIONES, my typo was owned by Blue Flue in the name of China Mutual, your next entry is the same vessel spelt wrongly. Haisborough lightship is off the coast of Norfolk about level with Cromer marking the sands.. 
MERKUR, it would help if you wish to produce a book like this that you at least knew the difference between a motor ship and and a steamship, - they are frequently mis-described. MERKUR  was a twin screw motor ship 
MERLIN, w SHIP 1032T, NOT EVER LISTED VISITING Geelong or corio bay, first arrived Melbourne Sept 9, 1852 from Liverpool with migrants,  no collision noted, but probably two vessels as it is unlikely it lasted until 1952.???more hopeless confusion???? 
MERMAID, and report from Sydney Morning Herald,  æJohn Wright the North Shore sawmills???? Something has been overlooked, mutilated and something omitted because that does NOT make sense 
MEROPE, .1818. first reg in Aust, at Hobart 1831 in 1835 sold to the Imlay family for their cattle business. 1840 to Sydney for whaling, ashore Gage Roads 1845 and sold for the benefit of all concerned when refloated.   Repaired and reg.Fremantle 
MEROPE, lost Portand 1839 apparently a mistake, the vessel being MINERVA  a REGULAR VISITOR.  It arrived from Pt.Adelaide which it left November 11, and was lost Dec. 12.. it was at the time owned by the Henty family and was quickly refloated. Where Merope came from I do not know, just another Loney fantasy by the looks of it 
MERRIE ENGLAND, Iron ss  260/117,  B.1883 Ramage & Fergsuon, Leith for Mr.G.F.Lees, reg. Leith and acquired  for N G Admin 1889. 
MERRIWA b.1915 Bremerhaven, not, repeat not HAMBURG, AS willy rickmers,, ACQ.1921 BY Adelaide SS from british Shipping controller who had acquired it as war reparatiosns and renamed and reg Sydney and under the name KATE GRAMMERSTORF.  Sunk after striking a mine May 22,1941 
MERWANJE FRAMJEE.   Act û Merwanjee Framjee, Iron  ship 107it, ON47446  B. 1863 Port Glasgow and reg. Liverpool 
META w 2M BGN,  246 T b.1869  l.Hilmers & CO,St.Magnus, germany, repaired, reg. Fremantle 8/90 by  D.J.Avery, and renamed E & H Avery  REG CLOSED 1893 æSOLD DUTCHÆ 
METARIS, owned in Sydney from 1863, and loss date from Aust. shippg News  HYPERLINK "pg%20News,%20and%20SAN%20wrong%20folio%209%20of%201875%20is%20for%20a%20essel%20named%20STANLEY"  ¶§ 
NEVA  another fairy tale woven around the history of the vessel PERI  Q.V. BY SOME INEPT  AUTHOR MISTAKING THE RIVER rewa Fiji, where the  natives were headed as the mutilated name of the vessel. Another from your weird and wonderful collection of unreliable books 
MIDAS.  ON33205, lost bunbury. God knows where Henderson went digging for details of the ship. But London folio 71 of 1858, repeat 1858, got the idea it was built in 1847 on Prince Edward Island, and her register  said the same thing when the vessel having been sold under a distress warrant for seamens wages at Melbourne Oct. 1859, the buyer reg it there as 39 of 1859 û all very difficult for a vessel built in 1865???. And the folio Henderson quotes of 4 of 1870 Dunedin also records the vessel built in 1847. 
MIDGE, another surprising report.  This vessel last in Port Phillip Feb. 1852, is said to have raced against a vessel which first arrived in Port Phillip in Aptil 1853???? 
MIENA  w Aux Kt, ON153901, 102g/ 49, alt, May 1939  109g  55n built by W W Wilson, Pt.Cygnet. first reg as folio 1 of 1935 hObart.  in Sept 1938 trans to Auckland by the George Bros. reg   folio 7 of 1947 Tulagi, Solomon islands 
MILDURA b. 1920 Newcastle NSW,  sold 1951 for demoltion, but anchored in Sydney over some dispute which came to a head in Nov.1952 when vessel arrested for debt, allegedly owed to Hong Kong resident.  And court decision allows sale to Melbourne businessman who ultimately arranged to have vessel towed to Hong Kong but legal proceedings delay until arranged to leave in tow of Gabriella, also towing Cardross and left June 12,1954 
MILES BARTON  arrived Pt.phillip July 1853, July 1854 and  August 1855 and August 1857. On July 12, 1853 arrived from Liverpool which she left April 30 with 367 migrants û I cannot imagine where you get so much poorly researched so called information 
MILLEETA, Steel aux.ves B.1909 HAMMALWARDEN, and named CREMyll WHEN FIRsT REG Fremantle 1924 having previously been registered at Drogheda  141g, 74n, owners George Francis, pearler, then others until renamed Milleeta in 1934 when sold to Port Adelaide residents 
MILLIWA, WAS  namd MILLEWA,  when purchased by  Nobel Industries in 1921  and registered Glasgow.and transferred to Melbourne in 1921 and renamed LADY ISOBEL AND  in 1926 acquired by Howard smithÆs Australian Steamships Pty:Ltd sold 1955 to Hong Kong and became MANLY BREEZE,  then San Carlos and in 1958  LIAN HIN driven ashore in typhoon Wanda at Hong Kong Sept 1, 1962, refloated an demolished 
MILLUNA  s SS ON143146. purchased 1921 by Adelaide SS from Britis Shipping controller and renamed sold 1931 and in 1933 sold to Italian owners and under the nameTEMBEIN  Italian flag was torpedoed by a british sub near Tripoli  Feb. 27, 1942 
Miltiades, Iron ship,  1495/1452 ON60710, b.1871 W.Hood & Co,Aberdeen Cpt.R.Perret 
MINA, pearler  why two entries for same ship???? 
MINDIL, w LGR, 10T, on87562, b.1884 Hong Kong, owner f.Biddles, reg. Port Darwin shown below spelt correctly 
MINERVA, ADVERT FOR SALE WaS = W BRIG,, THREE DIFFERENT TONNAGES QUOTED 154/170/300 ARRIVED FROM Rio Oct.19,1840, dismasted by a gale and not sold but left for London with produce and passengers  Mrch 26, 1841. and when arrived Sydney was reported to be the property of the on East India Company 
MINERVA,  B.1838 û AS I  CLEARLY STATED the vessel was going to be re-reg at Launceston but this was never completed û apparently your typist cannot read very well!!! 
MINERVA, WRECKED 1849  AND ANOTHER SMALL MIRACLE, BUILT IN 1847 AND STRANDED IN 1840?  That incident, which someone has tried to award to a vessel called MEROPE û my! My! we do get utterly confused donÆt we?) happened to Hentys vessel of that name which was built in 1810 on the Isle of wight and was sold after delivering some goldminers to san Francisco.  Give us a few ships with the same name and stand back û there is bound to be trouble!!!! 
MINILYA SS  2744/1723 on114717 PURCHASED 1901 TO REPLACE Karrakatta, sold 1909 to a resident of Singapoe, and sold  March 1910 to an American subject 
MINNIE w 2 mast, 14t, ON61033. reg. launceston 3/1868, reg closed1902 broken up about 3 years ago.  But why would it be mentioned in a west Australian wreck book??? 
MINNOW, while I cannot prove it I suspect the name given was in honour of the admiral Cresswell   noo GGGG 
MIST 92 TONS, B.1877 WHEN OWNED BY mCcULOCH & Sinclair 25/1877 stranded north spit Manning river, attempting to enter in a squall, Dec.1877, enquiry reported  master Edward Clegg not to blame, SMH Jan, 23 1878 
ML430 Official war loss list says sunk north of Biak New Guinea 
Ml827 capsized and sunk while under tow, having suffered serious damange when grounded. 
MOA, Aux sch, B.1903 C.Walker, Fremantle for Broome pearler Rbt.Wigmore. 17g/14n on118987 Oct.1926 the Benedictine community of New Norcia become owners who report it was wrecked about mid March 1947 
Moa Moa, more childish comment!! 
MOE hulk more senseless chitter chatter of no importance 
MOEWE a æstealÆ steamer??? Here we go û re-writing history once more.  Moewe operated in WW1 and never sank anything named Jervis bay. The vessel that name only built after WW1 which encountered a german warship in 1940.  I cannot imagine just how anyone can be so misguided, dumb or simply absolutely careless when preparing what it supposed to be reference work can make such a mistake 
MOKOIA s SS 3502TONS, REPEAT 3502 TONS reg closed 1928 and vessel dismantled and the hulk sunk at Pt.chalmers in 1931, but due to wartime shortages raised, and stripped of valuable metal and remains scuttled outside the Otago Heads in 1945. 
MOMBAH, built cockatoo Island 1921, for RAN, sold 1930 to Melbourne Harbour trust, but taken up for war service and in Darwin fr some time.  at Port Vila from 1948 used as a copra storage hulk, but became very leaky, and was finally towed to sea and scuttled in 1968, 
MONARCH, I 3m vessel built Cleveland qld, was initially owned by Clarke & Chadwick, and lastly by Fricker, but you have it both ways. 
MONTEAGLE  W SHIP  CAPT JAS. LARBY  London dec 21 arrived apl 12, 1853 426 govt migrants 
MONTEZUMA b. 1846 to Australia at Hobart, 1851, to Melbourne 1854 in dec. 1854 to  Jas.McINtyre 
MONTREAL, why two entries for exactly same thing????????????????????? 
MONUMENTAL MAID, another flight of fancy, it was as I have recorded the MOUNTAIN MAID, Q.V. 
Moonta W ship  627t, ON431145 B.1847 Newcastle, USA, as SETH SPRAGUE RENAMED 1864 when acquired  Simpson & Elder, Port Adelaide, who traded as Black Diamond Line. Register closed 1900 with broken up 
MOONTA, EX La Serena see full detail, but it was NOT repeat NOT obtained for use in Spencer Gulf tonnage was 2266g/1447n so it is YOU that was confused û as so often in this publication. 
MOORABOOL, S ss, 2996/1946 ON101727 b.1899 for Huddart, Parker Ltd, Melbourne. sold Moller Shanghai in 1928 and renamed Nancy Moller refitted  and chartered to Soviet Russia as mother ship to a fishing fleet and wrecked Oct 1930 when blown ashor Kamchalka peninsula. 
MOORE  BUILT  WHERE???  YOU MAKE IT SOUND LIKE German town, where as it was in Scotland more stupid carelessness 
MORAVIAN, sold to Sydney in 1881 
MORESBY, BUILT 1881 WAS Iron hulled single screw steamship 
MORETON,  I have already corrected this one under LADY LAMINGTON, which in the moreton entry you manage to mis-spell, and under Moreton was always engaged in dumping night soil 
MORETON, s SS 581/3356n, ON79540, B.1882 WAlker & CO, Deptford, London for Howard smith,reg. Melbourne, sold Sept. 1886 Tasmanian, which was acquired by UNION Line May 1891, who sold to Hong Kong in april 1896, and resold to Japan and as IWAI MARU sunk I June 1897 
MOREWA W  aux sch (yacht) 51/5 tons, built Auckland 1933 taken by US armed forces 
MORIALTA b.1911 see Aust.Coastal Pass ships for full detail of operations   - due to wartime use of larger interstate ships it was placed in the sydney-north queendland trade, and later on the Townsville ûnothern trade until sold 
MORNA  w 2msch  297t on88963, b.1869 Camper and Nicholson, GOsport, Hants  as private yacht, purchased by RN march 1881and renamed UNDINE and sold BY RN in Australia in apl.1888 and reg Melbourne folio 10 of 1888 renamed RUBY may 1889. DonÆt know where Henderson got his mixed up tale from, Mine from royal Navy  and Melbourne Customs House records 
MORNING LIGHT, Howard Smith history says beached On Magnetic Island in 1913  for used as a jetty. 
MOREPTH, I ps, built for the sydney-Hunter river passenger cargo service, sold in 1888 and converted to collier, sold in 1891 to New Zealand and no further information 
MORTLAKE BANK, see Scuttled & Abandoned Ships, remains abandoned Homebush Bay in 1969 
MORWONG, was built as a dredge by Poole & Steele, Port Adelaide in 1925 (1825  a bit too early!!!) sold to Brisbane   see also scuttled and abandoned ships 
MOSQUITO, Iron brig, 198,  Aust.Shipping News,  Dec. 13,1879 æÆarrived from Hong Kong Nov.7, 1878 and has been lying in saltwater Creek ever since, has been sold for a hulk, to the south Australian coal Companyà.ö So it was not laying around for years 
Mount Kembla all three entries the same vessel which was = S ss  716 t ON91836, b.1865 M.Peasre & CO,Stockton as a collier for M.Kembla Coal & Oil Co., sold 1912 to Carr Brisbane and used to dispose of sanitary waste, reg. closed 1934, broken up, and remains thought to be dumped on  Moreton Island, see Scuttled & Abandoned ships. 
MOUNT MACEDON, w SHIP,  1539T, on88945, b.1854 Brooklyn, New York  and named CITY OF BROOKLYN, renamed   upon sale to Melbourne in 1886 TE.Boyd & others, sold Nov.1888 J.W.butters, and made a lighter in 1891 and register closed. 
MOUNTAIN MAID first arrived Melbourne Oct 1852 from CAPE TOWN, WHERE IT WAS REGISTERED  but the Sydney register of 1853, continued until lost in 1867, so whatever wreck they found nearby could NOT have been the vessel built in Aberdeen.  The Aberdeen vessel reappeared frequently after 1852, same tonnage and description,  bits probably from the ANN & jane stranded in December and reported in pieces a few days after 
MOUNTSBAY, PROBABLY NAMED BECAUSE THE BUILDER AND OR OWNER CAME FROM Cornwall as Mounts Bay is an important place in Cornwall involved then, with the fishing industry. 
MOURLYAN,  United SS Co  completely wrong, and you are so often wrong, that owner was UNION S S CO.  but it has nothing to do with this ship = - your entry as so often, completely wrong. MOURILYAN,  sS ss  1349/635 ON120750  built for Howard smithÆs northern queensland services, requistioned by RAN briefly 1918/1919 sold to Northern s S Co 1923 and renamed MATANGI 1929 sold to ANCHOR Shipping & Foundry .laid up Wellington 1950, sold 1952 and partially dismantled, remains towed to Hong Kong by tug Bustler in 1957 for demolition  and if Fitchett has anything about it in Pt Phillip it must have ceased in 1923, but then I was in trouble with Fitchet when I drew his atentio to many inaccuracies in his books, so another is not a surprise 
MUKUMANU,  name spelt wronglty see Nukumanu û of course no cross ref. 
MULCRA BUILT FOR Adelaide Company, on Australia-wide coastal services, particularly with sugar. Sold 1961 and named LA TRINIDAD 
Mulga,  my loss report from her Custom House register 
MULIAMA   what a shame - no one knows, in your circles, the difference between a steam and motorship   SHE WAS CONSTRUCTED AS A TWIN SCREW MOTOR SHIP 
Mullewa , see Millewa  SAN double entry because of poor writing by research staff 
MUNDULLA, another motorship you have re-engined with steam!!! 3018/1757 built Copenhagen for Adelaide SS Co  in 1926 laid up and for sale from 1954,but recommissioned and then sold 1959 to Southern shipping an Australian company but for economical reasons registered the vessel  Port vila sold 1962 and renamed etc, you also list it again a few items down, but it was the same motorship 
MURIEL I ss  ON79415  105/67 B,1881 Blyth, acquired by McIlwraith,McEacharn who sold to others by 1890. Acquired Adsteam in Aug. 1894,, reg closed 1931 when the company advised registrar the hull was laying stripped on the beach in Townsville,and that they had sold to Hayles, Magnetic Island, about 1926. 
MURRAY I ps  B.1866, SOLD TO Melbourne April 1867 and same month to Gippsland S N CO, Jan. 1882 sold to Nipper & See 
MUSCOOTA, WAS CONVERTED TO A COAL LOADER, I.E,  MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT TO DISCHARGE COAL INTO SHIPÆS BUNKERS and was not salvaged, everyone in US army busily pushing the blame on its sinking onto everyone else. See ASR item 
Myall  W ss b.1883, acq by Howard Smith 1892 for use at Townsville area,  ashore Palm Is, N.Q. Jan. 28,1908, salvaged and made a lighter owned by J  Mitchell, reg.Townsville,1908, reg closed 1921  æbroken up at Magnetic IslandÆ 
MYALL RIVER, w SS B.1912 for Newcastle & Hunter River S S Co., sold 1936 to Engel & Sons, Tea Tree Gardens, for work on Prt stehens, regiser closed 1949 with æbroken upÆ 
MYEE,  was being towed to graveyard area off Sydney when sunk. See scuttled & Abandoned ships 
MYOLA, Steel twin screw steamship, and not an iron single screw vessel û more poor reporting by someone 
MYORA  REG CLOSED 1956Æ VESSEL DERELICT AT Kangaroo PointÆ see scuttled & Abandoned ships 
MYSTERY, sunk Swan Is, Pt.Philip 1849 is a good mystery as NO vessel that name visited Prt Phillip in 1849 and it would seem the event actually was at Swan Island as per the item above lost in March 1849 
MYSTERY w PS TUG,  ARRIVED Melbourne, under canvas Jan. 1868, sold sydney 1874 arriving there after a very rough trip in february 1874 owned by props. of Manly ferry until 1893, when sold and ultimately converted into a punt. 
MYSTERY, tug 26 tons, register said û W screw tug,  21 tons built white bros, Williamstown.. reg closed 1928 æbroken up some years agoÆ and it is identical with your next entry  for wood tug  and it was the subsidised tug at Gippsland lakes for years 
MYSTERY, your blackbirder, see entry above for vessel lost Efate  1880 

Naida,  was registered as Naiad and is so noted in the Insurance undewriters annual registers 
NAIPA, was actually NALPA of the Adelaide company, 
NAIRANA  was NOT the first twin screw Bass Strait ferry, Last crossing was made  Feb. 14, 1948. see also Aust Coastal Pass Ships 
NALPA, S SS  685/365 ON137224. Chartered to AUSN from 1934, and purchased by them Dec.1937 and renamed. Under the name CHENG FOO dropped from lloyds in 1955 and therefore probably demolished. 
NANBUCRA WAS BUILT AT Brisbane water, no such place as Brunswick water, and it was named for the river subsequentlyt renamed Nambucca, so you would find I have the correct spelling. 
Namoi S ps, ON89250, B.1883 for Hunter River NEW  S.NCO. see Aust coastal Pass ships. Reg close 1925 made into hulk, Scuttled June 6, 1933. See Scuttled & Abandoned Ships. Busily leaving out things again, or still! 
NANCY 1797, NO MENTION Cumpston who reports Francis brought this information re Sydney Cove??????? 
NANCY  w  2M SCH, 22T  on41461, b. 1847 Maunganui, NZ, owners;Rbt.Amos & H.wilson,reg. Melbourne 46/1854, swamped in a gale nr Williamstown Feb. 29, 1856, obviously salvaged as reg closed 1861.burnt corio Bay. 
NANCY, on43155, ANOTHER STUPID ERROR. The New river Heads, is near Bluff, in NZ and both are in the province of Otagao. Wake up, you just show your poor geography by these inaccurate corrections. Invercargill, is a town inland from Bluff which is approached by the New River. The area is also sometimes called SOUTHLAND, the original intention to name it the rovince of that name 

NANCY barge, scuttled 1935, see Scuttled and Abandoned Ships 
NANGUS, ON THE Murumbidgee for many years?? Built in 1865 and abandoned 1867!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
NANKING.  Well I only reported what Lloyds and the owners thought it was called,i.e. NANKIN. With No G, of course, as you are so much better informed than anyone else leave it as NANKING and everyone thought it was built for the E&A Line, which was ultimately acquired by P&O who kept the original company going. 
NAPIER b.1855 and I suppose that funny word for the name of the builder is a typo and you meant WILLIAM??? 
NAPOLEON, why two enries and why query whereabouts of Jersey û do you know of another-  Where ships were built??????/ 
NAPPERBY, Point Lowly, spencer Gulf has suffered there is no PORT Lowly, or anything near that name 
NARANI,  w TSS,  381G. on136384, b.1914 e.Wright,Cape Hawke, NSW for North Coast Compnay, sold Feb. 1924 to Illawarra & South coast S.N.Co.,. so not for two NORTH coast traders. Broken up in 1955. 
Narrabeen, w SS B. 1921, FOR THE Manly ferry companyÆs cargo service. Dec.1932 sold to Wm.Holyman & Co.Ltd. Renamed Merilyn in 1948 
NASHWAUK, the steamer Melbourne and govt schooner Yatala 
NATIVE,  lost in NSW 1850 was an unregistered ferry steamer built 1844 by Chowne, Pyrmont for Parramatta river service, at noon august 13, 1850 the boiler exploded killing the engineer and later another died 
 No detail of repair or if lost 
NATIVE LASS on32200 WAS OWNED IN Maryborough in 1878 having been enrolled here in 1876, and was refloated after the 1878  incident by Rountree of the Dock in sydney and repaired and sold to cowlishaw., the vessel first reg in aust at Melbourne in June 1859Æ 
NATONE,  WAS BUILT WITH THE HOPE OF introducing a regular timetable for the Launcston-Melbourne ferry by delivering passengers to and from Launceston to the vessel lower down the river, thus avoiding delays by tidal affects. It did not work and in Dec.1885 was sold to Brisbane for the Southport S.S.Co.Lt, and in dec.1890 to others for the Bribie Island service Nov.1900 to Michael walsh,reg Melbourne and renamed QUEEN and became Williamstown ferry,, in 1910 sold to  G.Ritchie,Goolwa for use as tourist vessel on Lake alexandrina, but unsuccessful, and sold and hulked in 1911 and sold to Howard Smith (Australian steamships)_ and sent to Townsville, laid up in 1928, and hulk sold 1930 and towed to Dunk Island and abandoned. Reg closed  November 1930 
Nautilus, snow etc. etc., arrived sydney 1898???  Probably 1798????????? Cumpston has a brig this name arriving sydney May 18,1798 and leaving in October for the seal fisheries?????????????// 
NAUTILUS,  on31983, ORIGINALLY 191 TONS, BUT IN 1861 166 TONS. 
Nautilus Ips ON32523, 22/11tons,Lengthened1860 - 36/22n, B.1856 from sections manufactured by Randolph Elder & CO, by ferry props. In 1860  lengthen-ed, and sold for other use.  In March 1860 sold for service on the Macleay river. 
NAUTILUS, W  sch,  48t, ON64768 B.1871  H.Bennett, Penguin,Tas.  sold WA owners in 1875, reg closed æbroken up Cossack 1885Æ. do not see how it could have ædisappearedÆ from files In 1874, when re reg as folio 6/1875 Fremantle, having been first enrolled Melbourne by West aust purchaser in 1875 when purchased from owners reg Launceston in 1873 
This same vessel appears again half way down page 653, for some unexplained reason 
Nebraska, American paddler, never heard of æWilliamsburg N.Y.CaliforniaÆ before but all other refs say was built by William H.Webb, New York.The last of the USA paddler service  to USA leaving Sydney in april 1873 
Nelson under heading whaling barque, ultimately reg. Sydney in 1842,  247t,  b.1815 Southampton  2mast square rig (i.e. brig) and owned by various people interested in whaling and broke up and reg closed 1858 
NELSON   second steamer across  tasman !!!very wrong. The second was the aux. ss ANN, following BoydÆs ps Juno. The NELSON made the crossing under canvas arriving Nelson March 3, 1854, remained in the NZ coastal service until replaced by ZINGARI, so wherever that furphy came from they knew not what they wrote!!! A very common event among your hopeless ref books = ISS Nelson,330g 215n, ON12849,B.1853 J.Reid & Co, Port Glasgow, 140.4  owners  H.H.willis & Co, reg. London. û Willis had many branches or associate offices in Australia and New Zealand at the time.she returned to England, was used as a transport in the Crimean War was sold in 1856 to Russian owners and renamed  ALEXANDER II, AND NO FURTHER RECORD HAS BEEN LOCATED 
Nelson W ss  B.1900, sold 1901 to Howard Smith for use in Nth Qld,  1909 to A.e.Jolly, Pt,Darwin, 1917 J.Broadfoot, Chatswood, Nth Qld, for local coastal work 
NEPTUNIA, BP vessel, was named NEPTUN, IN 1935, NOT Neptun35 as you show. 
NEVADA, W PS,  BUILT 1864  Greenpoint Long Island, N.Y. not as printed. 
NEW GUINEA, Iss McIl McE . re incidents in WA  see Steamships in colonial w.A., frequently in the Melbourne-WA service during the gold.rushes 
New Hebrides and Gwydir, was actually NEO Hebrides owned in Noumea, built in 1918, and gutted and hulked July 1955. 
NEWBURGH, I SS TUG, 78T, on89836, B.1888, OWNED BY Fenwicks, reg. sydney, reg. closed 1953, broken up 
NEWCASTLE the 1878 incident û if you had cared to look at your own work instead of indulging in a fantasy of your own you would have discovered it is yet another Loney mutilation û and even you must admit this opus is full of them, but it was the CITY OF NEWCASTLE as appears in the front of this mangled fairytale and not æNewcastleÆ, 
NEWCASTLE s PS b.1884 Kinghorn for Newcastle  SS Co, was the last ocean going paddler working in Australia. Saw a spell on the Bass strait ferry under CHarter to Huddart, PArkeR, etc., see AustCoastal Pass ships.  your next entry but it never ran between Sydney and Melbourne û more bad copying it was of course sydney and Newcastle!!! And just who æNorthern & HunteR River Company æ is CAN be anyoneÆs guess, but not known to anyone else but you -- she was built for Newastle S S Co, which merged with the opposition to become the Newcastle and Hunter River, More mis reading, or inability to understand the printed word û or is it that we just donÆt care to be correct û what we assume must be acepted!????????? 
NEWFIELD, was cnstructed, from, and so is described by Lloyds register from iron and steel 
NIL DESPERANDUm, YOUR EXPLANATION OF THE MEANING SOMEWHAT AT VARIANCE TO USUAL TRANSLATION, BUT WHY AT ALL IS IT IN THIS WORK???although I am not sure if this book has been assembled by or for kindergarten aged children 
Nile  Murray river, vessel, I state she was burnt at Bourke in 1926. 
NITH W kt 41, ON54959 b.1866 J.Irving & J.Carson, Melbourne, register closed 1904 æbroken upÆ  last transaction dated May 1886 when ownership transferred to  John Boswell. 
No Lehnnon, see under correct name Mo lhennan 
Numbered hopper barges, see Scuttled & Abandoned Ships for correct dates etc. 
NODDLEBURN, re-writing geograpy again, renaming the place the vessel was lost? ????? 
NOORA  s SS 1072/507 on149766, SOLD 1956 TO Hong Kong and renamed KING BEE, wrecked Jan. 24, 1957 
NOOREBAR, SEE Aust.Coastal Pass ships, s ss 670/39, ON117575, B.1904 Scot of Kinghorn,Kinghorn for G.W.Nicoll but sold on stocks to North coast 1920 Fiji shipping,:  1924  to Dutch East Indies and sold for scrap in 1932. 
NOORKOOWA  see under correct name û norkoowa 
NORÆ WESTER I hulk, ex barque, 567g/547n, ON50348, b.1864 Laurence Hill & CO, Port Glasgow. Blown ashore Hamelin WA  July 22, 1900, salvaged and acquired by Adelaide SS fo use as hulk inMelbourne and scuttled off Port Phillip 1928. see scuttled & Abandoned Ships, 
NORA Creiner û should be NORA CREINA, I ps 142/93n, ON32294, B.1849 Neptune foundry, Waterford,  in 1854 acquired by Shoalhaven,s N co, Feb. 1857 Illawarra, sold to Hong King 1861/2 and wrecked October 1869 
DUGONG,  Iss  B.1875 ASN  Pyrmont, 1887 to AUSN and sold to Carpentaria Lighterage Co, 1901, register closed with broken up at Brisbane in 1920, no mention of any other name 
NORTH BRITON, 402 TONS, ARRIVED Sydney Sept 27, 1837 from Leith, via Hobart Town it had arrived in Hobart with 24 passengers, hardly an immigrant vessel 
NORTH HEAD Manly ferry, single screw, diesel electric to drive SHAFTS?  She moved north after Hobart, which seems to have escaped your notice 
NORTH STAR, W ps,  453g built Aberdeen 1837 rr 1837, arrived melbourne feb.1854, under canvas voyage of 93 days,  on the bass strait ferry briefly in august 1856, left for  Shanghai arriving March 26, 1857 and no further information 
Norway, immigrant ship? We do use strange titles1.  the bq Norway  370 ton, arrived Pt.Phillip Oct. 25, 1853 from London with 19 passengers and 13 in the steerage 
NORWEST was built 1878  R.Steele & Co,Greenock as the yacht CONSUELO  for  W.K.Vanderbilt, sold to another American and renamed VAGUS and then sold to the Earl of Crawford and renamed WANDERER  IN 1902  SOLD TO rn AND REFITTED AS A SURVEY SLOOP, AND BECAME hmas sealark was sold out of RN 1920 in Melbourne and became SEALARK IIi, and in 1920 was renamed NORWEST Jas.Patrick became bankrupt in 1924 and the vessel was seized in satisfaction of a debenture,sold to .Waugh,  well known sydney scrap merchant Wm.waugh and hulked,  I do not know where number80262 came from but when reg Melbounre it was  awarded ON1136340 
NorÆWester appears early and then waffles on and on and on on pg.67 for no apparent reason û simply to waste space I  suppose 
NORWHALE  see scuttled & Abandoned ships for full details 
NORWICH CITY, usually I do not worry about the continual and extremely frequent typos, but this ship was not built by someone named grat, but it was GRAY 
NOSSHEAD, by the æcleverÆ or disgraceful typesetting exhibited throughout we have one vessel built in two places, i.e., Glasgow and London û rather difficult not to say expensive. 
NOTION, YOUR SECOND ENTRY IS THE SAME VESSEL IN 1857    THAT WAS INVOLVED IN SOMETHING in Oct.1857 as there was an enquiry Oct 14 into the death of four men  from the vessel in a boating accident 
NYMBOIDA BUILT 1872 Blackwood & Gordon, PORT Glasgow.   Ex OTWAY August 1901, lengthened 1882 û 203.0  etc. 

OAMARU,  incident 1892 = W 2m bgn, 156t ON78358, B.1878 Mahurangi, NZ. Acquired 1892 Neil Galbraith, of Cossack,WA and was to be trans to WA but ultimately in 1893 trans to Singapore 
OBERHAUSEN, became  C7 of Federal S.N.Co, extremely strange, but of course you mean the Federal Commonwealth, although I suppose you would know better than me and I presume it was the Hamburg-Amerika Line the original owners??- or German-australia Line??????????/// B,1905 Newcastle on tyne  4325 tons, sold by Commonwealth Govt in 1924 and became ATLAS 
OBERON, Iron ss  purchased on arrival by Port Albert S.N.Co., reg.Pt/Albert 1/of 1854:  July 1858 sold to Hobart and enrolled  165 of 1858 for a proposed pass service on east coast of Tas, which did not happen. Sold Nov. 1859 to Frederick Greer (not Green)of Dunedin,reg remained  Melbourne  reg folio 42 of 1859 and send to New Zealand where your notes begin to make sense at last 
OCEAN  first ship to anchor in Port Phillip?  Does this mean a vessel rigged as a ship, or do you mean the more general term because if so the statement is wrong -   HMS Lady Nelson and Investigator visited in 1802 and presumably anchored. While the colonial schooner Cumberland arrived early in 1803. OCEAN  W SHIP  401 or 481 tons, in different reports. Capt. John Mertho, reg Newcastle.Tyne, owners Hurry & Co 
OCEAN, last two entries this name are for the same vessel. 
OCEAn, BUILT 1874 SEE Aust.Coastal Pass ships.  Deck houses added  Oct. 1879 = 1554g 1039n Apl. 1885 additional refitting of accommodation = 1577 tons,  ASN acq. Apl.1878 when planning to enter the China-Australia migrant trade. In april 1879 en route Hong Kong sydney broke down and was towed into Cooktown by the E&A  ss Somerset which resulted in a very lengthy court battle and to avoid confiscation by the court ASN æsoldÆ her to an associate T.Buckland  who sold to J.& A.Brown, the Newcastle coal miners and merchants for ú17,000 and in Oct. 1884 Howard smith bought it  apparently for a contemplated overseas service û it Arrived Port Adelaide from Calcutta, but from then remained on the coastal pass cargo service, under the name Gambier, until lost in 1891 
OCEAN QUEEN, the Sydney folio number 26 of 1845 is for vessel this name built at Ulladulla in 1843 and lost in 1851 and the larger vessel was official acquired or enrolled by Wm.Peverely Dec. 1856 
OCEAN QUEEN, why do we need two entries for thevessel lost on the Tweed bar??? 
OCEAN QUEEN I SS 572 b.1868 Renfrew, said to have been named æDaniele Jean RichardsÆ when built for French owner, and renamed Ocean Queen in 1880 
OCEAN ROVER W 2m sch, 139t, ON88979 B.1884 Williams river, reg. Newcastle, trans to Melbourne 1887 -  Daniel munro, july 1890 wm cowper sept 1895 trans to syd 
OCEANA actually OCEANIA  which see 
OHAU, S ss lost 1899 repeart 1899 you have it as 1890 
OIMARA,  BUILDER WAS Connell repeat Connell not as shown 
OLEANDER  on43921 , REPEAT 43921 AND WAS BUILT BY  Messrs Haswell at sunderland and was built 1861 rr 1861 and I do not know where your dimensions came from but mine are from Lloyds register for 1884. 
OLIVER CAM,  wrong it was OLIVE CAM and if in doubt see the Mercantile Navy List, and or the Custom House register sydney û where do you get these stupidly wrong names from??? 
OLIVER LANG,   it was owned by J.Baines, Not as shown 
OLIVER POST,  have another shot, you already have it correctly as Oliver frost above. But then I see it is yet another Loney fantasy trip; 
OMBA, NOT Omber, was described in the registger as of composite build and no æRÆ on her name 
Omeo< Iss  built for McMeckan,Blackwood, see Aust.Coastal Passenger Ships and or extensive  and detailed AMHS file 
OMEO, ON31887   first registered Port Albert  and reg as fore and aft schooner, after lengthening reported as three mst shooner 
OMEO< TUG BOILER EXPLOSION WAS NOT  returned to service 
OMEO, W ss   84g, B.1884  G..white Williamstown, 
ONWARD ON46116  was looking for a buyer, i.e someone to buy the ship, not for buying anything 
OPUSSUM, 17 TONS, Loney - =  reading the Underwriter register the wrong way again - it is -  I ss,25g/17n, ON93037, 56..5 etc,  Built 1885 Brisbane for Qld Govt, Aug. 1915 Cairns, Harbour Board, reg closed June 1932 æ vessel laying abandoned Cairns Inlet. 
Ops,   or oopps??   You can get full detail from my book if you look at O.P.S., which is how it was registered. 
ORANIA. Orient liner, sunk 1917, no - mutilated misread or otherwise messed about, but it was ORAMA, WHICH YOU ALREADY HAVE WRITTEN OFF. 
Orara S ss  1297g for North Coast company. See Aust.Coastal Pass ships, built for the express passenger service sydney-Byron Bay, sold  China in 1946 and under the name  SANTOS,  lost AFTER STRIKING a mine off woosung  June 15, 1950 
ORATAVA see under correct name OROTAVA 
Oregon,  b.1848,  nearly 12000 feet long. û perhaps a stop somewhere would help??????? 
ORESTES w BQ, 575 TONS, on36961, b.1835 Bristol, and most likely the vessel involved in an accident in south Africa, in 1841, arrived in Melbourne Dec. 1853, and in 1858 was enrolled as a coal storage vessel in the name of P&O by the local agents, and in  Feb.1860 was sold and that buyer sold it foreign at Sourabya in 1861 û see folio  3 of 1860 Melbourne  and is your 2nd entry in the name of Orestes. 
ORIENT, B.1853  for the Thompson family who  sometimes advertised as the Orient Line, and the ship did give its name to the later steam navigation company,  when owned by the cox family, they came from Waterford IRELAND.  See Migrant Ships for South Australia. 
ORIENTAL LOST 1843????? I FIND NO REFERENCE TO TOTAL LOSS ALTHOUGH Nicholson in Torres strait indicates it went on for some time after and suggests it may have stranded for a time. 
ORINA was also reported the vessel was named DRINA AND YOU HAVE ALREADY MANAGED TO RECORD IT AT THAT AS WELL. Perhaps you could cross ref to correct name, although that seldom happens in this epic. 
ORLEANDER, West Aust 1884 and Henderson does not mention it? I would suggest another bit of misreading etc a la Loney. 
ORMAIA  actually OImara which you list correctly but fail to cross reference this incorrect entry 
ORMISTON  was originally named FAMAKA, REPEAT famaka  and we are again apparently performing miracles because we jump from one vessel to another with reckless abandon, lost in 1940 but attacked in 1943 which would suggest your absolutely faultless but quite hopeless typist has yet again bunched two entirely different ships under the one entry û I have never seen such an exhibition of incomptenence in my life. You give the NAME Ormiston, then waffle on into  history of Orungal.    I  am sure any semi-intelligent reader will come to believe they are reading some wonderfully unreliable fairy stories about ships. The original name of Orungal has been lost completely!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 
ORMUZ of  1886 built for Orient Line but operated by the P&O  well, that would be unusual to say the least if we were dealing in fact, but we often lose any grip we may have had on reality in this opus 
OROWAITI, S ss  ON145213 ,6684g, Built 1921, repeat 1921, not 1911, wrecked Point Burchon, 150 miles north of San Francisco 
ORUBA  OF 1889 WAS BUILT FOR pacific sn NOT Peninsula 
ORUNGAL AND Ormiston, WERE BUILT FOR The khedival Mail S S & graving Dock Co.,and for purpose of transfer within the p&O group were transferred to Eastern Traders Ltd,Melbourne, in 1933,, but actually to AUSN. All units of the P&O group were juggled for taxation or other purposes. 
OSCAR, both entries for same steamer  when arriving Melbourne apl 4, 1860 measured different tonnages, but refitted for Aust.ownerÆs work, tonnage increased,. The Glidden comments completely up the wattle, that vessel was wss  29t, built as Oscar in 1874 at Footscray was renamed VENTNOR IN `1923 
Osman pacha. See your previous efforts with this name such as Oman Pasha etc.and a dot or stroke between gross and net tonnage would look better! 
OSPREY W ss ON75028, was renamed LILAC  Dec.1892 
OSPREY, tug,  scuttled off Ncle, see Scuttled and Abandoned ships 
OSPREY,  w KT, 64 TONS,  SAID TO BE LOST OFF Cape Hawke 1897 . Register  closed 1891 æmissing for yearsÆ and I believe to be a mistake when reg sydney having previously been reg Melbourne 
OTAGO  in 1869 sold foreign, returns british at Hong Kong folio 26 of 1872 sold to McMeckan Blackwood of Melbourne Feb.1873 having been laid up in Hong kong for 18 months and capt.T Underwood took her to Melbourne, under canvas, in  67 days. 
OTAGO  I bq, 367/345n ON60643. B. 1869  A Stephen & Sons Glasgow for Angus Cameron,regGlasgow. Jan.1872 acq by proprietors of Black diamond Line, reg. Pt.adelaiDe 2/1872, remained pt Adelaide reg until Aug. 1900 then trans to Sydney,taken to Hobart as coal hulk and paid off in 1931, then as you have it,more or less 
OTHELLO, W 3m bq, 342/214tons, ON49281, B.1853, Fairhaven, came to Australia, ex foreign at Sydney in 1864 March 1868 Capt.J.W.Robinson,reg Hobart 3 of 1868, 1882 to Dunedin, in 1887 reg trans to Invercargill, reg. closed 1926 æused as a coal hulkÆ 
OTTER  LIGHTER EX tss TUG, b.1884 SEE SCUTTLED & Abandoned Ships for full detail. Date of sinking etc. 
OTTER w SS  57g, ON93573 B.1888 BerryÆs Bay, North sydney, to Henry Moss, reg.Melbourne 1888 and reg closed 1940 broken up 
OTTER SNIPE, ALL other reference name it GUTTER SNIPE 
Ottillia, see   prevous entry and discover it is usually called ATTILLA 
Otway, I ss see Aust Coastal Passenger ships for correct detail of employment.   From 1878 employed in the contract mail service between Albany and Melbourne until acquired by Adelaide SS Co and used on West Australian and south Australian coastal services, until sold to Noumea, In 1897 sold to Illawarra SN Co for work Sydney û south Coast of NSW services until sold to North coast Company in 1901. your entry completely erroneous. 
OTWAY lighter 33 tons sunk in Warrnambool, you have already written off as lost in 1861 û it   was the same unit b.1850  - if it happened at all. Most likely was the steamer Otway 
OTWAY  ketch lost in 1882 û if this is true then it was an unregistered vessel     no trace 
The next two Otway entries concern the steamship built in 1872 
OUR ELSIE, see scuttled & Abandoned ships for full detail disposal etc. 
OURAKA S ss 2637g, ON89431, B.1890 Greennock for Adelaide S S Co asold 1914 to China and became YEI  MARU No.2, and drops fromLloyds in 1932 
 OUSURI, B1863, to Australia in 1877 at Melbourne register. May 1883 John Campbell, reg Pt.Adelaide,  1891  to Noumea as hulk 
Ovengai, see correct entry on previous page 
OWEN GLENDOWER  FIRST TO MELB Jan 1859 Master J, Watson 18 passeners Dickinson was master in 1860 
OWEN GLENDOWER  coastal vessel  - nothing that name owned in Australia in 1857 or later û earlier 



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