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Ron Madden of Wagga Wagga, New South Wales has continued his contribution to the Encyclopedia of Australian Shipwrecks information by providing further information based on newspaper reports. Ron has also picked up numerous entry duplications and typos, and the occassional new entry. Ron's submissions are usually evaluated and an update entry included above. If a typo or duplication, the error is indicated on the hard-copy master copy of the book, so that when (if?) a reprint is done, a correction can be made. However, there is a build-up of Ron's contributions, so rather than sit on them until they can be evaluated and used, I have listed them here. There is no order to the listing, nor any evaluation at this time - what you see is Ron's email content exactly as received. As the entries on this list are evaluated and included in the updates above, the entry on this list will be deleted. I, and no doubt any readers, are most grateful for Ron's contribution and devotion to our maritime history. 


Mary Ann Cutter - Below (four wrecks) backs up Loney & AS5 version Newcastle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NB.  also TYPO!!!!
Mary Ann. Cutter, 27 tons. Built NSW, 1828; reg. Sydney, 10/1830. Length 42 ft. 
No less than four wrecks are now lying on the beach at Newcastle!!!!! : the Ann, Monitor, Ceylon, * * * and Mary Ann * * *. -
Sydney Herald Thursday, 3 April 1834, p2 (n/p). 
Lost as per British Register list 1835. [SAN] 
NB TYPO - Forbes, his wife and crew [DELETE > ever INSERT > never] seen again.

Mary. Wooden cutter. Having left Broken Bay, capsized central coast NSW, 4 October 1864. One lost. [GB],[SAN] Wreck of
the cutter Mary - left Broken Bay on 4 October 1864 in charge of Mr Peter Kalucy, bound for Sydney with 9 tons of wood & 7,000 shingles. Near "back of Manly beach" encountered severe squall & turned for Broken Bay. Reached the south Head of Broken Bay but caught in a cyclone and capsized. Her two men got onto the keel but she sank in 15 minutes & they then hung onto hatches. The crewman drowned but Kalucy clung on for two and a half hours and was rescued by the Uncle Tom. - SMH - Saturday, 8 October
1864 - p4.

Maid of the Mill Cutter, wrecked [DELETE > ay INSERT > at] Kiama

Maid of Australia - Pister was a Brisbane water shipbuilder, but SH May 1834 says expeced from
Williams River, built under superintendence of Henderson (owner)??????
Maid Of Australia - Wooden 2-mast brigantine - p566 - last line
MAID  OF  AUSTRALIA - schooner expected from Williams River daily - Sydney Herald - 8 May 1834 - P3.
MAID OF AUSTRALIA - laid down by a person named John Jacob Pester  (or Pister)- (since deceased) a shipbuilder from London, and finished under the superintendence of Mr. Henderson (owner) - 68 feet stem to stern - 20 feet beam. - Sydney Herald - 2 June 1834 - p3 (N/P).
MAID  OF  AUSTRALIA - brig - 95 tons burthen - For Hobart Town - Sydney Herald -12 May 1834 - F/P. 

LAPWING Cutter -         p520 - DUPLICATE ENTRY - DELETE TWO LINES > Lapwing. Cutter, 17 tons,
Built 1843. Operated in Victorian waters ...............< DELETE!!!!!!
Lapwing. Cutter, 17 tons. Built NSW, 1843????; 
I have the Cutter Lapwing - about 18 tons for auction Sydney Herald - 19 October 1840 - p3, three years before your  built date!!!!!!!! - 
[LM lists a cutter, Lapwing, 33 tons, built Sydney 1835] reg. Sydney, 51/1849. Length 35 ft. Struck rocks near the pier when leaving Wollongong, bound for Kiama. No lives lost, 8th January 1853. [LPA], [LWP], [LN - schooner, 20 tons] 
LAPWING - 20 tons - Rogerson Butler master -  Left for Kiama a fortnight ago for Kiama pulled into Wollongong on Friday night the 7th of January - Left Saturday morning (8th January 1853) between 6am and 7am - she was hove on the rocks immediately to the right of the pier. Mr. Edward the pilot borrowed a kedge from Mr Whitfield of the Bard's Legacy, and towed it and
succeeded in beaching LAPWING near the Basin so that the cargo could be saved - vessel was much damaged. Property of J.C.Miller of Orr's Wharf, Sydney - SMH, Tuesday 11 January 1853 - p2. 

James Sloop - WRONG DATES NOT FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also note built Pre March
James. Wooden sloop, 14 tons. Built Sydney before March 1804, owned by Thomas Raby. Departed Newcastle on morning of Monday, 23 April 1804. Ashore in a gale on the evening of Wednesday, 25 April 1804, broke up on beach near Broken Bay[, < DELETE > 24 April 1804]. Carrying coal & cedar from Newcastle to Sydney, she had leaked badly in rough weather.
Crew of five reached safety by the Resource, returning from Newcastle, it having picked them up on Thursday, 26 April at North Head of Broken Bay.  [LN],[GB],[SAN],[ASW1] - Sydney Gazette - Sunday, 29 April 1804, L/P (n/p). 

Isabella -p 438 You left out critical word GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Madden AN188 lists recod of [INSERT > GOVERNMENT] Schooner Isabella, 127 tons
Isabella. Government Schooner. (Two-masted brig.), wood, 124 tons. Built at Macquarie Harbour, Tasmania, for the Van Diemens Land Government in 1832.

Hawkesbury Sloop - 18 tons, built on Hawkesbury, and built BY 28 February 1804 ie before March 1804
Hawkesbury. Sloop - 18 tons, crew of 4 men, built on the Hawkesbury River, built & owned by Andrew Thompson, registered Sydney, 12 March 1804, carried 700 to 800 bushels of grain. In December 1804, assisted in refloating the grounded sloop Speedwell in the Hawkesbury district. [GB] 
Historical records of Australia - p 741 - Vol No. 5 - 1804-6.
General Return of Colonial vessels, Sydney, 27th December 1805
Hawkesbury Sloop - 18 tons, owned Andrew Thompson, registered March 1804
Historical records of Australia - p 311 - Vol No. 5 - 1804-6.
Return of Schooners and Sloops, belonging to and employed by Inviduals, in His Majesty's territory of New South Wales, 28 Feb. 1804.
Hawkesbury Sloop - 37 tons (BURTHEN - ME) - owned Andrew Thompson, built Hawkesbury.

Herculean - HISTORY - Left Sydny 13 OCTOBER 1856 and CLEARLY beached BEFORE 20 October         1856 as per LONEY et al comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Herculean. Left Sydney 13 October 1856 and caught in a gale that evening. Ran for Port Stephens but because of leaks, the master was obliged to beach her inside Port Stephens, NSW. Refloated and arrived at Newcastle on 15 November 1856.
SMH Monday, 20 October 1856 - p4 (< SMH DATE CONFIRMED) & SMH Tuesday, 18 November 1856.
[The schooner Lavinia, sent to take on board her cargo, was driven ashore and lost. [LN] - 

Henry and Eleanor. Barge - NOT IN BOOK?????????????????????????????????????????
Henry and Eleanor. Barge, found deserted below Brown's River, appeared to have suffered an accident perhaps caught in a storm
- per Colonial Times - 14 November 1855 - SMH - 24 November 1855 - p4.

Harp Schoooner Two entries should be ONE!!!!!!!!!!! "From Sydney to Newcastle, ashore" should be part of History - Harp 72 tons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Harp. Wooden two-masted schooner, coastal trader, 72 tons. #31587. Built Dorchester, Mayland, USA, 1846; reg. Sydney, 149/1853. Lbd 73 x 23 x 6.4 ft. Wrecked on the Richmond River bar, NSW, 1863. [GB], [SAN] On 27 July 1857, ashore near West Head, central NSW, in gale. [LN], Harp. Schooner. Lost Broken Bay, NSW, 9 August 1857  [SAN] < SAME  EVENT JUST  DATE IN DISPUTE, HOWEVER. ONE  OF FOUR VESSELS THAT WENT ASHORE IN THAT STORM, SO DATE  SHOULD  BE  EASY. [GB - refloated and resumed service carrying coal from Newcastle] < CONFIRMED : 
- arrived from Newcastle yesterday with cargo of coals - driven ashore Broken Bay some weeks since, but owner managed to refloat her. SMH - Saturday 19 September 1857. 

Gratia Brig
You are listing an extraordinary (in my opinion) number of alternatives re date, place etc, but not showing alternative register figures which in this case are very complete and presumably American calculations?????????????  Might save future head scratching by researchers!!!!!!!!!!! Publicly the Gratia was 189 tons register and these figures explain why!!!!!
Gratia. Brig, 175 tons??? #31791. Built Canada, 1839; reg. Sydney, 16/1862. Length 89 ft. Disappeared during a gale 5 nm off Cape Hawke, NSW, 17 February 1868. Seven lives lost. [LN], [SAN] 
Gratia Brig - recently well known in Newfoundland trade. Registered tonnage 189 70-100 tons, length 86ft 6-10ths, breadth in midships 19ft 7-10ths, depth of hold 14ft 3-10ths. Will carry 350 tons weight & measurement, built in the French style of the Newfoundland Jupiter. SMH - Thursday, 14 July 1853 - L/P. 
Departed Newcastle for Melbourne - GRATIA Brig, 189 tons, with 240 tons coal - SMH - 1 August 1855 - p4.

Clara Schooner - [DELETE > SAN - wooden barge < ABSOLUTE CODSWALLOP
Clara. Schooner, 50 tons. Built Clarence River, NSW 1848; The schooners Anna Maria and Clara were both of seventy to eighty tons burthen, and were both built on the Clarence River by Mr. W.H. Chowne for Mr Robey of Sydney, expressly for the Lake Macquarie trade. Two barges were launched at Mr Winship's yard at Stockton only a week earlier on 24 May 1848 to carry coal
from the mines at Lake Macquarie to a depot that Mr Robey had established near the entrance to the lake, from where the two schooners would carry the coal to Sydney. The two schooners were new and had only arrived in Sydney on Saturday (27th May) last. SMH Tuesday, 30 May 1848, p2. reg. Sydney, 49/1848. Lbd 67 x 15.1 x 5 ft. Master John Morgan. Lost ashore during a gale at north head as she crossed the bar, Brunswick River, NSW, 16 April 1850. No loss of life. [ASW1], [LN], 
[DELETE > SAN - wooden barge < CODSWALLOP See Above! Barges fully

Caroline - MISQUOTED ME - I said EFFECTIVELY ie same general waterway. Obviously they are  physically separate entities!!!!!!!!!! NB New point also!!!
Caroline. Ketch, 29 tons. Built Brisbane Water, NSW, 1847. In 1856, involved in rescue - see Prosperous. [JM] 
Caroline. Two masted wooden ketch, 29 tons. #41082. Built on Macdonald River, NSW, 1847; reg. Sydney 82/1850. Lbd 46 x 14.5 x 6ft. Captain Thomas Kehoe. Lost on west spit, Brisbane Water bar, 12 Febuary 1869. All hands saved. [GB], [SAN]
MacDonald River & Brisbane Water effectively same thing. 
ALSO  -  I can't see any reason why CAROLINE ketch (p151) capsized and sank Oyster Bank Newcastle, 1866 is not the same vessel, ie salvaged. Possibility should be mentioned in my opinion!!!!!!

Ceylon. Cutter - Left Newcastle 16 February 1834 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Date VERY SPECIFIC between midnight  and 1am, 20 February!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ceylon. Cutter lost near Newcastle, February 1834. [SAN] CEYLON - * cutter *  - beached near Newcastle on 20 February 1834between midnight and 1am - Left Newcastle 16th February - two perished - Sydney Herald - Supplement Monday, 24 February
1834 - F/P.  
No less than four wrecks are now lying on the beach at Newcastle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : the Ann, Monitor, Ceylon, and Mary Ann. -
Sydney Herald - Thursday 3 April 1834, p2 (no pagination).

Bright Planet - TWO ENTRIES SHOULD BE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NB - Built of Teak for Govt of Fort William, Bengal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bright Planet "Involved in rescue entry" [185 tons O/M] and Bright Planet "Wooden 3-mast barque 165 tons" are one and the same!!!!
Bright Planet. Barque. Involved in rescue of schooner Wanderer, 1840. [LV] 
Bright Planet - barque - burthen per register 185  93-94ths tons - Sydney Herald 2 August 1838 - L/P.  
Barque - BRIGHT PLANET - 186 tons O/M - NB - built of teak at Bombay on A/C of the Government of Fort William, Bengal - Sydney Herald - 2 October 1839 - p3.  
Sydney Shipping List, December 1840: Bright Planet 185 tons - SMH 18 December 1840 p2.

Martha & Elizabeth
[DELETE  THESE  TWO  COMMENTS  > SAN lists as lost 25 May 1855........................Byron BWN as 26 May 1855 -
SAN seems to come up with more furphy's than any other entry??
Martha & Elizabeth. Schooner, 81 tons. Built Clarence River, 1843; reg. Melbourne, 277/1854. Length 67 ft. Operated in the timber trade off Wilson's Promontory in the 1850s. From Melbourne to Newcastle, lost on the South Head of Jervis Bay, Point Perpendicular, NSW, [DELETE > 9 April 1855] Captain, his wife, sister and the crew, landed with only their clothes, no footwear, and walked 18 miles to nearest home for help. [LN], [LWP] 
9.30pm or shortly there-after - April 26th 1855 - vessel Martha & Elizabeth wrecked on Southern Head of Jervis Bay and broken up by 11 0'Clock that night. All survived and spent a night on a ledge, climbed cliff next day & travelled by Shank's pony to the prominent colonial, Mr Kinghorne's Station, where they stayed a night & proceeded overland to Shoalhaven next day.  SMH - Wednesday 2 May 1855 - p4.

Mars AUSTRALIAN SAYS > about 5 miles south of Port Stephens, a short distance north of Newcastle         WHY NOT INCLUDED??????????????
Mars. Colonial Goverment cutter, wooden, 30 tons. Built Newcastle, NSW, launched September 1823.  Captain Cadman. Wrecked during a gale about 5 miles south of Port Stephens, a short distance north of Newcastle, at 2am on 12 April 1826. No loss of life. [[LN - lost 25 kilometres north], [SAN - sloop, lost five nm north],[ASW1 - lost nine miles north] The Australian -
Thursday, 19 April 1826 - p3.

PROVIDENCE BUILT 1792-3 IN NZ - FROM THE HORSE'S MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRECISE         SPECIFICATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HRNSW - Vol 2, Grose and Paterson, 1793-95 - pp 94-96. 
Captain Raven to Lieutenant-Governor King, Brittania, 2nd November, 1793.
 "............... All the information respecting my people whom I left for ten months on the South Island of New Zealand I here subjoin............."
 After setting the men up at Dusky Bay, NZ, Brittania left
................. "on the firstof December, 1792, we sailed, and left our shipmates ........................................."
 Brittania Returned to Dusky Bay
 "..........................and anchored in Anchor Island Harbour on the 27th [of September 1793]"
 "..................What excited my admiration was the progress they had made in constructing a vessel of the following dimensions :- 40ft 6in. keel, 53ft. length upon deck, 26ft. 10in. extreme breadth, and 12 feet hold. She is skined, ceiled, and decked, and with the work of three or four men for one day would be ready for caulking. her frame knees and crooked pieces are cut from timber growing to the mould. She is planked, decked, and ceiled with the spruce fir, which in the opinion of the carpenter is very little inferior to English oak.  Her construction is such that she will carry more by one-half that she measures, and I am confident will sail well. The carpenter has great merit, and has built her with that strength and neatness which few shipwrights belonging to the merchany service are capable of performimg. There are various kinds of timber in Dusky Bay, but that which is principally fit for shipbuilding is the spruce fir, which may be
cut along the shore in any quantity or size for the construction of vessels from a first-rate to a small wherry"
 Brittania Left Dusky Bay
 .................."Sunday, the 21st of October, [1793] we sailed from Dusky Bay in company with the Francis and parted company the same evening, she keeping her course for Port Jackson, and we hauled to the northward on our passge to Bengal."
The vessel which is very accurately described above was the vessel that was some time later found by the shipwreck victims at Dusky Bay, who named it the Providence, and sailed it to Port Jackson as  have previously advised!!!!!!!!!!!!! A second vessel (evidently very roughly built), was built by the other survivors from that shipwreck and also sailed to Port Jackson somewhat

Black Jack - Wrong owner!!!!!!!!!!!!
Government Gazette 1835 - p821 - Richard Kelly was on 27 December 1826 promised a grant with peppercorn rent as compenstaion for the loss pf BOTH the Black Jack and the Isabella : 1920 acres Kingdom Ponds, Parish of Scone.
Richard Kelly was also a miller up around Portland Head part of teh world, and should any info surface about him, I am all ears.

Proteus - p748
Proteus - Barque - 254 tons - Sydney Whalers on the crusing ground 1835 - (departed 24 May 1835).  1835 or 1836 NSW Directory perfectly matches SMH entry of of 17 years later - 1/6/1852

Caroline pp149-150 - cat amongst the pigeons!!!!!!!!!!!
Caroline - Barque - 196 tons - Sydney Whalers on the cruising ground 1835 - (left 10 Jan. 1835) Capt - Cherry; Owner - R Campbell jun. & Co. 1835 or 1836 NSW Directory

Noormuhul - 667
Normahul - Barque - 197 tons - Sydney Whalers on the cruising ground 1835 ( departed 21 Nov. 1835) NB different spelling.  1835 or 1836 NS Directory.

Clarkstone - p184
Clarkstone - Barque - 278 tons - Sydney Whalers on the cruising ground 1835 - (departed 12 April 1835) - Captain and owner Allen. 1835 or 1836 NSW Directory
Clearly same vessel as SMH 1/6/1852 entry despite slight variation in tonnage. Can now idenify vessel as barque with certainty wih question mark on precise tonnage 244 tons vs 278 tons. 

Woodlark- Barque - p986
Woodlark - Barque - 245 tons - Sydney Whaler on the cruising ground - (left 18 Sept 1835)
Combine Woodlark Whaler and Woodlark Barque entries!!!!!!!!!!!!. 1835 or 1836 NSw Directory

Woodlark - Brig - p986
Woodlark Brig - Auction of wreck (presumably gone to pieces) - on front page of Sydney Gazette 27 June 1828 gives co-ordinates as lat 21' 54 South and long. 153' 53 East - Delete Loney Lord Howe Island rubbish!

Nereus - p658
Nereus Brig 125 tons - Sydney Whaler on the cruising ground 1835 (departed 2 March 1835)
1835 or 1836 NSW Directory.

Lunar - p554
Lunar - Brig - 165 tons - Sydney Whaler on the cruisng ground 1835 (departed 16 July 1835.)
1835 or 1836 NSW Directory.

Guide - p383
GUIDE - Brig - 147 tons - Sydney Whaler on the cruising ground 1835 (departed 6 May 1835)
 1835 or 1836 NSW Directory.

Anastasia - p43
Anastatia - Barque - 211 tons owner Robert Duke, Captain Chapman - Sydney whaler on the cruising ground 1835 - (departed 5 May 1835) [NB  SPELLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]
1835 or 1836 NSW Directory.

Avon - p79 - Almost certain match!!!!!!!!
Avon - Barque -261 tons Captain Cole - Sydney Whaler on the cruising ground 1835 (departed 21 April 1835). 1835 or 1836 NSW Directory.

Lady Wellington - p516
Lady Wellington - Brig - 196 tons - Captain Cooper - Sydney whaler at the cruising grounds - 1834 (departed 13 November 1834) - owner E.H. Cliffe.  1835 or 1836 NSW Directory.

Elizabeth - p271
Elizabeth Barque - Captain Cope From Sydney - lost Nova Scotia, 10 January 1843
Elizabeth Barque - 363 tons - Sydney Whaler at the cruising ground 1834 (- departed 10 July 1834 ) - Captain Fowler ;  Owner  :- R.Campbell jun. 7 Co. 1835 or 1836 NSW Directory.

Nimrod - p664
Nimrod :- Wooden Brig 61 tons seems a ridiculous entry!
Sydney Whaler NIMROD, a barque of 231 tons was on the cruising ground in 1834 - Departure date 28 June 1834 - Captain Browne - owner R. Campbell jun. & Co.
1835 or 1836 NSW Directory.

Tigress - 902
Tigress Brig & Tigress Whaler are one and the same thing.
Sydney Whalers ar Sea - July 5 1835 Tigress (Brig) - Captain Terry - 192 tonnage - agent or owner A. Mossman.
Obviously the same thing as whaling brig "Tigris" - 192 tons, built Dumbarton, Scotland, 1827 - SMH 27/9/1839 
Refer either 1835 or 1836 NSW Directory.

Harrington - p740
"The brig Harrington was seized during the evening of Sunday, the 15th of May, 1808.
- "In March, 1809, H.M.S. Dedaigneuse fell in with the Harrington near Manilla, in the Philippine islands. After a short engagement, the brig was driven on shore and totally wrecked. Stewart [the ringleader] and most of the convicts are said to have escaped, and are said to
have reached India." HR of NSW, OR HRA : - Series I Vol  VI - Commentary .

Proteus Whaler
Sydney Herald 8 January 1833
The Proteus whaler stopped at Gore's Island on the way from Japan to Sydney where it saw the wreck of the London whaler  Shooters.

Governor Bourke - whaler - building details!!
Sydney Herald, 31 December 1832 - p3 (n/p)
Governor Bourke,  Whaler being built by Mr Grono near Pitt Town.

Notion - Grounded West Channel Port Phillip 9 October 1857 - A boat attempting to take out a kedge anchor to the vessel was swamped and four men drowned. SMH - 18 October 1857 - p4.
State Records NSW has on the net information showing that a 192 tons burthen [per register] Mountain Maid, brig of Sydney, (Captain J.F. Peacock), arrived from New Plymouth New Zealand on 23rd February 1856. This vessel was apparently trading regularly across the
Tasman and is evidently the wooden 2-mast brig Mountain Maid built in Aberdeen, Scotland 1842 that came to grief in Port Phillip in September 1856.
State Records also has information on the net that shows that a 193 tons burthen [per register] Mountain Maid, brig of Sydney, (Captain A. Longmuir), arrived in Sydney on 28 July 1860 from Sydney (probably to Newcastle and back). 
The vessel recorded in 1860 is a vessel of near identical specifications to the wrecked in 1856 Mountain Maid, but clearly a different vessel. 
Paradise Divers web site shows that the version of the accident and details of the wreckage in your Mountain Maid 160 tons entry is unfortunately COMPLETE  NONSENSE. How did a wooden vessel have hull plates???? The Mountain Maid was underway when the accident happened in September 1856. An attempt was made to drag the wreck into shallow water of Swan Bay to facilitate salvage, but to no avail, and it still lies 200metres north of Coles Channel Pile Light!!!! 
Suggest you delete 160 tons entry completely, rewrite 192 tons burthen entry which now definitely terminates in September 1856 while closely referring to Paradise Divers web site, and make new entry for 193 tons vessel which was operating out of Sydney in 1860 and apparently came to a sticky end in the Buller River in NZ in 1867!!!!!!!!!. 

PHATISALAM - Captain Dillon's own report dated 29 DEC 1821 in the Sydney Gazette of the same day, advises that the Phatisalam was driven ashore at HUNTER'S  ISLAND. ?????????????

PRINCE ALBERT - Steamer built Greenock 1852 (192 tons register??) SMH 6/11/1857 - F/P
Clearly the same vessel. Should enable you to nail it on the head!

TRIMMER - P913 - Sloop 20 tons
Trimmer - sloop 20 tons built 1803 - "Ready to launch" - Sydney Gazette, 8 January 1804.

Victoria - P937 - brig 184 tons built 1839.
The 184 tons brig Victoria was descibed in 1856 as an ex-NZ Government vessel, with there having been only one private owner up to 1856 after the NZ Government relinquished her. SMH 11 Jan 1856.

Victoria Packet -         P940 - DUPLICATION
P940 - VICTORIA  PACKET - Barque 
P940 - VICTORIA  PACKET - Wooden 3-mast barque
Clearly the same vessel - MERGE ENTRIES
Also - p940 VICTORIA paddle steamer ferry - out of alphabetical order - FIX.

Vigilant brig -         P941 - built Leith 1819
VIGILANT - brig 134 tons- built in Leith in 1819.    SMH - 7 October 1857
Should allow you to nail it on the head!

P257 - EDEN  HOLME - Iron 3 mast barque 827/794 tons built 1875 - OK
P257 EDENHOLME - [Barque 794 tons, Built 1875 LBD 201.8 x 32.2  x 18.5 < DELETE - Wromg vessel details]  - these statistics belong to the Eden  Holme which was still going much much later and definitely did not diaappear!!
Please Refer my Euterpe sending. The Euterpe didn't disappear, but I don't know whether the Edenholme  disappeared or not, however, I managed to pick up on the net (Sailing Ships at bill Quay 1812 - 1876 - web site):- Edenholme - barque 363 tons - registered Newcastle on Tyne in 1873.

P303 - Euterpe Barque 623 tons??????????????-  built IOM 1865 < COBBLERS in my opinion!
THe Euterpe was a fully rigged iron ship built at Gibson and Co's Ramsey shipyards on the Isle of Man in November 1863.  It was 1318 gross tons and measured 205.5  35.2 and 23.4 and had 3 masts. It was sold in 1898 to American owners (the Alaska Packers Association), & operated in, or to and from, the Bering Sea. They renamed it the Star of India in 1906, it having been rigged down to a barque five years earlier. Fully restored in 1876 by the San Diego Museum and claimed to be the oldest sailing vessel afloat. Info from - Isle of Man Shipping Index web site. This Euterpe apparently performed 21 circumnavgations and called quite a number of time in OZ
and NZ.  The only other Euterpe that I can see, was that launched in March 1884 at Barrow shipyards and it was a four masted barque.

Echo - ketch - P255 - DUPLICATION
P255 -  ECHO - Wooden 2-mast ketch 55 tons built 1887
P255 - ECHO -  Wooden 2-mast ketch 55 tons built 1887
Clearly the same vessel - MERGE  ENTRIES.

ECHO -         P225 - Whaler - DUPLICATION
P225 - ECHO - Whaler, wooden 3 mast ship 345 tons
P225 - ECHO - Whaler 112 tons < DELETE DUPLICATION
Both lost Wreck Reef 21 April 1820- Despite different tonnages - Clearly the same vessel!

P247 - DUNEARN -Steel barque 1632 tons
P247 - DUEARN - Steel barue 1632 tons 
Clearly same vessel - MERGE ENTRIES.

Don Nicholas -P238 -  DUPLICATION!!!!!!!!!
P238 - DON NICHOLAS - Wooden-3 mast barque 1085 tons
Clearly the same vessel.

DOOREBANG - P238 - Paddle steamer 25 tons - DUPLICATION & ERROR
P238 - DOOREBANG - Paddle steamer 25 tons < DELETE DUPLICATION &  WRONG
 P238 -  DOOREBANG - Iron single screw steamer 61 tons...... Built [DELETE > 1881 INSERT > 1861] reg. Newcastle5/1861!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Clearly same vessel despite purported differing vessel types

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